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The Creative Intelligence Podcast

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The Creative Intelligence podcast is a series of conversations about the tools and technologies that inspire creativity. Hosted by Splashlight CEO James Ingram, each episode explores the role of technology in fueling creativity and innovation, and how it can impact on and drive business growth.

Through intelligent discussion with thought leaders, academics and industry experts, these conversations look at how data can be utilized as part of the creative process and examines why data is key to unlocking commercial and creative success.

Host James Ingram became CEO of Splashlight in 2005. He launched this podcast because he is an advocate for the role of creative intelligence in content design and creation and commercial success, and wants to put the spotlight on the people and ideas shaping how technology and innovation are changing the creative services industry.

12 Episodes
In this episode, host James Ingram talks to Katie King, CEO of boutique management consultancy AI in Marketing. Together they explore the advantages of AI-embedded tools in providing a personalised service, discuss the need for business leaders to keep up with the “fourth industrial revolution”, and Katie argues that, in future, companies will have to work much harder to earn our trust before we agree to freely share our data.
In this episode, host James Ingram talks to Al Ramich, founder and CEO of intelligent assistant platform Loomi. They discuss the increasing use of artificial intelligence to help organise and filter digital communication, address concerns surrounding the ethics of accessing user data, and the importance of “humans having the final choice”.
In this tenth episode, host James Ingram talks to Sophie Kleber, Head of Spaces UX at Google, and previously global executive creative director at Huge. Together they discuss creating emotionally intelligent machines, and explore the ethical dilemmas of having our own personal AI “shrink”.
In this ninth episode, host James Ingram talks to Pete Trainor, co-founder of Us Ai, behavioural designer, and author of Hippo: The Human Focused Digital Book. Together they discuss taking a philosophical approach to technology and design, and using machine learning to interact with humans as individuals rather than users.
In this eighth episode, host James Ingram talks to Dr Jiayu Wu, senior research fellow at the Royal College of Art’s Intelligent Mobility Design Centre, and Manuel Monti-Nussbaum, senior behavioural scientist at The Behaviouralist, about using data and AI to help in decision making and to improve products and services through understanding human emotions.
In this seventh episode, host James Ingram talks to Irini Papadimitriou, creative director of Future Everything. Previously the curator of the V&A Artificially Intelligent Display, she discusses the complex relationship humans have with technology, and explains the role artists play in exposing society’s distorted perceptions of AI and machine learning.
In this sixth episode, host James Ingram talks to cognitive neuroscientist Romy Lorenz about her research which resulted in the first “AI neuroscientist”, her exploration of the processes of the human brain using AI, and the application of her methods to understand group behaviors.
In this fifth episode, host James Ingram will be talking to Richie Manu, author of You:ReBranded, TedX speaker and senior lecturer for the MA programme in Applied Imagination at Central St. Martins. Together they discuss how the human sensory nervous system can inspire fashion design, advances in smart fashion, and how designers are using data in conjunction with the human imagination to create truly innovative clothing.
In this episode, host James Ingram talks to Dr Pippa Malmgren, the former financial markets advisor to President George W Bush, economist, author, and founder and CEO of H Robotics. Together they discuss the use of AI in the commercial drones industry; how business leaders should respond to seismic changes in the technological landscape, and the ways in which governments have embraced data.
In this third episode, we will be talking about using VR in car design with Alex Alexiev, senior designer at McLaren Automotive.Taking his inspiration from travel, cars, architecture and aviation, his philosophy that design is a 3D art form is perfectly aligned with McLaren’s vision, which is all about using cutting edge technology alongside craftsmanship.
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