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Straight from the nerdy heart of Hollywood, THE CON GUY podcast brings you the the latest comic con and fan convention updates, and the best celebrity and creator interviews to celebrate the world of fandom, pop culture and geek-centric news. We are a place designed BY FANS for FANS, that seeks to create a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy sci-fi, exclusive collectibles, comic books, gaming, animation, manga, cosplay, fan conventions and fandom events—if you love it, we'll talk about it!
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Did you feel that geeky earthquake? Those are the tremors set off by the cancellation of the in-person San Diego Comic-Con event for a second consecutive year. We discuss the fallout and the planned online event, the November in-person event, and more.... PLUS, WandaVision heats up, Kenobi has announcements, Walking Dead returns (yes, it's still on!) and more!
The easiest way to start a Star Wars fight is to mention Rian Johnson—which is what we did with special Guest Kurt Smejkal from Three Angry Nerds. And to keep things interesting, we also threw in the new Wednesday Addams series, JJ Abrams’ Constantine, Emma Stone’s Cruella, and Gizmo with a Mountain Dew.
Gina Carano. Joss Whedon. The Snyder Cut. Social media has flexed its might, toppling the popular Cara Dune character from The Mandalorian, along with the once-unstoppable Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and director of the first two Avengers movies. But social media also created the crescendo of voices demanding Zack Snyder’s version of the Justice League. Love it or hate it, Social Media has become the megaphone that Hollywood hears… and fears. Special guest: Mike Ehmcke of Wookiee Radio.
Our very special guest—and friend of the show—Coy Jandreau (Collider, Nerdist, etc) explains WandaVision Episode 5 and takes us on a trip deeeeep into the Marvel Multitude of Madness... cause things just get crazier from here! Coy will blow your mind (like he did ours) with his observations and insights on the Easter eggs, the characters, the connections, and where this whole thing is going. 
The Big Game is done, but those ads are here to stay... which ones were the best? The worst? And who was that guy streaking on the field? Our special guests from the Podguyz Podcast help us tackle all the action, and also discuss the latest Funko Pop news. 
Special guest JD Piche from Red Carpet Reports is here to discuss Syfy's new show Resident Alien starring Alan Tudyk (love it!), leaked photos from the set of Thor 4, Episode 4 of WandaVision, new series Wakanda Kingdom, plus all the latest from Hollywood this week—including a UFO spotted above L.A.
It’s the fight of the century — Godzilla vs. Kong! And the first trailer promises that only one will be left standing! WandaVision episode 3 gets seriously trippy, and the all-new Batwoman is here. And as if that’s not enough…. what’s up with this thing called AMONG US? All that and Bernie Sanders Mittens, and more on this week’s show!
2020 was, in many ways, a dumpster-fire of a year. There’s no denying it… and one industry that was particularly hard-hit was the convention industry, including all comic-cons, fan conventions, and live events. But a vaccine is here and there’s possible good news on the horizon… conventions may be back… but how soon? This spring? Not likely. This summer? This fall? Next year? In this episode, the gang talks about the last convention they attended and the next one they will likely attend. Wondercon. San Diego Comic-Con. Dragon Con. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in …. the Convention center.
Does WANDAVISION deliver? And we're not just talkin' babies. After more than a year since we last saw anything from Marvel Studios, WandaVision arrives on Disney+ to help kick-start Phase 4 of the MCU. We have opinions!
It's our first show of 2021 and as such, it's only appropriate to discuss the FIRST REAL superhero movie in over a year! Wonder Woman 1984 — love it? hate it? Let's hear about it. ALSO, we look forward to the best things of 2021, and fondly remember the best things of 2020 (yes, there actually were some!). Happy 2021!
Wow! So much news from Marvel and Star Wars during Disney's Investor Day that we had to SUPER-SIZE our episode this week! Tuning in for all those announcements was almost like watching a Hall H panel from San Diego Comic-Con... but for 4 hours! We break down all the announcements, the new shows, the movies — AND, we reveal our CON GUY Person of the Year (plus the 10 runners up!). And we do it with special guest CAMERON JEBO, from Power Rangers Megaforce.... It's our DOUBLE-SIZED end-of-year Holiday extravaganza! 
SKYLINES, which arrives in select theaters and on-demand December 18, is the third installment of the Skyline franchise and stars Lindsey Morgan (“The 100,” Inside Game), Jonathan Howard (Thor: The Dark World, Godzilla: King of the Monsters), Rhona Mitra, Alexander Siddig and James Cosmo. What it’s about: When a virus threatens to turn earth-dwelling friendly alien hybrids against humans, Captain Rose Corley (Lindsey Morgan) must lead a team of elite soldiers on a mission to the alien’s world in order to save what’s left of humanity. In this episode of THE CON GUY PODCAST, we’re talking with star Jonathan Howard, who plays LEON, an elite soldier; and with the film’s writer/director Liam O’Donnell.
This week we discuss the festive annual New Years Day episode of Doctor Who, which this year features the return of John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness. Can his return help to save what appears to be a faltering franchise? We also have some strong opinions about Clara, Capaldi, Jodi, Tennant, and lots more! PLUS, some earth-shaking movie news from Warner Bros…. Will theaters ever be the same?
Cyber Monday kicked off the biggest sales of the year online — from Mandalorian Funko Pops, to Power Rangers figures, Godzilla jackets, and sooo much Star Wars, this year's wish list is getting suuuuuper long. And don't forget JAWS and Back to the Future, which both have cool anniversary items this year! Get online and so some shopping — NO MASKS required! Mr. Tony Kim joins us, the founder and manager of HERO WITHIN, a lifestyle fashion brand that celebrates the heroism found in all of us. Whether it’s Star Trek, DC Comics, or any number of geeky fandoms, Hero Within has you covered in style.
Power Rangers Beast Morphers fans! Check out our mini-reunion! As Abraham Rodriguez was discussing his new show SAVED BY THE BELL on Peacock, Jacqueline Scislowski and Jazz Baduwalia showed up unannounced and shocked the pants off him! "It's Great to Be Human!"
VOLITION is a time-bending cerebral science-fiction thriller where a man afflicted with clairvoyance tries to change his fate when a series of events leads to a vision of his own imminent murder. Awarded as best feature at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival, among a slew of other awards and critical acclaim, VOLITION is a tightly-wound puzzle of a ride. Tony Dean Smith (Co-Writer/Director/Co-Producer) & Ryan W. Smith (Co-Writer/Producer: They are the SMITH BROTHERS, a creative partnership forged in the fires of sibling rivalry. Tony is the recent recipient of the Director’s Guild of Canada “Best BC Director” award for VOLITION, and Ryan is an award-winning writer/producer, having won the ScreenCraft Fellowship for the feature script Jacaranda. Adrian Glynn McMorran, star of VOLITION, is a Canadian actor and musician, with credits including The Revenant and Woody Woodpecker on the big-screen, and also on TV on Arrow, Charmed and Supernatural.
This week we talk COMIC BOOKS! They’re the original fandoms that started it all. They are the lifeblood of the convention circuit — or at least they used to be. Two weeks ago, the Eisner Nominations were announced. David Booher, whose book CANTOR, was nominated, is here to talk comic books, the Eisners, and the state of the comic con industry. Is it healthy and kicking or on life-support? Special Guest: DAVID BOOHER! Hosted by: Jim Frye, Luke Cheeseman, and Katie Kawamoto! Jim Frye @jimfryela, Derek Samms @ConGuyDerek, Katie Kawamoto @Kt_Christine, Ben Kliewer @BenKliewer, AND Luke Cheeseman @CheeseOnCouch! Special Guest Issa Lopez!
On this week's episode of The Con Guy - Ben Kliewer, KAtie Kawamoto, and Derek Samms are joined by special guests: Chris Copeland - Director for Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts on Netflix, Animation artist for Guardians of the Galaxy animated series. Thomas Parham - Professor & Executive Director of the Film Department of Asuza Pacific University. Author of "Hailing Frequencies Open: Communication in Star Trek: The Next Generation" and writer of JAG TV Series. Karen Thompson - Entertainment and Technology Attorney, Producer, STEM, and Sci-Fi GEEK! DONATE. Split a donation between 40 Community Bail Funds, including the LGBTQ Fund. Help fund nonprofit journalism covering criminal justice. Donate to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Since May 29, there have been over 125 press freedom violations reported by journalists during the demonstrations against the death of George Floyd. SPEAK OUT. Sign Amnesty International’s Letter to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. Make Calls with The Action Pac. Dial the number and it will walk you through the process and what to say. LEARN. Watch the documentary 13th which covers the criminalization of African Americans and the U.S. prison boom. Dive deeper. Take the Open Yale Course “African American History: From Emancipation to the Present.” Above all else, elevate black voices and listen. Together we can make America a more just home. Make sure to subscribe to Popcorn Talk! - HELPFUL LINKS: Website - Follow us on Twitter - Merch - ABOUT POPCORN TALK: Popcorn Talk Network is the online broadcast network with programming dedicated exclusively to movie discussion, news, interviews and commentary. Popcorn Talk Network is comprised of the leading members and personalities of the film press and community including E!’s Maria Menounos. Current Roster of Shows: -Anatomy of a Movie -Box Office Breakdown -Meet the Movie Press -Guilty Movie Pleasures -Marvel Movie News -DC Movie News -Action Movie Anatomy -Watchalong Series! Jim Frye @jimfryela, Derek Samms @ConGuyDerek, Katie Kawamoto @Kt_Christine, Ben Kliewer @BenKliewer, AND Luke Cheeseman @CheeseOnCouch!
This week is a special Memorial Day show with a panel of veterans who are also comic book and science fiction aficionados. Thomas Parham @thomdaveLA, Ned Cox @, Ralph Love @, Bob Mask @, Josh Meleski @, Deric Hughes @dblackanese Jim Frye @jimfryela, Derek Samms @ConGuyDerek, Katie Kawamoto @Kt_Christine, Ben Kliewer @BenKliewer, AND Luke Cheeseman @CheeseOnCouch! Popcorn Talk Network, the online broadcast network that features movie discussion, news, interviews and commentary proudly presents “The Con Guys”, the in-depth discussion shows for all you need to know about attending Conventions.
#TheConGuy #StarWarsDay #May4th Welcome to the MAY THE 4th Con Guy Show with special guests Anton Simpson-Tidy and Katie McDonnell! HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! Hosts: Jim Frye @jimfrye, Derek Samms @ConGuyDerek, Katie Kawamoto @Kt_christine, Ben Kliewer @BenKliewer, Luke Cheeseman @CheeseOnCouch, and Ryan Nilsen @RyNilsen Jim Frye @jimfryela, Derek Samms @ConGuyDerek, Katie Kawamoto @Kt_Christine, Ben Kliewer @BenKliewer, AND Luke Cheeseman @CheeseOnCouch!
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