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The Conversation Podcast is just that— lighthearted yet honest conversations between Adam and his guests as they talk about how to make a difference with your life (while still having a life). Whether you're walking through an un-pretty part of being human or you’re trying to figure out what it looks like to follow Jesus everyday, you’ll know that you’re not alone!

Adam Weber is the founder and lead pastor of Embrace, a church based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and author of Talking with God and Love Has a Name. You can find Adam on Instagram at @adamaweber or on Twitter at @adamweber.
271 Episodes
With all of the messiness, conflict and failures in the church, why do you stay? What keeps you coming back each week? Adam sits down with Michael Cochren, from the band Cochren & Co. to talk about these questions. Michael shares why he loves the church, why he almost walked away from it, and what brought him back. Adam and Michael also talk about what to do when you’ve been hurt by the church and how to approach a situation where you’re the person who has hurt someone else.Get a copy of Cochren & Co’s new album here: Crew, here:
This week on The Conversation, Adam sits down with Dr. Alison Cook. Alison is a psychologist, author, & podcast host.They talk about how and why you should get curious about your feelings, why being honest with God is so important, and what’s keeping you from being happy in your relationships. Get a copy of The Best of You, here: up for The Crew:
In episode 190 of The Conversation podcast, Adam sits down with Mike Donehey! Mike was the longtime lead singer of the DOVE award winning band, Tenth Avenue North. Now a solo artist, and author, Mike joins Adam to talk about why loving someone well doesn’t have to mean agreeing with them. They talk about what it means to really listen to other people during hard conversations and how to respond when someone you love is deconstructing their faith. Get a copy of Mike’s new book, Grace in the Gray: up for The Crew:
Adam sits down with actors Carlos and Alexa PenaVega. If you’re under 35, you might know Alexa from a little movie called “Spy Kids,” or Carlos from Big Time Rush. The two of them share how they met Jesus and each other. Adam and the PenaVegas also talk candidly about hearing from God when what God has to say isn’t fun or easy, and why you can have thousands (or millions!) of followers online but without Jesus, it all means nothing.Get a copy of Ocean’s World: a copy of What If Love Is the Point? here: The Crew:
Adam sits down with entrepreneur, CEO, Start-up founder, author, podcaster, Jordan Raynor. Jordan and Adam talk about how to handle your phone and your email. Jordan shares how to be more productive, have more time for creativity, and (most importantly!) to have more time for the important relationships in your life by changing your approach to email and texting. Beyond that, Adam and Jordan also talk through 3 ways you can be a more impactful leader, and how to get in the Word on a daily basis.Get a copy of Jordan’s new book, The Word Before Work: a copy of Redeeming Your Time, here: up for The Crew:
Adam sits down with author & divorce attorney, Toni Nieuwhof. Toni has been married for 30 years (maybe you’ve heard of her husband Carey?) and she’s also walked through relationships with countless couples. Toni shares her advice to couples experiencing the best and hardest parts of marriage, ways couples can reconnect and what you can do to strengthen your marriage today. We also talk about sex in a part of our conversation that you definitely don’t want to miss (Spoiler alert: she mentions a sex challenge!!)Read Tony & Carey’s blog post on 30 things they’ve learned in over 30 years of Marriage: to Toni’s podcast, Smart Family, and find out more about the 60 day Sex Challenge: The Crew here:
On episode 186 of The Conversation podcast, Adam sits down with author and speaker Toni Collier. Toni shares her incredible story and they dive into the messiness of life and how to rebuild your life after divorce, grief, or a broken season. Toni candidly talks about her own experience with divorce and shares what helped, what hurt, and what the church can do to support someone walking through brokenness. If you’re feeling jaded, numb, or trying to pick up the pieces in your own life, this episode is for you!Watch a video clip from this interview here: a copy of Toni’s book, here: you struggle to know what to buy the men in your life, get Adam’s Men’s Gift Guide for Christmas 2022 here:
Today on The Conversation, Adam is joined by Andy and Sandra Stanley! Andy is a best-selling author, leadership expert, and pastor of an amazing church called Northpoint in Atlanta, Georgia. In today’s episode, Andy & Sandra share so much wisdom, specifically about parenting. They share about what guided them in their parenting decisions: that relationship is more important than behavior. For leaders and pastors, Adam and the Stanleys also discuss how to parent your own kids well if you have a position where it feels like other people are watching you and your kids. They also share how to help your kids grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus, and how they’ve approached their own kids’ faith questions & doubtsPre-Order The Stanley’s new book, Parenting: Getting It Right, here:
Adam is joined by legendary author of Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster, and spiritual formation pastor, Brenda Quinn. Richard, Brenda and Adam talk about how to pace yourself in our busy world. They talk all about humility, including what the real meaning of humility is and how to become more humble.If you’re wondering how to learn humility, they also share why humility takes time to develop, and why it looks more like a practice than checking off a to-do list.Preorder Richard’s new book, Learning Humility: can also purchase a copy of Celebration of Discipline here:
If you are a true Minnesota Vikings’ fan, you might know Adam’s guest today: Paul Allen!Paul Allen has been a play-by-play commentator for the Minnesota Vikings since 2002, known as the “Voice of The Vikings”. He’s also done the radio show for KFAN in Minneapolis since 1998. In the last 2 weeks, Paul’s following has exploded when Lebron James and Pat McAffee recently posted about him. Paul shares the up & down experience of going viral in the last week, how his following has exploded, and what God is teaching him through it all. We also talk about Paul’s story, career, and how he came to know Jesus. This episode also features a surprise appearance by Minnesota Vikings CJ Ham in the background!Watch the extended video interview with Paul here:
The week on The Conversation, Adam interviews Grammy-winning musician, Steven Curtis Chapman. Steven shares why he has stuck with Jesus through all the ups and downs & what it means to walk with God in the hardest times of life. Adam and Steven also touch on encouragement for anyone thinking about walking away from Jesus, what’s kept Steven from becoming jaded, and why the Chapmans have made it their mission to help families wanting to adopt.Listen & download Steven Curtis Chapman’s new album: more about the Chapman's nonprofit, Show Hope:
Adam talks with best-selling author, speaker and leader Lysa TerKeurst! In this episode, Lysa shares something that most of us need to hear about: boundaries. She and Adam talk about what boundaries are and how to have them as a Jesus follower. Also, Lysa shares how to have conversations about boundaries with people in our lives. Finally, they touch on how to respond when someone else shares their boundaries with you.Get a copy of Lysa’s newest book, Good Boundaries and Goodbyes:
In episode 180, Adam sits down with author and speaker Clarissa Moll to talk about what it means to find joy again after the loss of a loved one.Clarissa shares her story of unexpectedly losing her husband at 41 and what it’s been like to be a parent to grieving children while also grieving a spouse. She and Adam talk about where to find joy in the midst of grief and small steps you can take to live a fulfilling life even when it doesn’t look the way you expected. They also touch on why church is hard when we’re grieving, and how your church can also be a holy space as you grieve.Get a copy of Clarissa’s book, Beyond the Darkness:
On today’s episode, Adam invites someone he loves who has struggled with depression to share their story: his wife, Becky Weber. Becky shares her journey of being diagnosed with depression after the birth of the Webers first child. She talks about medication, the Christians counselors and other mental health professionals who have helped along the way, the habits that have made a difference, & how faith in Jesus has been critical in her journey.Whether you struggle with depression yourself, or you have a loved one experiencing it, this episode (and Becky’s story) will encourage you, help you figure out a next step, and remind you that you are not alone.Follow Becky on Instagram at
Adam is so excited to introduce you to his guest today: Pippa Gumbel!You might have heard of Pippa’s husband Nicky Gumbel, or something called the Alpha Course which has shared the foundations of the Christian faith with thousands and thousands of people. Nicky & Pippa also recently stepped back from years of leading HTB Church in London.Pippa shares where her wisdom comes from and her advice to anyone wanting to grow in their wisdom, no matter their age. She and Adam also talk about what helped her and Nicky to have longevity and to thrive over a career in ministry and what she and Nicky have learned in 40 years of marriage.Listen to Adam’s interview with Nicky Gumbel, here:
Adam’s guest today is grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and worship leader, Cody Carnes! Cody and Adam sat down recently to talk about Cody’s story, the importance of rest in his walk with Jesus and how he intentionally makes time to rest in his everyday life to keep his soul healthy.In their conversation, Cody also shares how the album is a prayer for himself and for each of us as we listen, along with what he’s learned about God walking though one of the hardest seasons of his life. Listen to Cody’s new album, God is Good!:
Today Adam talks with pastor and author, Sharon Hodde Miller about control. Note: If you’re thinking, “Control? I don’t have a problem with control,” then this episode is definitely for you! Sharon and Adam talk about how control shows up in the places we least expect it, and why your good intentions keep you from realizing the ways you try to control the situations and people closest to you.Sharon also shares how control costs far more than you realize— in your marriage, with your children, in friendships and workplaces, and even in your relationship with God— and practical ways you can loosen your grip on control.Listen to Adam’s first conversation with Sharon: a copy of Sharon’s new book, The Cost of Control:
In this episode, Adam sits down with author, speaker & head of faith-based partnerships at Facebook (aka Meta), Nona Jones.Nona and Adam talk about comparison, insecurities, and why we’re so tempted to define ourselves by our accomplishments. Specifically for leaders, Nona shares the ideas that have taken her own leadership to the next level in business and in ministry.Get a copy of Nona’s new book, Killing Comparison, here:
Adam sits down with author, Bridgetown Church pastor, & new friend Tyler Staton. In today’s episode, you’ll hear Tyler and Adam talk about prayer and connecting with God, how to make prayer a part of your everyday life and how to overcome challenges when it comes to talking with God. Tyler recently replaced well-known pastor John Mark Comer, so Adam and Tyler talk about that transition and what it’s like to come after a powerhouse leader, and what his church is doing to reach people in Portland.Pre-order Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools, here:
Adam sits down with TV host Kathie Lee Gifford & Rabbi Jason Sobel. #Regis #Hoda They talk about why the stories in the Old Testament are just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago, and how understanding Jewish history and culture brings the Bible to life in new ways.After their conversation, you’ll hear a clip from a recent message Adam gave at Embrace from a series called 167. We have 168 hours in a week. If we spend one of those hours in church, what do we do with the other 167 hours? Adam talks about how following God in your 167 impacts your relationship with your significant other, with your kids, with your coworkers, with your friends. And I share a question you’ll want to ask yourself for healthier, richer relationships!Get a copy of The God of The Way, here:
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