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Author: Hannah Coles

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I'm Hannah Coles, LDS Life Coach and I help women overcome their insecurities, worries, and doubts and teach them how to create AMAZING, lasting, genuine confidence!
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Do you struggle with saying no? Are you prone to people pleasing and saying yes more times than you can count? Do you want to learn how to say no confidently and guilt free? In this episode I walk you through three tips to help you say no, be able to get what you really, really want and actually strengthen your relationships. Tune in!
Comparing is a very human and normal behavior and one that can't really be eradicated completely but there is a way to avoid the comparison trap. Comparing doesn't haven't to automatically mean BAD or WRONG but it can quickly elevate to that if you're not careful. Tune in to learn four steps to help you use comparison FOR you instead of against you. 
This week I share one of my favorite authors, teachers, and mindset Guru, Carol Dweck. I talk about one of her most powerful and famous concepts and how it applies to YOU. Learning this will help you understand why you're not taking action, why you're blaming, and most importantly it'll tell you a lot about your confidence. Carol is amazing and I can't wait to share these major gems with you! Tune in!
We all have ideas of how the world should run, how people in it should act and behave, and we have rules for how we should feel, what we should do, how we should look, and even what we should think or not think. We are really good at shoulding. We should ourselves and others a lot and it's hurting you more than you realize. Tune in to hear why it's a problem, why we should, and what you can do instead. 
We've all been there. We think one little irrational thought and concern quickly erupts into a giant mountain of a problem and then we worry, stress, and create panic within us. This is catastrophizing, my friends, and it isn't pretty. Learn why this habit of thinking IS harmful to you and how you can stop feeling like you're falling apart or spiraling down the rabbit hole of the unknown.
Blaming others is easy but it never solves the problem. No one wins at playing the blame game, so why do we still do it? Come learn how to kick the blaming habit for good and find out what the ultimate power move is instead. 
We all need help from time to time. There's no reason it needs to be scary, weird, or complicated. In today's episode I expose our most common reasons why we fear asking for help and the way to ditch the fear and opt for confidence instead. As we all need a little help, you're not going to want to miss this one.
Creativity is one of THE most useful feelings we can generate for ourselves. But there's a lot of us out there that feel that creativity just isn't for them. There's a huge misconception of what creativity actually IS and who has it and who doesn't. In today's episode I uncover what the creative process ACTUALLY is, why everyone is creative, and why the world needs your unique contribution. Tune in! This is GOOD!
Episode 14: Fear of Failure

Episode 14: Fear of Failure


No one likes failing. It seems like such an ugly word. People avoid putting themselves in positions where failure might be an option. If there's a chance they could fail, No thank you. But what if failure didn't have to mean BAD? What if failure was actually something to embrace and lean into? What if failure was the ONLY way to success? Tune in today as LDS life Coach Hannah Coles talks about what fear of failure and offers three new inspiring  beliefs for you to try on and adopt into your belief system to help you move forward and ditch the fear of failure!
When it comes to marriage there are a lot of areas where doubt, fear, and insecurities can sneak in and damage your relationship. In today's podcast I talk about 3 confidence killers in your marriage, how they're showing up and what you can do instead to create CONFIDENCE in this special, sacred relationship. 
Comments (3)

Emily Falke

Love it! Could you give the source for the long quote? The one about escalating or de-escalating a crisis?

Mar 28th

Monica Jarrell

Thank you for these words of wisdom! I was listening as I was rushing through a quilt I scheduled myself to finish today and after I frustratingly practiced my musical instruments to check them off my to do list. You totally changed my perspective. I forgot that I'm only doing these things because I enjoy them, so I need to just enjoy the process instead of focusing on checking them off the list or focusing on the mistakes along the way. My day just got immensely better! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jan 10th

Emily Nicole Sibert

Hannah, We are moving these. Amazing job...of course!

Sep 19th
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