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Welcome to 'THE BURBLE'. Each week your hosts Benny & Az will take a light-hearted look at the weekly news both here in australia and abroad. No topic is off limit. If politics needs to be explored we'll sidle up to Mr. Speaker and question the house. If a celebrity has a spectacular fall from grace we'll be there with open microphones to catch the thud! If sporting stars put the game into disrepute you can count on 'the 'THE BURBLE' to give then a supportive clip around the ear-hole. 'THE BURBLE' Open ears. Open hearts. Open cans...
68 Episodes
S4 Ep. 13 'The Gooch'

S4 Ep. 13 'The Gooch'


This week Benny & Az discuss a bride that smacked her new groom in the face with cake at the reception and took of with her male cousin - who is also her ex, how Queenslanders are being told to stop calling Triple Zero for trivial shit & how Benny used to get scared when police would come to the school, Az recalls prank calling the Kids Helpline and being a tit in the 1990s, the boys discuss where they were the day the earth shook recently, Benny bangs on about if he was asked to do the Triple J breakfast shift & how he would have tortured Osama Bin Laden using them, we head back to the ER with another teenage boy that just could resist jamming a cable in his peehole & the boys discuss the nutritional value of a bag of frozen Pizza Pockets augmented with human faeces. Finally the boys also tuned around the radio dial at the end for a does of real radio journalism.Web:
This week Benny & Az discuss an unfortunate death at McDonald's & some bloke claims he found a pig's tit in his breakfast burger, how movie reboot and sequels are going too far with the announcement of a sequel to a 1988 comedy, Jena joins the podcast and ruins Belinda Carlisle for Benny, how kids are weponising baked beans of all things, how a twisted bloke has been given 10 years in the slammer for stabbing innocent women with syringes full of seamen, how some bloke in Kosovo managed to swallow and entire phone, how 40% of people admit they would have sex with a robot, how a bloke who has been on the lam for 30 years gives him self up due to COVID-19 & how a women got phone scammed to have off her hair and eyebrows. Web:
This week Benny & Az discuss Nicholas Cage and the strange place he took a date, Dicks at Hens Nights and a rather strange sex game you can buy for $69.95, how the NSW Government is limiting how much alcohol a person in lock down apartment buildings can have a day, why do the McDonald's Ice Cream machines always break and how one guy wants answers in the United States, how a bloke cut off his old fella to apparently save the world and apparently was told by his local radio station to do it, how you will pay dearly if you piss in the direction of Russia & finally how Az got caught pissing my the police when he was a drunken 16 year old. Web:
This week Benny & Az discuss some chick called 'Lush Botanist' who farts for a living on the internet and makes $4000 a month doing it, how hocking your fork on Only Fans can make you enough money to buy yourself a drive in the Bathurst 1000 next year, we go straight past the emergency room story and move straight to the morgue & how if you're in desperate for root but don't have a condom you better think twice before using the solution a bloke in India did, the baby from the Nirvana 'Nevermind' cover is suing the band & the estate of Kurt Cobain for child exploitation & how everybody can join the Wiggles because they are now woke. Web:
This week Benny & Az discuss how Japan missed the dingy on so man other things they could & should have included in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, how there was no Asian Barbie released in a new set of dolls made specifically for the Tokyo Olympics, Az gets put on another watch list for using his phone to look up a type of porn originating out of Japan, how a Utah governor is being threatened to change his surname because it is too offensive, Benny branches of into the burgeoning world of panty sniffing, how if you can't see your newborn grand kids in Japan you get sent rice & how would we do it in Australia, drug trafficking INTO Mexico, how if you wear headphones constantly you could be making yourself lonelier & should we legalise Cannabis in Australia to help ease lockdown boredom.Web:
This week Benny & Az talk about the Tokyo Olympics & how Jessica Fox frangered up her water craft to clinch bronze in the kayaking, how 1970's male surfers got about the business using Violet Crumble wrappers, how Chinese males are inserting eels up their arseholes to cure sore tummies & finally in a Burble first we go to the emergency room TWICE - How you ALWAYS need to check the loo each time before you pull you python out.Web:
The boys are back and this week Benny & Az discuss the boss of Amazon Jeffo Bezo's shooting a gigantic white penis into space, the ongoing Corona Virus situation in Australia, the Olympics you could buy on, Az discusses his plan to un-fuck Australia, how Dominos should use their robot Dru to enforce lockdown laws & Benny has finally said something so insensitive and offensive that we just had to beep it out.Web:
This week Benny & Az get down to brass tacks about he divorce of Bill & Melinda Gates, how you need to check your posts when trying to sell stuff online & you're not naked while taking the pics, how a Gold Coast hairdresser is banning people who have been vaccinated for COVID-19. how people in India are using scat to ward off the virus, how coppers in Britain like their coffee stirred & Az's rant gets overtaken by Benny who is pissed about the mouse plague. Web:
S4 Ep. 5 'Hey Arnold!'

S4 Ep. 5 'Hey Arnold!'


This week Benny & Az discuss old mate that tore the shit out of the Dunedoo Golf Course with disc plough, how Amercians need to be told NOT to fill plastic bags with gasoline, 90's cartoons...did they contain analingus? Chicago's rat problem and the feline solution, Nintendo's pricing and stupid apps for the Switch AND Az rants about roadworks.Web:
This week Benny & Az talk about how not returning videos you rented in the 90's can come back and bite you on the bum & how DVD rental kiosks will turn into killer robots, how Az would love to see a 'Super Steroid-Filled Olympics' would run, how Benny wants to change the public perception of Anal-Bleaching for the greater good, Az discusses how he hates reality TV shows AND how Beavers have had enough of their names used in vein in lurid internet searches & how they are fighting back.Web:
This week Benny, Az & Substitute Az take on the Australian Government's attempt to teach school kids Years 10-12 about consent using Milkshakes and how they should have just used 'Top Dawg' instead, Benny hates the Australian seniors Insurance ads, elderly women hijacking your favourite pokie down the RSL, Tesla has installed easter eggs into their vehicles allowing you to have the car open its butthole, Az goes balistic about British people that complained to the BBC over the coverage of the passing of Prince Phillip, a chick tattooed her eyes & lost her sight, Byron Bay residents are up in arms about a new reality show about their town being planned, naked models jailed in Dubai for getting photographed in the nuddy AND Schapelle Corby wants to be on Home & Away.Web:
This week Benny & Az take on a social media influencer about how as Australians we do our laundry, how by having sci-fi memorabilia could get you brutalised by American Police, how a former Prime Minister of Australia was mistaken for an Uber driver, the allure of sausage rolls for elderly women, a all-feline band have released a heavy metal song to raise money for a cat shelter in New York, Az goes a on a tirade about Australia Post, how Uri Geller and his merry band of 'concentraters' saved the freight shipping industry by only using the power of their minds & the boys discuss one of the best toys of the 1980's and how they misappropriated it. Web:
In our long awaited Season 4 opener Benny & Az have had the censorship shackles removed and the world's most beloved four-letter 'F' word is flopped out for all the world to heard. The boys discuss idiot Instagram users greedy for 'likes' with dangerous photos taken too close to the eurupting Hawaiian volcano. R-Pat's refusal to arouse a dog for a new movie, the new 'Az Rant' segment - Az loses his shit about the school that made all male students say sorry for being male to female students AND how a boss paid a guys last pay cheque in 918,000 oil-covered pennies. Web:
In our Season 3 finale Benny & Az discuss how the ABC attempt to beat up the game of Chess was ridiculous, Az is apparently an international smuggler of Milo, how no-one turned up to a Trump rally, James Blunt's on the blunts, Indian Call Centre Warrior, drunk Indian monkeys, how a bloke is suing a woman for giving him lip herpes, a new Steven Seagull film, how fruit is unappreciated in Schweinfurt, how both Benny & Az really don't care when "influencers" die, how a Perth bloke was denied entry to the pub for having a Mullet, we go back the Emergency Room with a bloke that held on for too long, how libraries are warning people to not microwave books, we FM Rock Radio child burns, how cooking sausage in a trailer park might get you a threat of a stabbed dick & how Ringo Starr busts a whole pub of illegal drinkers.Web:
This week Benny & Az are back to discuss how Rage Against The Machine are only now copping heat for their politically charged lyrics, how a bloke was fined 500 Euros for farting in front of police in Vienna, how Coco Pops are not only yummy for breakfast - but racist at the same time, how films of the past are now possibly having to be deleted from studio history, how Benny can't wait for Playstation 5, KFC are being arseholes to horse and cart drivers, KFC have a new gaming console, how burnt food helps you shit, Benny is pissed about his new camper & why the world needs to go back to normal for we can poke more fun at it. OH!...and why little girls don't like being called "Princess" and what they would rather be called.Web:
This week Benny & Az are back together and the world has lost it's mind! The lads discuss the current crisis in America, the black lives matter movement & the reaction in the rest of the world Don't panic...there is also nonsense. A bloke in Thailand gets busted for humping 126 pairs of thongs he pinched from neighbours, how three idiot Bolivian goat herding children wanted the same powers as Spiderman, how Swiss sex-workers are the smartest people when it comes to preventing the spread of Coronavirus, how a bloke in Minneapolis when to the gym DURING riots to use the gear inside & how you can further your career beyond Supercars Renee Gracie style.Web:
Benny & Az are finally back together as COVID-19 restrictions ease in Australia. This week they discuss how disappointed they are that the Statue of Liberty wasn't wearing a giant face mask, Donald Trump's bleach solution, doomsday preppers that can't stand being locked up for 5 weeks, how the tin foil hat-wearers believe 5G is causing Coronavirus, a woman believes her long-distance partner's baby gravy is the solution to beating Coronavirus & how not to go viral on your own inside a chinese IKEA. Web:
S3 'Coronavirus Break'

S3 'Coronavirus Break'


This week COVID-19 is keeping Benny & Az apart so they are here to inform you that they will be back in a few weeks when movement restrictions are lessened. To all our wonderful Burble listeners have a happy and safe Easter. Don't leave the house if you don't need to. That and make you WASH YOUR BLOODY HANDS!Web:
This week Benny & Az lay the boot into COVID-19 more, how brothels could survive, Benny's mighty boy experience, how to bake bread in unconventional means, boober eats, the Amercians love AFL through a lack of other TV sports, video games now the biggest sport in the world, Kevin Smith doco making inside Prince's house & and a whole host of other useless crap PLUS is this the end of Benny & Az?Web:
This week Benny & Az spend a considerable amount of time talking Coronavirus, in particular people's behavior at the shops. The lads also take us back to 2009 with content from their former live Internet Radio Show by seeing if all it really takes to marinate meat is 9 minutes, Benny wants a tour of the Great Northern Brewing Co., Benny's dad gets dentures, what Benny would do if he won the Powerball & best song to sing while washing your hands. Web:
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