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Your weekly source for all things Commander (aka EDH), a multiplayer Magic: The Gathering format, with hosts Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai. Focused on all aspects of gameplay and strategy from table politics, budget builds, to deck building and more!

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Comments (26)

Wade Miller

So is it the DJ show featuring the command zone now? I miss Josh and Jimmy together, I understand there is an enormous amount of stuff to cover but still...

Aug 5th

Wade Miller

the burger comparison is not analogous, the way you shut down other people's feeling and their reaction is just as toxic. downplaying peoples feelings is exactly the same. have you even seen the commanders quarters video Mitch made? this game is important to people. I appreciate you actually saying that you don't care for it but it was overly diplomatic. you spoke up saying that that companion was problematic and banned immediately, you could have done the exactly the same thing about the problematic sales tactics and how this will be detrimental to the format in the future. still a big fan and will continue to watch and support you, I realize how much work you do and to you don't deserve the name calling you said you recieved. also I'm up in Canada and it's "available" to us the the shipping wizards adds for two ounces of cardboard is outrageous and basically doubles the cost of the product which has sucked for all secret lairs so far... just fyi I assume it's even worse the further you go

Oct 14th

Josh Feldman

You guys forgot the best combo with Brash Taunter! Enchant him with Guilty Conscience and the second he takes damage you kill the table.

Jun 25th

Carlos Filho

Last 30 minutes summary: if you can't afford it, don't play Magic. Congrats, Jimmy and Josh, you've earned an unfollow.

Mar 11th

John Weimer

Omnath and Kruphix are 100% Ramp. You also constantly mix both the abilities up. Omnath holds green. Also why would I listen to someone that considers Mox a CEDH card, but thinks Crypt and Vault are not. These are 70$+ cards. For a reason

Jan 4th

A.J. Olding

to the cyclonic rift point, in my Jori En deck, Crush of Tentales I go after far more often than Cyclonic Rift.

Dec 13th

Daniel Moffatt


Nov 7th

Justin Wyatt Carr

looking for episode about the history of wdh what number is it

Jul 11th

Gossip Mime

one episode. can they go one episode without mentioning vedalken orrery.

Jun 5th
Reply (1)

Chris Summerfield

Excellent and informative podcast regarding all things EDH. I love how they disagree about and discus different aspects EDH without shouting at each other, which can be hard to find on the net.

May 28th

ilike people1

is this beginner shit or judge shit

May 15th

Zev Cohen

you guys are awesome! you should do an episode on oathbreaker

May 7th

Alex Franta

You could call Pai Gow "Booster Battle" instead.

Apr 1st

ilike people1

counter the tutor

Mar 29th

David Leigh

just add a pod cast app

Mar 19th

Dark_buffe_babe 11

this is grat

Mar 2nd

Austin & Natalia Popham

This is the best MTG content out there. Keep up the good work.

Jan 4th

Brandon Drennan

the card y'all talked about that copies cards that costs 4 and green and blue in my deck I use helm of the host that sounds similar on overgrown battlement. so for every copy taps for more forests.

Nov 28th

John AC

for pure power the Souless one from legion would work really well.

Sep 20th

John AC

recently discovered this show and game knights. really great content

Sep 18th
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