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In “The Caregiver Community", hosted by Jane Everson and Frances Hall, we are holding conversations about the challenges and joys of caring for our aging parents and for ourselves. Jane and Frances talk about the “graying of America’ and “the silver tsunami” and how our nation’s changing demographics are impacting families, adult child caregivers, and businesses. We also talk about our our personal experiences as adult child caregivers - what we need to know in order to be balanced and informed caregivers, what we are learning from our journey with our parents about aging and about ourselves, and advice we wish someone had told us when we began our journeys. If you are juggling the needs of spouses, children, step-children, pets, work, volunteer activities with the needs of parents and in-laws, this show is for you!
40 Episodes
Although we often hear about “caregiver burden,” there also is “caregiver Joy.” In this podcast, Dr. Corinne Auman discusses ways to look for, find, and cultivate joy in the caregiving journey. Dr. Auman is an experienced educator, researcher, and entrepreneur who received her doctorate in developmental psychology with a specialty in adulthood and aging from North Carolina State University and did post-doctoral training at the Duke University Center for Aging. She is President of Choice Care Navigators and the author of the blog Mr. Mark Hensley, Associate State Director of AARP North Carolina, chair of the ACAPcommunity Board of Directors, and a frequent speaker regarding a variety of issues related to aging, caregiving, and dementia, joins Dr. Auman and Frances Hall, Founder and Executive Director of ACAP, for this important podcast.Thank you to Pace @ Home in Hickory, NC for sponsoring this episode!
In this episode of The Caregiver Community, Dr. Amy Lorek, Assistant Research Professor at Pennsylvania State University's Center for Healthy Aging and Interim Director for the Women's Leadership Initiative in the College of Health and Human Development helps us understand the importance of leisure activities and how the activities help us connect with others, remain engaged in life, at least maintain cognition, and increase happiness, particularly as we age. Dr. Lorek also describes various leisure activities that are meaningful as we age and may be used within the caregiving relationship or for one’s own consideration. Jill Lillie, Chapter Coordinator, ACAP Centre-County (PA), and Frances Hall, Founder, and Executive Director, ACAPcommunity serve as co-interviewers. Thank you Pace @ Home in Hickory, NC for your continued partnership!
Social support networks are important to the well-being for each of us and are even more important during challenging times such as when we are providing care for a loved one. Research has begun to recognize, though, that there are some important differences in supportive networks among African Americans as compared with other races. Dr. Althea Taylor Jones, retired professor and Gerontology Program administrator at Winston-Salem State University; Alexis Richmond, gerontology major at Winston-Salem State University; and Frances S. Hall, ACAP Founder, and Executive Director, help listeners better understand the make-up and importance of social support networks and how they differ among various communities. Thank you to our sponsor Pace @ Home in Hickory, NC
There are lots of options for the long-term care for a loved one (or ourselves), whether additional services are brought into the home or the loved one moves into a congregant living community such as a continuous care retirement center (CCRC), skilled care, or memory care facility, but the costs associated with each can be alarming, and raise all sorts of questions. This podcast helps listeners become aware of the various care options and strategies for paying for ongoing care. Jenna L. Franks, an elder law attorney, and Kristin Daughterty, Long-Term Care Planner provide information and hope as they talk with Holly Reigh, Specialized Care Planner, and Frances S. Hall, ACAP’s Founder & Executive Director.Thank you to our sponsor Pace @ Home in Hickory, NC
In this episode of The Caregiver Community, we discuss “Downsizing Dilemmas: When Stuff is in the Way”— how family members may lovingly and respectfully help an aging loved one create a safer environment in their home or help them downsize, move, and/or de-clutter, even when there are lots of possessions with which to deal. Bridget Donnelly, founder of Donnelly’s Estate Liquidation & Appraisal Services in State College, PA, talks with Frances Hall, Founder & Executive Director of ACAPcommunity, and Alexis Richmond, a gerontology major at Winston-Salem State University (NC) and ACAP intern to share insights and practical tips gained and honed since 2007.Thank you to our sponsor for this episode Pace @ Home in Hickory, NC
This episode of The Caregiver Community offers important information and insights into the “how to’s” of managing medications, whether it’s helping an older loved one or for yourself. In this conversation, listeners will learn what it means to “manage medications,” reasons medication management is important, ways to ensure medication safety, and strategies for helping encourage a loved one to take their meds, even when not inclined to do so.Frances Hall, M.Ed., Founder and Executive Director of ACAPcommunity, and Julie Packer, a 25-year experienced hospice and palliative care nurse who holds a master’s degree in nursing and is the Director of Professional Relations at Carolina Caring, are joined by Susan Young, Director of Clinical Services, United Church Homes and Services, a nurse with 30 years of experience and a master’s degree in nursing administration. Thank you to our sponsor PACE @ Home in Hickory, NC.
Family dynamics are built on decades of history between parents and children as well as between siblings. Care for an aging parent sometimes prompts unresolved family issues to the surface. While taking care of mom and dad is a wonderful idea, collaborative caregiving can be a minefield of implicit and explicit expectations, assumptions, and history within the family. This podcast will help listeners explore ways to establish a more balanced family unit and learn strategies for strengthening the family as they care for aging parents and other aging loved ones. Frances Hall, Founder and Executive Director of ACAPcommunity and Bob Cain, Vice President of Marketing for Piedmont Home Care in Winston-Salem, NC, and chapter coordinator for ACAP Winston-Salem are joined by Alyssa Szymanski Botte, a licensed clinical mental health counselor at the J. Paul Sticht Center on Aging, affiliated with Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, NC. Alyssa earned double Master’s degrees in Divinity and Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Wake Forest University and has passed boards to be awarded the National Certified Counselor designation, demonstrating that she has met high standards for the practice of counseling. Thank you to our sponsor Pace at Home in Hickory, NC!
In this episode of the Caregiver Community, January Brown, Family Caregiver Support Specialist for the Area Agency on Aging, Eastern Carolina Council of Governments, shares insight about current technology for seniors and their families: “low tech” and “high tech” resources and devices; technology that can be particularly supportive for those caring for a loved one with dementia; strategies for encouraging seniors to become comfortable with the resources; and ways to learn about technology applicable to one’s specific situation.ACAP CommunityThank you to our sponsor Pace @ Home in Hickory, NCContact January Brown at the ECCOG here
Dr. Mary B. Berge a Licensed Clinical Psychologist joins this episode of The Caregiver Community. Dr. Berge talks about how to stay sane during COVID-19, with tips on how to manage this and other stressful times in your life.Dr. Berge has over 25 years of eclectic experience. She received her undergraduate training from The California State University of Long Beach and her Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles. Dr. Berge is highly trained in individual, family and couples therapy, court ordered psychotherapy, general and forensic psychological assessment, as well as fitness for duty and work related evaluations. She works with a variety of populations and diagnostic issues such as depression, anxiety, family problems, relationship issues and trauma experiences (PTSD). She also has notable experience working with first responders and military populations.ACAP Community WebsiteThank you to our sponsor PACE @ Home
Mary Mitchell, Family Caregiver Support Specialist from the Area Agency on Aging answers the plea, who can help me take care of my loved one? Mary also presents practical tips and insights to the audience.Thank you to our sponsor Pace-at-Home. Find out more about Pace-at-Home services here*Audio note: This recording is from a Zoom presentation*
In this episode of The Caregiver Community, Dr. Amy Lorek of The Center for Healthy Aging at Penn State University and Jill Curtis of the Greater PA Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association discuss how to approach difficult conversations that adult children are faced with having with their aging parents. The two discuss insights and resources on how to make these conversations easier and productive.
On this episode of Caregiver Community, our hosts are highlighting the experiences of African American caregivers who represent a range of cultural perspectives.  Our guests for this episode include, Rosalind Pugh Scott, Public Health Specialist at the Center for Outreach in Alzheimer’s, Aging and Community Health at A and T University in Greensboro, NC and Carolyn Thompson, RN, BSN, Faith Community Nurse with Catawba Valley Health System in Hickory North Carolina. Both of these professionals have worked extensively with caregivers, especially family members caring for their loved ones at home.
Host Mark Bumgarner (Executive Director of Adult Life Programs) talks with Mary Mitchell (Family Caregiver Support Specialist with the Area Agency on Aging in Hickory, NC) about helping family caregivers identify and access community resources.
A  loved one's advanced years often trigger hospital visits, either at the emergency department or as an inpatient.  Any level of admission can be stressful for the patient as well as her/his family.  This ACAPcommunity podcast offers insights and information related to a variety of issues that often arise when an aging parent or loved one goes to the hospital.  Topics covered include communicating with the parent/loved one and hospital staff, documents that may be needed, various hospital admissions levels, and planning for the discharge.  Frances S. Hall, ACAPcommunity co-founder and executive director, and Susan H. Saylor, franchise owner of Home Instead Senior Care, talk with Jonell Fields, Transitions of Care Manager at Catawba Valley Medical Center in Hickory, NC, a registered nurse who is pursuing a master's in Care Coordination and who understands, through personal as well as professional experience, the challenging role of the adult-child caring for an aging parent or another family member caring for an aging loved one.
In this ACAPcommunity podcast, Frances S. Hall, ACAPcommunity Co-founder and Executive Director, and Beth Brandes, Nonprofit/Human Services Organizational Consultant, retired Assistant Director of Catawba County Social Services and daughter of aging parents, talk with Bridget Donnelly, Founder & Owner of Donnelly's Estate Liquidation & Appraisal Services about how caregivers may best help a parent or other loved one prepare to move from the home in which they may have lived for many years. Leaving the corporate world in 2007 to found the estate liquidation and appraisal service, Bridget and her husband wanted to serve the needs of older adults in transition by helping them downsize, cope with the stresses of moving, and shed unwanted possessions. As the daughter of antique dealers, Bridget comes honestly by her passion of helping others deal with their "stuff," in that she tolerated an endless stream of treasures coursing through her home, downsized regularly to accommodate new finds.
In this ACAPcommunity podcast, Frances S. Hall, co-founder and executive director of ACAPcommunity, and Mark Bumgarner, Executive Director of Adult Life Programs in Hickory, NC , talk with Dr. Philip D. Sloane, MD & MPH, the Elizabeth and Oscar Goodwin Distinguished Professor of Family Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, about common medical issues, Alzheimer's disease and other forms of cognitive disorders. The focus of this podcast is how caregivers may best help a loved one who has dementia when a health issue arises. Sometimes, it's hard to determine what the problem is and whether the issue is serious enough to need medical intervention or support. That can become a key issue. Dr. Sloane is a geriatrician with over 35 years of experience managing and researching issues related to older persons, with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease and related cognitive disorders and those who assist them with care and services. Among his many awards are the Academic Award from the National Institute on Aging and the Pioneer Award from the national office of the Alzheimer’s Association. He has authored over 300 publications, including 18 books, including, "The Alzheimer's Medical Advisor."
In this Caregiver Community podcast, Frances S. Hall, Co-founder and Executive Director of ACAPcommunity, and Mark Bumgarner, Executive Director of Adult Life Programs in Hickory, NC, talk with Julie Packer, RN, MSN, Director of Professional Relations, Catawba Regional Hospice about how caregivers may best help loved ones with a variety of issues related to aging, particularly medical issues and decisions.     As an RN with a Master’s Degree in Oncology Nursing and more than 25 years as a nurse, Julie has spent most of her career focused on end of life care---at the bedside, in management positions, in program development, and most recently, in outreach education.  As a Hospice nurse and the daughter of aging parents, Julie understands -- professionally and personally -- the need for effective communication with parents and their healthcare providers.  This podcast provides strategies to help adult-children become strong caregivers, advocates and partners with their parents, healthcare professionals and others, ensuring loved ones receive the most respectful and effective care possible.
Medicare ABCs (and D!)

Medicare ABCs (and D!)


Medicare provides front-line health cost coverage for most Americans over the age of 65. However, Medicare can sometimes seem complicated and confusing. This podcast will help caregivers gain information about Medicare so they may assist loved ones in making good choices about coverage as well as helping caregivers prepare for their own enrollment in Medicare. ACAP co-founder Frances Hall joins with Tina Miller, Director, Area Agency on Aging in Hickory, NC, and Catherine Fannon, Western Regional Manager, NC Department of Insurance, to help listeners learn more about Medicare and important details related to enrollment, services, benefits, and coverage.
Technology & Aging

Technology & Aging


There are an estimated 10 million Americans caring for one or more aging parents, in-laws and other family members.  These caregivers are beginning to look at technology as a way to keep their loved ones more independent, more safe and more engaged with family and friends.  Technology may hold a lot of promise for us as we age, but what is technology and how can we best use it with our aging family members and ourselves?  In this episode, Jane & Frances talk with Susan Adams, an engineer with a second career in gerontology, about these and other questions.
What is financial abuse? How and why does it impact seniors? What should adult-child caregivers know about financial abuse and the elderly? To help answer these questions, Jane Everson and Frances Hall talk with Lauren Benbow. Lauren is an attorney with the North Carolina Secretary of State’s office where she focuses on investor protection and the promotion of the advance health care directive registry. Lauren is a graduate of the university of Delaware and the William & Mary school of Law.
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