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WJBW is an independent network dedicated to the promotion of talented people all across the country. The Circadian Cast is a philanthropic effort that plays your original music send an mp3 or a statement of approval to air your music to and we will get your music on-air and into rotation. Viva la indie.. we broadcast once a week so join up via our mothership site via,
405 Episodes
We are pleased to feature a great artist: Kelley Mcrae is weilding the power of Music and love check out her work via Kelley's latest release, CAN YOU CHANGE THE HEART OF ME?, was recorded in her hometown of Taylor, TX with Matt Castelein, her husband and longtime musical partner. With their two young daughters in mind, the songs search for hope in the midst of uncertainty. This is clear in a song like 'A World on Fire', where Kelley asks: "How do you dream in a world on fire? I'm not asking for myself, I'm asking for my child."
The CC EP 473 #Space

The CC EP 473 #Space


Take some time for yourself. Get some Space. Be free. Look out for other people. Help whereever you can. Spend time listening to people. Thanks for listening to this show... here is some new original independent music for you! Always...Commercial free..ok papa Please enjoy..JB
Keep those edges sharp ya'll OK papa..
Oh ya.I can just make more stuff.OK Papa
Just doing things totally different yet the same..OK papa..
How you doing? Me, Just chilling papa!. Get some laid back sounds plus we close out with some Orignals from Orlando and Florida.,,,,, Peace and Chicken grease to all yall...JB
Everything you need to know is in the title or tags. papa.. dig it
it is what it is papa dig it..
Love each other as self. The One thing we clearly cannot do. WOW!!! Anyway here is some music papa ....dig it..JB
The CC EP 456 #Brazen

The CC EP 456 #Brazen


Cool calm collected..Brazen as a verb. .This edition was selected.Just spitballin.. Peace Yall. JB
The CC EP 455 #kindle

The CC EP 455 #kindle


May you find purpose and therefore Joy...Ok papa Peace!
This is just another edition.Throw it on the pile. We keep pumping the sounds out.Please enjoy.
Words are Important This is a good place for those important words. Please Enjoy..
It is what it is papa.Please enjoy.
We go deep and we go very gently. ok papa lets soften up a bit, love and respect each other.
YOU IN THE SHIT NOW PAPA.. Enjoy a range of Metal covers obsure renditions bleeding into Punk and Reggae somehow. And of course...Some diamonds in the rough, as usual. OK Papa.. cheers..JB
It is important to get closure. I am fortunate to have been thrown into the fire and come out as proven GOLD (AGAIN). So here is a slow mellow mix for this dreary day in Florida. Please Enjoy.
Because sometimes in just have to ....wait. OK papa..because....good things come to those who wait... please enjoy. JB
LOVE goes a long way...that is all I got for you today... ...happy friday...please enjoy every papa....peace..JB
What the freaking Freak...I did not sign up for this cold weather...LOL ok, maybe I did sign up for it... It looks like my signature...OK so are some fluid vibes to offer the warmth of spirit.. ok papa.. do the thing...3-2-1...Peace JB
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