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The Citadel Cafe: A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Podcast
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The Citadel Cafe: A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Podcast

Author: Joel Duggan

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The Citadel Cafe is a look into what we, your hosts, are consuming in sci-fi and fantasy entertainment each week. While we focus on "television" and film, we talk about related media like books, comics and video games. Hosted by Joel Duggan. Regular co-hosts Megan Townshend (@oMeganTownshend) Lou Page (Zombies Ate My Podcast) and Brockett Vola (Biggest Fan Podcast).
358 Episodes
Joel, welcomes Tadpole Milk to The Citadel Cafe to chat about Minecraft, Twitch streaming, video editing, The Witcher Season 3, and how we are all just tiny specs in the universe.
Joel, and Stephen geek out about workflow organization, run down a quick list of what’s streaming in August, and attempt to unravel the Skrulls in MARVEL’s Secret Invasion. Plus, new LEGO sets!
Joel, and Stephen talk Xbox Games Showcase, Starfield, Avatar: The Way Of Water, and Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse. (No Spider-Spoilers!)
Joel, and Stephen discuss the majority of the news coming out of Star Wars Celebration 2023, Chapter 23, and 24 of The Mandalorian Season 3, and a new UCS LEGO set is on it’s way to the studio.
Joel, and Brockett run through the list of spring, and summer movies on deck for 2023, and share their excitement, hopefulness, or complete disinterest in a game of “Pass Or Play”.
Joel, and Stephen catch up on space news, listener email, and discuss mid-season episodes of The Mandalorian, Season 3.
Joel, and Brockett discuss Atlas Fallen, and the “monster hunter” genre of games, Inscryption on the Nintendo Switch, and the first episodes of The Mandalorian, Season 3.
Joel, and Alastair rank some of their favourite television series from 2022, explore brave new YouTube videos, and head into the final season of Picard at maximum warp.
Joel, and Stephen share their first impressions of the February Nintendo Direct announcements, two new LEGO sets each with an incredible amount of detail, and their full review of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
Joel, and Stephen take a look at what's coming to, and potentially worth seeing on the big screen in 2023, as well as what's new this month on their screens at home, the first LEGO sets of 2023, and a family friendly Minecraft community.
Join Joel, Alastair, Stephen, and Lou to wrap up 2022 in galactic style as they talk about new holiday specials, holiday classics, and what they’ll be watching over the break, as well as what they’re looking forward to in the new year.
Joel, and Stephen are following the blood lines of witches in The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself, and keeping up with the future in The Peripheral. Joel has also started watching the Tim Burton directed, Adam’s Family spinoff, Wednesday on Netflix.
Joel, and Alastair are enjoying time back in Minecraft, and discuss why some voxel based inspired games often miss the mark. Alastair has been refilling on documentaries, Joel has been engrossed in the historical dramatization of The Crown, and LEGO has been engineered to new heights.
Joel, and Stephen take a peak at the new trailers for Ant-man And The Wasp: Quantumania, and Avatar: The Way Of Water, then share their thoughts on The Peripheral, and Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi.
Joel, and Alastair travel through space, and time, to chat about the premiere of The Peripheral, the return of Quantum Leap, and what Trek fans can expect in the new seasons of Star Trek, Picard, and Discovery.
Joel, and Jonny chat Disney+ reconditions, a video game pick from a dark souled listener, and the final episodes of season one of The Lord Of The Rings, The Rings Of Power.
Joel, and Stephen have a little Minecraft catch up ahead of discussing collision courses with asteroids, and their mid-season feelings on The Lord Of The Rings, The Rings Of Power. Spoilers, for episodes 4, 5 and 6! Plus, a huge new UCS LEGO set.
Joel, and Jonny (Pixlriffs) embark on an epic discussion of The Lord Of The Rings, The Rings Of Power. Story, lore, and details [Spoilers] of the first three episodes of season one, adventurers beware.
Joel, and Stephen marvel at the latest image from the James Webb Space Telescope, share Rings of Power first impressions, discuss Sandman shortcomings, and smash through their thoughts on She-Hulk, Attorney at Law.
Joel, and Ryan talk about what they’ve been playing this summer, and share their Halo Infinite multiplayer experience from a recent weekend fire team-up.
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Levi Gibbs

This podcast is fantastic! If you enjoy being steeped in nerd culture you'll enjoy listening to Joel and his friends talk about their favourite nerdy things. There are always funny, entertaining, and intelligent conversations about all mediums of nerdy material.

Jan 25th
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