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The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga
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The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga

Author: Dagaz Media

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Equal parts "Mad Max" and "The Stand," this post apocalyptic saga is set in a world 15 years after the collapse of the world as we know it. A brother and sister grow up in rural Maine and unwittingly embark on a adventure to save the City from the religious zealots and ruthless military fight for control over the fallen world. An epic serialized audio drama adventure with 30+ actors, cinematic sound design and original music. Winner of Mark Time Award for sci-fi audio and finalist in Romania's Grand Prix Nova award.

33 Episodes
With horrors behind them and uncertainty ahead of them, Luke and Maria must come to terms -- the road without each other is too frightening. Meanwhile, they have a new friend, one of the Dwellers who shows them beneath the surface of a world that has existed nearby to them their whole lives that they've never seen. While the youths bond, Prophet is dragged before the Dwellers and Refuge alike to confront his actions. Prophet makes one last plea, telling the story of his battles with the Republic and the dangers that confront everyone and makes a poignant case: do these angered tribes unite against a common enemy, or destroy the man who has wronged so many to get this far?
Rage burns in David's blood, as hot and incendiary as the coals which lit the crops of The Refuge into a blaze that may leave his people hungry as the brutal winter comes on. As David and his buddy Chris careen on the biodiesel powered ATV "Moby," Sam, John and the youths land on shore nearby, and realize that a terrible and preventable tragedy is coming on. In the Republic, Lucian still searches desperately for Amos, and is asked to attend a secret meeting where Paul's full plans are revealed. Saul shows his true colors as well, and they are black, black, black.
The Final Act. Paul's own faith is tested. The dead walk again. Heavens, earth, and sea cast judgement. The first crocus springs.
All forces converge on the City of Corinth as Paul and Saul raise the stakes of their great war - from fight for control, to a challenge that risks complete annihilation. In the shadows, our heroes rush to stop cataclysm, guided by faith and driven by courage.
Paul's Believers rise in song as they begin the opening round of the Great Cleansing. Saul, duly impressed, begins his own preparations for the great battle. With time running out, Queenie, Lucian, and Maria visit the new Sewbie Refuge and find a lost soul. With faith restored, they are able to follow the course set out for them and stand in their places as the Final Act opens.
With the Depot behind them, Luke and Marc must move onward. They are traveling by a vessel that seems near magical, but haunted by the events that have set them on their current course. Their paths will soon cross with Zeke, who is also haunted, and the party must slog through a wailing blizzard. Wheels are in motion for the great confrontation.
S3 Episode 6: Exodus

S3 Episode 6: Exodus


Battered and weakened from the collapse of their last chapel, the faith of Paul's Believers has been tested near to breaking. But the darkest hour will soon break, as the voice of the "Father" returns to Paul, leading them to recovering the great Babel Tower. Meanwhile, "Alpha Zeke" pushes the survivors of the Refuge south through the brutal badlands on a hike towards Corinth. Is there hope of rescue? And at what cost?
In their quest to find "Sanctuary," Lucian and Queenie find a door... And behind that door, lies answers. These answers may help them understand their broken world, but will it give them any way to fight against the demagogues lose on the land? Elsewhere, Luke, Maria, and Marc stare rapt as Abraham unlocks the power of the Orb. Can this Beforetimes power be harnessed by the likes of humans, or will it drown everyone under 500 feet of water? Sound designer Eric Mooney and composer Hubert Campbell outdo themselves for this pivotal moment in The Cleansed.
All eyes are on the Refuge, as Kubrick's forces loom over the remaining fighters and Zeke swoops in behind. Blood and death are familiar enough for the survivors of The Breaking but today's carnage will change things forever. In the City, Paul and Saul return to their war of words, and Saul makes a confession to a close enemy. Wheels are in motion for the great Cleansing, coming soon to a City near you.
Lucian and Queenie clear the wreckage from atop their traincar deep in the Soup and set off into the tunnels, in desperate search for a place called "Sanctuary." Meanwhile, Shadow brings the party down from Valkyrie and into a place where secrets from the past will be uncovered.
S3 Episode 2: The Tide

S3 Episode 2: The Tide


Last seen at the end of Season 1, the Dwellers and the Refugers united to try and make preparations for the coming winter. But the coming of nature's icy wind is the least of the dangers these survivors will face. One of Saul's generals, Kubrick, has gone rogue and taken the Navy Destroyer the USS Damascus northward, to launch a land assault.His goal? To conquer the Refuge and take the northern territory for himself. It will take all the gumption, wit, and bravery of the unified Dwellers and Refugers to stop this menace from destroying the last threads of civilization in the north lands.
Borderton has fallen, and in the ashes Marc, Maria, Luke, and the scientist Abraham all struggle to survive. In this waking nightmare, Luke is plagued by haunting dreams - or are they visions? - of a past where powers of science were near their peak. Galvanized by a tragic event, the party prepares to escape this ravaged city, if they can make it past the raiding parties and outlaws that prowl the dark.
***SPOILERS*** Fifteen Years have passed since a man-made apocalypse destroyed the world as we know it [Clip from Pilot] Luke and Maria, two youths from an off-grid outpost called The Refuge, in rural Maine, have banded together with Marc, from a rival group called the Dwellers, in their quest to stop a military force called the Republic [Clip from Ep1] Their Guide is John Prophet, a war-hero from an earlier time, whose force of will makes him as loathed as he is loved.  Prophet, Luke, Maria, and Marc are joined by Marc’s Mother, Caitlin, and Luke and Maria’s Mother, Sam, as they survive incredible challenges, including the descent of whitewater rapids [another clip] The motley band borrows a sailboat and make it to the ruined city of Borderton, but there things fall apart.  The gangsters who run the city betrayed the party to Saul, a megalomaniac who has overthrown the Republic and is hell-bent at dominating the world.  Saul captures Prophet’s nuclear weapon, and returns it to his aircraft carrier, the USS Citadel.  In the so-called battle of Borderton, Sam is killed in a firefight, Caitlin is left behind, and John disappears as an earthquake rocks the City.  As the curtain raises, the youths – Luke, Marc, and Maria – are struggling to survive, along with Abraham, a scientist who John helped save.  All seems lost in this desperate city, yet, Abraham has secrets to be revealed, and the mettle of our young heroes will be proven. And Now, Season 3
The trap has been sprung, and the party must confront forces human and demonic in the city of Borderton. Everything Maria, Marc, and Luke have learned will be tested, as will their mettle. The grand finale will leave none of this troubled city unscathed. Lucian returns to the Believers, his faith greatly shaken. With the eve of the Lord's wrath finally here, what revelations will become known? Season 2 concludes with firefights, earthquakes, and horrors from the skies. PART 2 of 2
The trap has been sprung, and the party must confront forces human and demonic in the city of Borderton. Everything Maria, Marc, and Luke have learned will be tested, as will their mettle. The grand finale will leave none of this troubled city unscathed. Lucian returns to the Believers, his faith greatly shaken. With the eve of the Lord's wrath finally here, what revelations will become known? Season 2 concludes with firefights, earthquakes, and horrors from the skies. PART 1 of 2
Maria, Marc, and Luke have traversed the Atlantic in a sailboat guided by Sam and John, and now, on the skyline, is the burnt-out husk of Boston, now called "Borderton." The party is shocked to see what a modern city looks like in the age post-Breaking. But most shocking of all are the actions of the people still alive there... Meanwhile, Marc, Luke, and Maria stray from their parents to try and find the lost coydog, and are caught out as vulnerable as they ever have been.  The road ahead lies across the ocean.
S2 Episode 5: The Soup

S2 Episode 5: The Soup


Saul and Zeke return to the Soup looking for a nuclear warhead, which they can disassemble and use to power the electric needs of the Citadel.  But what Saul stashed away is no longer there... He goes into a mad fury, and descends upon the Sewbies who are scrambling to survive deep down in the Soup.  An epic battle is about to fought, a melee which sets the stage for the great conflict that is to come.  Who will survive and who will be cleansed? Meanwhile, Marc, Luke, and Maria stray from their parents to try and find the lost coydog, and are caught out as vulnerable as they ever have been.  The road ahead lies across the ocean. With special guest star, Maine humorist Tim Sample.
Far from the streets of Corinth, the Fort Point Light stands sentinel over the relentless crash of waves on the shore and man's comings and goings on the ocean. The lighthouse keeper, Cutler, is as gray and craggy as his ward, but after 15 years of solitude, 6 strangers appear one day heralding a changing wind. A foul air blows from the south, and only with the help of the lighthouse keeper can our heroes go further. With special guest star, Maine humorist Tim Sample.
S2 Episode 3: The Dark

S2 Episode 3: The Dark


Saul descends upon the people of Corinth like the wolf he is.  Spooked by the growing audacity and strength of Paul's Believers, Saul struggles to regain control using the most powerful weapon of all: fear. Caught in the middle of this madness are Lucian and Amos, who are on a mission from Paul to save lost souls in the slag pits (metal recovery mines where Lucian used to work).  They're forced to run into the shadows, where Lucian has a crisis of faith. Upriver, Maria and John contemplate the journey ahead of them, and Luke has more rifle training.
A war of words erupts between Saul and Paul - one on blaring television screens, and another through wind-up radios. As the sides clash for control over the minds of the people of Corinth, each hatches an idea to thwart the other once and for all. Meanwhile, John's party prepares for a dangerous descent of a raging river. Interpersonal conflict is squelched under the roar of nature. Six people descend in canoes, and only four stay in.
Comments (33)

Carey Murphy

Again... just another thing we are expected to pay for... very disappointing. I listened to the "series update"... They made it sound like they were going to bring back ALL of episodes, after one year. That was in 2018. If you are only going offer your stuff on only ONE podcast service, you should ONLY offer it THERE. How many podcast services do you expect one person to pay for?? I now find myself scrolling to end, before I start any new series... just to make sure it's not just a Season 1 teaser. We shouldn't have to do that. Especially if we are already paying for a premium service, on the postcast service, in which we came across your series. It's not right. Al least have some common courtesy... just take your stuff down, from everywhere, but Stitcher.

Jul 18th



Jan 13th

Justin RS

great show

Jan 10th


good story

Dec 10th
Reply (1)


very Stephen King👍

Dec 9th

Cholula Hot Sauce

a good setting does not compensate for poor scripting.

Oct 22nd


This is excellent radio theatre

Oct 2nd

Michca Nagy

The episodes are all available on Soundcloud for free. But, the first episode is pretty painful and I don't know if I'm going to stick with it. I dislike all the civilian character because they are all whiny and I don't like the military characters, because they are all presented as bumbling and stupid. Think this will be a skip and I'll just re-listen to We're Alive.

Aug 13th
Reply (1)

Rod Perry

I made it about 5 minutes and the choppy either crap editing or reading program was just too much to bear plus the writing is mediocre at best it's all so choppy there's no flow to the dialogue it seems forced just terrible

May 15th
Reply (1)

Chrissie Fletcher

very disappointed, I was really getting into the series, then the sellouts went and sold their souls to a fucking pay to listen service. You can bet your ass that I WILL NOT be paying for that. Hope you're happy sellouts

Mar 7th
Reply (3)

Diandra C

i had trouble following

Dec 21st

Cam Lew (camlew22)

okay. we're good here. nothing gay between the two boys

Nov 30th


If Maria says John one more time...

Oct 28th

Grant Goodman

Not for me.

Jul 9th


I really like this

Jan 16th
Reply (7)

iTunes User

Heard about on we're alive... Love them both

Aug 30th

iTunes User

Listened to the first episode. I like this genre of civilization in decline. The acting isn't very convincing, but the production was reasonably good. However, it sounds like 1950's and 60's sci fi - all male except for a woman saying "what about me and my baby?" Moving on.

Aug 30th
Reply (2)

iTunes User

I have real trouble with these characters. Their motivations are so murky and changeable, nothing is truly explained, and everything relies on cliches. My main issue is with Maria and John. Time isn't really well documented in this series, but it seems like in the span of two or three nights, she is ready to drop everything and follow him. The biblical references are way overdone. I tried hard to get into this series, but after 8 episodes, I'm calling it. Plus one star for slightly above average voice acting.

Aug 30th
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