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Author: Jeff Galvin

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Imagine a world without HIV. We’re pursuing a potential cure for HIV using gene therapy, and we believe we could see the end of HIV in our lifetimes.

For people living with HIV, a cure would mean no more lifelong antiretroviral therapy, no fear of AIDS, and no possibility of being contagious.

On “The Cure Chronicles” Podcast, we take a deep look into the lives of extraordinary individuals – authors, comedians, doctors, community leaders, educators, advocates, and more – many with their own diagnoses, who are all striving toward the common goal of ending HIV.

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5 Episodes
In this episode of The Cure Chronicles Podcast, we feature Dr. Deanna Kulpa. Dr. Kulpa is an assistant professor at Emory University whose work largely focuses on defining the mechanisms that promote HIV persistence in ART-treated individuals living with HIV. Dr. Kulpa's laboratory employs novel in vitro, ex vivo and OMICS approaches to identify pathways and mechanisms that improve the understanding of HIV latency establishment and maintenance.Dr. Kulpa earned her Ph.D. in Human Genetics in 2005 from the University of Michigan in the laboratory of Dr. John Moran studying non-LTR retrotransoposons of the human genome. Dr. Kulpa did her post-doctoral training with Dr. Kathleen Collins at the University of Michigan, focusing on HIV mechanisms of immune system evasion. Dr. Kulpa was recruited to Emory University in 2016 and has since established her research program focused on understanding the dynamics of the HIV reservoir that serve to maintain latently infected cells during anti-retroviral therapy. Currently, Dr. Kulpa is the principal investigator or co-investigator for 5 National Institute of Health (NIH) grants awarded by the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Dr. Kulpa also serves on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Virology and the Scientific Advisory Board for Jericho Sciences, LLC.
In this episode of The Cure Chronicles Podcast, we feature Guy Anthony, a passionate HIV/AIDS activist, community leader, and writer. Following his HIV diagnosis, Guy has dedicated his life to eradicating the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS. He is the author of "Pos(+)tively Beautiful," a book of affirmations for those living with HIV, and the founder of the Black, Gifted & Whole Foundation, which awards scholarships to support Black, queer men at HBCUs. Previously, he served on DC’s Ryan White Planning Council, managing funding for HIV support initiatives and contributing to platforms like and Guy has also organized the #POZTALK summit and #POZ-ONLY advocate dinners, aiming to create inclusive discussions across different age groups and social classes, thereby empowering the Black, queer community and celebrating its diverse identities.Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, Guy is focused on taking Black, Gifted & Whole to the international stage and raising funds for the Wanda Alstron Foundation, a housing initiative for homeless and at-risk LGBTQ+ youth. He recently launched GROVER New York, a line of budget-friendly, fine leather unisex messenger bags, which he calls a "love letter to Black luxury."Stay connected with Guy Anthony’s endeavors on social media:Twitter: @IAMGUYANTHONY | LinkedIn: @Guy Anthony | Instagram: @iamguyanthhony | Apple Music: @Guy-Anthony |
Episode 3 - Susan Cole

Episode 3 - Susan Cole


On this episode of The Cure Chronicles Podcast, we welcome Susan Cole – an HIV activist, broadcaster, and writer who has over two decades of experience in advocacy for the rights of people living with HIV. Amongst an impressive portfolio, Susan has been named Woman of the Year by NAZ OSCARS for her work with women of color living with HIV and has also been honored as one of the top 10 Black HIV influencers in the UK.Today, she is the Community Engagement, Marketing, and Membership Manager at NAM aidsmap – a charity responsible for publishing accurate, independent, and accessible information about HIV/AIDS. Susan also hosts and leads production for the award-winning series aidsmapLIVE while simultaneously managing NAM’s Patient Information Subscription Scheme.Follow Susan Cole on social media:Twitter: @susancolehaley |Instagram: @susancolehayley |Threads: @susancolehaley |
Episode 2 - Bobby Cook

Episode 2 - Bobby Cook


In this episode of The Cure Chronicles, Jeff interviews Bobby Cook, founder of Copper Cactus Ranch, a unique retreat in Arizona offering support and camaraderie for men. Bobby's heartfelt journey of providing a sanctuary for men struggling with identity and societal pressures is nothing short of inspiring. At Copper Cactus Ranch, men find acceptance, understanding, and a safe space to be themselves. Bobby's unwavering compassion and commitment to helping others rebuild their lives are changing the world one person at a time.Join us as we explore the science, stories, and spirit of those driving us toward a cure. Together, let's believe in the power of science and the strength of our community.Follow Bobby Cook on social media:Instagram: @coppercactusranchmensretreat
In our inaugural episode, we sit down with Dr. Marcus Conant, a pioneer in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. While overseeing the inpatient dermatology service at the University of California, San Francisco, Dr. Conant identified Kaposi's Sarcoma in patients seeking care. Realizing the need for immediate action, he founded the Kaposi’s Sarcoma Research & Education Foundation in 1982, which later evolved into the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Despite the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS, Dr. Conant led early clinical trials and remained steadfast as he witnessed 94% of his patients succumb to the epidemic in its early years.Currently serving as Chief Medical Officer at Addimmune and a clinical professor emeritus at UCSF, Dr. Conant's influence extends beyond clinical practice to education, research, and advocacy. With over 70 published articles on AIDS treatment and multiple testimonies before Congress, he continues to be a fierce advocate for the LGBTQ community.Follow Dr. Marcus Conant on social media: LinkedIn: @ Marcus Conant |