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Today we cover a high level lesson on leadership. Taking ownership, understanding mistakes happen, and how to manage your employees.
Not our typical podcast... today is 14 years since my dad passed away. I wanted to share some thoughts and tactical tips on how to handle grief and loss, but also how I view life that gives me a beautiful and positive view!
Today we discuss what SEO is, how to setup your website for success, and tips and tricks on how to improve your SEO at low or no cost!
Today we talk about where and how to register your domains, and which online platforms/softwares to use to build your website!
Today we talk about how to properly vet people coming into your business. Whether employees or contractors to ensure they’re both competent and morally sound.
Today we talk about your CPG businesses cash flow! Understand 1. Cash in the bank 2. Cash Inflows and 3. Cash Outflows
The last and final podcast on this series! For now... we talk about having together your due diligence paperwork, how to not come off as desperate, and pointers for video calls.
Final part of our fundraising in CPG series. Today we discuss investment decks!
This we discuss the tactical steps on how to raise money in the CPG industry
Hey guys! Today we discuss how to fundraiser in CPG. This is a more general overview and I share our fundraising journey. Next week we will five more into the tactical aspects of it.
One of the most important lessons to learn in business. Giving you some food for thought on your risk/benefit analysis. Maximize your potential return while minimizing the risk.
Today we discuss a weekly call you should be implementig immediately to help increase productivity and communication with your business. Weekly 1:1 calls with each employee. We discuss the exact agenda to use and how to do it.
What’s up guys! Today we’re talking about the tactical Monday team call and Friday team building call we do each week to build a tighter and more successful team.
Today we talk over softwares! Email, data, cloud storage, CRM, and email marketing. This has taken me many failed attempts to find the right one. Enjoy!
In today’s episode, we discuss the importance of R&D on your company! It can be make or break. Use it to achieve efficiencies of scale, diversify your business, and grow your business!
Today we talk about 6 key points on how to build a brand! This may be obvious to some of you but certainly wasn’t obvious to me. A brand provides certainty to your customers and B2B clients.
Today’s we talk on 6 tactical ways to keep a cool head and remain calm and composed during these crazy times.
Today we talk about tactical steps on how to post jobs, screen applicants, interview, and hire!
Super tactical episode today! Not much fun to listen to if you aren’t in the industry. If you are, it’s a ton of fun! All the numbers, facts, and figures needed to calculate your margin and profit for a CPG product.
It’s easy to panic when there’s uncertainty. Not my typical podcast where we’re not super tactical. Keep your cool, mitigate the downside, understand the downside isn’t as bad as it seems, and carry on!
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