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The Citadel Cafe: A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Podcast
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The Citadel Cafe: A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Podcast

Author: Joel Duggan

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The Citadel Cafe is a look into what we, your hosts, are consuming in sci-fi and fantasy entertainment each week. While we focus on "television" and film, we talk about related media like books, comics and video games. Hosted by Joel Duggan. Regular co-hosts Megan Townshend (@oMeganTownshend) Lou Page (Zombies Ate My Podcast) and Brockett Vola (Biggest Fan Podcast).
269 Episodes
Joel and Brockett discuss what favourite book they’d like to see turned into a film or series before diving into some Halloween themed recommendations and Joel’s first gun fights of Borderlands 3.
Lou and Joel talk spooks, Halloween and spies. Joel rewatched the Bourne films and Lou is happy as a Gilmore about Hubie Halloween.
Megan and Joel discuss the Netflix original film, Enola Holmes. Joel has been hitting some bugs in No Man’s Sky, and Megan has been hugging more spirits in Spiritfarer.
Megan and Joel talk chill games like No Man’s Sky and Spiritfarer, and hitting nostalgic, comfort films like The Lord of The Rings.
Megan and Joel answer listener email about next gen consoles and streaming on Twitch, then discuss the new trailer for WandaVision, the Emmys, and new-to-Megan anime.
Brockett shares his thoughts of the new Avengers video game and Joel has finished Wizards, Tales of Arcadia. Plus, the trailer for The Mandalorian, Season 2.
Lou and Joel discuss the pacing problems of The Witcher and 3BELOW Season 2, while looking ahead to Wizards, Tales of Arcadia. Lou takes a trip back in time with The Alienist and Joel shares fun Mandalorian fan art.
Joel is definitely more excited about the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series than he is about finishing the second seasons of 3BELOW or American Gods and Megan helps shed some light on a listener email recommendation, Recorded By Arizal.
Megan and Joel discuss the trailers for The Batman and Justice League: The Snyder Cut and some of the other news from the DC Fandom event. Plus, Megan shares a pilot for a sharp new adult animated show.
Brockett breakdown his DC Universal trial month, and looks ahead to smashing buttons on the full release of the upcoming Avengers game after playing the beta. Joel has been watching Transformers: War for Cybertron on Netflix, and listener email about our favourite films.
Lou, now Violette’s dad, is back to talk about Wizards, Tales of Arcadia and Scooby Doo, Mystery Incorporated. Joel has his eyes on other building and exploration games and has a podcast recommendation.
Ryan Murphy downloads to the show to talk about Upload and Tales From The Loop, Joel has been watching some new streamers on Twitch, plus listener email and we have a teenage, mutant, ninja art pick.
Megan and Joel have a summer catch up and talk about some of the latest releases to hit Netflix like The Old Guard, and Spirited Away.
Megan and Joel talk playlists, Satisfactory YouTube channel recommendations, and Megan’s replay of the Mass Effect series… and that’s not The Half Of It.
Brockett and Joel discuss satisfying social media with pancakes, progress in Satisfactory the video game, and what music has been satisfying their ears lately.
Lou swoops in to rave about Birds Of Prey as he gets ready for some real life girl power next month. Joel has been playing Minecraft Dungeons and discovered a healthy fear of faeries, thanks to J. B. Monge.
Megan stops by the cafe to share her epic princess power trip with She-Ra while Joel is on a Euro-trip with Spider-man, Far From Home.
Alastair McFly and Joel get the podcast up to 88 miles an hour and time travel Back To The Future, discussing the iconic trilogy celebrating its 30th anniversary.
Brockett and Joel chat about Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 7, (Spoiler free. First impressions.) and discuss more Star Wars lore from listener email.
Lou is back again with recommendations for stay-at-home horror enthusiasts and kind hearted millionaires. Joel rewatched The Rise of Skywalker and has been wondering around Azeroth during The Third War.
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