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On the weekend of April 18th and 19th, a gunman went on a rampage in Nova Scotia, killing 22 people. Questions continue to swirl around how effectively the RCMP handled the situation, as it appears they were not able to save even a single life. Paul Palango, an author who has written multiple books about the RCMP and has pieces in Macleans and The Halifax Examiner about the Nova Scotia shooting, joins Craig to discuss. See for privacy information.
A spike in COVID-19 cases on Tuesday has medical professionals scratching their heads. What could be the reasons for rising COVID-19 numbers in the country. Tim Sly, professor in the School of Occupational and Public Health at Ryerson University, joins Craig to discuss. The Ontario Autism Program continues to be stalled. Monique Taylor, NDP Critic for Child and Youth Services, joins the show to discuss what needs to change with the program so families can get the care they deserve.  Will the pandemic help move Ontario's court system into the 21st century? Philip Millar, London Lawyer, joins the program to explain. See for privacy information.
Paul Palango, investigative journalist, joins Craig to discuss some of the unanswered questions that exist about the Nova Scotia shooting back in April.  Could a potential vaccine to combat COVID-19 come out of the U.K? Redmond Shannon, Global News Europe Correspondent, joins the show to discuss.  A dispute has arisen between Pride London and the LPS ever since  pride flag was raised on police headquarters. Anthea Fordyce, Diversity Officer for the London Police Service, explains.   See for privacy information.
Business and marketing expert Allison Graham joins Craig every week to discuss business lessons from the headlines. Today they chat about Walmart spending $3-billion in COVID-19 upgrades and how people will react to masking in London. See for privacy information.
As parts of Ontario enters stage 3, bars are allowed to reopen their doors to the public. Have bars reopened too soon? Dr. Samantha Hill, President of the Ontario Medical Association, joins Craig to discuss.  Arielle Kayabaga, Ward 13 councillor for the City of London, joins the show to talk about how the City of London is set to fit anti-racism measures into the budget.  Mario Canseco, President of Research Co., joins to explain the perception that Canadians currently have on gun violence in the country. See for privacy information.
The Board of Health for the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) met on Thursday to discuss the possibility of implementing a mandatory mask bylaw. A motion was put on the table to recommending the MLHU make masks mandatory in all indoor spaces. The motion did not make it to vote. Thames Centre Deputy Mayor, Kelly Elliot, joins Craig to discuss. See for privacy information.
City councillors are calling on London's chief medical officer of health to attend a meeting as soon as possible and answer questions on whether masks should be mandatory in all enclosed spaces. Dr. Chris Mackie recently took to twitter to poll the community about their feelings around masks, with some of his comments leading others to question his leadership. Dr. Chris Mackie joins Craig to discuss. See for privacy information.
On Wednesday, July 15th, Tori Stafford would have turned 20 years old. Her life was cut short when she was just 8 years old. On April 8th, 2009, Tori was kidnapped while walking home from school in Woodstock. Her remains were found months later near Mount Forest. Tori's Dad, Rodney Stafford, joins Craig Needles to talk about why he's asking everyone to be kind for a day in honour of Tori's memory. See for privacy information.
Business and marketing expert Allison Graham joins Craig every week to discuss business lessons from the headlines. Today they chat about the province moving into Stage 3 of Ontario's reopening framework, and the continued U.S. border shutdown. See for privacy information.
Pride London Festival sent a letter to London Police Service asking them not to fly the rainbow flag during this year's festivities, citing a lack of progress with Black and Indigenous communities. In a statement released on Monday, London Police said they would be raising the flag, despite the request. Andrew Rosser, president of Pride London Festival, joins Craig to discuss. See for privacy information.
Pride London Festival is going virtual due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. President Andrew Rosser joins Craig to discuss how you can celebrate at home. He will also discuss Pride London Festival's decision to ask London Police Service to not raise the Rainbow flag this year, citing a lack of progress to engage with Black and Indigenous communities. See for privacy information.
The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is asking for the decriminalization of simple drug possession. Derek Silva, assistant professor in Criminology at Kings University, joins Craig to discuss. Michael Cooper, deputy shadow minister of finance, joins the show to analyze the latest on Justin Trudeau's WE scandal and the federal governments 'fiscal snapshot.' And, a new program called Digital Main Street ShopHERE has partnered with google to offer an online presence to small businesses across the country. Saul Colt, member of the Digital Main Street Team, joins to explain how the program works.  See for privacy information.
Human trials may be nearing as London researchers continue to find a vaccine for COVID-19. Dr. Chil Yong Kang, molecular virologist at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, joins Craig to discuss.  The federal government released a 'fiscal snapshot' showing impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the Canadian economy. What does this mean for the country's economy going forward? Mike Moffatt, economist, joins the show to explain Reggie Cecchini, Global News Washington Correspondent, explains a ruling that has come out of the Supreme Court that rules against Donald Trump. See for privacy information.
In March, a multidisciplinary team of Western University researchers are working on the development of a vaccine against the novel coronavirus. While working to establish and test an effective vaccine for the virus that causes COVID-19, the team is also working to develop a vaccine bank that would contain many ready-made vaccines to be used rapidly at the start of another coronavirus outbreak of a different strain. Dr. Chil-Yong Kang, a member of the vaccine development teams, and professor in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University, joins Craig to give us an update on where they are at in the race to a COVID-19 vaccine. See for privacy information.
A man who allegedly stormed Rideau Hall with multiple weapons wrote a two-page letter which sources say included personal financial issues and government grievances. Mercedes Stephenson, Global News Ottawa Bureau Chief, and Leah West, lecturer of International Affairs at the Norman Paterson School, join Craig to discuss.  And, after immigrant farm worker outbreaks hit areas hard like Windsor Essex and Norfolk County, what is Southwestern Public Health doing for farms in the local region? Dr. Joyce Locke, Medical Officer of Health for Southwestern Public Health, joins the show to explain.  See for privacy information.
Recipients of the CERB, which provides $2,000 a month to Canadians who’ve lost their income due to COVID-19, can only earn up to $1,000 in a four-week period before losing their benefits. That's causing a dilemma for some who have been called back to work. “If they accepted even one more dollar’s worth of work, they lose the $2,000 CERB benefit and are left with $1,001 to support themselves and their family,” economist Tammy Schirle noted in a report for the C.D. Howe Institute in May.  Laleh Samarbakhsh, assistant professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University with expertise in corporate finance, personal finance, and investments, joins Craig to discuss. See for privacy information.
Marit Stiles, NDP Education Critic, joins to discuss what supports are needed for parents when kids go back to school in September. Polling numbers for Donald Trump out of states like Florida have been trending downward. Could Trump's bad polling numbers could be linked to COVID-19? Wayne Petrozzi, professor at Ryerson University, explains. And, new research out of Lawson is showing pulmonary surfactant could be a potential treatment for COVID-19-induced respiratory failure. Dr. Jim Lewis, Lawson Scientist and Respirologist at St. Joseph’s Health Care London, joins Craig to discuss.  See for privacy information.
Researchers at Lawson Health Research Institute are investigating the use of bovine lipid extract surfactant suspension (BLES®) for treating severe cases of COVID-19. What is bovine lipid extract surfactant suspension and what can it do to help patients suffering from the disease caused by the novel coronavirus? Dr. Jim Lewis, Lawson Scientist and Respirologist at St. Joseph’s Health Care London, joins Craig to discuss. See for privacy information.
An Ontario court has dismissed an appeal from opponents of a supervised drug consumption site that is set to go up in London, Ont. at 446 York Street. Brian Lester, executive director of the regional HIV/AIDS Connection, joins Craig to discuss his reaction to the decision and where things go from here. See for privacy information.
Members pushing for a permanent safe injection site at 446 York St cleared another hurdle over the weekend. Brian Lester, Executive Director of the Regional HIV/AIDS connection, joins Craig to discuss. Aine McGlynn, Chief Operating Officer of The Good Partnership, joins the show to explain how the federal government could actually help non-profits. And, could a new investigation lead to a third ethics violation for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? Michael Barrett, MP for Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, joins to discuss. See for privacy information.
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Matt Millar

With vehicles becoming increasingly safer and more responsive, lowering speed limits is ridiculous! If you're lowering limits to an insane 30 km/h, we might as well all drive golf carts...

Feb 11th

Matt Millar

"I might suggest that [innocents being killed in mass shootings] doesn't particularly bother [President Trump]" No matter your opinion on Trump, you can't honestly believe that, can you? What a terrible thing to suggest

Aug 7th
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Matt Millar

So record hot days are a sign of climate change.. but when we have record cold, the same people say (and rightly so) that weather does not equal climate 🤔

Jul 4th
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