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The Christina Manning Awakening Podcast
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The Christina Manning Awakening Podcast

Author: Christina Manning

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The Christina Manning Awakening Podcast is designed to help enrich lives by opening up our eyes. Many of us live with blinders on and are just another person in this rat race. We have been told where and how we fit into this world but the truth is that each of us have the power and ability to manifest our destiny.
3 Episodes
Manifesting in Water

Manifesting in Water


Ever wanted to learn how to manifest? Create what you want? Our body is 70% water and research proves that our thoughts and words create water to change its structure. Join us today as we talk about how to manifest in your bath. 
In this portion of the podcast, we will be doing celebrity predictions. We even predict who will be the next president. 
Welcome to my first podcast episode. In this episode, I will introduce you to my identical twin sister who is also psychic. Together, we will share our story, our gift, and give celebrity predictions. Grab a cup of green tea and have some fun with us.  
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