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About OlivierWith a career spanning nearly 3 decades and having worked in Telecom, Advertising Tech, HR Tech and even a Weather platform – Olivier has always been curious about technology and it’s intersection with society & culture. He believes in ‘giving back’ and over time has been a Mentor / Advisor for 6 different initiatives – ‘Art for Humans’ being the most recent. A trained classical pianist - in Spliqs, Olivier has managed to ‘marry’ his two loves; music & Ai. Linkedin - Show Notes[01:37] – Episode Intro[01:56] – About Olivier Vincent[03:29] – Working with different technologies and disruption over time[07:02] – Ai’s role at Weatherbug[08:24] – What constraints should we think about with new tech?[10:42] – Book: Steven Pinker - The Better Angels of Our Nature[13:18] – Music & Ai + What is Spliqs?[16:29] – What was the original problem the Spliqs team was trying to solve?[17:55] – The UX and tech behind Spliqs[21:47] – The opportunities of democratizing music[24:36] – Tik Tok and original music creation[25:26] – The meditative power of music creation[26:50] – Reducing the barriers of entry [30:55] – Technology cycles getting shorter & upskilling/reskilling[36:43] – What resources would you recommend to a young person today?[41:31] – The political dimension of Ai & having PM Justin Trudeau’s ear[43:57] – OpenAi & Ai Collaboration[45:28] – ‘Bias’ in Ai[48:07] – Contact Olivier[48:30] – Episode Outro Links-       Weatherbug-       Book: Steven Pinker - The Better Angels of Our Nature-       OpenAi
About JillHaving started her career at almost 20 years ago at GM Hill Holiday Advertising and then subsequently working at Verizon Telecom, SXM Radio, Shutterfly & Creative Live; Jill has been part of some major shifts in the advertising and design worlds. Just as driven today as when she first started out, her succinctness and energy can’t be missed! Linkedin - Show Notes[01:35] – Episode Intro[02:15] – About Jill Callan[03:01] – About[03:40] – Why did you join What problem does it solve for people?[06:30] – What motivates the team at, given people use Powerpoint & KeyNote?[09:15) – The Ai & Automation component in[11:50] – Spending more time on the content & context[12:20] – Kenny Nguyen – Author of ‘The Big Fish Experience : Create memorable presentations that reel in your audience’[12:45] – Designers as part of the ecosystem[13:58] – What is the role of technology in the democratization of design?[15:20] – Clearscope: Automating Content Creation for SEO[16:36] – Tesla, IBM, Salesforce using[18:20] – The general state of the advertising & branding industries today[19:48] – Shifts in talent within agencies over time[20:35] – Clearbit : data products & API’s [21:14] – Will we see more engineers in agencies? Will design schools have more technical instruction?[23:38] – Upskilling / Reskilling advice[26:47] – Recommendations on Courses / Videos etc. to start with[28:05] – The good & bad of Ai + automation of jobs[29:19] – Contact Jill[29:56] – Episode Outro Links-       Kenny Nguyen’s Book on Creating Memorable Presentations -       Design Agency : 368 -       ClearScope – Automating Content Creation for SEO-       Clearbit – Data products & API’s -       Ai Conferences in 2020 -       Josh Bersin on Technology-       TED Talks Ai Playlist
About JennaHaving started out as a developer and switching to design mid-way, Jenna is today the Group Creative Director of RGA – a 40 year old global company specializing in technology, design & marketing – part of the IPG network. Her work in Ai also sees her as the CEO of MirRx (An Ai Smart mirror startup in NY). Between developing innovative Ai Design solutions for Fortune 500 companies to delivering keynotes at SXSW - over the past 14 years she has worked to bridge the gap between data science, engineering and creatives. Linkedin - Show Notes[01:40] – Episode Intro[01:54] – About Jenna Niven & RGA[02:56] – Going from being a developer to practicing design to now Ai + Design[06:54] – ‘The Ai Creativity Model’[11:34] – How far are we from seeing Ai Robot Designers at the workplace?[16:56] – Brain Simulation[19:32] – Think of Ai as similar to the brain of a child[21:47] – What’s your opinion on how Ai & Automation is portrayed in the news?[26:43] – Regular design process Vs. a design process incorporating Ai[32:52] – Do designers need to know coding to get started with Ai?[37:58] – JWT & Microsoft recreate a modern Rembrandt[41:40] – ver.2 of Forgery?[43:20] – Tech cycles getting shorter & upskilling / reskilling / new jobs[47:07] – Job losses will be equal to Job gain even with Ai[48:01] – Contact Jenna[48:21] - Episode Outro Links - : Ai / Python Nanodegree-       Jupyter Notebook-       SXSW 2018 Limitless Creativity: How to Design in an AI World by Jenna Niven-       Brain Simulation-       Jenna Niven on       Surveillance State : China-       Natural Language Processing-       ImageNet-       Google’s Graphic Novel on Ai / ML-       IBM on Artificial Intelligence-       McKinsey on Artifical Intelligence-       Deloitte on Artificial Intelligence-       Deloitte : 16 Ai Case Studies-       JWT & Microsoft recreate a modern Rembrandt-       Predicting Poverty with Ai-       Prince Charles caught up in Forgery Scandal-       World Economic Forum – Job losses equal to job gain-       Timescale for a robot to take over your job
About AnupDriven to solve ‘big’ problems, Anup is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Spext, a Media AI company based out of San Francisco and Bangalore. After doing his MBA from Babson College in Boston and a few stints in other startups, where he shipped two products from concept to MVP to hundreds of millions of users, Anup co-founded Spext with the intent of addressing the challenges in voice content creation.  Linkedin - Show Notes[01:37] – Episode Intro[02:00] – About Anup Gosavi[02:25] – About Spext[03:26] – The genesis of Spext[08:47] – Differences between designing for audio as a medium vs. text / image / video[12:14] – The role of Ai in Spext [16:28] – Can I record ‘Atlas Shrugged’ in my voice with just a small voice sample?[18:26] – Optimizing for ‘Range’ Vs. Optimizing for ‘Fidelity’[20:33] – What opportunity does Ai create for sound engineers and editors?[22:48] – Democratizing ‘storytelling’[23:54] – Designing for voice systems like Alexa & Google [28:31] – 8 part series on ‘How To’s’ of Podcasting[30:36] – Vernacular focus[31:57] – What are the challenges of being an entrepreneur?[33:56] – Technology, User Experience & Human Behaviour Shifts [37:35] – Upcoming trends in the Voice Ai space & with Spext[40:40] – Specific courses or references to start with[41:11] – Contact Anup[42:06] - Episode Outro Links- 8 part series on ‘How To’s’ of Podcasting - Amazon tutorial for starting with Alexa
About RaghavHead of Customer Marketing at CleverTap, Raghav has been involved with Ai + Marketing in his two previous roles as well at & A coffee aficionado and pet lover, Raghav is passionate about exploring new realms of marketing, cultures and coffees. Linkedin - Show Notes[01:35] – Episode Intro[02:05] – About Raghav Kumar[02:30] – About[03:48] – Automation & Ai in CleverTap[09:10] – Things marketers can do better with Ai/ML[11.26] – B2B SaaS[12:40] – Customer Data Platform Vs. Customer Relationship Management Platform[14:18] – Where does design play a role? Data influencing design decisions[16:34] – Design for diversity – making design more inclusive when dealing with data[19:30] – Is there a CleverTap approach to designing for data?[21:34] – Ai’s impact on designers and artists as a whole[24:22] – How do you brand yourself for ‘trust’ while dealing with large amounts of data?[28:40] – How should people approach upskilling & relearning in the machine age?[30:39] – Drift : Companies doing interesting things in the marketing + automation space[32:00] – Skepticism & Optimism about Ai & ML[33:48] – Contact Raghav[34:39] – Episode Outro Link -       A16Z – Playbook on Ai  -       Coursera-       Lynda-       Upgrad
About SahejSahej has exhibited at the Vancouver Biennale, Centre for Contemporary Arts : Glasgow and the Setouchi Triennial besides besides winning the Forbes Award for Debut Solo and being featured by Vogue as amongst the ’40 under 40’ to watch. HarshitAn IIT and MIT Media Lab alum, Harshit has carried out residencies in Brazil, Korea and Japan and exhibited at Ars Electronica and the Tate Modern. Show Notes[01:37] – Episode Intro[02:19] – About Harshit Agrawal[02:59] – About Sahej Rahal[04:04] – How would you explain Ai art to a lay person vs. traditional art?[09:17] – ‘Juggernaut’ by Sahej[15:30] – ‘Authorrise’ by Harshit[20:57] – With Ai - who is the ‘author’? When there’s you, the machine and the audience?[22:35] - Roland Barthes – ‘Death of the Author’[24:14] – Is this unanswered because there isn’t a large enough body of Ai Art today?[26:05] – Google’s ‘Transformer’ as a collaborator[26:35] – Dan Dennett on ‘The Illusion of Consciousness’[28:15] – What about people who have discomfort with this kind of Ai Art exploration?[33:42] - Systems of ‘Art’ and ‘Ai’[34:32] – Marcel Duchamps : ‘Fountain’ (Urinal)[39:05] – Other Ai Artists you find interesting[39:41] – The artists that were part of the first Indian Ai Art show[40:35] – Sougwen Chung[42:22] – Pierre Huyghe at Skulptur Projekte[44:26] – Courses, videos etc. for young or experienced artists to check out[47:14] – Gene Kogan Tutorials[48:31] – Ai : An Introduction – Episode 2 of The CreativeAi Podcast[48:56] – ‘Masked Reality’ by Harshit[49:44] – ‘Antraal’ by Sahej[51:21] – Technology driven art in social frameworks – ‘Act4Amazon’ Instagram Filter[54:12] - Contact Harshit & Sahej[55:03] – Episode Outro Links-       Unity-       Unity Youtube Tutorials -       ‘Juggernaut’ by Sahej Rahal-       ‘Authorrise’ by Harshit-       Ars Electronica Festival-       Roland Barthes – ‘Death of the Author’-       Google’s ‘Transformer’-       Dan Dennett on ‘The Illusion of Consciousness’-       Marcel Duchamps : ‘Fountain’ (Urinal) -       Gradient Descent: First Indian Ai Art show-       Mario Klingemann-       Anna Ridler-       Nao Tokui-       Tom White-       Memo Akten-       Jake Elwes-       Sougwen Chung -       Pierre Huyghe-       Pierre Huyghe at Skulptur Projekte-       Blender 3d software-       Github Community-       Gene Kogan Tutorials-       PyTorch-       Tensorflow-       Ai : An Introduction – Episode 2 of The CreativeAi Podcast -       ‘Masked Reality’ by Harshit-       ‘Antraal’ by Sahej-       Act4Amazon Instagram Filter
About JustinA former ‘Helicopter Crew Chief’ in the U.S.Marine Corps – a lot of people wouldn’t have pegged Justin down for corporate life! Also a math geek, Justin finished a Masters Degree in Math & Science once he left the Marine Corps and subsequently worked as a Marketer in the Oil&Gas industry and finally started his own digital marketing agency before joining Quite a ride! Linkedin - Show Notes[01:35] – Episode Intro[02:00] – About Justin Wells[06:20] – About Conversational Ai[09:15] – About[12:52] – What does Conversational Ai mean for human customer support roles?[15:34] – Ai Chatbots[16:14] – Are companies (using Ai Chatbots) changing their HR training modules for reps impacted by this change?[18:44] – How Is designing for websites with ‘chat first’ interfaces different?[20:50] – How does a chatbot mimic human empathy? What about ‘bias’?[26:10] – Augmented Intelligence Vs. Artificial Intelligence & Skynet[29:30] – Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) and their impact on jobs[31:09] – Dealing with technology cycles getting shorter & rewiring your brain[34:54] – Is Conversational Ai more relevant for some industries more than others?[38:00] – A chatbot as an extension of your Sales & Marketing team[40:33] – Advice to a student hearing about this new technology[43:30] – Contact Justin[44:22] – Episode Outro 
About SatejA Cornell and ISB alum, Satej was part of the AWS team at Amazon and Head of Product for TaxiForSure before starting his Founder journey at Rocketium. Despite growing Rocketium to now servicing over 120,000 users from all across the globe – Satej is approachable as ever and always ready to chat about product management, marketing, ‘the startup hustle’ – as long as it’s over some pizza! Linkedin - Show Notes[01:35] – Episode Intro[02:11] – About Rocketium[02:24] – About Satej Sirur[02:53] – Rocketium’s focus past, present, future[03:57] – How has the focus changed over time?[05:04] – Focus on large scale content creation[06:50] – Your opinion on ‘automating creativity’ and where is the automation in Rocketium? [10:04] – What is the difference between ‘automating’ a task Vs. using ‘Ai’ on the task?[13:32] – Does automation devalue the ‘creativity’ needed on a task?[15:50] – What impact does this automation have on film makers & video editors?[20:00] – Are there some tenets to keep in mind while design for products built for a large number of users?[22:01] – Designing software for hyper personalization[23:47] – 80% of the internet consumption is video [25:48] – The shift in video consumption[27:32] – What about Ai & Deep Fakes?[30:47] – What’s it like being an entrepreneur?[33:58] – Reskilling / Upskilling & the ‘growth mindset’[37:38] – Learning more about automation & Ai[39:41] – Contact Satej[40:24] – Episode Outro Links -       Two Minute Papers
About Alan A tech enthusiast, Alan has 25+ years of consulting experience, with a large part of it to software vendors & enterprises all over the world. A key-note speaker at multiple tech conferences, he has held leadership positions at major analyst firms including Ovum, RSG and 451. He is also a trained Analytical Psychotherapist, a film actor (with over 20 films to his name) and a professional artist. Linkedin - Notes[01:35] – Episode Intro[02:01] – About Alan Pelz Sharpe[03:17] – How did this ‘Ai’ tech become as big as it is today?[05:20] – Where does Ai play a role in my everyday life? Why are people sceptical about it?[07:50] – How far are we from Ai becoming ‘self aware’? How aware are we about its impact?[10:54] – How is Ai being used in the creative world?[13:40] – Rembrandt’s art revisited with Ai[15:20] – Ai as a mimic and Art as original thought and expression[17:51] – Human in the Loop[18:54] – So is Ai like a ‘child’?[19:55] – Impact of Ai in human life[22:00] – About the book : Practical Artificial Intelligence – An Enterprise Playbook[25:26] – Book went to No1. on the Bestsellers list on Amazon US & India sites[25:45] – Kiran Mazumdar Shaw endorses the book[26:33] – How do people get comfortable with new tech that they don’t know much about?[28:14] – Blockchain – “A shared version of the truth”[30:27] – How does a buyer know if a piece of tech is actually ‘Ai Enabled’ as opposed to it being a marketing tactic?[33:19] – How do I get buy-in for Ai in my company?[36:24] – What is ‘bias’ in Ai? ‘Explainable Ai’ & ‘Ai Check Tools’[41:05] – Microsoft Tay – the chatbot that became self-aware and went haywire[43:29] – Human in the loop and ‘Explainable Ai’ is important[46:48] – Amin Toufani & Exonomics[47:00] – Shorter technology cycles and reskilling / upskilling[49:10] – What advice would you give someone who wants to start this Ai journey? Especially artists, musicians – people in the ‘creative’ sphere[54:06] – Contact Alan[55:34] – Episode Outro Links -       The Next Rembrandt -       Practical Artificial Intelligence – An Enterprise Playbook -       Kiran Mazumdar Shaw-       Microsoft Tay-       Amin Toufani : Exonomics
About KarnBeing a brand strategist & designer for 16+ years with Exit Design, Karn got curious about the idea of automating design in the last few years and so founded He is also passionate about making design accessible to all, and drives – an initiative for NGO’s to get high quality design work, next to free. A foodie, craft beer lover and martial artist when he isn’t binging on the latest Ai or self-improvement podcast! Linkedin - Show Notes[00:27] –[01:24] – Gary Kasparov : Augmented Intelligence and not Artificial Intelligence[02:16] – Resonance Studios[02:28] – Contact KarnLinks-       Outlined : Ai Design Automation-       Gary Kasparov : Augmented Intelligence and not Artificial Intelligence-       Resonance Studios 
About KatjaKatja is a sought-after keynote speaker and has spoken at Interaction Latin America, Design Up (Bangalore), Women In Design, Leaders in Heels, Women In Commerce – one of her personal motivations is to inspire other women, especially in her industry, to reach toward their definition of professional success.She is the Managing Director of Designit, Australia & New Zealand, a global strategic design firm. She is considered to be an Australian Pioneer with over 2 decades experience in the field of ‘experience design’ (these include service design, customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) design). She is also the International Director on the Global Board of the IxDA - Interaction Design Association.  In her spare time, you'll find Katja tending to her farm, riding a horse or on the highway on her motorbike - or even engaging in some ice hockey!Linkedin -[2.16] - Katja Introduction[5.27] - Should designers be worried? [7.40] - Who's going to ask those human questions?[8.02] - Designers, Empathy, Leadership (& Sociopaths)[10.21] - What do we know and not know about Ai?[11.03] - Narrow Ai, General Ai (Enter C3PO & Star Wars) & Superhuman Ai[13.11] - Matt Veloso Quote (Tech advisor to Microsoft CEO)[14.28] - Areas that Katja has explored Machine Learning & Design[14.50] - Designit : Transport & Womens Safety[18.17] - Making sense of data for designers[19.10] - Do designers need data skills / have to learn code?[21.55] - Netflix data & design[23.04] - If you don't do 'data driven design' - you could get left behind[24.26] - HBR Article - How to choose your first Ai project[26.59] - Augmented Services Canvas - Pontus Wärnestål[28.29] - Ethics, Data & Design[30.28] - Values & Bias in the data model[31.51] - Who is the canvas for & how is it used?[33.31] - How do you become aware of your own biases?[34.18] - Dunstan Allison Hope[35.35] - Microsoft Cardgame : Judgement Call[38.22] - Transparently talking about datasets : Microsoft Ai Ethical Principles[42.16] - Opportunities for designers from Covid[43.05] - DesignIt's approach & the 'New Business Canvas'[46.10] - Book Recommendation - Life 3.0 : Max Tegmark[46.27] - Personal inspiration : Marie Van Driessche : Designing for differently abled [48.20] - Something that keeps Katja grounded[49.24] - What are you hopeful for?[50.07] - Contacting KatjaLinks - How to choose your first Ai project- Augmented Services Canvas - Pontus Wärnestål- Dunstan Allison Hope- Microsoft Cardgame : Judgement Call- Microsoft Ai Ethical Principles- Designit New Business Canvas- Book : Life 3.0 - Max Tegmark- Personal inspiration : Marie Van Driessche - Contacting Katja
About SharminShe is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. She has authored two books, the first one 'Y.O.U' (You Own Yourself) being a best-seller by the New Indian Express & the Oxford bookstores. She is also the founder of the Art-Right-Is theatre troupe , formerly into enterprise B2B sales at Mu Sigma and today the CEO of one of the fastest growing Ai based content startups globally. Linkedin -[0.51] - Instoried Introduction[1.10] - Sharmin Introduction[1.45] - Instoried Past & Present [2.30] - The 5 stages of Content Marketing[3.15] - Measuring engagement of content [4.25] - The opportunity Instoried identified[6.07] - Where do agencies stand in all this?[7.56] - The research behind Instoried[8.48] - Learnings from the research[10.41] - Tech augmenting human productivity[12.28] - The 'emotion' framework behind the tech[14.42] - Are brands more conscious of 'emotion' in this Covid world?[17.30] - Metrics to measure ROI[19.11] - How does a marketer evaluate an 'Ai' product?[23.05] - Foraying into vernacular, Hindi & Spanish[29.08] - Will the Ai engine create content from scratch?[30.14] - Ai Bot writes Game of Thrones Script[32.01] - Instoried for Video content[36.15] - Could market researchers use Instoried?[38.05] - Instoried's Chrome extension [39.05] - Book recommendation : Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark[40.52] - Personal Inspiration : Steve Jobs[42.49] - What keeps you grounded?[44.26] - What are you hopeful for?[45.32] - Contact SharminLinks- Ai Bot writes Game of Thrones Script- Book : Life 3.0 - Max Tegmark- Steve Jobs' Stanford Speech- Contact Sharmin
About ChuShe is the Country Co-ordinator for ‘Fashion Revolution’ in Singapore – it is a global movement that campaigns for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. Their trend reports are worth checking out. Chu was also the founder of Shop Bettr – a fashion tech startup to help consumers find sustainable alternatives. She is a ‘Climate Reality Leader’ trained by Al Gore – and a German Translator acknowledged by the German Embassy in Singapore. Website - - CharlesHe is the founder of – a platform using deep learning to deliver actionable insights for ecommerce, logistics & manufacturing. He is also presently a partner at BOSS Capital; an early stage investment and advisory firm, based in Hong Kong – but beyond this, he has been involved in the investment banking, management and technology space for over 30 years now across Tokyo, New York, London and Hong Kong. He also has a love for and supports preservation of “Kyo Machiya” – a traditional wooden building style seen in Kyoto, Japan.Linkedin - -[1.42] - Chu Introduction[2.30] - Charles Introduction[3.23] - What to you is sustainability?[5.06] - Where does technology play a role? Tell us about[9.29] - Manufacturing efficiencies in Fashion through data; Jim Heppleman & Myuki Kakuma[10.55] - 3D CAD in Fashion[12.05] - About [14.15] - Small business access to data tech[15.24] - SA 8000, BSCI, UNSDG's - what does a business choose?[17.16] - Set internal goals first or agree to a universal standard?[18.47] - Transparency in fashion[20.54] - Impact of customisation [21.47] - Fast Fashion stats; Is sustainability scalable when people have to lose jobs?[26.15] - Is technology doing enough to incentivise change amidst predictable cycles of profit?[31.10] - Consumer pressure, policy & German Due Diligence Law[32.28] - Corporate investment in re-skilling across the supply chain[33.45] - Govts. role in funding & down-stream impact[36.14] - Virtual avatars & virtual clothing[37.50] - Can digital clothing help Gen Z'ers move towards those longterm sustainability goals?[39.15] - Digital supermodels, Christian Louboutin's virtual show - are investments growing here?[42.27] - Advice to a student, pattern maker, manager to navigate this change[44.24] - Book Recommendation : 'To Die For - Is Fashion wearing out the World? by Lucy Siegle', 'Artificial Intelligence : A Modern Approach by Peter Norvig & Stuart Russell' , 'The Art of Statistics by David Spiegelhalter' [45:42] - Personal insprations : Yuan Longping, Lex Fridman's podcast, Book : The Naysayers Bookclub : 26 Singaporeans you need to know by Simon Vincent[46:46] - One thing that keeps you grounded[47:11] - Looking ahead, what are you hopeful for?[47.52] - Contacting Chu & Charles[48.39] - The history of fast fashion; Book : The Fabric of Civilization by Virginia Postrel[53.08] - H&M's push towards sustainability[54.07] - Govt. incentives towards sustainability in labor & the aftermath of the Rana Plaza collapse Links- Rana Plaza Collapse - H&M Transparency- Fashion Revolution- Jim Heppleman- 3D CAD for Fashion- ShopBettr- UN Sustainable Development Goals- SA 8000 Certification- BSCI Certification- Ocean Microplastics- Garments produced each year- Zara’s design to production approach- German Human Rights Due Diligence Law- North Carolina State University Textile Dept.- DressX - Christian Louboutin Spring ’22 Virtual Show- Podcast : Lex Fridman- Book : To Die For – Is Fashion Wearing Out the World by Lucy Siegel- Book : Artificial Intelligence : A Modern Approach by Peter Norvig & Stuart Russell- Book : The Art of Statistics : How to Learn from Data by David Spiegelhalter - Yuan Longping- Book : The Naysayers Bookclub : 26 Singaporeans you need to know by Simon Vincent- Book : The Fabric of Civilization by Virginia Postrel- Fashion Revolution : Transparency Index 2021 
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