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After thousands of conversations with people looking to buy a home, I think I have gleaned some valuable information and have a pretty good insight into what the most common problems are. So I decided to try and come up with some solutions! Here are the problems: Home buying taking too long People being gazumped Buyers/Sellers Pulling out Local authorities buying up existing stock Build to rent Fixer-Uppers and lending on them Investors buying existing or new stock Self-employed people unfairly treated by banks Fake bids and lack of transparency Over 160,000 habitable homes left empty Dodgy valuation process Demand side schemes from government Inaccurate advertisements for homes
This is the first episode in a series all about How To Buy a Home in Ireland I run through everything you need to know about your mortgage plus a few questions at the end: - If I have AIP, can I take out a small loan to cover costs? - Can I get a renovation mortgage? - How do you calculate in advance what your repayments will be? Head to to support the podcast and Instagram page
Make sure to follow me on Instagram and if you want to support the page and podcast, head over to my Patreon and get access to over 50 extra exclusive podcasts
Huge thank you to Lorcan for having the chat with me. Q&A section: see the infographic on How To Switch Your Mortgage here Please support the Podcast and Instagram if you can over on my Patreon
CHP Podcast - Trailer

CHP Podcast - Trailer

Test recording

Test recording


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