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This is The Crossway Podcast, a show where we sit down with authors each week for thoughtful interviews about the Bible, theology, church history, and the Christian life.
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A couple of weeks ago, we asked readers to submit their questions for Dane Ortlund, and many of you sent in questions from around the world. Questions like how Christ's gentleness fits with his wrath, whether or not we should really say God has emotions and if so, what they're like, and how Jesus, God Incarnate, can really understand what it's like to face temptation like we do.
Stephen Nichols discusses the fascinating life and ministry of the late R. C. Sproul. He reflects on the first time he met Sproul and talked with him face-to-face, shares more about how R. C. was like in private as a husband, father, and friend, including his passion for hunting and love of practical jokes, and he explains the key theological emphases and controversies that shaped Sproul's public ministry.
Listen to a special two-hour preview of 'R. C. Sproul', including the book's introduction and first chapter. Stephen J. Nichols offers an in-depth look at Sproul’s life and ministry, highlighting the profound impact Sproul had on the lives of many during his lifetime and beyond.
Christopher Ash discusses why anger is such a powerful, dangerous emotion for the Christian. He walks through some of the key Bible passages that address the topic of anger, explains how we should think of imperfect, often selfish human anger compared to God's perfectly righteous anger, and offers advice to the person who struggles to control his or her anger on a regular basis.
Conrad Mbewe discusses what American Christians should know about the church in Africa. He dispels common misconceptions related to African Christianity; summarizes the big issues facing local congregations including unbiblical superstitions, widespread poverty, and a lack of theological education; and he highlights what American believers can learn from our African brothers and sisters in Christ.
Sam Crabtree discusses what the Bible really means when it says to be "thankful always and for everything" in passages like Ephesians 5:20. He explains why the topic of gratitude is actually more foundational to the Christian life than you probably think, offers practical advice for cultivating gratitude in the ups and downs of our everyday lives, and highlights how a belief in God's absolute sovereignty over all things connects to having a thankful heart in all things.
Brett McCracken discusses what it looks like to pursue true wisdom in a noisy and confused age. He highlights the dangers of living in a constantly connected, information-saturated world, explains why the local church, good books, and even nature are crucial for our spiritual health, and he makes a critical yet often overlooked distinction between gaining knowledge and pursuing wisdom.
Marshall Segal discusses singleness and dating as a Christian. He shares some of his own story including his struggle with contentment as a single person, how to deal with feelings of guilt and shame related to your past, and advice for discerning whether or not you and your significant other are ready to take that next big step and tie the knot.
Jani Ortlund discusses the joys and challenges of being a pastor's wife. She reflects on what it's been like to be married to a pastor and immersed in full-time ministry for nearly five decades, shares advice related to how a ministry wife should respond to criticism of her husband, and offers encouragement for the woman struggling with unrealistic expectations and a lack of close friendships within the church.
Michael Reeves discusses what the Bible is actually getting at when it commands us to "fear the Lord." He makes the case for the difference between rightly fearing God and sinfully being afraid of him, explains why the fear of the Lord is so often paired with examples of God's gracious blessing and commands to love him in Scripture, and offers encouragement for the Christian wrestling with consistent guilt, shame, and even fear on account of their sin.
Rosaria Butterfield discusses what it looks like to embrace the Christian call to radical hospitality even during a pandemic. She shares about how her family has sought to continue reaching out to those around them with the love of Christ, reflects on our tendency to spend more time reading the news than reading our Bibles, and calls on Christians to fight against the fear that threatens to destroy our witness.
Barbara Hughes discusses why discipline is important for Christian women. She highlights her own struggle to cultivate a disciplined life over the years, reflects on an important lesson she learned from key mentors like Elisabeth Elliot, and offers encouragement for the listener who feels like she's struggling in her spiritual walk right now.
Kent Hughes discusses why discipline is so important for the life of a Christian man. He explains how discipline is actually aimed at freeing us to be the men that God called us to be, how to fight the addiction to entertainment so common among men in our culture today, and why working hard when it comes to our spiritual growth is not the same thing as working for our salvation.
Bob Kauflin discusses his work as a songwriter and worship leader. He reflects on how God led him into a career in music, what his process looks like when it comes to writing songs for the church, and what it's like to lead a crowd of thousands in worship at a conference like Together for the Gospel.
Jeff Vanderstelt discusses what it means to be fluent in the gospel and why that's an essential part of what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus. He reflects on his own journey as a pastor and efforts to cultivate a culture of gospel fluency in the churches where he has ministered, highlights why the concept of the missional community is so central to how he views what the church is called to be, and unpacks why living in light of the gospel should impact literally every facet of our lives as God's people.
Stephen Meyer discusses the controversial topic of theistic evolution. He explains what the term does and doesn't mean, describes the amazing digital code at the heart of all life on earth, and highlights significant scientific and philosophical problems with many forms of theistic evolution advocated today.
Joel Beeke discusses the doctrine of Christ's ongoing intercession in heaven. He explains what that doctrine is all about, where we find it in the Bible, and why it is more important and spiritually edifying than you may realize.
Erik Raymond discusses what it looks like to cultivate a spirit of contentment in a world that often seems dead set on helping us do just the opposite. He explains what is unique about a distinctly Christian approach to contentment, highlights the connection between contentment and gratitude, and offers practical advice for navigating the consumerism of the holiday season that's just around the corner.
Listen to a special two-hour preview of 'The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self,' including the book's introduction and first chapter. Historian Carl Trueman analyzes the development of the sexual revolution as a symptom, rather than the cause, of the human search for identity.
Carl Trueman discusses our culture's current obsession with identity and changing attitudes about gender and sexuality. He offers a crash course on key historical figures and ideas that have shaped us in profound yet often unnoticed ways, highlights what conservative Christians often misunderstand about the LGBTQ cause, and offers advice when it comes to navigating an increasing hostile culture in the coming years.
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Alex Juarez

The unclean, the clean, and the holy, gradations in the OT of closeness to God.

Jul 2nd

Robert Charles

Does not download

May 15th

Robert Jackson

Love this! great podcast talking about what we are for first and foremost as believers in Christ. we stand on something great than economic systems. I love this!

Jan 21st

Robert Jackson

Love this episode! Such a practical way to review what we stand on and what we stand for above all else!

Jan 21st

Scott Mericle

Really great episode... appreciate all of the excellent topics and interviews on the crossway podcast!

Jan 15th
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Lionel Kékéndi

This was very edifying! 🙏🙏

Sep 24th

Akos Balogh

This is a brilliant discussion. Thank you!

Aug 7th
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