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My show is offensive, doesn't fit a mold, or pander to anyone's narrative.. Not the most popular way to win a crowd. But gives myself, and whoever my guest is a chance to have a conversation, raw, and unfiltered. And by the end of it, still shake hands. So come check me out once a week (maybe) where I tackle the mic and talk about what's going on with film, TV shows, media, and just real life in general. "The Coolest" podcast show!!
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Join my guest and I from last year, back in July. Thats right.. Another damn throwback episode!
With a slow resurgence to the microphone here's a look back on an episode that never made it to air on its original record date. 
In the second part of "The Hero of His own Story", Rashad and I talk about Kanye West and all of his remarks made about he stands in unity of the beliefs in our current Chief of Laughs, Is it a marketing tactic, or his pure belief. I don't know, but dammit ima talk about!
In this first part of the episode we talk about Avengers Infinity War, So it is spoiler heavy, if you haven't seen it yet, don't listen!!!!! Two of the biggest nerds i know are in the building for this one!! Mr. Phil Peterson, and the black dragon himself, Mr Rashad Boswell!!! Don't say i didn't warn you!!
S03E57 "YEAHHH, WE LIT..."

S03E57 "YEAHHH, WE LIT..."


Kick back and relax as my guests and I shoot the shit. No mus, no fuss.. #kanyeshrug, Between being a parent, and a kid at heart, being your absolute true self is what is most important.
As we bid a final farewell to ChampagneAlias. We go over a spoiler talk one last time! Black Panther.. LETS GO!!!
Take a look back to a guest spot i did back in late November.  A Moment with Diviin With Diviin Huff
Today we say a sad farewell to the coolest co-host to ever grace the mic….Champagnealias (clearly she wrote this). Before she says goodbye, we share some thoughts on New Years resolutions, critique Black businesses, and ask “what the f@ck?!” to H&M and Adidas. Wanna know why? Then #stickaroundandstaytuned as we wish Champagnealias farewell.
Returning guest, Diviin, and I  briefly talk about the dark past of Americas, first Thanksgiving. 
Today, we take a break from the drama and #blackstuff, and just share random thoughts and good vibes. ChampagneAlias is back in the building and we talk family, goals, and our thoughts on adulating (basically, it's hard). The holidays are around the corner which means the year is coming to an end. As we say goodbye to 2017, we talk about the changes to come, our thoughts on turning 30 soon, and we share some dope news about the show (we doing it big, y'all). So #StickAroundandStayTuned because you know the Seejay/Champagne combo always brings the funny!
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