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The Business of Property follows the journey of two entrepreneurs working in the property world.
Stuart is a property investor with a focus on HMOs, mostly for the student market. He prefers a hands-off approach with most of his investment properties being remote.
Simon has a small portfolio of vanilla buy-to-let properties that he mostly self-manages. To make his property management easier he created Property and Tenant Manager (
Simon and Stuart, along with guests, discuss the ups and downs they're experiencing in their property businesses. Along the way they share property news, business tips and anything else that happens to crop up their weekly chats.
Popular episodes include:
Getting started in property ( - the first in a mini series discussing topics to consider when starting in property investment.
Property investment terms ( - great if you're just getting started in property and need some help understanding the common jargon.
Property strategy terms ( - another jargon busting episode that's great if you're early in your property journey or considering changing your property strategy.
Less property but relevant to everyone is a discussion on time management (
Last but not least are a couple of episodes that talk about angel investing ( and property finance ( more widely.
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Follow along as Simon walks through his thoughts from evaluating two potential investment properties that were recently available at auction. The discussion this week included: * Simon's investment criteria. * Considering flats (a block of) vs houses. * Deep dive into two evaluating two auction properties: * Detached house in Redhill ( - multiple bidders, sold for £278k from a £180k guides. * Block of flats in Redhill ( - one bid, sold for asking at £550k. * Using PaTMa to quickly evaluate property investment scenarios ( If you've enjoyed this podcast, please tell someone else about it.
Pam and Tania continue their recent conversation with Stuart and Simon, with a focus on angel investing and choosing locations. The chat also covers the changing world and property market, along with adapting to cope with it. This is part 2 of the discussion, you can find part 1 here ( The chat this week includes: * How to find angel investors. * Pam & Tania's Deal Diaries ( * Discussing potential deals. * Learning while you earn. * Being confident the deal and business are strong enough. * It's lovely to understand why people invest. * Pam and Tania's location selection strategy. * Shoe leather investigations. * Benefits of working with others. * Similar values rather than similar skills. * Demand analysis is hard at the moment. * Shifting investment strategies. * Distance to train stations. * Forced change of tenant type (still the same people). * Crawley Property Meet ( * A wandering goose. Please leave us a rating and review if you're enjoying the show. Special Guests: Pam Mackenzie and Tania Carson.
Pam and Tania join Stuart and Simon to chat about how they've very deliberately chosen their investment locations. They also talk about their investment strategy, how they got started and their approaches to funding from external investors. Part 2 of this chat can be found here ( The discussion this week included: * Choosing investment location deliberately. * Demand, transport links, cash flow. * Investing with minimal money-in. * 5 bedrooms was a game changer. * Crawley Property Meet ( * 5 HMOs in 18 months. * Demand going down from oversupply. * Keeping your ears open. * Never buy a ready made house. * On the edge of Article 4. * Maximising bedrooms (with windows!). * Desperation! * Joint venture vs angel financing. * Getting the JV balance/structure right. * Interest rates for angel investors. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please tell someone else about it. Special Guests: Pam Mackenzie and Tania Carson.
Property investment needs money - funds to invest when getting started and also to fuel growth. Simon and Stuart chat about their own considerations and approaches to using external funds for their property investment. The chat this week includes: * Being offered money. * The stress of other peoples money. * Individuals vs banks. * Overcoming fears for business growth. * Difficult investor conversations. * Coping with unexpected change. * Friends and family as investors. * Requirements from investors. * Life savings. * Driving faster. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please tell someone else about it.
Taking a quick break from the getting started in property ( series, Stuart and Simon run through the latest updates from their property businesses. The discussion this week included: * Stuart's design led refurbishment has it's first tenant. * View the agent listing here ( and some photos at the end of this weeks show notes, including the custom artwork. * Stuart's Executive Juice ( podcast. * Doubling income from a property. * The downward pricing spiral. * Reviewing the refurbishment process. * Trusting your building team. * Falling through. * Swallow the frog! * Pro-active support from Interbay ( * Leasehold / managing agent battles. * Leasehold reforms ( * Tenant eviction for a sale. * Avoiding viewings to reduce Covid19 risks. * Leaving things to the last moment. Please leave us a rating and review if you're enjoying the show. After refurbishment: HMO artwork ( HMO artwork ( HMO artwork (
Simon and Stuart continue their series on starting in property, this week continuing on being aware of your inputs and moving on to a discussion around choosing your investment location. The chat this week includes: * How/why we invested the way we did. * Low time commitments. * Investment matrix ( - strategies available from low/medium/high inputs. * Utilising external support. * Self-refurbishment (with children). * Knowledge can collapse the time required. * What you're interested in, is another important input. * Key learnings ( slide from Stuart. * Considering location * Price * Knowing the area * Tenant types / demand * Hotspots * Proximity * Research * (Power!) team * Diversification * Backup property uses. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please tell someone else about it. Investment matrix Learnings slide
Stuart and Simon try to look at resources that you need to consider when planning property investment and get a little sidetracked into discussing personal vs limited company ownership of investment property. The discussion this week included: * The resources needed to invest in property. * Time. * Money. * Knowledge/expertise/experience. * The best knowledge comes through doing. * Doing means walking the streets. * Using agents, or not. * Self listing properties - OpenRent (, LettingAProperty (, UPad (, Visum ( * Differing costs and effort between buying in personal names or a limited company. * Section 24 ( * Tax! * Some of the company vs personal tax considerations. * Capital Gains Tax rates ( * Transferring property into a limited company. Please leave us a rating and review if you're enjoying the show.
Responding to listener feedback, Simon and Stuart are starting a series of discussions about starting property investment. Initially with reasons and why this week, then covering early decisions, processes and even real potential properties. The chat this week includes: * Why we chose property. * Our property back story, part 1 ( * Our property back story, part 2 ( * A lot of effort for passive income. * Property vs stocks and shares. * "Imaginary" stocks and shares. * Considering property funds. * Asset liquidity. * Property Partner ( - as not remembered by Simon. * Get rich quick? * Getting early cash out. * Long-term decision making is better. * Long term wealth growth. * Property values double every ten years. * ROI / Return On Investment ( * BRR (Buy Refurbish Refinance) has challenges. * PaTMa Prospector now includes BRRR scenario calculation ( If you've enjoyed this podcast, please tell someone else about it.
Stuart and Simon are looking ahead to what their 2021 might hold and more specifically how they're getting it started. The discussion this week included: * Looking to buy. * Simon's property type preference. * Considering buying with existing tenants in place. * Rent from day one. * Considering the risks - with restricted eviction options. * Section 21 vs Section 8. * ROI / Return On Investment ( * Calculating ROI ( * Simon's target ROI. * Stuart's yield ( hurdle. * Looking to consolidate. * 2021 should be a year with plenty of excitement. Please leave us a rating and review if you're enjoying the show.
This week is a mix of news, updates and reviewing the goals Simon and Stuart set themselves for 2020. The chat this week includes: * Welsh stamp duty increase ( - use the PaTMa buy-to-let profit calculator ( to see the latest figures. * Stamp duty increase for overseas investors. * Prime London property as a store of money. * Sold! * Stuart's design led refurbishment ( * Financial challenges. We hope you've had an enjoyable Christmas and wish you well for 2021.
In a slightly longer than normal episode, Stuart and Simon look back over their topics of property conversation in 2020. Bringing new insights, updates and the benefit of hindsight into the discussion. Some of the topics covered this week include: * A lucky escape. * Expected changes for landlords in 2020 ( * Property investment glossary ( * Property strategy glossary ( * The property market at the start of Covid-19 ( * Coming out of lockdown for the property market ( * HMO's are dead! ( * Mortgage effects of a bounce back loan ( * In-depth review of an HMO refurbishment ( * A room full of plaster. * Property market stats part 1 ( * Property market stats part 2 ( * Changes to the eviction process - Section 21 and Section 8 ( * The property market around lockdown 2 and down-valuations ( * A petition for extending the Stamp Duty Holiday ( * Looking at the details of rent to rent (R2HMO) ( If you've enjoyed this podcast, please tell someone else about it.
Simon and Stuart talk about their latest property updates - there's a lot going on! If you're looking for a property to purchase and would like to share your progress, please let us know ( We'd also love to hear your property challenges ( The chat this week includes: * Last minute sale issues. * Land registry plan updates ( * Hard to contact solicitors. * 6.5% property price increase in the last year. * Selling: flat in Croydon, flat in Kingston, flat in Plymouth. * Oct 2019 + "3-6 month" project = expected completion in January 2021! * Fall-through due to down-valuation. * Boxing day marketing. * Purchasing: a new home, a pub, a maisonette. * Refurbishing: a trendy HMO, a R2R HMO. * In the pipeline: two more R2R deals. * Having the right team. Please leave us a rating and review if you're enjoying the show. A petition for extending the Stamp Duty Holiday (
Stuart and Simon take a thorough look at recent experience of getting back into doing rent to rent deals. The discussion this week included: * Why rent to rent. * Rent to HMO and Rent to SA. * R2R input and output. * Article 4 areas ( * Planning and licensing. * Knowing your market. * R2R vs letting agent. * Finding R2R deals. * Even R2R requires capital investment. * It takes time, effort and money. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please tell someone else about it.
Simon and Stuart are back with more updates this week, with several things changing already. The chat this week includes: * Update on the damp survey mentioned last week ( * Costs of sale. * Long term holding can create some large CGT bills. * Beware CGT doesn't overtake equity when mortgaging. * (More) down-valuations! * Fall-through. * A great studio flat in Kingston ( * Our recent chat with estate agent Emma ( * Price increase instead of stamp duty. * What are mortgage companies doing? * EWS1 no longer needed for blocks with no cladding ( * Catch 22 by Joseph Heller ( Please leave us a rating and review if you're enjoying the show.
Stuart and Simon provide updates on their recent property experiences and chat about viewings, mortgages and the stamp duty holiday (again). The discussion this week included: * Mortgage required before viewing. * Cheeky new-build viewing requirements. * More surveys. * Damp. * Speed (or not) of selling. * Will the stamp duty holiday now help to keep sales alive? * "In progress" sales are nearly 50% higher than last year. * Extending the stamp duty holiday. * "Only 25% of sales agreed in Q1 complete by the end of March." If you've enjoyed this podcast, please tell someone else about it.
Emma joins Simon and Stuart once again to chat about the world (and property market) from her view running an estate agency. Please accept our apologies for some slight sound issues. The chat this week includes: * Summary of the last few months property market. * The stamp duty holiday deadline. * Demand is slowing down, a little. * The property market can function as normal during this lockdown. * Things are moving slooooowly in the sales process. * Down-valuations! * Prices are up! * Lockdown or Christmas. * Market predictions. Emma's property business is Estate Agents Hub ( Please leave us a rating and review if you're enjoying the show. Special Guest: Emma Halliwell Marks.
Simon and Stuart chat through a couple of graphs showing how the property market has behaved so far this year. The discussion this week included: * Stats collected thanks to the PaTMa property browser extension ( * You might be able to see the graphs included below, if not use these links: graph 1 ( and graph 2 ( * Christmas is coming! * Was the post-lockdown (v1) market hype, overhyped. * Sellers and agents building stamp duty savings into their price. * Our previous market stats podcast ( * Our conversation with Tom ( * Occasional down-valuations causing mortgage (and re-mortgage) issues for some. * What's coming next for (changes in) property prices. The graphs being discussed: Active property listings, Jan 2020 base Properties changing price per week If you can't see the graph images above, you can click these links to view each graph: * Active property listings, Jan 2020 base ( * Properties changing price per week ( If you've enjoyed this podcast, please tell someone else about it.
Stuart and Simon discuss a Covid-19 influenced viewing experience, stamp duty and the speed (or not) of completing a sale. The chat this week includes: * Awkward property viewings. * Vendor vs agent viewing styles. * The additional stamp duty rate on your primary residence. * The stamp duty holiday rates ( (spreadsheet). * Another offer has been accepted (via a new agent). * Trying to complete by Christmas. * Average of 77 days for a "proceedable offer". * Average of 123 days for conveyancing. * Purchases missing the stamp duty holiday ( * Mortgage delays, perhaps leading to sale failures. * A meaningless average. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please tell someone else about it.
This week the chat is focussed around auctions, advertised property prices and agent fees; with a few updates thrown in along the way. The discussion this week included: * Last weeks chat ( with Tom Soane. * Stuart's offer(s). * EWS1 ( delights. * Reducing for cash. * Testing seriousness with little hurdles. * Method of modern auction. * Guide prices - on auctions and not. * Emma's past chat about portal usage ( * Property listings that advertise a price range/band. * Auctions moving online, in multiple styles, in the age of Covid-19. * Fees involved in auctions. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please tell someone else about it.
Simon and Stuart are joined by Tom Soane to chat about some of Tom's experiences in property, from how he got started to his current projects. The discussion this week included: * Tom's transition from gamekeeper to poacher (or maybe the other way around). * The difference between planning investments for others and making them yourself. * Continuing despite fear. * Using investor money vs your own money. * Understanding risk. * Looking at the mathematics when analysing property deals ( * Investing in Newcastle. * Putting together a remote team. * Make use of property data - from Land Registry ( and PaTMa ( * Choosing your time to sell. * The use of "guide price" in property listings. You can find Tom on Facebook ( or reach him through his sales and letting agency Pink Street ( Please leave us a rating and review if you're enjoying the show. Special Guest: Tom Soane.
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