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Welcome to the Creep Dive, a podcast in which hosts Sophie White, Jen O’Dwyer and Cassie Delaney investigate and report on the lesser known details of that bizarre stories that made the headlines. From con artists to encounters with the supernatural, we delve deeper than any normal person has time for.

The Creep Dive is produced by Tall Tales Podcasts.

Hosted by: @sophie_white_

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Well creeps, you've blown us away this week so the least we can do is get the episode up on time. Firstly, THANK YOU to all the creeps who bought tickets to our Creepmas show - for those of you who missed out fear not, we're planning a full stadium tour in 2020. BUT FOR NOW, we have a splendid episode full of lies, cons and our favourite activity: soliciting murder. #CanYouCreepIt?
Well hello there creeps! This week we have the second of our Halloween live shows - fear. The OG Creep Dive Ghost Lady. Sophie Voice Talent White brings to you the tale of a haunted Galway baby. Cassie Blue Ball Delaney has an unsolved mystery from the west and Jen 95% Rotten O'Dwyer has her creepiest tale yet. DISCLAIMER: This was recorded in a live venue and the sound is inconsistent in places. Back to normal this week. #CreepItFriendly
Oh No! Where Did Moe Go?

Oh No! Where Did Moe Go?


Jen O-D-W-Y-E-R has a story in which another family adopt a chimp. What more can be said?
Happy weekend my little creepoids. Today we bring you a show that is best consumed after your Sunday roast. Best selling author Sophie White delivers the tale of a chart topping, ticket selling band who had everything except fans and Jen O’Dwyer has a mighty meaty murder.#DoYouWantCreepsWithThat?
G’day creeps! This week some of our favourite creeps of creeps gone by are back in the news. We’ve got updates on the Ukrainian Orphan and our OG Creep Queen Samantha Azzopardi. Elsewhere Sophie White brings to you the curious case of the quintuplets, commodified by the Canadian government and kept in a baby zoo. Buckle down, it’s a long one.#CreepYourHeadUp
Happy Halloween Folks!What kind of low budget creepy podcast would we be if we didn’t deliver a creep just in time to ruin Halloween. Tonight we bring to you three very different but equally distressing tales. First up Cassie has a catfish story that has it all - love, lies, bail and Jesus. On this dark day Sophie delivers the origin story of every horror film ever and Jen (as only Jen could) has a story about a goat and how his addiction to drinking wee wee has fatal consequences.#TrickOrCreep
The Tragedy of the Triplets

The Tragedy of the Triplets


Good morning creeps!Today we bring to you two very different tales. The first, delivered by SophWhiteWrites SophWhiteWhoop, is a tragic tale of triplets and an immoral social experiment that only has a place in 1960s New York. To really set us up for success for the day then, Jen gifts us with the “true story” of a haunted Nazi dummy that is terrorising it’s owners.#CreepsACrowd
What would you do if your apartment was haunted? Luckily, part time ghost buster Fainche popped by the studio to tell us an otherworldly tale AND give us some practical ward advice to off the spirits. Jen is in her element, Sophie finds a twin soul and Cassie near shits her pants. #CreepABoo
We're back from Cork and blown away by the support and creepy commitment you all displayed. This week's episode is a recording live from Kino (a great little venue). Jen brings to you the tale of a Goose on The Loose - a small town hero named Andy who won the hearts of many but the rivalry of another. Cassie delivers the chilling details of Ireland's Vanishing Triangle and finally Sophie relays the tragic tale of an exorcism gone wrong. Settle in creeps, it's got gore. #LiveFromTheRebelCreepy
Wakey wakey creepy heads! We’ve got an action packed creep for you this week before we hit the road to Cork for next week’s live show. Jen starts us off with some good oul fashioned Renaissance torture, murder and blood baths. Cassie has a tale of murder and too many suspects and finally Sophie eases us into the week with an anxiety heavy tale of a bride, a kidnappy and SIX HUNDRED disappointed guests. Maybe have your breakfast before you stick this on…#GoToCreepGoToCreepGoToCreepLittleBaby
Good morning creeps! If you’ve woken up with a craving for creep delivered by three loose-with-the-facts hosts then you’ve come to the right place. This week our inboxes were ABLAZE with the tale of Natalia Grace, a Ukranian Oprhan with dwarfism who transpires to be a 22-year-old con artist with big dreams of murdering her adoptive families. Cassie and Jen O-D-W-Y-E-R tag team this one and deliver it with ease you’d expect from two people who have never practiced telling a story together. Elsewhere, the artist formerly known as Soph White Writes, delivers a tale about a writer who ominously pens her own tragedies.
HELLO CREEPS, this week we have a trio of local creeps. Firstly, Jen O Dwyer jumps across the pond to tell you the tale of the fairy hoax that fooled Sherlock Holmes. Cassie has a personal creep and Sophie White brings to you the story of an Irish kidnapping con. It’s a good un!#ThreesACreep
It’s a FRIDAY FEAST...literally. What better way to ease yourself into the weekend than to listen to two new traumatic tales. First up, Jen O Dwyer brings to you the antics of Stoffel the honey badger - an animal you probably didn’t know you should be terrified of. Then we head to Sophie White who shares the story of a group of reluctant cannibals. It’s gruesome this week but still as wholesome as always. Creep on in, we’re all friends here.#ChowDownCreeps
Creeps, sorry for the delay. You’ll forgive us though when you begin to sink your teeth into this week’s JUICY EPISODE. It’s got everything - love online, a seedy killer and an unsolved mystery. It’s light, then dark then super dark. Creep on in.#WhatTimeDoYouCreepThis
We’re back this week with a healthier happier but still potentially libelous Jen O D W Y E R. Her story is a personal tale about a creepy neighbour and a never ending gift exchange. Cassie has a lesson in how not to get away with murder and Sophie brings to you the story of the world’s worst missionary. This episode also contains a lot of chat about a llama. ENJOY!#CreepusChristLovesYou
This week we have a super exciting episode - It’s OUR FIRST CREEP DINE WITH ME. Cousins Megan and Hazel join us in an evening of debauchery that resulted in a very confused Jen O’Dwyer but a very impressive five part harmony. New friends Megan and Hazel deliver the tale of Steven Staynor, a young boy with a tough life but a heart of gold. After a brief pizza break, Sophie delivers a story that has it all - lies, fraud, wanking and murder. Come on over, it’s a longy. #CallMeByYourCreep 
Good evening folks! We’ve got a brand new creep for you this week with the tale of a dream house turned worst nightmare… It’s weird, it’s wonderful and it’s finally been edited for you all to enjoy. @jenodwyer brings to you the inside scoop on Area 51, @SophieWhiteWrites has the greatest reactions of all time and @CassieLorraine has a new doggo that deserves your love and attention. Enjoy yisserselves#CreepingUpWithTheJoneses
Jen’s Solo Ghost Story

Jen’s Solo Ghost Story


Jen’s penchant for the paranormal takes centre stage this week with the tale of Dear David, a creepy child ghost who has been haunting the hallways of illustrator Adam Ellis. The tale, documented in weeks of tweets is soon to be made into a movie but you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be as enjoyable as this dramatic reading. #WhoYouGonnaCreep?
GOOD MORNING CREEPS! This week @CassieLorrains brings to you possibly the most lucrative online love affair e’er there was. @SophieWhiteWrites has a very on brand tale of a creep who went from soft porn to dismemberment in 0.2 seconds, and @jenodwyer hassss a great time sitting in a very warm studio. Creep on over children, it’s a stomach churner. #ImACreepDate
Welcome to the dregs of the internet creeps and creeplemen! This week, Jen continues to give David Attenbourugh and shoddy run for his money with some FACTS about natures natural brain eating zombies. Cassie shares a sad tale of a soul destroying crush that began with some fab art and ended in terrorist activity. Finally, Sophie White explains why one should never square up to a bear #CreepMeInYourHeart
Comments (18)

Brooke Venning

good episode but, seriously, don't eat something sticky (?) in the middle of your show. It sounds awful.

Nov 19th
Reply (2)

Brooke Venning

two things: First, tickling people has been used as actual torture by the Chinese and in ancient Rome, just to name a couple. Second, I think it's adorable that you guys say someone "has tickles" instead of that they "are ticklish." 😁

Oct 31st
Reply (1)

Mark Scott

Fantastic Ghost Story. Sage smells like weed!

Oct 27th

Sarah Pearson

love this pod! like...the girls are batshit, but the best kind of batshit. the stories can be so dark but the hilarity they bring in telling them is just fecking fantastic. Crying laughing at most of them and they help me keep my sanity in the office some days 🙏my only problem is that it's only one episode a week.... I need a daily fix at this stage. quit your day jobs and do full time pod please! I'm happy to become a groupie 🙌

Sep 27th

Gillian McInerney

Cried laughing at this episode!

Sep 1st

Sarah Ferrigan

ahhh Jaysus, I'm traumatised

Aug 30th

Siobhan McGrogan

LOVE LOVE LOVE this. The way the stories are told I am sucked in immediately and laugh out loud at the interruptions which are totally called for and are exactly the same things I want to know. Well done girlies. Keep up the great work.

Aug 26th

Jessamy O'Dwyer

This is the podcast of my dreams! I love the meandering nature of their delivery, it feels like an organic (albeit gas and weird!) conversation that I would have with my friends. I love all the weird and wonderful stories they cover, and their chemistry is brilliant. So many laughs throughout, keep up the good work ladies!

Aug 10th

Darren Sheridan

The podcast started good, I really enjoyed some episodes . The first few were interesting but it seems there running out of topics to discuss. The fact checking is terrible. Especially in the most recent episode, where they call Jordan Peterson. Possibly the most well known clinical psychologist of our time an alt right, nazi who hates women. Witch couldn’t be further from the truth. It just shows how clueless they are to facts

Jul 12th
Reply (1)

Sophie Bloomfield

love these three women together So much chemistry and general gasness Look forward to it every week

Jul 1st

Sarah Ferrigan

This and Mother of Pod never fail to make me laugh. Thank you so much. (I love the meandering tangents btw)

Jun 7th

Marie Muldowney

Love the stories. Always quality Storytelling. And I actually like the talking over each other, it makes it feel like I'm with ye and it's all the more real. Keep up the creepy telling.

Apr 21st

Simon McQuaid

Ridiculously overlong, but this is not unusual from this particular member of the group. A,B,C : accuracy, brevity and clarity are key in holding an audience

Feb 23rd

Simon McQuaid

Jen is undoubtedly the star of this show. Lose the deadwood and go solo.

Feb 23rd
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