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DJ and radio host DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey will explore the good, bad, ugly and beauty of relationships and family. Join them every week as they let you in on past experiences, give advice, talk to celebrity couples and give you two sides to every situation.
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Episode 199: Baby #6!

Episode 199: Baby #6!


First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for all of the texts, DMs, emails, well wishes and prayers that you have sent. We felt the outpouring of love to our core…💫 It truly helped carry us during this very painful time for our family. We appreciate your patience during our break, which allowed us time to grieve our loss the best way that we know how. In today’s episode, Gia and Envy discuss the unexpected loss of her mother and their personal process of healing… If you have ever lost someone that you loved, you may relate to today’s episode and you may also find friends in coping ❤️‍🩹 We missed you all and it feels good to be back. So much has happened during this time. As you all may know by now, we are pregnant with baby #6. We are extremely excited and grateful for this blessing 🙏🏽 If you are a regular listener/viewer of our podcast, you are familiar with our pregnancy journey. Listen in today as we fill you in on this final step ♥️ What do you think we having💙 or 💕? Comment below…. #tanlinesamessfromvacay ☀️🥴
Do you agree with this saying? If a person is serious about you, do you expect them to “share you with the world”? Do you expect them to be proud of you and want to show you off? If this is the case, and they don’t, what does that say to you about their intentions, commitment and your relationship as a whole? This issue is the cause of a lot of strife between couples in this day of social media... Envy and Gia have this conversation as it touches on other topics such as what influences young men to cheat and the logic behind why certain women choose to stay with a cheating man... Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
What is your definition of flirting? Do you view it as an innocent act or, rather, the beginning of something potentially more serious? Do you think that it is completely inexcusable or that there simply should be boundaries when you are in a relationship? Have you ever been in a relationship where flirting (by you or your partner) lead to something deeper? Do you believe that having a “work husband” or “work wife” is inappropriate, even though these type of relationships may happen organically? Lastly, do you think that being too nice to a person can turn into a mixed signal implying interest when there, in all actuality, is none? Let’s talk about it…
Every week, Envy & Gia read a viewer/listener email 📧 that they find interesting. With such a high volume of emails, they decided to dedicate an episode just to answer some of your questions... 1. As a parent, how do you control the anxiety associated with fear of something harmful happening to your child? What steps do you take to keep them protected? Envy & Gia share some experiences that they have had and how they go about securing their kid’s safety. They both share steps that you can take as well. 2. Our second emailer her has hit quite a few speed bumps when it comes to planning her wedding.🤔 Envy & Gia give their opinion on how she may be able to sift through those problems. As it turns out, Envy has an interesting solution... 3. Since the start of the pandemic, do you find yourself more cautious of how you spend money? This emailer wants advise on how to prevent her husband’s unnecessary spending. This email also begs the question - Ladies, if you were in a comfortable financial situation with your partner, would you give up your career to become a homemaker/domestic engineer if the opportunity presented itself? Or, would you keep your career in order to remain independent? Let’s talk about it...
Do you believe that your upbringing has anything to do with your relationship style, love language or put simply, how you treat people? Are you from the school of thought that dictates “you must teach people how to treat you”? Envy recently saw a instagram post implying that men’s treatment of women is based on their feelings for them. Gia feels as though some people may not have the appropriate experience, maturity or worldliness to fulfill their partners needs... Would you agree? Or, rather, do you believe that quality of relationships are the result of time and progression? What are some ways you believe you could teach someone how to treat you in a relationship? The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 comes from a curious listener who recently stepped out on her marriage. She feels as though her husband does not prioritize her, is selfish and is not giving as much to the relationship as she is (to put it lightly). She finds that she has an unbelievable connection with ‘her new boo’ who has opened her up to feelings that she didn’t know she was capable of having. She may be in a space where she is ready to risk it all 😩… So here’s the question... Would you leave your failing marriage if you were exposed to something that blew your mind or do you believe that the grass is not always greener on the other side? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Ladies, would you agree that social media culture and the internet combined have created a stigma on the way a women’s body should look in this day and time? Envy introduces the topic by telling Gia a story about a young girl who took raunchy photos to send to older men for money. This conversation evolved into another that posed the question, Do you feel as though women who take explicit pictures showing off their bodies are seeking attention or just simply asserting their confidence? Fellas, what’s your take on women who do this? Do they come off as thirsty to you? Envy and Gia share their opinions on the situation. The conversation continued with them sharing a recent occurrence involving Brooklyn. We all know that she is the boss of the house, but she broke the #1 rule, to never lie... During that exact moment of the story being told by Envy, a live teachable moment of Logan getting in trouble is recorded...Tune in to see how both situations were handled... The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of three emails... 1.) The first emailer asks the question, “How can I tell if he is into me or not?” Do you feel as though communication by way of technology can stand in the way of human connection and ultimately the human experience? 2.) This emailer is upset that her husband gained some extra weight during quarantine and, as a result, sex is no longer sexy. She asks for different ways to communicate that to her spouse without hurting his feelings. Envy and Gia have different approaches that they suggest may help. 3.) How do you feel about working at the same job with your spouse? Can more time together be considered TOO much time together? This emailer shared that she performed her household duties such as cooking and cleaning while being laid off during COVID, yet her husband still complained that she waz lazy and needed to get a job. Tune in to see how she tried to resolve the problem and why it didn’t work... Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Do you believe that family business and Vegas share the same common denominator - that “Whatever happens in this family stays in this family”? In this episode, Envy and Gia discuss what happened between Kirk Franklin and his son. How would you react if your child aired out your family’s dirty laundry for public consumption? Do you think that you would be able to find it in your heart to forgive or would said child be excommunicated - banished to the land of ‘You Done F@&!ed Up” forever? Envy and Gia put themselves in Kirk Franklin’s shoes and discuss their thoughts... The conversation continues as Envy brings up one of their guilty pleasures, The Bachelor, which has made headlines as of late. The winner attended an event that raised the question, “Can you be in a biracial relationship and still be considered a racist?” How would you feel if your spouse or someone you’re dating supported inappropriate racial activity? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
This episode’s first topic was inspired by a show that Envy and Gia watched on TV in which one of the cast members wants to get married to her long time boyfriend. The couple has two kids and he hasn’t proposed as yet, knowing that she yearns for a proposal and to be made “respectable” more than anything...😳 Ladies would you propose to your man if you felt that a proposal from him was not on the horizon? Fellas how would you feel if your partner proposed to you? Would you feel put on the spot or find it to be endearing? Do you have a expiration date when it comes to dating and the transition from boyfriend/girlfriend to fiancé? Envy & Gia share their thoughts on the subject... The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of two emails... 1.) The first begs the question, does reaching out to an ex for a special occasion or to simply see how they’re doing insinuate that you want to rekindle the romance or rekindle a booty call? 🤭 2.) This emailer shares having to schedule sex with her partner because sometimes life just gets in the way… Couples, do you find yourself doing this more often than not? How do you feel about scheduling sex and managing expectations? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
How far is Too far when a girl’s/guy’s weekend comes into play? Whether it be a bachelorette party or a guys night at the strip club, what behavioral boundaries are acceptable, if any? This topic became a conversation after Envy and Gia viewed a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. They discuss what took place and ask each other how would they behave/react if they were in the same situation. They also have a conversation about recently recieving the Covid shot and what it was that changed Gia’s mind... The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 comes from a listener who is frustrated, rather, grossed out performing oral sex on her partner because of his grooming habits (or lack thereof). Would you speak up regarding your detest or would you remain silent in order to protect his feelings and security? In any event, what measures would you take? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Do you have a particular night that you set aside for your partner? Many couples do and it’s typically called date night. Well, for Envy & Gia, Monday night is one of theirs; and they spend it watching The Bachelor. Have you become obsessed too? A recent episode sparked a topic for discussion, “Do you think that you could marry someone if your parents didn’t approve of them? If you had to choose between moving forward with your partner and following your parents intuition about them, which would you lean toward? Or, on the flip side, “As a parent would you try to influence who your children date or marry?” The Caseys discuss how they would handle it if they were in either of these predicaments... The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of two emails... 1.) The first begs the question, What would you do if you were in a situation in which your partner routinely chooses to share your personal business with friends and coworkers? What would your opinion of them be? Are you more private or outspoken about the events in your life? Gia shares how she feels about men running their mouths... 2.) This emailer Is having a tough time choosing between staying in a home where she feels unwanted in order to save money and wanting to buy property of her own but questions whether she can actually afford it or not. Envy shares some of his real estate knowledge and gives advice to the torn listener... Let’s talk about it 🗣🗣🗣
In today’s episode, Envy asks Gia her opinion on a ‘Miss Jones In The Morning Reunion Show’ topic which begs the question - To what extent would you allow yourself to be disrespected by a rude child??? The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of two emails... 1.) Have you ever heard of vaginismus??? We haven’t... But we sure learned about it in this email... Ladies, what would you do if your vagina disallowes you from having intercourse because it causes you too much pain? Envy gives the listener some alternatives...🤦🏽‍♀️ 2.) How many years and how many kids later would you wait for a proposal from a partner who seems to be stringing you along? Our emailer is left feeling insufficient and insecure when there seems to be no proposal in sight. Would you wait indefinitely for your ‘happily ever after’💍 or give your partner an ultimatum ? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Every week, Envy & Gia read a viewer/listener email that they find interesting. With such a high volume of emails, they decided to dedicate this entire episode to answering your questions. The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of two follow-up emails and one new one. 1.) The new emailer is pregnant with twins by her ex lover who is married and whose wife is also pregnant. In an effort to keep his wife from knowing about the relationship and subsequent pregnancy, he has offered to bribe his ex lover with money and gifts in exchange for silence... She is conflicted… What would you do?😅 1.) Recap and update of young woman who was torn between telling her mom about her cheating dad or keeping his secret. 😯 3.)Young emailer who took the Casey’s advice a year ago, but still ended up getting a divorce. He asks, “What does the rebuilding process look like?” Would you care what others thought if you took your spouse back? 🤔 Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Gia’s birthday just passed 🥳 and she had a COVID responsible pj’s & sweats game night celebration with close friends; filled with lots of food, drinks & laughs! Find out how one of Envy’s gifts missed the mark and inspired a competition between him and Benz. You don’t want to miss Envy’s recap of that night. 🤣🤣🤣 How competitive are you in your relationship or amongst friends? Let’s see if your degree of ‘petty’ comes close to or matches Envy’s... The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 comes from a frustrated husband whose wife (all of a sudden) doesn’t want to perform oral sex anymore... Would you start strategizing your exit plan at this point? Would you consider this a dealbreaker in a new relationship? Can it lead to the ending of a long-standing marriage? Envy & Gia share their thoughts. Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
The popular saying and title of hit song, “Mo Money Mo Problems” highlights a well-known concept… But what about “NO Money Mo Problems”??? Seems as though we lose either way…🤔 Financial issues are the number one cause of divorce in this country and possibly around the world. Hardships are stressful and unmet expectations can drive a significant wedge between partners. Have money issues or financial instability ever caused a rift in your relationship? OR have you ever felt as though someone was only with you for the lifestyle that you were able to provide them? Envy & Gia share their thoughts on the power of money in a relationship and what affects, if any, it has on them... The 📧Email of the week📧 comes from a women who expresses that she is not able to achieve orgasm during sex and the fact that her partner believes that she is a lesbian because of it. Ladies, do you think that we aren’t selfish enough during sex? Have you ever had a hard time reaching the Big “O” or the big “Oh Yes”? Gia shares some valuable tips in this department... Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Does parenting ever get uncomfortable or overwhelming for you? How would you feel if you found out that your child has discovered self pleasure/masturbation? Would you turn a blind eye or deal with it head on? In today’s episode, the Casey’s camera guy, S Dot shared his experience with this and how it affected him... After he witnessed this “traumatic event” (as he would call it), the Casey’s give their opinion on how they would parent in this situation... The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 had the subject title, “Porn Is Ruining Our Relationship....” Are you comfortable with your partner watching porn? Has porn ever caused a rift in your relationship? How would you handle your partners enjoyment of porn? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
In today’s episode, Gia, Raashaun and special invited guest and longtime friend , Lil Shaun watch a clip of a YouTube show hosted by Kevin Samuels, which went viral... In this clip, the host implies that above average men, which he describes as men in the top 10 (financial) percent, are not interested in below average (looking) women. He further implies that such men are typically exclusively interested in above average looking women with no baggage. In a nutshell, the take away from his show is that “average” people should have no expectation of ending up with an “above average” person because “above average” people don’t want them... So these are the questions that I pose to you…Do you agree with the age old notion that most women want men with money and most successful men want arm candy? And do you “qualify” for the type of partner that you desire? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
How do you feel about the COVID-19 vaccine? Do you plan on being vaccinated once it is available to you? Are you thinking, “Hell yeah!” Or are you weary as a result of all of the vaccination conspiracy theories out there? Envy & Gia bring on a physician’s assistant (PA) by the name of Chilka as their special guest. She has taken the vaccine herself and shares some valuable information about it and her experience. Envy is absolutely in favor of the vaccine while Gia has to be convinced one way or another... Let’s see if their minds get changed at all after this conversation… And just as interestingly, let’s see if yours does! Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣 The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of a follow-up email from our “For-Now But Not For-Ever...” episode, followed by a conflicted email from a listener who asks the question, “Do I tell my best friend that HIS GIRL came on to me, or just leave it alone...?” Watch or listen and let us know what you would do in this case?
Did you enjoy your holidays? What was your favorite moment? The Casey’s holiday began with Envy in the hospital and finished with Logan getting a new car for his birthday. Envy & Gia take you through their busiest time of year. Do you have any New Years resolutions? Envy and Gia discuss how this will be the first New Years Eve spent as a family in many years and they both guess each other’s resolutions. Have a Happy New Year, let’s talk about it.... 🗣🗣🗣
Merry Christmas Beautiful people!!! Are you exhausting yourself in preparation for the holidays? 😅We think it’s safe to say that this Christmas is not what we imagined, but making memories is what matters the most. The Casey Crew holiday experience started with taking the kids to the city and spending the day at The American Girl Store & FAO Schwarz🧸🎁 The Choo Crew had a blast and we wanted to share a little glimpse of our family magic with you all.🤗💫Logan joins the conversation as Envy yells for him to put a shirt on...😂💪🏾 Envy then challenges him to a boxing match. Gia tries to shut it down as she has second thoughts about this idea 🥊 Also, Envy & Gia argue about how much of the kids Christmas setup is for each of their own personal enjoyment. Let’s talk about it and happy holidays! 🎊♥️
Is it ok to date someone that you don’t necessarily see a future with? Should marriage be the ultimate goal when it comes to dating? If dating is the tool that we use to weed out potential suitors, is it selfish to continue to engage someone that we know is not marriage material, simply because they meet other needs? Also, could you date someone who has also dated an acquaintance of yours or someone in your circle? Is ok to put yourself first when it comes to love and other matters of the heart? Have you ever had to ask yourself, “Well, how good of a friend is he/she reallyyyy???”🥴 Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣
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very good podcast

Aug 10th

Saprina McGill

I think you can be in love with 2 people if you aren't committed to either one.

Aug 5th
Reply (1)


This is everything.... Thank you for this. I can totally relate. We have a 13yr old boy and it's the exact same issue.

Jun 11th


You guys are so awesome! I wish I could sit and talk with you all sometime. So profound!

May 10th

Oladipupo Abodunrin

This was actually good, I thought I would be bored to death. I think I've found another podcast to add to my collection.

Feb 15th

Betty G

My favorite all time podcast :)

Nov 29th

Daavon Stackhouse

every show she refuses to let him have an opinion

Nov 28th

Jenny Davidson

this episode is my favorite

Nov 23rd

Erik Cahoun

Trump is Archie Bunker

Oct 15th


I just watched the cheating episode and damn envys excuse is weak asf, I really cannot believe she stayed with him

Aug 24th

Laterice Queen

Thank you for this podcast, it is so therapeutic for me currently going through my current situation with my man of 4 years. Literally had me in tears cause I feel every single word and can relate. An outsider swooping in during a time when my man is at his lowest, etc. its destroying my family

Aug 9th

Jay H

This has to be by far one of the best episode.

Aug 6th

Cynthia Robertson

I understand Envy's position. He trust you not himself which creates the insecurity. His past transgressions still haunt him. You're human so the proverbial possiblity is ALWAYS an option. Envy has to forgive himself in order for that perspective to dhift

Jul 25th

Damian Dominic


Jun 12th

Shani Shep

school buses where i live dont have seat belts just the small ones for kids.

May 24th

Cynthia Robertson

emailer needs to focus 100% on healing herself and becoming WHOLE. You need to find value within yourself so you can be the BEST you possible. Therefore the RIGHT man can come along and love you healthily. LOVE YOU FIRST! You feel this way bc you placed more value on him and how he made you feel than you have on yourself. pray hard daily (ask, believe, confess victory) listen to videos, blogs read self love books try the One University let God love and heal you one day at a time.

May 23rd

Cynthia Robertson

I agree with Envy. Giving 3 plus chances is way to much. Same thing happened with my son and I gave a combination of you alls advice. 1st warn child and advise teacher plus principal. Next time light that ass up.

May 9th

Cynthia Robertson

Gia, you are being over protective. You waiting 8 months does not lower the probability of something happening to her while in the car with someone else.

May 8th

Rosella Richardson

Gia, I appreciate your perspective on this podcast. I literally cried when you described the teenage girls jumping you. That broke my heart because I can't imagine. Today I am listening to the unfair teachers podcast and the way you handled it was very professional. I'm glad that you keep your husband in check, I have to tame my husband at times as well. Anyway, thank you both for being real. Nice balance.

Apr 5th

Norty Nortum Batabazi

this is lit 😄😍

Feb 27th
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