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Over the past eight years, pop music favorites and social media sensations Cimorelli have developed a massive following based on their family-style harmonies, big personalities and strong messages of hope, self-worth and vulnerability.

Join Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani Cimorelli for this lively, candid, and hilarious roundtable discussion on relationships, love and life.
28 Episodes
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Happy Friday Patreon Fam! ❤️ This episode is very close to our hearts as it’s all about mental health. We are definitely not experts, but we do like to talk about what works for us and what’s been helpful for us in our mental health journeys. We’d love to hear your thoughts as well. What’s your journey with mental health been like? What’s helped you? It’s ALWAYS a good idea to talk to mental health professionals first about these things, but it’s also helpful to share ideas and thoughts with the community as well! Can’t wait to hear from you! We hope you enjoy this episode! ❤️❤️
HAPPY PODCAST FRIDAY FAM!!! :) today’s episode is 🔥🔥🔥 we’ll be reacting to your assumptions about us- individually and as a band. For the Sister Spotlight, we have Get Real with Christina about how to change your mindset! Enjoy!!! Let us know what your favorite moments were- which assumptions surprised you, and which ones you already could’ve guessed! 😂🙌
WELCOME BACK TO THE CIMORELLI PODCAST!!! We are SO excited to be back!! In this episode we talk about fights we’ve had, childhood stories and times we’ve had each other’s backs. We also introduce a new segment called “Lisa Exposes Her Weird Past” and it is a wild ride. We are SO excited to share this episode with you! If you know someone who would like our podcast, make sure to tell them about it! The fam is growing fast and we are thrilled to see so many new faces! Now grab some popcorn, get comfortable and ENJOY!!!
In this episode of the podcast, the girls talk about how to tell if a relationship is toxic. Amy shares her insecurities about being short and Christina gives us a pep talk on “irrelevant facts”.
The girls talk about soulmates and how to communicate with your parents, Lisa gives us the frying pan of truth and Katherine tells us about the heartbreak that inspired her song “Where It All Ended...”
Lisa tells the story behind her solo song, "Wrong", the sisters give advice on how to get along with your parents, and Christina gives us a pep talk on being yourself in this episode of The Cimorelli Podcast.
This episode is all about the “friendzone” as the girls share their experiences of being stuck there! They also share their best advice on how to pick yourself back up when you’re feeling down.
The girls play a new game “is this impressive or not?” and Christina warns about the perils of being delusional in this episode of the Cimorelli podcast, “Galaxy.”
In this episode of the Cimorelli Podcast, “Blue”, the sisters talk about not letting perfectionism define you and making up code names for people. Amy also shares about when she accidentally blocked her friend and Lisa tells us a scary story.
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Anabel Horwitz

such amazing advice

Jun 20th

Sawyer  Martinez

Dani:I don’t like being around everyone when everyone is talking at the same time and really loud (most of the time she’s part of talking over everyone and being loud )😂

Jun 4th

Clara Hartmann

Yeah Please make more Episodes! Maybe about the Up at night songs

Jan 2nd

Genevieve Keaton


Apr 10th

Cimorelli's Warrior


Nov 4th
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