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There is no doubt that the business sector wields plenty of power; power that can shape the world. And if applied with a conscience, positively impact all spheres of civilisation.

In Conscious Conversations, host Carmen Murray chats with a fascinating array of industry leaders and pioneers to explore how doing business with the greater good in mind can lead to better returns and a better South Africa for all.

Join Carmen on her voyage of discovery as she unearths the value, nobility, prosperity, and opportunity that is part and parcel of ethical capitalism.

About Carmen:
A multiple marketing award winner, founder of Carmen Murray Communications, activist, and torchbearer for diversity and inclusion. Carmen was recently recognised by Meltwater as one of the top Women in Tech across Africa.
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Use your vote for a hopeful future from brands to political parties. In this engaging session with Khanyisa Phika (Economist | Absip Women In Focus | Advisory Board:Conscious LeadHERS), Bronwyn Williams (Futurist and Partner Flux Trends, Economist; Advisory Board: Conscious LeadHERS), and Sanisha Packirisamy (Economist and columnist for Financial Times), we delve into the profound impact of apathy on our collective future in South Africa and how we can overcome it to shape a brighter tomorrow. Led by three esteemed economists, this webinar offers a unique perspective on harnessing the power of our votes for meaningful change. From the choices we make as consumers to our engagement with political parties, every decision holds the potential to pave the way for a more hopeful future. Discover how your individual actions can make a difference, and gain valuable insights into leveraging your voice for positive impact. Empowering and enlightening, this webinar is a call to action for all, reminding us that change is not only possible but within our grasp. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock the power of your vote and join us in reclaiming hope for a better tomorrow. Remember, you have the powHER, ladies! Join the LinkedIn community · website · podcast studio
Sacrificing your authenticity comes at a cost. You don't want to miss this one! Dr. Melanie Van Rooy will blow your minds away with her insights, stories, and personality. She is a flamingo amongst a flock of pigeons. I find her so inspirational, and her insights into authentic leadership are so important in our times. As leaders, if we want to bring change, we must bring our whole selves to the table. (It's not always easy). Authenticity creates psychological safety. By not leading with authenticity, something breaks within us, and this shows up where we lead and this impacts organisations, the home front and has a trickle down effect into our communities and society at large. Melanie is a force to be reckoned with, and when she shares her wisdom, she takes you on a journey that makes you feel heard and understood. Bring a pen and paper; she will drop many truth bombs and bumper sticker quotes! This webinar is going to leave you hungry for more. Watch the Webinar replay · website · podcast studio
We are moving into an era of soft skills. In this conversation with Lyndy van den Barselaar, Managing Director at ManpowerGroup, we explore the profound shift from traditional mentorship to a coaching mindset, and how this transformation is shaping the way we lead teams and cultivate workplace culture. As the world of work undergoes rapid transformation, the need for adaptable and balanced leadership has never been more crucial. Lyndy shares invaluable insights into the essential leadership skills needed to navigate this new era, emphasising the importance of fostering a culture where colleagues are viewed not merely as staff, but as valued clients. Whether you're a seasoned leader or aspiring to take on leadership roles, this episode offers practical wisdom and inspiration to help you thrive in the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, and to prepare for the future of work. Read Lyndy's 'How to cope at work in 2024' · Read Lyndy's 'Trends impacting the world of work in 2024' · website · podcast studio
Authentic personal branding needs an audacious inside-out approach. In order to make an impact on the world, it is equally important to build an authentic personal brand with purpose. It allows you to get into the rooms you want to change (or create a new one)! 💟 You are a purpose-driven business. You are the currency! Watch the Webinar replay · website · podcast studio
Marketing done the right way. In this vibrant conversation, Carmen Murray sits down with Dr Melanie van Rooy, an old friend, to talk about the power of collaboration and how we can do marketing the right way, by co-innovating with our customers. These insights will leave you in awe! Herewith some highlights: Rebuilding Brand Trust After Scandal Melanie took over the marketing team after the diversity scandal in 2021. Her task was repositioning the brand, especially with female customers. The initial focus was on fixing fundamentals, but she then aimed to rebuild brand love through deeper customer collaboration. Co-Creating Marketing Campaigns Clicks leverages a 60,000 member online customer panel for continuous feedback and co-creation. Examples include collaboratively developing full marketing campaigns and events, designing private label packaging, and tailoring pricing strategies based on customer input. Educating Customers on Ethical Beauty Clicks offers ethical beauty ranges that meet customer demand but faces challenges in consumer education and getting customers to walk the talk. Pricing barriers and reformulation backlash show gaps between ethical claims and purchase behaviours. Embedding ESG Principles Across Business Regulator fines are driving ESG adoption in South Africa. For Clicks, executive bonuses are now tied to ESG KPIs including renewable energy targets, to embed sustainability principles culturally. Leadership Focused on Empathy and Vulnerability Melanie's inspirational leadership style draws from family bonds and aims to create trust via empathy, vulnerability and avoiding female boss stereotypes. She wants to continue encouraging feminine emotional intelligence in the boardroom. Reach out to Dr Melanie van Rooy · website · podcast studio
Talking symptoms, silver linings, and truth bombs. Welcome to today's episode of The Carmen Murray Show! We dive headfirst into an important and often overlooked topic: perimenopause. As many of you may already know, I'm currently navigating the complexities of perimenopause myself, and I've been on a quest to engage in meaningful discussions about it. I sit down with Xoli Madlala (Author of the Perimenopausal Globetrotter) and have a carefree conversation about symptoms, silver linings, and many truth bombs about this new phase in our lives. Xoli's unique approach to her perimenopausal journey is truly commendable. Rather than simply enduring the changes, she has embraced them wholeheartedly, delving into research and seeking to understand the broader narratives surrounding menopause. Her book offers a profound exploration of this journey, shedding light on the lack of information and resources available, particularly for marginalised communities. Order your copy of the Perimenopausal Globetrotter · Join the Conscious LeadHERS movement · website · podcast studio
The return to self. The global night of the soul and the spiritual awakening. The views expressed in the content (video, blog, podcast, article, etc.) are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the author's employer, company, institution, or other associated parties. Shaye Jonosky, Reiki master, Medicine Woman, and Sacred Space Holder talks to Carmen Murray about the Global Dark Night of the soul, and how this feeds into the rise of a spiritual awakening. Reach out to Shaye · website · podcast studio
Why are people turning to medicine and forests? The views expressed in the content (video, blog, podcast, article, etc.) are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the author's employer, company, institution, or other associated parties. In this episode, Shaye Jonosky, Reiki Master, Medicine Woman, and Sacred Space Holder shares everything you need to know about the preparation for a psychedelic journey and what to expect. Reach out to Shaye · website · podcast studio
The ripple effect of safe spaces. In this insightful episode, Carmen engages in a candid and thought-provoking conversation with Dharshni Padayachee, focusing on the crucial topic of safe spaces and the pivotal role women play in fostering inclusivity. Delving into the essence of creating environments where individuals feel heard, valued, and respected, Dharshni shares her perspectives on the significance of safe spaces in empowering women and marginalised communities. Throughout the interview, Dharshni articulates the importance of not only cultivating safe spaces but also actively working towards inclusivity by inviting men into the conversation. With a forward-thinking approach, she emphasises the need to bridge the gender gap and nurture a future that aligns with shared aspirations and values. Listeners are invited to explore the nuances of inclusivity and the transformative power of collective engagement in shaping more equitable and inclusive environments. Carmen and Dharshni's exchange serves as a beacon of inspiration for listeners, encouraging them to play an active role in creating spaces where everyone feels empowered to contribute and thrive. Dharshni Padayachee (Head of Diversity and Inclusion | Executive Coach | Table of Twelve Founder | Advisory for Conscious LeadHERS) Join the Table of Twelve community · Connect with Dharshni · website · podcast studio
Taking a Conscious Sabbatical from High-Pressure Corporate Careers. I have never felt so vulnerable, yet I loved being so vulnerable in a guest interview. This is why we need more authentic conversations that bring us to a higher level of awareness. Absolutely brilliant insights! - Carmen In this episode of Conscious LeadHERS, Carmen chats with Petro du Pisani about the unexpected journey. Away from their planned discussion on mining for this episode, they flow into the deeply personal and transformative topic of taking a sabbatical or conscious break from high-pressure corporate careers. In a candid conversation, they explore the reasons behind such decisions, share invaluable lessons learned, and offer practical insights for those considering a similar path. From navigating feelings of burnout to the importance of financial planning, self-care, and reconnecting with oneself, Carmen and Petro touch on the various aspects of embracing the pause. They also discuss the process of reintegrating into regular work life and ponder potential next steps. This enlightened dialogue serves as a testament to the power of taking intentional breaks and prioritising personal wellbeing in the pursuit of a fulfilling career and life journey. Connect with Petro · website · podcast studio
From Personal Finance to National Prosperity. Join us as we delve into the heart of South Africa's budget speech, deciphering its implications for everyday citizens. From dissecting the trickle-down effect to exploring the challenges and opportunities it presents, we navigate the complex world of finance and economics to empower our listeners with insights into shaping their financial future in our ever-changing landscape. Khanyisa Phika (Economist | Vice Chairperson of the Women's Forum | VP of Credit Risk | Advisory Board of Conscious LeadHERS) Reach out to Khanyisa · website · podcast studio
Talking politics, greed, technology, and action. In this episode, Carmen Murray and Bronwyn Williams cover various global political and economic trends, including issues such as the lack of trust in institutions, the impact of technology and AI, the role of women in leadership, and advice for conscious leaders. They delve into topics such as growing authoritarian and populist tendencies, rising economic inequality, the spread of misinformation, and the importance of emotional and cultural intelligence. Bronwyn stresses the need for leaders to understand and connect with disenfranchised groups, educate people to be sceptical of digital information, and inspire hope through purpose-driven leadership. They also touch on the increasing presence of women in leadership roles but highlight the importance of overcoming self-limitations. The episode concludes with advice for leaders to inspire participation and offer better choices to the electorate. Connect with Bronwyn Williams on LinkedIn · Join the Conscious LeadHERS community where we get real · Contact us directly · website · podcast studio
In this episode, Carmen Murray and Cindy Gallop (CEO, Make Love Not Porn | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion activist) focus on the often-overlooked subjects of menopause and ageism. They highlight the scarcity of open discussions and research on menopause and stress the importance of viewing this stage of life positively, as a transition to an empowered second phase of life. Cindy emphasises that menopause impacts not only the individual woman, but also those around her, and she advocates for employers to provide support during this transitional period. She also discusses how her company, Make Love Not Porn, helps couples manage sexual health through menopausal changes. They also touch on the idea of leveraging your age as a means to combat ageism in various aspects of life. About Cindy Gallop · Learn more about what Cindy does · website · podcast studio
In this episode, our guest Marisa Jansen van Vuuren, a seasoned CMO, mom, and advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, shares valuable insights into the tech developments and perspectives on what we should expect to see in Africa, both in industry and economy. Marisa shares her 'aha' moments when she touches on how diversity and inclusion go beyond gender and race, going back to the old ways of doing things to build trust, and much more. She shares her definition of a conscious leader, offering a unique perspective and what it means to her. She addresses the greater consciousness and outlines the key values that should guide transformation. The conversation takes a thought-provoking turn as Marisa leaves listeners of all ages with her bravery, her vulnerability, and her inspiration to inspire others to embrace their own resilient selves. This podcast is a must-listen for those eager to gain fresh insights into the intersection of technology, diversity, and conscious leadership. Guest: Marisa Jansen van Vuuren (Chief Marketing Officer in MEA - Altron; Wife, Mom and Sister) website · podcast studio
In this episode, John Sanei, a renowned futurist, author, and speaker whose work intersects the domains of human psychology, business strategy, and future studies chats with Carmen Murray. Known for his analytical depth, John doesn't offer easy answers; instead, he provides frameworks that provoke thoughtful inquiry. Now that is a great conversation to marinate in! Reach out to John Sanei · In With the Outsiders - Learn about psychedelic journeys · website · podcast studio
Toxic positivity is not helpful for the emotional brain. In this episode, get ready for an illuminating discussion with the renowned Neuro Emotional Coach, Shannon McLaughlin. Join us as we dive deep into the realm of emotional intelligence and uncover the transformative power of leading with emotional sovereignty. More about Shannon here · website · podcast studio
People are no longer satisfied with only information, but seeking wisdom. How will this impact business and why should this cultural movement not be ignored? We observed an emerging trend of “Wisdom Seekers” for the past 8 months and wanted a deeper understanding of this movement to allow us to see the bigger picture and how businesses can apply foresight intelligence. We applied a qualitative research methodology, Netnography. The methods we used helped us to understand the branches of ethnography (the study of different cultures, habits, and behaviours on the internet). Like a bird on a branch, observing the lions and the zebras migrating to the new promised land. How is your business contributing to the balance of Mind Body and Soul? Reach out to learn how you can improve wisdom in all business efforts · In With the Outsiders · The Blog · website · podcast studio
In this groundbreaking episode, Carmen Murray joins forces with Yusuf Essack, the esteemed representative of the syndicate "Furnace 5" studying at Henley Business School. Together, they unveil the findings from their research on AI, productivity, and growth. Brace yourself for an in-depth conversation with experts that is nothing short of insightful. 🎤 Featured Experts: Yusuf Essack (Furnace 5 Representative) Pradeshnee Deoki (People Development): An expert in people development, Pradeshnee provides invaluable perspectives on the human element in the AI landscape. Ephraim Moss (Tech Guru): Ephraim's expertise adds a layer of innovation and futuristic thinking to the conversation. Cayley Jorgensen (Entrepreneur): With her entrepreneurial spirit, Cayley brings a unique vision of how AI can revolutionise businesses website · podcast studio
Essential skills needed to thrive in this era of technological disruption. Carmen Murray engages in a conscious conversation with Professor Chris Adendorff about the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions. Gain valuable insights into the global landscape, how the workforce will be reimagined, and the skills and mindset required to navigate the transformative waves of technology with consciousness and purpose. website · podcast studio
Join Carmen in this captivating episode of The Carmen Murray Show as she welcomes Jon Foster-Pedley, an esteemed expert in transformational leadership and consciousness. Together, they embark on an enlightening conversation that delves into the significance of conscious leadership in driving transformative change. Find out more about Henley Business School Africa · website · podcast studio
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