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Author: Loud Speakers Network

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DJ and radio host DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey will explore the good, bad, ugly and beauty of relationships and family. Join them every week as they let you in on past experiences, give advice, talk to celebrity couples and give you two sides to every situation.
143 Episodes
DJ Envy and Gia buckle down to play a game where you ask your spouse 5 questions that they MUST answer honestly no matter how difficult or nasty the question is. The couple also weighs in on a situation where a father just learned that his 13-year-old son is bisexual and he isn’t sure how to handle it.
DJ Envy and Gia dedicate this episode to discussing listener emails from how to break up with a significant other to how to tell a child that you don’t know who their parent is and more.
DJ Envy and Gia discuss levels of pettiness in relationships and weigh in on a listener’s messy situation with a fiancé.
DJ Envy and Gia chop it up about whether it’s possible to date someone who isn’t in your tax bracket and they weigh in on a listener’s email about a family feud.
Episode 125: We Prayed & We Prayed and...... by Loud Speakers Network
DJ Envy and Gia dive into whether it’s possible to be in love with two people at once and break down “needing someone
DJ Envy and Gia chop it up about staying safe and whether an ex’s friends are off limits.
DJ Envy and Gia talk abut their family trip to Jamaica and also discuss two listeners’ e-mails. One listener inquired about when and how to discuss suicide with children and another listener is dealing with no sex in her marriage for 2 years.
DJ Envy and Gia let us in on their perspectives on the benefits of telling their kids about their mistakes like Envy getting arrested and buying stolen goods.
DJ Envy and Gia discuss fathers not getting much love on Father’s Day and they bring Madison in to weigh in. The couple also discusses a listener’s complicated situation.
Comments (24)


very good podcast

Aug 10th

Saprina McGill

I think you can be in love with 2 people if you aren't committed to either one.

Aug 5th
Reply (1)


This is everything.... Thank you for this. I can totally relate. We have a 13yr old boy and it's the exact same issue.

Jun 11th


You guys are so awesome! I wish I could sit and talk with you all sometime. So profound!

May 10th

Oladipupo Abodunrin

This was actually good, I thought I would be bored to death. I think I've found another podcast to add to my collection.

Feb 15th

Betty G

My favorite all time podcast :)

Nov 29th

Daavon Stackhouse

every show she refuses to let him have an opinion

Nov 28th

Jenny Davidson

this episode is my favorite

Nov 23rd

Erik Calhoun

Trump is Archie Bunker

Oct 15th


I just watched the cheating episode and damn envys excuse is weak asf, I really cannot believe she stayed with him

Aug 24th

Laterice Queen

Thank you for this podcast, it is so therapeutic for me currently going through my current situation with my man of 4 years. Literally had me in tears cause I feel every single word and can relate. An outsider swooping in during a time when my man is at his lowest, etc. its destroying my family

Aug 9th

Jay H

This has to be by far one of the best episode.

Aug 6th

Cynthia Robertson

I understand Envy's position. He trust you not himself which creates the insecurity. His past transgressions still haunt him. You're human so the proverbial possiblity is ALWAYS an option. Envy has to forgive himself in order for that perspective to dhift

Jul 25th

Damian Dominic


Jun 12th

Shani Shep

school buses where i live dont have seat belts just the small ones for kids.

May 24th

Cynthia Robertson

emailer needs to focus 100% on healing herself and becoming WHOLE. You need to find value within yourself so you can be the BEST you possible. Therefore the RIGHT man can come along and love you healthily. LOVE YOU FIRST! You feel this way bc you placed more value on him and how he made you feel than you have on yourself. pray hard daily (ask, believe, confess victory) listen to videos, blogs read self love books try the One University let God love and heal you one day at a time.

May 23rd

Cynthia Robertson

I agree with Envy. Giving 3 plus chances is way to much. Same thing happened with my son and I gave a combination of you alls advice. 1st warn child and advise teacher plus principal. Next time light that ass up.

May 9th

Cynthia Robertson

Gia, you are being over protective. You waiting 8 months does not lower the probability of something happening to her while in the car with someone else.

May 8th

Rosella Richardson

Gia, I appreciate your perspective on this podcast. I literally cried when you described the teenage girls jumping you. That broke my heart because I can't imagine. Today I am listening to the unfair teachers podcast and the way you handled it was very professional. I'm glad that you keep your husband in check, I have to tame my husband at times as well. Anyway, thank you both for being real. Nice balance.

Apr 5th

Norty Nortum Batabazi

this is lit 😄😍

Feb 27th
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