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The Business Lounge Podcast with Kimberly Ann Jimenez
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The Business Lounge Podcast with Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Author: Kimberly Ann Jimenez

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Welcome to The Business Lounge Podcast where each week we unpack the hottest online marketing and business strategies so you can grow your business, increase your bottom line and make a bigger impact with your host, Kimberly Ann Jimenez.

Kimberly is an online business extraordinaire, having now worked with thousands of clients across an array of industries. Her flagship program, The Business Lounge, teaches online business owners like you how to improve your online business, blogging, branding and social media tactical strategies to up level your business and create the freedom you deserve.
25 Episodes
Dump your long list of goals because this year, we will be more intentional and strategic in setting you up for success. Grab The Prosper Plan here:
Planning your 2021 business strategy? Make sure to avoid these 7 deadly mistakes that a lot of entrepreneurs (even the smartest ones) fall into. In this video, you’ll learn about the millionaire vs the small business mindset and how you can reprogram your habits to create a 6 or 7-figure business.   Sign-up for Startup Books:
December 2020 is here. Are you going to finish strong or finish wrong? In this video, I’m going to address the number one trap that most entrepreneurs fall into during the holiday season. FREE: 1-Page Business Plan:
In this episode, I'm going to share five content strategies and five mistakes to steer clear from that will ensure that you're attracting the right kind of buyer to your social media, to your blog, to your podcast, or your email list.
In this episode, we’re going to be talking about the beginner’s guide to content marketing, everything you need to know, A to Z to help you get started.
How do you grow an audience from zero? How do you grow a brand sustainably? Let’s talk all about and more in this episode!
Many cities are letting businesses open again. What does this mean for entrepreneurs? That’s what we’re talking about in this FREE WORKSHOP. Links to anything I shared in the video:
Today, we’re going to dive into 5 Content Strategies To Stand Out During The Current Climate and captivate more eyeballs online. Catch all the links in this episode + free resources we can't put into this video:
The world has experienced some insane shifts over the past couple of weeks and nothing’s quite certain yet. It’s important to understand how to deal with this type of difficult situation, especially as entrepreneurs. So, I’m sharing my top five business strategies that you need to be deploying right now in a time of crisis. Check out the blog post here:
Happy new year, everyone! During this time, we’re all getting ready to set goals and intentions to crush it this year. Goal setting is an extremely powerful process and in this episode, I’m sharing FOUR of my big ideas that I think you should be incorporating in your goal-setting process. 💻Get My Best Work In One Place (And 30+ Business & Marketing Courses) Inside The Business Lounge:
Part TWO is here! Let’s unpack my last three power tips on How To Stay Motivated & Publish Content Consistently in this episode. Join The Early Bird List For The Savvy Online Selling Course DROP and Get First Dibs, Awesome Discounts + Exclusive Bonuses: 🔔 💻Get My Best Work In One Place (And 30+ Business & Marketing Courses) Inside The Business Lounge: 
Let's be real. We've all procrastinated on our content once (or many times) before. So how do you ditch procrastination, stay motivated, and focus on consistency with your content? Let's unpack all my advice in this episode. Join The Early Bird List For The Savvy Online Selling Course DROP and Get First Dibs, Awesome Discounts + Exclusive Bonuses: 🔔 💻Get My Best Work In One Place (And 30+ Business & Marketing Courses) Inside The Business Lounge: 
This week, we're talking about 3 Mindset Hacks To Grow An Audience FAST In 2020. It's that time of the year when you need to start thinking about your strategy for the new year. ;) 💻Get My Best Work In One Place (And 30+ Business & Marketing Courses) Inside The Business Lounge: ▼ GRAB THESE FREEBIES Learn How To Sell More On Your Blog Via My Brand New, Free Masterclass: The Online Success Path, a step-by-step guide to launching, growing and scaling the profitable online business you’ve always dreamed about:
Resources for this episode: The Online Success Path Cheat Sheet   Do you know exactly what you should be working on right now to grow your online business? It's one of the questions I get asked over and over again on social media and here on the blog. And it's no surprise at all, is it? As rad online entrepreneurs we have never-ending to-do lists. Between growing an audience, putting out consistent content and making more sales and going after that shiny new strategy you learned about on YouTube... it's a lot. So today on the Podcast we're talking simplification and the power of focusing ONLY on the strategies that are going to help grow your online business quickly AND sustainably.   Continue Reading...     Continue Reading...
Resources for this episode:   Let’s be real. Building and managing an online business is quite a journey. One day you’re feeling totally clear on the direction you’re taking with your business, the next, you’re feeling massively overwhelmed, conflicted and confused. We all go through it. But today I wanted to tackle a subject I don’t hear many people discussing on the interwebs. It gets even scarier when you’re clueless as to what stage you are in. If you’re feeling this way, I totally get you, my friend.   Since we launched The Business Lounge last September, one of the most common questions I get from members is this, “ What should I be working on right now?”  Figuring out what the heck you should be working towards at every stage of your business is massively important. Why?  One word. Focus. Continue Reading...  
Resources for this episode:   Not too long ago I felt like my business was making me insane... I was hustling my buns off trying to get things off the ground... juggling too much client work while still trying to keep up with my own marketing 24/7 and not making nearly what I was worth. I was working nights and weekends and it felt like I was ''on call'' all day every day. Soon it hit me like a bag of bricks that I had no idea what I was doing. I was MASSIVELY overwhelmed and it needed a sanity check. FAST. So if your business is making you feel like you're near the brink of insanity... I so get you. Especially if you are at the stage where you've launched your business and you're working HARD to build up your social media following, your email list and close more clients but you're not really getting as much momentum as you hoped. Continue Reading...
Resources for this episode:   This week on The Business Lounge we released the final modules for our Smart Facebook Ads course, and I’ve been reviewing ad copy and creatives for our members. So I thought I would share some of the examples I’ve been using to teach them how to craft compelling Facebook Ads for their online businesses with style. It’s interesting because I remember when I first started running Facebook Ads in 2012, I had NO idea what to create that would entice our audience. And that seems to be one of the biggest stopping points for creative entrepreneurs these days. Continue Reading...
Resources for this episode: So a few weeks ago one of our  The Business Lounge members asked me the following question, ‘‘Kim if you were spending $100 on ads to promote a new product/service, how would you spend it?" And earlier today I popped into a Facebook live video to answer this question and show you the two campaigns I would run if I were launching a new product or service using Facebook ads on a budget. It’s actually a very simple strategy that you can use whether you’re just getting your toes wet with FB Ads or you’ve been at it for a while. Continue Reading...
Resources for this episode:   Ah, Facebook Ads. We all want to jump right in and start seeing the profits right? Well, before you invest your money, here's how to know if your business is ready to run Facebook Ads. Yes. You read that right. Your business may not be ready to run Facebook Ads, yet. Dun, dun, dun... In fact, about 80% of the entrepreneurs who reach out to me about helping them run their ads are NOT ready. And this is something most marketers don't really talk about. So in this episode of The Business Lounge Podcast, I want to tackle this issue head on so that the next time you spend your precious cash on Facebook Ads you feel totally confident you'll turn a profit. And don't worry, if your business is not ready to run Facebook Ads just yet, Imma help you get ready, honey! Continue Reading...
Resources for this episode:   Oh, the quest to build your email list (from scratch)… Back when I launched my blog I remember having 4 people on my email list (my boyfriend was one of them) and thinking, how on Earth am I going to grow this list to 1,000 subscribers? Let alone 10,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000…? It’s going to be impossible! Now, in the spirit of complete transparency. I have a confession to make. I didn’t take list building seriously until late 2015 when I was getting ready to launch my first online course, Zilch To Social. Bad idea. It hurt my sales and my pride. A lot. Luckily, I course-corrected and over the past year, we’ve systematized the way we approach list building. Adding 1,500 – 2,000 new subscribers to our email list every single month on autopilot and without using ads has been an awesome start (we plan to double those figures in the next couple of months). It sounds totally weird to share that fun fact because only a couple months ago adding even just 100 new subscribers for free and without doing any kind of kahuna promotion felt like a marketing fairytale dream. All this to say, if you’re trying to build your email list from scratch, there. is. hope. I promise that building your email list gets way easier once you pick up momentum… So how do you pick up momentum? By approaching list building as a business system rather than a one-off strategy. Continue Reading...
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