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The Creative Intelligence Podcast

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The Creative Intelligence podcast is a series of conversations about the tools and technologies that inspire creativity. Hosted by Splashlight CEO James Ingram, each episode explores the role of technology in fueling creativity and innovation, and how it can impact on and drive business growth.

Through intelligent discussion with thought leaders, academics and industry experts, these conversations look at how data can be utilized as part of the creative process and examines why data is key to unlocking commercial and creative success.

Host James Ingram became CEO of Splashlight in 2005. He launched this podcast because he is an advocate for the role of creative intelligence in content design and creation and commercial success, and wants to put the spotlight on the people and ideas shaping how technology and innovation are changing the creative services industry.

20 Episodes
The Art of Wayfinding

The Art of Wayfinding


In this episode, James speaks to Alison Richings and Pelin Morris from Endpoint. The company uses a practise called wayfinding to help us connect to places, spaces and buildings. They analyse and improve design elements – from signage to lighting, and even smell – to enable us to navigate environments more comfortably and efficiently. To do this, the team uses technology combined with anthropological study of people’s body language and emotional responses to spaces. Alison and Pelin speak about some of the major projects they’ve worked on, including the design of Harrods, and explain how wayfinding is not given the credit it deserves – because when the job has been done well, you don’t notice it’s been done at all.
An Innovation In Pay

An Innovation In Pay


In this episode James speaks to Jeanniey Mullen, chief innovation and marketing officer for DailyPay. The company offers a novel solution to getting paid by your employer. At the click of a button, you can withdraw the money you’ve earned whenever you need it, on any day you like. Being paid monthly causes many people to live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet. This tech aims to provide the solution by giving employees control over their pay. Hear how it’s led to increased productivity, a reduction in fraud and in one case, saved a company 10 million dollars in reduced staff turnover costs. Jeanniey also explains how clever AI runs the programme behind its screen of simplicity.
In this episode, James speaks to Martin Adams, CEO of Codec, an award winning company which uses artificial intelligence to perfect marketing. Martin set up the company because of a desire to bring back great storytelling in advertising. The internet is full of tribe-like communities known as digital villages, and Codec uses data analysis to target them. Rather than replacing human creativity with AI, the company wants to bolster the creative process, offering insights that help brands develop better relationships with their audiences. Having won the ‘Best AI Product in Marketing’ award at the 2019 CogX tech festival, Martin says he feels “blessed” to be working in this field, finding a solution to a lack of empathy and emotional connection created by digital advertising.
In this episode, James speaks to Matt McNabb, CEO of Native, a new innovative data collection platform. Matt has a background in carrying out quantitative and qualitative research in war zones, spending much of that time in places like Afghanistan and Syria. He became frustrated at how slow it was to gather real, on the ground information – and so Native was born. It allows companies to quickly access affordable, local insights by recruiting thousands of people from over 40 countries to gather data they can't access through other means. Matt is particularly proud of Native's work in providing life saving assistance to international humanitarian organisations around the world.
In this episode, James speaks to Tom Simonite, senior writer for WIRED magazine. Tom's interested in discovering technologies that are changing the world we live in, particularly artificial intelligence. His passion took him from the UK to LA, in pursuit of the abundance of ground-breaking tech being developed in the city. Tom discusses how AI is being used to search for emotions within photos, how it's proving life-changing in India in the treatment of diabetes and loss of eyesight, and why the magazine is launching in the Middle East.
In this episode, James speaks to Toby Shapshak, editor-in-chief of Stuff magazine and writer for Forbes. Toby is a strong believer that innovation is better in Africa. He says innovative ideas are born of constraint, and because there's a great deal of need in Africa for novel ways to solve various problems, there's a constant stream of ideas coming out of the continent. He talks about how the rush of multinationals looking to invest in South Africa has led to the arrival of quantum computing, discusses the importance of digital anthropology within the mobile space, and examines how drones are being used not only to combat poachers, but also to autonomously deliver life-saving blood parcels to people in Rwanda.
In this episode, James speaks to Adam Hadley, founder and managing director of data science consultancy QuantSpark, and director of Tech Against Terrorism. The project was initiated by the UN Counter-Terrorism Directorate and works to support platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. In this in-depth conversation, he explains how analysing data creatively to understand and spot behavioural trends is valuable for businesses, discusses the ethical implications of removing harmful online content whilst respecting human rights, and explores how to create work cultures where engineers, data scientists and strategists are “fusing their ideas” for the greater good.
In this episode, James speaks to Wonbo Woo, executive producer of video at Wired. In his previous roles covering breaking news at ABC and NBC, Wonbo has reported across three dozen US states and five continents. In this in-depth conversation, James and Wonbo discuss the catalyst behind Wired’s two part-documentary, Machine Learning: Living in the Age of AI, which investigates how technology interacts with our everyday lives, and debate the obstacles and transformative impact of AI on industries ranging from art to farming.
In this episode, host James Ingram talks to Katie King, CEO of boutique management consultancy AI in Marketing. Together they explore the advantages of AI-embedded tools in providing a personalised service, discuss the need for business leaders to keep up with the “fourth industrial revolution”, and Katie argues that, in future, companies will have to work much harder to earn our trust before we agree to freely share our data.
In this episode, host James Ingram talks to Al Ramich, founder and CEO of intelligent assistant platform Loomi. They discuss the increasing use of artificial intelligence to help organise and filter digital communication, address concerns surrounding the ethics of accessing user data, and the importance of “humans having the final choice”.
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