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WJBW is an independent Network dedicated to the promotion of talented people all across the country. The Circadian Cast is a philanthropic effort that plays your original music send an mp3 or a statement of approval to air your music to and we will get your music on air and into rotation. Viva la indie.. we broadcast once a week so join up via our mothership site via,,
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Much gratitude and Thanksgiving all day every day... Preach it homies... be that grateful and contagious ... not COVID ok just be grateful slags.. love ya papa..
Take it all we are doing this to help promote hard working musicians
The CC EP 374 #LocalLove

The CC EP 374 #LocalLove


Some Local Love on this edition. Alan Ebenezer Gilbert from Ebenezer and the Scrooge’s and Brothers of Alien Rock gave me a great playlist he assembled of Local Orlando and or original bands, from across the dig in for a session Full of original flavor.. dig it
The First Show from the New Studio Spot... Dig It the sounds of independence ,,peace..JB
For reasons beyond your comprehension. Love is the only thing that will last.
We keep screaming Love and Respect each other, Airing your original sounds and amplifying your Vibes.. This Program is 8 years old and we are proud of our Track record and history. One Day it will all come crashing down I am sure, but until then we keep rolling deep in originals... and we keep on keeping our brothers and sisters and treating them as we would have for ourselves... Almost like a ministry.. but nothing like that.... unless you look closely then you may be just looking too closely ok papa ..peace and love..we all need help sometimes. Remember ...compassion is greater than violence....
The CC EP 370 #Splurge

The CC EP 370 #Splurge


We try to Splurge some love all over you a couple times a is this weeks batch.. or if you don’t like that you can email HR at ok papa please enjoy ...
We give you MORE all the freakin time, original music has it’s megaphone, we are 8 years strong sharing your original sounds...Peace...and Love...Cheers JB
I have no idea why we are calling this one Brumbles. it is what it is So please enjoy..
Sending that Love all out and around and everywhere it can go ...Share music #WJBW
Take Down...You Win... or whatever.. just keep doing your own thing here is some music for you rock steady every papa
It is all about music, and we keep keep sharing and sending us sounds..peace,,JB
The great unknown does not flaunt around seeking to be discovered, except on this show...dig it floppy papas
March 2021 starts with good vibes thankfully yet the time change feels like a core charge, therefore we have an episode title dig it..JB
The CC EP 362 #OnTime

The CC EP 362 #OnTime


Welcome back welcome front welcome to all in the middle, Saturday vibes and I am right on time...peace JB
The CC EP 361 Thinker

The CC EP 361 Thinker


Treat people nice and watch them mistake that for weakness, on this edition I vent a little bit.Music is a healthy outlet so join up with what we do via
We get high on the spirit on this edition...please enjoy
The CC EP 359 Peak

The CC EP 359 Peak


Don’t We are all in this together please enjoy the set papa



Crush that Monday and dance like it is Friday....cheers papa
With a country vibe this edition be bumpin ok every papa dig it
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