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Starting off with Mayra Flores’s incredible win in Texas, Charlie dives into the latest report that more than one million registered voters have switched to the Republican Party in the past year. The suburban swing voters are real— and they’re ready for change. What does this mean for the future of the Republican Party? Next, Charlie is joined by President and CEO of The Family Leader, Bob Vander Plaats, to discuss the spiritual significance of the end of Roe v Wade, and what we can expect from the outraged Left. They discuss the Conservative Titans who made it possible, the Right’s ongoing fight to save children, and who they’re coming after next. Lastly, Charlie gives his take on the “sex strike” approach many woke women are taking in response to the SCOTUS ruling, and why it would actually be a benefit to society. Support the show: See for privacy information.
In a story that should be the number one news story in America during any other cycle, Charlie welcomes Russ Vought, President of the Center for Renewing America, to discuss a terrifying new development from Biden's DOJ and FBI, which last week took part in a new series of pre-dawn raids targeting GOP officials, including former senior Trump DOJ official, Jeffrey Clark, all in connection Clark's investigation into voter fraud during his time in the Trump White House. Why are we not hearing more about this weaponization of the DOJ? Charlie and Russ discuss this terrifying new development. Next up, Charlie welcomes Stephen Miller to announce a brand new partnership. Turning Point USA will work directly with Stephen Miller of America First Legal to fight back against unconstitutional and discriminatory ‘Equity’ policies on college campus. AFL’s Center for Legal Equality team of pro-bono lawyers will assist TPUSA students in taking legal action against so-called ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ hiring and educational practices. Turning Point USA and America First Legal encourage all Americans who are either aware of or are personally being discriminated against by corporate or academic policies, to email Support the show: See for privacy information.
As we analyze the fallout of Friday's Supreme Court decision which overturned Roe v. Wade, Charlie brings up a prescient point that no one else seems to have caught on to yet and it begs the question—did conservatives actually end up winning the messaging war AND the policy battle when it comes to abortion in America? As millions of Americans witnessed the frenetic, terrifying, and irrational responses from pro-abortion riots and demonstrations across the country, it becomes increasingly clear that Democrats and the Cultural Marxists have lost the plot and they stand to lose the average American political observer. To that point, he's joined by Congressman Andy Biggs who represents the 5th Congressional District in Arizona to talk about the violent riot that overtook the state capitol in Phoenix last Friday. And in light of another landmark SCOTUS Decision that broke this morning, Charlie is joined by Kelly Shackelford from The First Liberty Institute to talk about how he won a consequential victory for religious freedom today in the case of a kneeling high school football coach. Support the show: See for privacy information.
Charlie takes the questions you email him at including: What are the feds doing to counter the terroristic threats of Janes Revenge which is targeting pro-life pregnancy centers? Are companies really paying employees to have abortions? What is the difference between liberals and conservatives? Is the real problem with abortion that it has become a form of contraception? Are there any pro-abortion arguments that Charlie finds persuasive? Will we see more violence from the pro-abortion crowd? Why are liberals so fixated on Clarence Thomas? And MUCH MORE! Roe is dead and we have all the angles right here on The Charlie Kirk Show.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
Charlie welcomes one of the foremost history experts in the entire country, Bill Federer, author of the newsletter and devotionals (and 25 history books), The American Minute. Bill lays out exactly why America is an exceptional nation, unlike any other country in the history of the world. Bill explains why the soil of America was uniquely poised for a revolution of human freedom unlike any the world had ever seen. Why was the soil of America perfect for freedom when so many other regions of the world have failed to accomplish such an outcome? Bill has some incredible answers for this question that you have to hear. But fast forward to 2022, Charlie asks Bill why America is in trouble? What does history tell us about our current moment? What does the Bible say? What does the history of Rome and Greece tell us about the United States? But as Charlie points out, America is not Rome, it is not ancient Greece, so where does this end? What is the Fibonacci sequence and the Fifth generation of war have to say about America's current moment of conflict? For one of the most profound conversations you will ever hear, brought to you by Bill Federer and Rob McCoy, this is an absolutely can't miss episode of The Charlie Kirk Show.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
On this special episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie is joined by Pastor Rob McCoy, Bryce Eddy, and Steve Schneider, to explain the troubling case of one parent's journey in defending his child in the face of fierce push back from the local school board and local media who attempted to target, smear, and slander Steve, a parent of a third grader at the Conejo Valley school. Unfortunately, after Steve tried to intervene when his child's local school attempted to present a book to his child about parents who wrongly guess their child's gender called "Call Me Max," his child's school was graffiti'd with some derogatory writing, a crime for which the local police proceeded to name him a prime suspect. Steve, Bryce, and Rob explain why Steve's story is every American parent's story as schools across the country have been corrupted by radical gender ideologies. The three men detail what Steve is doing to clear his name and protect his third grader, and how parents all across the nation can confront similar situations in their local communities and why refusing the cower to the powers that are behind this far-left, deconstructionist movement can make all the difference.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
Charlie plays back the tape, remembering all those who played a role in getting Roe overturned in today's historic ruling. From Billy Graham, Rush Limbaugh, Clarence Thomas, Phyllis Schlafly, and so many others, Charlie charts the course for how the conservative movement achieved this historic victory, and maps out what comes next. Charlie then welcomes the great Mollie Hemingway, Editor-in-Chief of "The Federalist." Mollie reflects on Dobbs but then quickly turns her attention to a looming threat to America's election integrity. Mollie's newest article in The Federalist details how Biden has ordered all 600+ federal agencies to essentially be transformed into "get out the vote" organizations, but refuses to provide transparency as to how exactly this scheme is actually going to be executed. Could this scheme successfully blunt the coming red wave the polls are predicting in November, especially as Biden issues a call for Congress to codify Roe v. Wade into law? Finally, Charlie highlights the terrorist organization Janes Revenge, that is promising a night of rage in D.C. Why are we not seeing prosecutions, special counsels, and the FBI hunting down these radicals?  Support the show: See for privacy information.
On a historic, landmark day for America—for LIFE—Charlie reacts to the Supreme Court's monumental decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, effectively ending the imaginary federal "right" to an abortion and sending the issue back to the states. It is a massive victory for federalism and a victory for Western Civilization which cannot be overstated. In this episode, we walk through the history of the heinous ruling from 1973 and Charlie gives his take on what the deeper implications of this decision will be for the future of American conservatism and culture. He's also joined throughout the episode for reaction and analysis by a strong slate of guests. First, Drew Hernandez, host of the show 'Frontlines' powered by Turning Point USA, joins the program LIVE from the actual frontlines of the Supreme Court building in Washington DC to report on the crowd of activists on the ground. Next, Josh Hammer from Newsweek joins to give his legal analysis of this ruling. Finally, Lila Rose from joins Charlie to react to this decision that she and millions of other Pro-Life Warriors have fought for for so long.   Support the show: See for privacy information.
Charlie welcomes editor-in-chief of Breitbart News, Alex Marlow, to the show to explore why, despite all indications that their messaging and platforms are failing, the left and the Biden Regime are failing to react, pivot, and change course. Alex posits why he believes Biden may have cornered himself into a far-left ideological cul-de-sac which leaves him very few if any off ramps and therefore beholden to the most radical and unpopular contingencies within his party. Charlie then takes aim at two of the Democrat Party's most enthusiastic cheerleaders, CNN and MSNBC. While MSNBC doubles down on their tone deafness, blaming Americans for complaining about rising inflation, CNN has begun to panic. Charlie details the cautionary tale of CNN which continues its historic ratings slump and as the eunuch, Brian Stelter, reaches a nine-year ratings low, achieving only 56,000 viewers in the most coveted age demo. Meanwhile on his own network, other analysts have emerged critical of the Biden Regime, forced to admit that his administration is an utter failure, crushed by the weight of reality. Finally, Charlie lays out his best case for why Americans should drive cars...lots of them.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
On a shocking, and frankly terrifying episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, Libby Emmons from The Post Millennial joins Charlie to discuss a story involving dangerous raids, the Biden DOJ, election integrity, Trump, and more. You’ll have to listen through the entire interview to truly believe what is happening and ask yourself why more people aren’t talking about this. And later in the program, Steve Cortes, former Trump economic official, joins Charlie for an update that we wish could be more uplifting than the one that came before him, but sadly—the economic outlook is as grim as it ever has been and Steve has all the details you need to be prepared to weather the storm that is coming.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
To kick off the day, Charlie dives into the breaking story of the Supreme Court striking down the unlawful New York gun legislation, which would have required citizens to show “proper cause” to conceal carry. Charlie is joined by Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of First Liberty Institute, to discuss the long term effects of this 6-3 SCOTUS ruling, as well as other significant cases that are going on right now. Charlie walks through the dramatic shift that has happened in the Supreme Court over the last ten years, the key players that made it happen, and what to expect in the next ten years. Support the show: See for privacy information.
Charlie welcomes Michael Pack, writer/producer/director of "Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words" along with Mark Paoletta who served in the White House as Assistant Counsel to President George H.W. Bush and played a key role in the successful confirmation effort of Justice Thomas—to discuss their new book all about the life and story of one of the truly great Supreme Court Justices in American history. After Michael Pack spent 30+ hours interviewing Justice Thomas and his wife, Ginni, for the documentary that goes by the same name as the book, Pack and Paoletta took those transcripts, and using 95% of new content that is only found in the book, the two detailed Justice Thomas' unparalleled and controversial confirmation process, his positions on precedent, abortion, and how he has become the de facto leader on the Supreme Court to this day. Next up, Charlie welcomes Justin Olson who is running for Senate in Arizona. Olson lays out his case to Arizona voters on immigration, inflation, and runaway spending. In one of the most important races in the country, Olson explains exactly why Sen. Mark Kelly has been hiding in plain sight, allowing Sinema to take the heat for him in hopes that he can remain uncontroversial and unscathed in his attempt to retake the office.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
In an episode featuring two very dynamic and intelligent guests who join Charlie for gripping interviews, a common theme emerges. Despite being just 28 years old, Charlie is left asking the question millions of you likely ask yourself every day as the nation continues to descend into chaos and despair, “what happened to the America I used to know?” With so much changing in such a rapid period of time, it can make your head spin. But thankfully, Kurt Schlicter—Senior Columnist at Townhall—has a new book out, “We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America” which documents our descent and prescribes our rebirth, and he and Charlie walk through all of that and more. Next, Jack Posobiec joins Charlie to discuss the latest news out of Uvalde and the raw emotion is palpable as Jack shares new details outlining the inexcusable inaction of the police on the scene.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
In the words of Charlie— “What a difference a day makes.” Last night, 14 Senate Republicans voted to advance gun-grabbing legislation, which would put every law-abiding citizen in danger of losing their God-given rights. Charlie unpacks that outrageous Red Flag laws that are in complete opposition to the Constitution, a direct violation of due process, and could very likely result in veterans, parents labeled as “domestic terrorists,” and everyday people being stripped of their guns. Charlie calls out Republicans who turned on their voters and took advantage of the power given to them, and he warns listeners about what could be next from the Regime-pandering politicians. Violent crime on the rise, food shortages, gas prices building… what else can we expect? He also dives into the breaking story of Andrew Gillum, who failed in his run against Governor Ron DeSantis, being charged with 21 felonies connected to his campaign. Support the show: See for privacy information.
Up first—US Representative & Florida Man Matt Gaetz joins the program to fill Charlie in on the hypocrisy behind the IRS buying 700,000 dollars worth of ammunition while The Democrat Party actively attempts to strip law-abiding, American citizens of their Second Amendment rights. Congressman Gaetz calls out Republicans for not reining in the Biden Regime’s gun-grabbing policies and instead supporting red flag laws. Next, Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton and Charlie sound off on the CRT curriculum infiltrating West Point and the woke mission creep infecting the United States Military. They discuss the future of our Armed Forces and how to save one of the last, most pivotal pillars of our society. They also dive into missing J6 footage that Judicial Watch has been trying to uncover from day one and Tom gives an after-action report on the Durham Probe. Lastly, Charlie unpacks the rapidly evolving and increasingly disgusting updates out of Uvalde and why he hates that this program was right from the start about the police response to that tragedy. Support the show: See for privacy information.
Charlie sits down with independent journalist and bodily autonomy activist, James Roguski, who outlines the current status of childhood vaccines, which are currently approved under emergency use authorization but not FDA approved. Did you know that the CARES act gives a 20% bonus for COVID patients? James breaks down the FDA Advisory Committee meetings last week and delivers some critical updates that all Americans need to know. Has the FDA become a marketing team for Moderna and Pfizer? After a brief aside on the rise of Texas' GOP (where Charlie explains why he believes Texas conservatives are becoming more responsive to the grassroots of the party) Charlie welcomes back to the show serial entrepreneur, inventor of the optical mouse, and COVID vaccine skeptic, Steve Kirsch. Kirsch has been conducting a scientific survey of his own inviting the public to report back on their experience with both COVID and the vaccine. The results, if proven true, are explosive. Kirsch breaks down his initial findings right here on The Charlie Kirk Show where Charlie doesn't take a position, but he asks critical questions and allows his guests to speak and present their case uncensored and uninterrupted.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
In the midst of our ongoing economic crash, Charlie raises the obvious question no one seems to be asking: what was it that made America the economic powerhouse and global reserve currency in the first place? It all came down to the fact that our economic might was backed up by military strength and our status as a "Global Superpower," for better or for worse. But with shocking new reports coming from West Point and the Pentagon, Charlie raises a red flag to end all red flags about the downfall of American global hegemony and what that means for the west. He walks through each of those stories, playing tape as evidence to back them up, and exposes how the Military has officially, openly, and proudly gone "Woke" — spending endless resources on training, not to equip our fighters with lethal intel or the ability to protect the homeland, but to embed in them the gospel of CRT, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Gender-Confused nonsense. He contrasts the military of today with the military of the past and if you don't find yourself filled with righteous indignation by the end of this episode, you should check your pulse and your passport to make sure you're still a Red-Blooded American.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
Charlie welcomes Darren Beattie of Revolver.News to discuss a new bombshell story out of the J6 Committee. As the ratings for the primetime hearing continue to flop, Beattie argues that their entire hearings are directed an audience of one—Attorney General Merrick Garland. Beattie exposes the lawfare architect behind the J6 strategy, Norm Eisen and his legal advisors, whose activities are all designed to kneecap the political prospects of President Trump and his allies heading into 2024. Next up, Charlie breaks down the breaking news that FINA, swimming’s international governing body, voted to approve a new policy that would limit the participation of transgender women from competing in high-level women's swimming events. What does this mean for the up-until-now undefeated trans lobby? Finally, Charlie welcomes Republican gubernatorial candidate from Colorado, Heidi Ganahl, to expose a cynical and disturbing Democrat tactic in races all around the country, where they dump millions of campaign dollars to boost GOP fringe candidates in an effort to hamstring the leading candidate, in this case Heidi Ganahl.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
Today on The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie dives into Keynesian Economics and the consequences the idealistic perspective has had on on the country. While economic theories might not raise too many red flags for parents, he explains why they should, and how economic theories can rock the foundations of a society. Next, he is joined by Officer and radio host Brandon Tatum to hear his take on the Left’s distortion with Juneteenth. They comment on why Juneteenth isn’t “America’s true birthday,” even though the mob media is shouting that it is from the rooftops. Lastly, Charlie comments one of the unspoken rules for a President of the United States: don’t fall off your bike. Support the show: See for privacy information.
On this observed federal holiday commemorating the effective end of slavery in America, known officially as 'Juneteenth,' Charlie dives in to the history behind the holiday and, more importantly, the political motivation behind its observance—and it's not as innocent as you may think. Can a nation survive while celebrating two Independence Days? That is the underlying question and Charlie walks through why the observance of this BLM Holiday undermines and bastardizes the founding of our nation, and the one true Independence Day in America, July 4th 1776. He's joined by Pedro Gonzalez of Chronicles Magazine to help unpack this and their conversation is very revealing as to the current state of our national disunity—something sinisterly undergirded by the Cultural Marxists who own the modern Democrat Party and facilitated by the acquiescing conservative "leaders" who represent the Republican Party in Washington DC.  Support the show: See for privacy information.
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Stephanie Bonnell

Yes, I can tell you from experience that it is very hard having a family member with special needs. I can also tell you I would not have traded my brother for anything. Do I wish he had been born healthy? Of coarse. Do I wish he had never been borne? Not at all! He was such a blessing to our family and everyone who was luck enough to know him. The thought of murdering these precious people just because they are an "inconvenience" makes me sick. We absolutely have to stand up for and give a voice to those who can not do it for themselves. They are no less image bearers of God than anyone else.

Jun 28th

Roberisha Bovan

does patriot mobile have their own cell towers to run off of??? I've been thinking about getting Patriot mobile but I'm being hesitant because a lot of providers don't have their own cell tower and what they do is run off other companies towers which means they have to pay the other company to rent off of their cell towers.. therefore if they was renting from other companies cell towers the money would still be going to these companies.. I know about this because I used to work at Charles industries where we would make electrical cabinets for companies such as Verizon.

Jun 25th

Gina Michalak

Charlie, Yuri Bezmenov did these interviews in the 1980s. I believe he was speaking about what he was seeing in 80s not the 50s.

Jun 16th


What do conservatives have against cats? What have cats ever done to you?

Jun 13th

Derek Nelson

Thomas can't be that terrible of a swimmer. He made the college men's team in the first place, right?!

Jun 7th


the title 😅

Jun 6th


not an American but damn I got goosebumps!

May 31st


This is incredibly sad on a multitude of levels...

May 30th


I respectfully disagree with the previous comment. Even though I did not like how Charlie handled things in the beginning, he did make sense. You can't say you believe America is inherently and systematically racist and then claim it does not matter if the founding fathers decided to free their slaves. Charlie's question did not sound "untethered" at all and those questions needed to be answered in order for her arguments to make sense. He did at times did that thing where you tell someone to just "calm down" to make them look unhinged and irrational I admit, but overall I found him much more consistent & convincing. But the drama aside, I really enjoyed this conversation. We need more episodes like this. I did learn a lot from both sides. I look forward to listening to more conversations like this!

May 22nd

🐒 Monkey 🐒

Charlie lost this one. Brianna was eloquent and reasonable. Charlie harped on his go to points and had some great points but Briana, although I don't agree with her on absolutely everything, handled herself incredibly well.

May 21st


Charlie gets it wrong again. What ultimately brought the barbaric Islamic regime in Iran to power was not the west "reimplementing" the shah; It was them standing by and even outright helping overthrow him, maybe because he was beginning to stand up to the west and had the vision of a great Iran ? Just listen to what many Iranian people have been chanting during their protests these recent years and even right now: "LONG LIVE SHAH". I don't like idolizing people but you calling the Pahlavi king an "idiot" just shows how unaware you are of the sentiments towards him and his father and their true characters and what they did for this country, things Iranians are just starting to appreciate after having suffered the 40 gear old curse this regime has been. I'm a fan but please don't twist history to support your viewpoints.

May 17th

Roberisha Bovan

they also use the aborted fetuses to put in makeup & anti aging serums aswell as vaccines . possibly more

May 16th
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Is there any other platform I can watch 2000 mules on besides Rumble?

May 9th

Roberisha Bovan

his live speech is the best!! he always gets me all emotional in a happy positive way 🖤

May 8th


I've seen the clip, and Kirk's interpretation of it is so freaking bizarre that it creeps me out. I think it actually Charlie Kirk who has never been in or seen a physical conflict in real life. The people on the right are starting to sound like their scripts are written by AI. Everything is so convoluted and so brazenly, obviously false that it blurs into gibberish at times. It's terrifying that any of these people hold any kind of power over other people.

Mar 30th

Roberisha Bovan

how can I get truth social on Android? link plz

Mar 27th

Kevin Hutchinson

Thank You. #based #AF

Mar 17th

Kevin Hutchinson

such an amazing episode! thank you!

Feb 28th

paul hodges

Why is his head so big and features so small ? he looks like tweedle-dee but is more like tweedle-dumb.

Feb 23rd

Echo Thomas

The truckers are leaving from Barstow on 2/23.

Feb 19th
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