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This is The Crossway Podcast, a show where we sit down with authors each week for thoughtful interviews about the Bible, theology, church history, and the Christian life.
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Gunner Gundersen discusses what to do when you just don't feel like going to church. He explains why that might be the most important time to lean into corporate worship with other Christians, reflects on the hard work of bringing our emotions and affections in line with what we know to be right and good for us, and he offers advice for the person who feels hurt or betrayed by the church.
Denny Burk discusses how Christians should think about transgenderism. He walks through the Bible's countercultural teaching on gender and sexuality, offers timely advice for parents who want to be proactive about helping their kids navigate these issues, and answers two critical questions many of us have when it comes to the transgender movement: how did we get here, and what's next?
Melissa Kruger discusses the importance of mentoring relationships for all Christians. She reflects on her own experiences learning life-changing lessons from older women, highlights some of the core aspects that should be in place in every mentoring relationship, and shares advice for overcoming the imposter syndrome that so many of us feel when it comes to helping others follow Christ.
Betsy Childs Howard discusses stories and the importance of moral formation for children. She talks about why stories are such a powerful tool for instilling deep, biblical truths in our kids, how the world catechizes our children everyday even in ways that might surprise us, and why intentional moral formation and an emphasis on the gospel of God's grace are not mutually exclusive.
Mark Vroegop discusses the challenge of racial reconciliation and how the biblical practice of lament offers Christians from different backgrounds a common language for productive, God-honoring conversation. He shares from his own experiences walking alongside and learning from minority culture Christians, recounted the time that God opened his eyes to his own blindness while sitting in the office of an African-American pastor, and offered a response to those who wonder if the evangelical church in America will ever make real progress on these issues.
Megan Hill discusses the importance of the local church for our lives as God's people. She reflects on the challenging season we've all been in due to COVID-19, explains why the local church is so essential for our spiritual growth as Christians, and offers three practical suggestions for cultivating deeper relationships with other church members.
Rhyne Putnam discusses how Christians should think about theological diversity and disagreement within the body of Christ. He highlights the importance of reading and assuming the best about those with whom we disagree, explains when it's appropriate to call something a gospel issue and when it's not, and suggests three questions to ask ourselves when evaluating whether or not a specific doctrinal position is worth fighting for.
We're excited to announce the launch of a new podcast from Crossway created for the whole family: The Big Picture Story Bible podcast!
David Chapman discusses what it's like to be an archaeologist. He shares from his experiences overseeing an excavation site in the Middle East, explains how archaeology can bolster our faith and enhance our understanding of the Bible, and reflects on the most exciting archaeological discovery of his career.
David Murray discusses the why and how of family worship. He reflects on the impact regular family worship had on his own life as a child, shares practical advice for getting started for the first time, and highlights the three main reasons families most often fall off the bandwagon when it comes to staying consistent.
Ligon Duncan discusses how Christians can face profound life-changing suffering with their faith intact. He shares stories of severe suffering from his own ministry as a pastor, reflects on God's role in our suffering and how he often uses it to draw us closer to himself, and offers encouragement from God's word to listeners currently in the midst of a season of intense pain.
Jonathan Leeman discusses his argument that multiservice and multisite models run counter to the pattern for the local church we see in the New Testament. He explores the irony of discussing church gatherings in the midst of a quarantine, lays out his biblical and practical reasons for believing this, explains how we define the Greek word for church ekklēsia is so important in this conversation, and reflects on pushback received from other pastors, such as the objection that it could harm our church's evangelism.
Dane Ortlund discusses his answer to a question we've all wrestled with at some point: does God actually like me? He highlights what Scripture says about God's disposition towards us as redeemed sinners. He explains what Jesus meant when he said that he is "gentle and lowly in heart." He explores what it means that Christ is continually interceding for us before the Father in Heaven, and why that truth should be the source of so much comfort and hope for us as Christians.
Nancy Guthrie discusses some of the less well-loved characters of Scripture like tax collectors, scribes, Pharisees, and even Judas Iscariot, Jesus's betrayer. She also highlights what we can learn from Jesus's scandalous family tree, and why it's good news for sinners like us.
Listen to a full audio recording of Coronavirus and Christ—a brand-new book written and read by John Piper.
Gavin Ortlund discusses what to do when you disagree with another Christian on some point of doctrine.
Check out a preview of Crossway's newest podcast, Gentle and Lowly: A 14-Day Devotional with Dane Ortlund.
Collin Hansen discusses the idea of blindspots—problems with our lives, priorities, and even theology that we don't even know are there. He explains our tendency as Christians to separate ourselves into one of three camps, highlights how technology and our politically charged culture fuel division in the church, and reflects on what it would look like to wake up to our own blindspots and to lovingly engage with those with whom we disagree.
Phil Ryken discusses the literary qualities of Scripture. He makes the case for focusing not just on what the biblical writers said, but also on how they said it, which contributes to the meaning of the text. He also explains why this literary approach to the Bible has largely been neglected by evangelicals, what it really means to read the Bible literally, and how all of this relates to the plain meaning of the words of Scripture.
Bob Cutillo discusses the current coronavirus pandemic. He explains what's currently happening in the US and around the world, offers a broader perspective on how we should think about this virus in light of history and our Christian faith, and offers godly, practical advice to all Christians as we seek to trust God and love others well in these uncertain times.
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Robert Charles

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May 15th

Robert Jackson

Love this! great podcast talking about what we are for first and foremost as believers in Christ. we stand on something great than economic systems. I love this!

Jan 21st

Robert Jackson

Love this episode! Such a practical way to review what we stand on and what we stand for above all else!

Jan 21st

Scott Mericle

Really great episode... appreciate all of the excellent topics and interviews on the crossway podcast!

Jan 15th
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Lionel Kékéndi

This was very edifying! 🙏🙏

Sep 24th

Akos Balogh

This is a brilliant discussion. Thank you!

Aug 7th
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