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Award winning radio personality, Camille Conte mixes real conversations about life with a rock n roll soundtrack. CC rocks the house every Friday with The New Music Spotlight and the latest in music, artist and concert news. Author of "The Confusion Experiment" and creator of "Ready for Change" Camille's perspective is insightful, thought provoking & cutting edge. Not only that, she knows her music. The Camille Conte Show is a podcast that rocks you and inspires you. Turn it up!
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March Madness continues on the show with another installment of "Women in Rock History Month" featuring some of the pioneering New Wave women of the '80's. Plus my newly named segment called "At the Table" brings my dear friend and singer, Mari Hahn to the show as we talk about her insane ability to cook and bake, the coma brought on by her "Guinness Chocolate St. Patrick's Day Birthday Cake," and some samplings from incredible vocal range. Vancouver singer, Art d'Ecco brings a terrific new song to The New Music Spotlight and from Iceland it's a return from Kaleo. Wait! There's more! Fairbanks' band Arctic Noise Symphony gets some air time, we compare the 1971 Grammy's with last week's and I share some of the challenges of re-entering the world after a year of living alone during this pandemic. Strap yourself in for this week's show! Enjoy. 
Women in Rock History Month continues with three women with three different styles that made their way onto the scene from 1965-1969. Go ahead and guess! My friend, Kelly Walters stops by his own kitchen table for more impressions and a recap of "when Harry met Meghan." We continue our focus on March of 1971 with perhaps the greatest live album of the '70's and our search for the great rock n roll screams brings us to one of the few females who makes the cut. The New Music Spotlight features California based duo, TuneYards and their new song, Hold Yourself. March Madness indeed. Enjoy. 
March Madness indeed! The show is packed as we kick off Women in Rock History Month with the great Ann and Nancy Wilson and the story behind their third album, Little Queen. We continue to celebrate the "golden era of rock albums" and the year 1971 with not one but two iconic albums representing the diversity of that incredible year in music. The New Music Spotlight, brought to you by DREAMRAISER Renee Jones, shines a bright light on Oklahoma husband and wife duo, The Imaginaries and their debut album. Plus the super talented Serena Ryder and her new release, "The Art of Falling Apart" and the new single, Better Now. And as if that wasn't enough, we open the show with some birthdays! Enjoy. Thanks to New Thought Media Network for having the show as part of it's Friday night lineup!  And big, big thanks to listener, DREAMRAISER Celeste Donnelly who compiled some fantastic notes for the month of March 1971. Thank you so much Celeste! 
One last time from the house I grew up in, in the bedroom where my dreams were seeded, The Camille Conte Show shares with you the long good-bye as I prepare to leave my parent's home and set out for the open road. We use music to take us on the journey of giving thanks for the unique gifts of living in a small town, letting go in order to go, having faith that though you can't always see around the corner something wonderful is being prepared. Possibility awaits us when we mindfully and willingly embrace change with an expectancy of the best yet to be. Music from The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Lucinda WIlliams, Jim James, Supertramp, Shawn Colvin and many more make this a very special episode. Enjoy.  Here's photographer's Mark Krajnack's blog! 
February birthdays get the show going this week with music from Graham Nash, Dave Davies and The Kinks, Sheryl Crow and Peter Gabriel. In Music News we talk about the $15 billion dollars inside the COVID relief legislation that passed in January and how it will begin to #SaveOurStages. Such an important topic for anyone who loves music. Small venues are the places that give rise to artists' being able to grow a larger audience and we need to help them survive this economic disaster. Also, I've finally got a few things to say about Bruce Springsteen's November incident at Sandy Hook State Park that grabbed the headlines a few week's ago and a beautiful story of why you should NEVER give up inside The New Music Spotlight with Thad Cockrell and his new song, Swingin'! Thank you to DREAMRAISER Charlie Hlawatsch for sponsoring The New Music Spotlight this week! We pack it in this week and that's a good thing. Turn. It. Up. and enjoy.  Here's one of many articles on the new legislation just passed for the music industry. 
All this year, we're taking a closer look at 1971 which for me is the "golden era" of rock music because so many important rock albums were released that year. In February of 1971 something new had emerged: the singer/songwriter movement and it would take a seat at the table from then on. Carol King blew the roof off the joint with her album, Tapestry released in February of that year and we talk more about what was so monumental about her arrival on the scene. The New Music Spotlight is brought to you by Patron Regina McLoughlin as we shine a bright light on two artist that came to me by way of Twitter. Sarah Bailey's new song, Drops of Liquor and Ernie Savage's new tune, Time to Shine, do just that! Enjoy. Thank you DREAMRAISERS!!! Jill Robinson, Tina Spears, Dale Chavie, Peggy Beal, Lila Vogt, Cynthia Hensley, Susan Brakeall and Mark Pearson, Suzanne Litle, Ken Meyer, Evie Dunham, Ron Swartz, Helen Peters, Hugh Vartanian, Joan Koval, Sheila and Allen Soule from Canda! Dawn Kelly, Judith Mack, Michelle Semerad, Carol Stamm, Dennis Berry and Sheila Wyne!!
Keeping you on your musical toes with some suprising opening songs this week as we explore what was going on just ten years ago compared to 50 years ago musically. Janis Joplin's Pearl gets our attention this week, one of the important rock albums from 1971. Janis kicked open the door for thousands of female performers who followed including, in my opinioin, Grace Potter who kicks off The New Music Spotlight this week. Also under the bright lights, Edie Brickell's brand new song, Tripwire. Plus, the 9th Annual DREAMRAISER is rounding the bend! Now is a wonderful time to support the show. Click here to make your donation and receive some super cool gifts.  Here's that article on Janis Joplin and Grace Potter's video. 
Three singer songwriters share the stage for this week's The New Music Spotlight. Zach Bryan, Aaron Lee Tasjan and Chris Stapleton bring their own versions of honest, emotionally authentice songs to the show this week. We also begin to take a closer look at the albums released in 1971 that have stood the test of time these last fifty years and how the birth of FM radio was the album's ultimate companion. Plus, the songs that began the next chapter of our fragile democracy and why we must never fall asleep again. The World's Greatest Joke Teller who now has her own coffee mug wraps things up with The Joke of the Week.  Be a part of this year's fundraiser and help the show stay strong in 2021. Click here to donate and click here to see the new "Thank You" gifts.   Thanks to New Thought Media Network for bringing the show to their Friday night line-up!
We open the show like never before weaving excerpts from Dr. King's historic speech with songs that offer a new soundtrack to the plight of his day and ours today with The Killers, Mavis Staples, Bruce Springsteen and John Lennon. The New Music Spotlight kicks off with a great song from Kings of Leon and once again, Passenger blows the roof off the joint with his new song The Bandit from his forthcoming new album, "When You See Yourself." And HOORAY! We kick off the 9th Annual DREAMRAISER with super cool thank you gifts for every level of suport. Click here for that information. Thank you so much for your support! 
We begin the show with a celebration of David Bowie's 74th Birthday and some of his most enduring songs including a just released cover of John Lennon's "Mother" that Bowie did in 1998 as part of a Lennon tribute album that never materialized!  It's incredible. Music from Tracey Chapman lays out the way out of this chaos and confusion and we shine The New Music Spotlights on seventeen year old, Allentown, NJ singer/songwriter, Grace Kerlin and her debut album, Trying to Find. Plus news about the 9th Annual DREAMRAISER coming up next week with new merchandise, t-shirts and more!  Here's photographer's Mark Krajnak's photos of Grace.  Here's the Bowie tribute concert that's streaming this weekend.  And the other events happening on the BBC. 
It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life and I feel free. The first show of 2021 is all about feelin' good, raisin' the vibration, giving ourselves permission to feel better, to feel a bit lighter. Today we line up the songs that get us up on our feet, move to the groove, cause us to sing and shout and remember that it's okay, especially on New Year's Day, to turn it up. Nina Simone, Michael Franti, Ziggy Marley and many more! The 9th Annual DREAMRAISER starts January 15th with some great gifts and new merchandise!  Thank you so much for all your love and support in 2020. Wishing you and your family peace, health and the music the lights you up. So much love, Camille
This year's Holiday Show is filled with goodness from The Ghost of Christmas Past with songs from Tom Petty, Darlene Love, Bruce Springsten, The Kinks, a gorgeous rendition of O Holy Night by Patti Smith and songs from Alaska that will warm your heart. Because I have lived in Alaska for so long, Santa and I are pretty tight so the show starts with a situation that, until now, nobody knew about! And as I hold my tender heart which is filled with a deep longing for my beloved mother, I share with you her Christmas message from a few years ago and of course, The Joke of the Week. Take care of your own heart this season and if you're needing more CC, check out the archives at Podbean for more Ghosts of Christmas Past. Peace be with you. Much love, Camille
Poetry from Hafiz, David Whyte and Joyce Rupp mixes with the songs of Jethro Tull, Bruce Cockburn, Cat Stevens, David Wilcox, India Arie and others as we honor the importance and meaning of darkness so as to appreciate more deeply the return of the Light. This is a profound time of the year that offers us much if we stop long enough to receive it.  Wishing you and yours peace as we move through these Holy Days together. Take good care of yourself. Enjoy.
The Great Gig in the Sky! Celebrating the rare alignment of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st with some rockin' instrumentals from ELO, Pink Floyd, Rodrigo & Gabriela, Train and Rafe Pearlman. The New Music Spotlight makes way for Sir Paul McCartney's 18th album and the third in a series in which he plays all the instruments! Paul McCartney III and the new one from Bleachers take center stage this week. Plus a winter storm in New Jersey is thought to be the end of the world which brings the masses to the deli for a second installment of "The Deli - A thinly sliced piece of comedy." And if that's not enough laughter The World's Greatest Joke Teller gets down and dirty with The Joke of the Week. Turn it up and Enjoy.  Here's that article about the great conjunction on 12/21/2020. 
Twenty year old Salt Lake City native, Jack Rutter has a terrific new song inside The New Msuic Spotlight entitled, Put Your Records On that deals with, in part, his walk away from the Mormon life. That could explain his music name: Ritt Momney. In music news, Neil Young opens up his archives for the rest of this month for FREE as a gift to his fans, Bob Dylan sells his music catalog, over 600 songs, for an unofficial amount of nearly $300 million dollars and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band get masked up for their first performance on SNL this weekend since 2015 with a teaser that the band is also in the cast this weekend and Stevie wants to play Dr. Fauci. You can't make this up and we don't have to because it's 2020. The World's Greatest Joke Teller takes us home with The Joke of the Week. Enjoy. Learn more about becoming a patron of ths show at the website,  Here's that Dylan article that reveals more about the reasons behind this unprecidented relinquishing of the artist's rights to his historic catalog of music. 
This week's show is a barn burner with music from Jethro Tull and the reasons why their music was called, "progressive rock." Fast forward to the current crisis that the music industry is in and Ian Anderson has been doing a lot to inform the British government about the plight of the arts and artists due to this pandemic with solutions to consider. Here's that letter he wrote. Forget Amazon and support the arts this holiday season! Plus The New Music Spotlight lights up the sky with Jade Bird and Peach Tree Rascals and we rock out Jersey style while wishing a happy birthday to Southside Johnny. But wait! There's more! Lots of cosmic unfoldings happening and there's a way we can align ourselves with the good vibrations coming our way. The show's question this week is, "how do you feel?!" Enjoy. 
Gratitude, appreciation, celebration and a few blasts from the past as we celebrate forty years behind the microphone this Thanksgiving Day 2020 with this year's 40th Anniversary Show! Enjoy and thank you for being a part of this magnificent adventure known as radio, radio!!
Anybody else feel like running? This week's music captures the pent up feelings we have these days when all we want to do is run like hell, somewhere, anywhere. We also do a reality check on where we are at with five weeks left in this WTF year and why it's so important to adjust to the marathon we're in. Thank you to new patron, Loren Dixon for sponsoring The New Music Spotlight this week with two absolutely fantastic artists: Wyn Starks and Saint Nomad. You will love their music. Plus news from NY's first restaurant to do rapid tests on site for $50 in order to eat in an established "negative" environment.  And we wish my mom, The World's Greatest Joke Teller a very happy 90th birthday as the tears flow with this week's The Joke of the Week. Enjoy Thank you to New Thought Media Network for adding the show to it's line-up of positive vibin' shows! 
Celebrating 40 years behind the mic this month with my first interview and another new patron! Thank you Lila Vogt for sponsoring this week's The New Music Spotlight and talk about what's good and new. Two new artists, both in their early twenties, both exceptional songwriters and singers achieving a emotional depth that often comes with many more years of honing one's craft but not for these two. First, it's Cobi and his tremendous new song, Faith in Tomorrow. POWERFUL. Next up Briston Maroney who at 22 years of age is already amassing a huge fan base and you know why with his new song, Deep Sea Diver.  Plus, Happy 75th Birthday to Neil Young, The Joke of the Week goes there and we take some time to digest what's happening in our country and how and why denial works, something I know alittle bit about. Yep, a November to remember! Enjoy. 
Read all about it! When election results are paper thin, The Camille Conte Show shows up with the soundtrack. Plus November birthdays in the first half of the month including Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt and Andy Patridge of XTC.  Plus The New Music Spotlight has another new patron! Listener and long time supporter Anne Lazenby says yes to a monthly membership and is the sponsor of this week's new music featuring Belle Mt. and his new tune, Hollow and we continue to explore Bruce Springsteen's new album, "Letter to You" with the song that opens the album and its theme of loss and the preciousness of life. And we wrap it up with some exciting news about the show and The Joke of the Week with The World's Greatest Joke Teller. Oh yeah. Celebrating 40 years behind the microphone and I'm just getting started. Enjoy. You too can become a patron and support the show! Click here.  Here's Belle Mt's cool website and here's the link to New Thought Media Network!