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Author: Hannah Coles

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I'm Hannah Coles, LDS Life Coach and I help women overcome their insecurities, worries, and doubts and teach them how to create AMAZING, lasting, genuine confidence!
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We live in a culture that is obsessed with our looks and where we place a high priority on our appearance and what we think others think of us. The diet and beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar entity that thrives on you having a strained relationship with your mortal shell. This week I share lessons learned from Lexie and Lindsay Kite Ph.D.'s and their book, More Than A Body. This is a must-read book for you to make progress towards learning that you are MORE than a body to be seen. 
There's a sneaky habit that we've all fallen prey to more often than not. It's so subtle and easily justifiable and even masks itself as "self-care" but it's anything but caring. I'm talking about the idea of "little quits". Tune in with LDS Life Coach Hannah Coles to hear more about how to stop these quits from tearing away at your foundation. 
We want to be the curators of our minds rather than just collecting anything and everything. A big part of my job is to assist in eliminating what is not serving you. We expend so much time and energy on things we DON'T want and it interferes with being able to create what you DO want. It also feels uncertain, insecure, and uneasy - not the best recipe for confidence. Tune in this week to hear 5 things that are NOT worth your mental energy. 
You know that friend or family member in your life that is constantly saying, "no"?  Want to go to lunch? No Want to come over? No Want to hang out? No After a while of hearing NO, you tend to just stop asking, right? The relationship suffers, connection cut off, and pretty soon, there's a complete disconnect. No one likes hearing, NO. But what about the relationship you have with yourself? How often do you say NO to you on a daily basis? In today's episode, I teach you the importance of saying YES to you. Yes, to connection, and YES, to confidence. Tune in with LDS Life Coach Hannah Coles.
You know those times when you're having a rough day, and you feel downhearted, and then there's this nagging voice that tells you, "You shouldn't be sad! You should be grateful!"? And then all of the sudden you're cured??? neither because that NEVER happens. We hear that little voice, and it puts us even deeper in pain only now we've added shame to the mix. In this episode, I share why telling yourself to be grateful isn't a cure-all and why it hurts more than it helps. I also share what does help! Tune in!
It used to be that you only hadd your small circle to compare yourself to. Fast forrward to now in our digital age where we see people and homes from all over; what they're wearing, eating, doing, how they spend their time and money, what they're listening to, watching, reading and we compare ourselves to this endless stream of information and feeling miserable. While we can't stop the media we CAN learn a healthier mindset!
I've been on a minimalist journey this year - not so much in my physical space, but I'm talking more so in my mental space. We "collect" a lot of thoughts, biases, and beliefs that at one point seemed to make sense (to your brain at least), but now it's just creating a lot of mental clutter, fear, and adding to our insecurities. In this week's episode, I teach the importance of adopting a mental minimalist's stance and share 6 thoughts, you must say goodbye to in order to create a more confident life!
You know them when you see them, those people that just radiate light and confidence, and you wonder what their "secret" is. You might think, "how can they be so certain of themselves while I'm struggling just to feel a glimmer of that?" You don't have to wonder anymore. On the podcast, I'm sharing the top 10 ground rules that confident people live by and that you'll want to start incorporating into your life too. Tune in!
It can feel easy to feel confident when life is smooth, and everything seems to be going right but what about the times when life isn't easy, and things aren't going the way we think they should? Everyone has had times in their lives when it seems like their confidence takes a hit, and it's a tough road to try and build that back up. In today's episode, I'll walk you through the doubt and out of the darkness so you can feel the warmth of true confidence again. 
In each of our lives there are times when we've wanted something so bad that the wanting felt heavy, sore, and almost unbearable. It can be difficult to talk about and when you do it's even more difficult because most people don't (can't) understand. This leaves you feeling alone, misunderstood, and acutely discouraged. In this episode I walk you through the pain and guide you to the other side of peace, certainty, and above all, confidence.
As a society, we tend to focus most of our efforts on finding the ANSWERS, the solutions, the tips and tricks to figure things out so we can move on but what if instead of looking for the "how," we stopped to ask ourselves some beautiful questions? Berger says, "one of the most important things questioning does is to enable people to think and act in the face of uncertainty." Learning to ask the right questions leads to a life of confidence amidst ever-changing outside circumstances. Tune in!
Sometimes we can feel like we're at the mercy of our circumstances. We don't know what the day will bring (especially in 2020), and so we wake up each day hoping that things will go smoothly, but the second we hit a stumbling block or obstacle, we crumble. It can take quite a bit of mental energy to pull yourself out of these negative emotions and even feels like it takes over your entire day. But there is something you can do ahead of time that will help. There are decisions you can make ahead of time to keep you moving forward, keep progressing and keep creating the life you want to be living. Tune in with LDS Life Coach Hannah Coles to learn how to pre-decide your day!
We are constantly colliding with others. We are born into families and surrounded by people. We go to school with others, work with others, marry, have kids, and even with all our years of practice we still struggle to see people and ourselves as we really are. In this episode, I offer you a way out and a way up so you can leave the doubts, discouragement, and insecurities behind.
Have you ever found yourself asking, "at what point do I...?" Like, at what point is enough enough? at what point do I leave? at what point do I realize it's just not going to happen and I need to give up? I hear this from clients often and when I do it's when they're at their edge and feeling exasperated, discouraged, and frustrated. They NEED something to change, but they're not sure they're ready for THAT change and every single time I tell them each the same thing. It's something that helps them get to clarity, certainty, and confidence. Want to know what I tell them? Tune in!
So many women second-guess themselves consistently and it takes a toll on your ability to trusts yourself and to feel confident. In this episode, I teach you why you're second-guessing yourself, how it's a form of insecurity and fear, how to have your own back when decision making, and most importantly how to stop the cycle of second-guessing yourself. Join me!
We've all heard it before, FAITH can move mountains. But do you BELIEVE it? I used to think I understood what faith was sand often times I'd THINK I was acting on faith but what I realized was I wasn't acting on faith but rather, hope. HOPE is a beautiful principle but often it's not strong enough to see you through the hard times. What you're really needing and seeking is CERTAINTY - you want to KNOW that things are going to be okay, that YOU are going to be okay- Join me this week and I talk about Confidence and Faith
This week I'm bringing to light something that is easily the top, number one confidence blocker for most people. It's sneaky and it's very limiting. Thankfully there's something you can do about it! Join me as I uncover this stumbling block and teach you how to create certainty and confidence again!
Ever find yourself spinning out about a conversation you had and you just can't stop thinking about it? or in attempts to make sense of it you just keep the thoughts circling around and around? This is classic overthinking and it's such a drain on your energy and your well-being! Know what IS productive? problem-solving. Join me this week as I walk you through how to problem-solve instead of overthinking.
I'm betting there are things in your past that you regret. There's probably even things that when you think about them you feel the urge to cringe. Most of us are carrying the heavy weight of our past with us and we bring it into our future, into our relationships, into our homes, and our jobs and it's not helping us. It's hurting us. It's time to let those things go. It's hard to create a confident present and future while you're trying to run away or hide from your past. 
Rejection is something that everyone faces and it really hurts. Sometimes it can seem like it rocks our very foundation leaving us hurt, lonely, and vulnerable. It can seem incredibly difficult to rise up again after rejection and more of a hurdle to get to a space where you feel really confident but in this episode, I teach you how to do just that. Join me and learn how to cultivate confidence after rejection 
Comments (3)

Emily Falke

Love it! Could you give the source for the long quote? The one about escalating or de-escalating a crisis?

Mar 28th

Monica Jarrell

Thank you for these words of wisdom! I was listening as I was rushing through a quilt I scheduled myself to finish today and after I frustratingly practiced my musical instruments to check them off my to do list. You totally changed my perspective. I forgot that I'm only doing these things because I enjoy them, so I need to just enjoy the process instead of focusing on checking them off the list or focusing on the mistakes along the way. My day just got immensely better! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jan 10th

Emily Nicole Sibert

Hannah, We are moving these. Amazing job...of course!

Sep 19th
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