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If you’re an entrepreneur, leader or a globe-changer... DREAM. THINK. DO. is for you.

D.T.D. is a podcast that will get YOU the stories, science and strategies you need to DREAM bigger, THINK better and DO more!

Whether you’re a lifestyle entrepreneur wanting to grow your business or you’re a big thinker who’s wanting to live a more epic life… this podcast will help you to do it! With guests like Brendon Burchard, John Lee Dumas, Michael Port, Carrie Wilkerson, Chandler Bolt, Bob Burg, Lewis Howes and Good Morning America’s Sara Haines, as well as deep dives from D.T.D.’s creator Mitch Matthews, you’ll be inspired and equipped to take your business, your leadership and your life to new levels.

Mitch Matthews has been spreading the DREAM. THINK. DO. message for years from corporations to college campuses. He is now bringing that message directly to you with this weekly podcast. Hear stories and tactical advice from people who are living their dreams. Through his Big Dream Gatherings, his keynotes and his coaching, Mitch has helped thousands of people to not only discover but to go after their dreams.

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250 Episodes
My guest this week is Tim Campos.  While Tim was Chief Information Officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg called him into his office and challenged him to fix things and make Facebook more productive.  Tim took that challenge and doubled their overall productivity in a year - making it one of the most productive companies in the world. Not surprisingly… the biggest shifts all had to do with how people were using their calendars.  We dig into the specific strategies so you can make 2020 your most focused and productive year yet!   Listen To The Podcast:   RESOURCES: TIM’S COMPANY:    MORE OF THE STORY: Here's a question:  Did you ever have a sense that something was killing your productivity?   Maybe… you get to the end of a long day… you worked hard… you’re exhausted… but you look back and you’re not sure what the heck you got done? Or maybe you’re listening to this particular episode while you’re driving to work… and your brain is already buzzing and you’re tempted to feel overwhelmed… almost like you’ve got a bunch of monkeys jumping around in your head.  (Maybe that’s just me. LOL!) Well… today, we’re going to be talking with the man who helped the employees of Facebook to double their productivity. He did it in a surprising way. Mainly… he went after their calendars.  Wild right? Well… that’s why we’re calling this episode “Why calendars are killing your productivity.”  I think you’re going to dig it.   By the way, Tim is now the CEO of, which is an intelligent calendar for busy professionals. His personal motto is “Take the work out of work.”  He’s used that motto and approach to life to help a lot of people and a lot of organizations. As CEO of Woven, Tim's taking the lessons he’s learned to reimagine how people use their calendar, so they can spend time on what matters most to them. Since it’s early 2020… and we’re wanting to help you make 2020 your best and most productive year yet… I wanted to have Tim on to talk about specific strategies to help you take your own productivity to the next level! Comment below and let us know which strategy stood out to you.  Plus, I would love to hear from you on what’s working best for you.  Share your best PRODUCTIVITY tip and/or your favorite hack for beating the calendar and getting things done!     Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today! 1:21 Meet Tim 2:49 How your calendar is ruining your productivity 4:28 Our most valuable asset 6:50 Making appointments with yourself 9:35 You will become what you spend time on 11:50 How to make your calendar smarter 16:49 No meetings Wednesday 18:47 How long the average meeting is 21:40 How to connect with Tim 22:02 Wisdom of the week 23:25 Mitch's biggest takeaways 34:14 Mitch's final thoughts   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
Be More (Pirate)

Be More (Pirate)


My guest is Sam Conniff.  His new book is called “ Be More Pirate … how to take on the world and win.” In it, Sam’s all about helping you revolutionize the way you think… live… and work.  This entrepreneur for South London dug into history to be inspired by some of the most innovative, inclusive, and successful thinkers the world has ever known.  That’s right! He got his playbook for life from the golden era of pirating. In this conversation, we dig into ways to rebel against the status quo… rewrite the rules... and make 2020 the best year yet.     Listen To The Podcast:   MORE INFO ABOUT SAM CONNIFF   SAM’S WEBSITE: SAM’S BOOK: Be More Pirate    MORE ABOUT THE EPISODE: So Steve Jobs once said… “I’d rather be a pirate than join the navy.” When you think about it… it’s often the rebels who changed society, change the way we do business and make a difference in the world. If you’re a DREAM THINK DOer… that means… you’re willing to dream bigger… think differently and DO the stuff others might not have the guts to do.  That’s who we are! Well… my guest today… Sam Conniff gets that. His new book is called “Be More Pirate… how to take on the world and win.”  In it… Sam’s all about helping you revolutionize the way you think… live… and work. He started his first company when he was 19 and has now become an award-winning social entrepreneur.  Sam has launched and led several companies, mentored thousands of young entrepreneurs… and with organizations like Forbes Magazine saying he’s one of the sharpest thinkers on the planet… he’s now a sought after thought leader and is speaking around the world… and helping organizations like Google and Facebook.  Leave a comment below and let me know what ideas and stories stood out to you!   Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today! 1:58 Welcome Sam to the podcast 5:35 The history of pirates 7:20 The most famous female pirate 12:48 The biggest mistake we can make 13:56 The unexpected thing you can learn from pirates 16:01 How pirates are agents of change 13:59 What risk can do for a team 19:14 How Sam is bringing piracy to big companies 24:32 Formulating a new code 27:10 What three principles can you fight for? 28:26 How you can become more pirate 31:14 Wisdom of the week 34:14 Mitch's final thoughts   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
This week is a deep dive into 3 things I’ve learned from doing 250 episodes of DREAM THINK DO.  These keys might seem counterintuitive. They are: 1.) Embrace Comparison, 2.) Be a Novice and 3.) March Through the Mess.  We’ll dig into what each of them mean… the stories and strategies (and science too) behind them… AND how they can help us make 2020 our best year yet!  Also, I want to say THANK YOU for being with my on this DREAM THINK DO journey. Whether this is your first DTD episode or your 250th… I’m so glad we’re in this together!     Listen To The Podcast:   RESOURCES:   Episodes Mitch Mentions: BRING YOUR AWESOME! with Neil Pasricha. - Episode 247 Beating the Comparison Trap - Episode 183 Overcoming Comparison with Good Morning America’s Sara Haines - Episode 32 The Four Tenents for Yoga and for Life with James Miller - Episode 248  PTG - Post Traumatic Growth - Episode 172    More Info on the episode: In this episode, we talk through 3 key things I’ve learned from doing 250 episodes of DREAM THINK DO.   MAJOR THEMES: Embrace Comparison Become a Novice March through the Mess EMBRACE COMPARISON:   Obviously, a comparison is something we have to be VERY careful with.  Great thinkers have warned us about it since the dawn of time:   [Tweet "“Comparison is the thief of joy.” - Theodore Rosevelt"]   [Tweet "“Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.   Comparison is poison.”   - Jon Acuff"]   [Tweet "“Personality begins where comparison leaves off.   Be unique.  Be memorable.  Be confident. Be proud.”   - Shannon Alder"]   So you might wonder why I would ever say… “Embrace Comparison.” But this idea was sparked when I interviewed Neil Pasricha - for DTD Episode 247 - “Bring Your awesome!”   He had 6 best selling books and two of those books have spent 100 weeks on the NYT bestseller list!  Amazing. Before I hit “record” for our interview, we got to talk for a bit.  As we were chatting I congratulated him about the success of his books and I asked him what it felt like to have an NYT Best Selling book.  Without skipping a beat, he said, “Do you know what happens the minute you get an NYT best selling book?” I said, “What?” He said, “You start to see all the people who have TWO NYT best selling books, and you start to feel pressure to get your second!” We wound up talking about how he shakes that feeling off… and just keeps doing his thing.  BUT he confessed that’s something he really had to watch out for. That was a powerful moment and I really appreciated his transparency.   It’s something I NEVER have to deal with… ha!  Just kidding… of course. In fact, we dove into this subject in depth in episode 183. For me, negative comparison can creep up… as I interview people who have done amazing things!!!  Especially if those achievements involve things I aspire to do too! I can feel it sneaking up and it threatens to steal the job of having a great conversation with an awesome person. So I need to look to evolutionary psychology for a little awareness… so I can keep things healthy.  As you probably know… “evolutionary psychology” is the theoretical approach in the social and natural sciences that examines psychological structure from a modern evolutionary perspective. It seeks to identify which human psychological traits might actually be evolved adaptations - that is, the functional products of natural selection or sexual selection.    In this episode, we’ll talk about “Upward” and “Downward” comparison and how to stay on the helpful side of going “tribal!”  One of the best ways I can do that is by asking questions like: How can I be learning from this person? What are they doing that I want to do? How can I be helping this person?   These simple but powerful questions help to direct my thinking towards healthy comparison and help me to be fully present and enjoy connecting with ...
The Gift Of Listening

The Gift Of Listening


Give the gift of “Intentional Listening.”  That’s right! This week we’re doing a deep dive into the subject of giving one of the best… most sought after… most coveted gifts a person can give.  It’s the gift of being fully present and listening intently. I know… I know… it’s almost too simple. But in our busy world… I think we can all agree that feeling like someone is truly listening is a rare thing.  All the distractions… pings… bings… and alerts… can keep us from being fully engaged. So, at this time of year… when everyone is looking for that PERFECT gift… I thought it would be good to review some simple but powerful strategies to help you listen more effectively!     Listen To The Podcast:   Click here to download the DREAM THINK DO “Listening Cheat Sheet.” MORE INFO: So… I think we can admit that we’re all guilty of not listening at times in our lives. We tune people (even the important ones… sometimes) out when we’re trying to concentrate on something we’re doing, while we’re binging on Netflix, while we’re being bombarded by all the pinging, dinging and ringing distractions… or when we’re exhausted at the end of a long day.  Listening can impact us at home and… of course… at work too. Recently, The Harvard Business Review reported on a story involving the top executives of a large manufacturer based in Chicago.  These execs were asked to reflect on the role listening has played within their work. Then those same leaders participated in a seminar on intentional listening.  After being exposed to some specific listening strategies (like what we’re covering in this episode), the participants shared some epiphanies and “light bulb” moments around listening:  “Frankly, I had never thought of listening as an important subject by itself. But now that I am aware of it, I think that perhaps 80% of my work depends on my listening to someone, or on someone else listening to me.” “I’ve been thinking back about things that have gone wrong over the past couple of years, and I suddenly realized that many of the troubles have resulted from someone not hearing something, or getting it in a distorted way.” “It’s interesting to me that we have considered so many facets of communication in the company, but have inadvertently overlooked listening. I’ve about decided that it’s the most important link in the company’s communications, and it’s obviously also the weakest one.” Can you relate? It’s true.  Listening is critical to our relationships and to our business success. Again… the good news is that listening is a skill just like speaking, writing, typing or learning to play tennis (or pickleball… cuz… yeah… it’s fun to say “pickleball!”).  That means we can learn to be better listeners and we can unlearn some of the bad habits we’ve all developed.   And that’s why we’re digging into this crucial topic today… especially around the holidays. We’re going to talk about HOW you can listen more effectively and intentionally.   So you can give it as a gift to the important people in your life!   Quick Episode Summary: 0:20 What to expect today! 2:50 Mitch's favorite weird gifts 6:00 The best gift to give 7:50 What everyone truly wants 9:44 Mitch's free gift to you 10:30 Who has been a good listener to you? 11:52 What body language does to listening 19:03 Limiting distractions 20:14 How to show someone you're listening 21:28 The big FU questions 25:28 What do you want to work on? 25:45 What's coming up next   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
My guest this week is James Miller. James is the creator of Adamantine Yoga. He’s also one of the most innovative thinkers I’ve ever met. James has been bringing his unique thinking and approach to the world of yoga… and I believe… he’s on the verge of a huge breakthrough. We’ll talk about that more in the episode. Plus, I can tell you he’s already pulled off at least one miracle… and that’s getting ME to practice yoga… and I’ve actually been loving it.     Listen To The Podcast:   RESOURCES: Adamantine Yoga:   MORE INFORMATION: James came to yoga after being a Marine. When he started, he would be the first to tell you that he could do 30 pull-ups and 100 pushups but he couldn’t touch his toes. Now… he’s one of the most flexible people I’ve ever met, and at 48 years old he’s in the best shape of his life. Since I turn 50 next year… and I’ve said that is one of my goals is to be in the best shape of my life in my 50th year and beyond, so James and his approach really grabbed my attention. Apparently… I’m a little late to the game with yoga. A recent study found that over 20 million Americans practice yoga on a regular basis and that continues to grow each year. Plus, I hear from a number of you that you practice it and I know you love it. So we’ll be talking about some of the strengths of yoga and some of the big misperceptions and big questions too. BUT... whether you have ever practiced yoga or not… I think you’ll benefit from hearing about James’ outlook on life and the 4 tenets his school is based upon. Those tenets are: Integrity Non-violence Surrender Gratitude We’ll talk about why they matter to the school, to the practice of yoga and… most importantly… how they build on each other to help us to live a better life. I want to hear from YOU! What stood out to you from this conversation? And… tell me about YOUR experiences with yoga. What are some of the things YOU have learned so far? I can’t wait to hear from YOU! Comment below and let me know.   Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today 1:54 Who is James Miller? 4:18 How and why James started doing yoga 8:08 When James started to understand yoga 11:23 The push back James endured 13:18 How James is reforming the yoga space 16:15 The four tenets of yoga 20:44 What makes James a great teacher 23:47 The spiritual side of yoga 27:47 How James is taking his message to the world 30:26 The best way to learn yoga 31:16 How to learn more about James   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
Bring YOUR Awesome!

Bring YOUR Awesome!


Today my guest is Neil Pasricha. He thinks, writes, and speaks about intentional living. Neil is the New York Times bestselling author of six books, including The Book of Awesome and The Happiness Equation. These two books have spent over 200 weeks on bestseller lists and have sold over 1,000,000 copies. He also hosts the award-winning podcast 3 Books where he’s on a fifteen-year journey to uncover the thousand most formative books in the world.     Listen To The Podcast: RESOURCES: Neil’s Book:  You Are Awesome: How to Navigate Change, Wrestle with Failure, and Live an Intentional Life Neil’s Blog: Neil’s Site: Neil’s Social Media: Connect with him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook @neilpasricha MORE OF THE STORY: Neil has degrees from Queen’s University and Harvard Business School, but he will also be the first to tell you that he “almost” got fired from his first job at Procter and Gamble and his first franchise went down in flames. But he rose up like a phoenix with an amazing story… and now he’s got his best selling books, his fascinating podcast, his blog with millions of hits… and he has one of the most viewed talks on In fact, his TEDx talk, "The 3 A's of Awesome", is ranked as the ninth most inspiring TEDx talk with over 3 million views. In total, he has sold over 1 million books. His books and his TED talks are all based on Pasricha's popular blog called “1000 Awesome Things.” He’s won three Webby Awards and PC Magazine listed it as one of the top blogs in the world. Most importantly… he lives in Toronto with his awesome wife Leslie and their three sons. In our conversation, we’ll talk about strategies to help you with becoming more resilient, becoming failure-proof and being less anxious and more awesome.     Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today! 2:42 Welcome Neil to the show 3:28 What inspired Neil's new book 4:11 The true definition of awesome 5:54 Neil childhood 8:53 Practicing positivity 12:27 Why anxiety rates are climbing 14:09 The one thing Neal wants the world to know 17:49 Intermittent fasting technology 20:43 Neil's own hardest advice to take 24:34 Why you should aim small 27:31 Neil's failed TED Talk 30:09 Mitch's biggest takeaways   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
2 Minutes to Confidence

2 Minutes to Confidence


Today I’m getting you a strategy that will boost your confidence in 2 minutes. That’s right. It’s a simple step you can take to increase your feelings of confidence, well-being and focus! It’s a concept straight out of the growing field of study known as “Micro-Resilience.” These tools enable you to create “positive psychological changes which lead to more energy, engagement and joy in the face of life’s challenges. And who doesn’t want more energy, engagement, and joy in their lives? So let’s get to this!   Listen To The Podcast: RESOURCES: DREAM THINK DO Episode 172: Post Traumatic Growth - BOOK SUGGESTION: Micro-Resilience: Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive and Energy by Bonnie St. John RESEARCH: Cuddy, A. J. C., Schultz, S. J., & Fosse, N. E. (April 01, 2018). P-Curving a More Comprehensive Body of Research on Postural Feedback Reveals Clear Evidential Value for Power-Posing Effects: Reply to Simmons and Simonsohn (2017). Psychological Science, 29, 4, 656-666. MORE ABOUT THE EPISODE: We’re talking about “Micro-Resilience” and “Power Poses” in this episode. Since we’re all about helping you to dream bigger, think better and do more of what you were put on the planet to do… I’m always looking to experiment with ways to increase our resilience. Some strategies lend themselves to what’s called, “Pre-Traumatic Growth” by Bonnie St. John in her book, “Micro-Resilience: Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive, and Energy.” These are positive psychological changes that lead to more energy, engagement, and joy in the face of life’s challenges. And who doesn’t want more energy, engagement, and joy in their lives? Specifically… who doesn’t need a quick boost of energy and confidence when we’re heading into a potentially stressful situation: Maybe it was a situation at work: Getting ready for a presentation Going into a difficult conversation Prepping for a job interview Or maybe it was a DREAM THINK DO Scenario: Walking into a NEW class you’ve always wanted to take and finally signed up Pitching your IDEA to that person who might be able to help you make it happen Finally asking her THAT question In this QUICK DTD episode, we’re going to talk about something that’s been labeled “Power Poses.” It’s a technique in which people stand in a way that a “powerful” or “assertive” might stand or hold themselves. By doing so, some researchers have found these “poses” actually increases a sense of confidence and focus. The idea of “Power Posing” was first named and described in a paper by Dana Carney, Amy Cuddy, and Andy Yap in the journal, Psychological Science. In their initial research, Carney, Cuddy, and Yap asserted that “High-Power Poses” produced an increase in testosterone (which causes an increased sense of confidence and focus) and a decrease in cortisol (which tends to reduce a sense of anxiety). These researchers have continued to produce studies and books on the subject. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that some of their underlying science has been disputed. And some researchers really push back on this concept. BUT… that’s where our “experiment” will come in. I want you to give it a try. I can tell you that since I don’t have an easy way to check my own testosterone or cortisol, I’m not 100% sure my rates change in the slightest. BUT I can tell you that I’ve been utilizing the “Power Poses” for the last year or more… and it’s made a difference. And even though some researchers might poo this and/or consider it a placebo effect… I can tell you that I’ve benefited from it significantly. So, I wanted to share it with you! In this episode, I’ll walk you through some specifics and scenarios… then I want you to try it out. Comment below and let me know what you think! Real deal… hocus pocus… or something in between? I can’t wait to hear from YOU! Comment below and let me know!
This week our guest is Mitch Matthews. I know… I know. You might be saying, “But you’re the host. So how does that work?” Well, one of my coaching clients wants to have her own podcast someday. So I let her interview me as an “experiment,” and she did such an incredible job… I wanted to share the conversation with you. We’ll call this episode “20 [really good] questions with Mitch Matthews.” We dive into questions around breaking through fear, how I got into the speaking/coaching business, when I started dreaming (this one might surprise you) and how I freaked out my parents when I was a kid (which might help you with your kids, too!).   Listen To The Podcast: Okay… so we’re taking a little different approach to this episode and here’s the back story. You guys know that I’m a success coach and I work with people one-on-one to help them get clear on their goals and dreams… and then help them to build a plan to walk it out. As we do that… my client and I work to create experiences and challenges along the way to help them experience versions of their dream. This process often allows them to “take their dream for a test drive,” and see if they actually enjoy it. Recently… one of my coaching clients… an incredible person named Cheri Judd... mentioned that she thought about doing a podcast someday. She’s got a great heart… she’s awesome at asking questions… and she’s naturally curious… so it seemed like a great fit. And since we’re always looking for ways to experiment with dreams… I volunteered to be a guest… and I had her interview me as if she would for her future podcast. So… yeah… we did it as an experiment. What’s really cool was… she was awesome. She asked some great questions and it was really fun. Plus, she got me to think about some things and tell some stories… I’ve never told on DREAM THINK DO… or ANY podcast I’ve ever been on. Originally… the idea was just to do the recording for practice… so we didn’t really concentrate on sound quality or a big fancy intro. We just kept it really simple. BUT it was a great interview. We celebrated and it really confirmed that she was on to something because she really enjoyed the experience too. Well… in the past few weeks… as we’re getting closer and closer to the mile marker of episode 250… a number of you suggested that I turn the mic on myself and have someone interview ME on DREAM THINK DO. And that got me thinking about Cheri’s interview. It was so fun and she did such a great job, I thought that might be perfect! Plus… I think this will be really encouraging for Cheri to have the world hear her facilitate an interview too. I think it will fuel that fire. Plus, you guys can let her know that she really is good at this. Now… again… we didn’t focus on sound quality… so it’s not up to our normal standards on that front… but as long as you can put up with that… I think you’ll really enjoy the conversation. And my hope is… that as you hear a little more of my story… it’ll inspire you to push through some fears… because as you’ll hear… I had a LOT of them… I hope it will help you think about some of your own dreams and goals… AND… to be grateful for the people who have helped you along the way! So let’s get to this…   Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today! 3:40 Mitch's background 6:47 What Mitch learned from his first job 14:07 What Mitch went to college for 15:44 Mitch's love for England 19:02 How Mitch discovered his passions 22:43 When Mitch started chasing his dreams 25:42 The meaning behind the podcast name 26:19 Mitch's life right out of college 30:11 How Mitch followed God's clues 40:49 How Mitch generated leads 43:51 What keeps Mitch motivated 49:44 Mitch's biggest takeaways   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
My guest today is David Osborn. David is a best selling author, successful entrepreneur and real estate investor based in Austin, Texas. He’s going to bring 3 keys to building a millionaire mindset as well as breaking free from a scarcity mindset! Now… Dream Think Doer... I know you’ll appreciate David’s story because although he’s wildly successful NOW, he wasn’t just handed all of this. He had to work at it. In fact, at the age of 26, he was broke, unemployed and he was fresh off a low-budget trip around the world. But he got intentional and things started to change… big time.   Listen To The Podcast: RESOURCES: At 26, David decided to test his entrepreneurial theories… as well as lean on the wisdom and values he’d learned from his parents and from his global travels He started to partner with his mom (who was a real estate agent) and he started to experiment with real estate sales. It wasn’t a good fit initially, but David started to be intentional about who he was spending time with and who he was learning from. Within 10 years, he was running one of the top real estate brokerages in the world. Since then… he’s gone on to help launch over 50 companies. I was introduced to David by my friend and past DREAM THINK DO guest Rock Thomas. You probably remember Rock from episode 219 ( He brought pure gold. So when he suggested having David on the show… I was all in. Although I’ve been impressed with his achievements… the more I dug into his story, I’ve been blown away by how everyone talks about him. They've said that he’s a BEAST at getting things done and being passionate and fully present wherever he goes. So THAT got me curious. I wanted to get in his head to hear about his strategies for dreaming bigger, thinking better and doing more! Plus… I have to say I really respect that with all of his business achievements, David points to his marriage to his talented wife, Traci, and their 3 awesome kiddos as his biggest priority and greatest accomplishment. I am totally on board with that! He’s living the DREAM THINK DO life… and it’s going to be a great interview! Be sure to leave your comments below. I want to hear from YOU!   Quick Episode Summary: 0.02 What to expect today 1.05 The opportunity you don't want to miss 2:55 Meet Davi6:11 What drives David 7:23 When David got into real estate 13:12 How to become Superman in your business 18:14 Being purposeful 19:00 Setting and achieving goals 26:00 Putting yourself in a position to win 28:59 How to connect with David 29:17 Mitch's biggest takeaways   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
My guest is David Hauser. David’s a serial entrepreneur and the author of “Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life.” He’s perhaps best known for co-founding and managing notable tech startups like Grasshopper and Chargify. (BTW… Grasshopper sold to Citrix for $170M in 2015) David is known as a true optimizer. In the last few years, he’s taken his approach to business (constant and intentional trial and error) and applied it to his health. Listen To The Podcast:   RESOURCES: David’s Today, David has shifted his optimization focus to health & fitness, sharing his journey of personal transformation in “Unstoppable.” In the book, David documents the radical shifts he made in diet and exercise, as well as what he learned from taking nearly every test imaginable (blood tests, stool tests, sleep tests, DNA tests, etc.). David and the book have been featured in the New York Times, FastCompany, Business Insider, Forbes and CNN… just to name a few. He’s now on a mission to bust long-standing myths around fad dieting, trendy workouts, and quick fixes, specifically calling out the health sacrifices that entrepreneurs are likely to make while pursuing lofty business goals. “Unstoppable” is a testament to the power of micro-adjustments in driving huge, lasting changes for a healthier, more successful life. In fact,’s founder, Noah Kagen said: [Tweet ""That he doesn’t know anyone who has spent more time, money or effort on health optimization than David Hauser. Now we’re going to be able to learn from his findings.""]   Today we’re going to talk about some of the most important lessons he’s learned along the way, as well as dig into specific lifestyle changes we can ALL make to achieve optimal health. Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today 3:18 Welcome, David to the show! 3:40 Why David became passionate about health 6:36 How to get a better night sleep 9:12 Preparing for a good night sleep 12:34 The best thing to do to lose weight 15:34 Eating whole foods 17:56 How the body is designed to consume things 18:45 The blood test we should take every year 22:53 Wisdom of the week 23:23 Mitch's biggest takeaways Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
Today my guest is Jess Ekstrom. Jess is the founder and CEO of “Headbands of Hope,” which is a company she started as a junior at North Carolina State University. For every headband Jess sells... a headband is given to a child with cancer. Today, “Headbands of Hope” is in over 2,000 stores across the United States and Canada. Plus, Jess has been featured on the TODAY Show and Good Morning America, as well as in Forbes, Seventeen, Vanity Fair, and People Magazine. Listen To The Podcast:   RESOURCES: Jess on Instagram Jess on Facebook Jess on Twitter   MORE ABOUT JESS: Jess will be quick to say her biggest accomplishment has been donating hundreds of thousands of headbands reaching every children's hospital in the United States and across 15 countries. Jess has a new book coming out early next month called, “Chasing the Bright Side”  and we talk about that. You’re going to want to grab a copy for yourself… and grab a few for your friends too. Oh… and I have to mention two more things that’ll make you love Jess even more: ONE… She launched her entrepreneurial endeavors at 12… when she auctioned off all of her toys on eBay. And… TWO... Jess currently lives in an Airstream with her husband Jake… and their dog Ollie. Let us know what stood out to you from the interview by leaving a comment below! I can’t wait to hear from YOU! Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today 1:31 Welcome, Jess! 4:38 The beginning of Jess's entrepreneurial journey 9:00 The power of giving back 10:45 How Jess got branded with no budget 13:35 The biggest struggle Jess had to overcome 18:48 What most entrepreneurs have in common 20:59 Why Jess wrote her book 22:43 Jess's favorite chapter in her book 25:10 The thing that doesn't come naturally to Jess 29:00 How to connect with Jess 29:42 Wisdom of the week 31:04 Mitch's biggest takeaways Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
3 Keys to Beating a Mid-Career Slump My guest is Antonio Neves. Antonio is an expert on Career Success and he’s an internationally recognized speaker, coach and author. He’s become a great friend over the years and one of the things I’ve learned about him is that he helps successful people to become even more successful. He helps them to take things to the next level and break out of those slumps and plateaus that can happen to the best of us. Listen To The Podcast:     RESOURCES: Antonio’s website: Antonio’s books on Amazon: Click here MORE ABOUT ANTONIO & THE EPISODE: You can read Antonio’s unique and powerful career advice on,, and… to name just a few. Plus, his two most recent books are a “one-two punch of raw career wisdom.” Antonio’s also an award-winning journalist. In fact, he worked in the television industry for over 10 years in New York City as a business correspondent, host, and producer with top networks including NBC, PBS, BET Networks and Nickelodeon. Antonio earned a master’s degree from Columbia University and now lives with his beautiful family in Los Angeles, California. He’s been on DREAM THINK DO twice and you can go back and check those episodes too: Episode 004: Episode 077: “True ‘Allies’ provide ‘good friction.’ They hold you accountable and support you in doing what you say you’re going to do!” - Antonio Neves Here’s some of what we talk about: The BIG question: “How do you know you’re in a mid-career slump?” You just do "good enough" work Getting promoted seems more like a burden than a reward You've stopped building relationships You've stopped taking action on your ideas You've stopped learning The BIGGER and MORE IMPORTANT question: “What can we do about it?” Start learning again Regularly finish something Surround yourself with allies Quick Episode Summary: 0.02 What to expect today! 1:18 The opportunity you don't want to miss 1:48 Get to know Antonio Neves 3:47 How Mitch and Antonio met 6:21 The professional journey 7:59 What Mitch loves about Antonio's writing 11:08 Learning how to never settle 13:15 The importance of learning 15:49 How to work your way out of a slump 19:13 Breakthrough comes in small steps 21:13 Finishing something for you 25:04 The importance of community 27:22 What happens when we support others 29:06 Wisdom of the week 32:25 Mitch's biggest takeaways
My guest is Peter Van Stralen. He has one of the best titles of all time: “Family Adventurist.” That’s right. In 2015, Peter, his wife, and their three kids sold everything other than their jeep and set off on an Epic Family Road trip. Initially around the US… but it’s now their adventure has included trips around the globe. And they’re still going! RESOURCES: PETER’S WEBSITE: THE VAN STRALEN’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Peter is an entrepreneur. In fact, he worked hard to grow a business he started in high school with his brothers into a successful franchise. But a few years ago, he participated in an employee training session. In it, the facilitator challenged attendees to write down some professional AND personal dreams. Peter is quick to admit that the professional goals came to mind quickly, but he felt a little stuck when it came to personal goals. So he took the exercise home. He wanted to talk with his wife and their three kids about some shared dreams. As they started to explore the possibilities, the idea of an epic road trip came to mind. Visit some of the National Parks. See more of the country. Do it together. They talked about it but due to Peter’s schedule… the idea didn’t get much traction. BUT the family kept coming back to the idea and it started to take root. Then in 2015, the Van Stralen’s sold everything other than their jeep and set off on something they called their, “Epic Family Road Trip.” Initially, they focused on the United States but then started to venture into Canada too. Then their daughter did a book report on New Zealand and the family started to dream of taking their trip internationally. Within a year… they had packed up their Jeep and headed down under. My conversation with Peter draws from his experiences of stepping out in this epic adventure but it also pulls from his experience of building successful businesses. In fact, he talks about how he was inspired by the following quote: “When values are clear, decisions are easy.” Roy Disney. Van Stralen’s applied this wisdom and came up with a set of family values that helped to guide them. Peter even shares a specific story where their established values helped them to make a difficult decision while in New Zealand. You can see their adventures on Youtube. As you check it out, you’ll not only see their travel “ups and downs,” but you’ll also see how they connect with and care for people… all over the planet. It’s powerful stuff. Peter and his family are truly living the DREAM THINK DO life… and they drive a JEEP while they do it… so I wanted to have him on to talk about how this all got started… and what we can all learn from it. Quick Episode Summary: 0.02 What to expect today! 1:18 The opportunity you don't want to miss 4:43 Welcome Peter to today's show 5:30 How the Epic Family Road Trip started 8:47 How long Peter's family has been on the road 10:33 What the Van Stralen's have learned about family 12:50 Peter's life lessons from the road 13:36 The Van Stralen's core values 16:44 Peter's favorite story from the road 23:02 Wisdom of the week 25:22 Where you can find Peter 25:52 Mitch's biggest takeaways Read more blogs here
My guest is Michael Diettrich-Chastain, the founder and CEO of Arc Integrated. Michael is an international speaker and consultant who focuses on leadership, emotional intelligence and change management. His writing has been featured in Time, Money, Monster, Entrepreneur and The Washington Post. His new book is called “Changes - The Busy Professional’s Guide to Reducing Stress, Accomplishing Goals and Mastering Adaptability.” RESOURCES: Michael’s book, “Changes.” “Changes” on Amazon Arc Integrated   IN THE INTERVIEW: We dig into the Four Master TIPS for NAVIGATING CHANGE. With over a decade of work with thousands of clients in the fields of organizational consulting, executive coaching and psychotherapy, Michael Diettrich-Chastain understands the need for intentional change and the stress of surprise change. In our interview, we dig into the four KEYS to dealing with change. These strategies will help you ask the right questions and focus on the right things, so stress, assumptions, pressure, and expectations won’t hijack your day and take you off course. This conversation is jam-packed with actionable strategies and tools you can start using right away. Quick Episode Summary: 0.02 What to expect today! 1:02 The opportunity you don't want to miss 2:55 Welcome Michael to the show! 4:41 Michael's relationship with change 7:30 Four tips to navigate change 10:25 Why you resist change 13:42 Asking for help 16:25 Having an unbiased input 18:28 How to manage stress  20:57 How your mindset impacts your emotions 21:46 The importance of sleep 24:35 Michael's final thoughts 26:26 Mitch's biggest takeaways   Read more blogs here!
Live FREE From Your Scars

Live FREE From Your Scars


My guest is Cody Byrns. Cody is an award-winning speaker and a #1 best-selling author. He’s also the founder of The Cody Byrns Foundation for Burn Survivors. Now, he’ll be the first to tell you that this wasn’t originally what he thought he’d be doing with his life. He was a youth pastor and an award-winning juggler. But in May of 2013, Cody’s life was drastically changed. RESOURCES: Cody's book While he was stopped at a red light on the highway, Cody was rear-ended by a box-truck that failed to stop. He was considered dead on the scene… but even though he was pinned inside a crumpled vehicle and everyone assumed no one could survive… some quick-acting first responders saw his hand move. They took action and miraculously… they were able to extract him and save his life. Cody received many injuries that day, including severe burns to almost 40% of his body. After years of countless surgeries and rehabilitation, Cody has chosen to not allow his scars to keep him bound in bitterness and defeat. Instead, he uses his story to uplift others. His vision is to help people live free from the bonds of scars (physical and emotional), equipping others with the proper steps to walk out of their past hurt and defeat and run towards their God-given potential. In the interview, we talk about:  How to let go of our scars (physical and emotional) Where to focus when you’re hurting How to create a NEW game plan How to find mentors How to forgive That’s right. We also talk about the power of forgiveness in this podcast. And in a raw and real way… we even talk about how Cody did the unthinkable with the distracted driver who changed his life forever. It’s an episode you’re not going to want to miss! Quick Episode Summary: 0.02 What to expect today 1.21 Are you a coach? Don't miss this opportunity! 3:06 Meet Cody! 5:01 Cody's hidden talent 8:29 Cody's accident 10:16 When the real battle began 14:02 The most powerful lessons Cody has learned 16:08 How Cody let go of the past 17:39 Reminding yourself of your why 18:35 How Cody started to forgive 23:06 Choosing to see the bright side 28:17 What could be holding you back from your dream 30:39 Cody's last piece of advice 31:51 Mitch's biggest takeaways
Calendar Driven To-Do List

Calendar Driven To-Do List


This week we dive into a time management strategy I call “Calendar-Driven To-Do Lists.” You know I’m a huge fan of To-Do List's… and I’m guessing you are too. To-Do lists can help us focus, get more done and implement like ninjas!!! BUT there’s a dangerous side to To-Do lists too. They can work FOR you… but if they’re done wrong… they can work AGAINST you. In this episode… we dive in a 3-step process for keeping your To-Do list working FOR you… so that you can end the day feeling like you have gas left in the tank, feeling satisfied with what you have accomplished AND feeling great about tomorrow!   RESOURCES MENTIONED: Reminders App Asana App     [Tweet "“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar"]   So… we’re all busy… but if you’re listening to DREAM THINK DO… that also means that you’re all about going after your dreams… your goals… your passions. BUT we all have the same 24 hours in a day… whether we have 2 bucks or 2 billion… we all have 24 hours. The key is to figure out the best way to use your 24! We’re going to be using TWO tools. The calendar and the to-do list. We’re going to start with the to-do list and then we’ll talk about the calendar. NOTE: You can use a paper system… but it’s a little more challenging. I’d suggest using an electronic version… like Asana. SIDE NOTE: A key is being able to see the tasks you have accomplished AND the tasks you still need to accomplish. You gotta have the satisfaction of checking those things off the list. STEP 1: If you’re using an app… (and I highly encourage that) this is your first step. Create a “Main To-Do List.” This is where you can dump all the things you need to do in one spot. THEN… STEP 2: Now, I want you to take the next step and create some new categories (or projects… depending on your app) for each day of the week: MON TUES WED THURS FRI WEEKEND   Now… you can start this process at any time… but it’s best if you can plan for tomorrow… today. So if it’s Thursday as you listen to this… you can implement right away but start by planning for Friday. So you can get the process in place for tomorrow and get ready to wake up clear and ready to go. NEXT… Start thinking about tomorrow. As you look at your “Main To-Do list,” think about what’s most important… what’s most urgent… and what needs to get done tomorrow. Move the things from your “Main List” over to your Friday list. STEP 3: THE CALENDAR NOW… comes our second tool… and STEP 3: your calendar. As we look at the items on our to-do list for Friday… I want you to find a specific time on your calendar and make an appointment with yourself to get those things done. For the bigger… more important projects… block out a specific time and name it. (ie. 9 to 10 am for Project X and 11 to noon for Project Y.) Now… I know some of you don’t have total control over your calendar. So other people may be able to schedule things without your control… and/or you might have a lot of people who can see your calendar… and if so… that sucks… but it’s a reality. So if it’s not appropriate for you to name a specific task on your calendar… then you can block out time for “ADMIN” or “STRATEGY” or IMPLEMENTATION. Use whatever term would be best in your organization. BUT… if you don’t have to deal with that… your calendar is your own… then don’t worry about it. Get specific. Find a time block for each larger task. As you think about the type of project or task and ask yourself: “What’s the best time of day to do this kind of task?” For example, for me: It’s best if I do content creation (creative writing, podcast prep, training prep) in the mornings. Then I’m better with being a part of meetings in the afternoon. Also… I do “time bundling.” So, Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be for my coaching clients.
My guest is Chase Jarvis. Chase is an award-winning artist, successful entrepreneur, and one of the most influential photographers of the past decade. He’s created campaigns for Apple, Nike, Red Bull, he’s been a contributor to the Pulitzer-winning New York Times story “Snowfall,” AND he’s interviewed some of the biggest names in business, publishing, and entertainment. He’s created a wildly popular app called “Best Camera,” and he’s the Founder of CreativeLive, where more than 10 million students learn photography, video, design, music, and business from the world’s top creators and entrepreneurs. Chase has one of the best podcasts out there. It’s called the “Chase Jarvis LIVE Show” where he’s interviewed incredible people like Brene’ Brown, Seth Godin, and Gary Vaynerchuk. Chase’s new book called “Creative Calling” is set to be released later this month. I got to check out an advanced copy and DREAM THINK DOers… this book was written for you. So be sure to grab a copy. Click Here to check it out. Today, we’re going to talk with Chase about his journey… but we’re also going to talk about how YOU can release, reawaken or re-ignite your inner-creative… whether you’ve ever considered yourself creative… or not. Let’s do this! Guest Resources: Quick Episode Summary: 2:43 Welcome Chase! 4:11 Why Chase wrote his new book 6:45 The range of creativity 12:16 The first step to creativity 16:34 Giving yourself permission 17:56 The importance of mindset 22:20 Creative systems 26:35 Listening to our heart 29:13 Intuition 31:57 You just have to start 33:41 Create something everyday 34:26 Amplifying your creativity 40:53 Final thoughts from Chase 43:01 Mitch's biggest takeaways Check other Podcasts here:
My guest is Kindra Hall. Kindra Hall is the President and Chief Storytelling Officer at Steller Collective which is a consulting firm focused on the strategic application of storytelling. Kindra believes that good storytelling is the answer to so many of today’s communication challenges. She is a speaker and trainer and she’s trusted by global brands like Facebook, Hilton Hotels, Target, Berkshire Hathaway and the Harvard Medical School. Kindra helps these organizations to better communicate the value of their company, their products, and their individuality… all through strategic storytelling. Today, Kindra’s work can be seen at, and as a contributing editor for SUCCESS Magazine. Her much-anticipated book called “STORIES THAT STICK” will be released by Harper Leadership later this month.  Get it here. In our interview… we talk about: How stories matter in everyday life How the power of “story” can be applied in branding, selling and spreading of ideas The FOUR keys to telling a good story (whether you’ve considered yourself a good storyteller in the past or not!) Most importantly… Kindra lives in Manhattan with her husband, and their two kiddos and when she is not traveling around the world speaking, Kindra can usually be found at spin class or in Central Park with her family. Quick Episode Summary: 2:03 Welcome, Kindra! 2:39 When Kindra fell in love with stories 8:57 When Kindra brought storytelling to corporate 14:28 What makes a great story 17:25 the different types of characters 19:17 The goal of storytelling 22:19 Implementing authentic emotion 26:00 Having your set of stories 28:54 The thing everyone forgets when storytelling 22:16 Wisdom of the week 35:47 Mitch's biggest takeaways  Connect with Kindra: Instagram Facebook Connect with Mitch! Go to or check us out on Facebook!
My guests today are Chris and Emily Norton. They have been at the center of multiple inspiring viral videos.  As a result, they have been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show as well as USA Today and People Magazine! After a terrible accident that left Chris paralyzed from the neck down, he was told he would never walk again. After a lot of hard work, determination and some serious prayer... they proved the experts wrong when Chris walked across the stage (with Emily at his side) at his graduation. Their amazing adventure continued after graduation.  Chris and Emily got married, adopted 5 daughters, provided a home for foster children, published a book, started public speaking and so much more. We invite you to hear their incredible story of overcoming fear, depression, and anxiety when facing a dark season. We believe there are so many nuggets of wisdom in the episode you can apply to your life.  RESOURCES: Chris and Emily's Book Chris’s Instagram  Emily’s Instagram  Emily's Facebook Chris's Facebook Quick Episode Summary: 2:43 Welcome Chris and Emily! 5:03 Chris's football career 5:21 When Chris got injured 7:25 When Chris realized he was paralyzed 8:55 When Chris and Emily met 10:25 What Emily is passionate about 12:23 How Chris reached his goal 16:04 The power of a public declaration 18:31 Chris and Emily's first nation interview 19:49 Emily's struggle with depression 26:49 The Norton's 5 daughters 30:22 How Norton's point their kids to God 33:32 The Norton's advice for overcoming hard seasons 35:04 How to connect with the Norton's 35:44 Mitch's biggest takeaways Connect with Mitch! Go to or check us out on Facebook!
My guest is entrepreneur Jaime Cross. Two years after leaving her career in banking to be home with her newborn son, Jaime had this longing, I'd even call it a calling, to build a business that would be driven by purpose and that would have worldwide impact. Now, I'm betting that felt like a pretty audacious goal since she was at home, elbows deep in all the glorious messiness of raising kiddos and full-time parenting, but she was bold and she prayed. More specifically, Jaime asked God for a billion-dollar idea. Yeah, that's with a B, a billion-dollar idea, which is pretty big. I mean, right? Listen To The Podcast: RESOURCES: INSTAGRAM: @thehereffect @migsoap TWITTER: @migsoap WEBSITE: MIG Soap: TRANSCRIPT: Mitch Matthews: Well, a few days later, Jaime got hit with a business plan in her sleep. Literally, the idea hit her in a dream. I love this because I've done over 200 episodes of DREAM. THINK. DO., and I think this is our first person who got hit with a dream in a dream. I love that. Then Jaime embarked on her entrepreneurial journey the very next day and instantly became a millionaire. No, I'm just kidding. It wasn't that easy. It wasn't that simple. But she went after the dream right away. She went to work. Mitch Matthews: After eight long years of trial and error, a lot of mistakes and tears, her company now is one of the fastest-growing organic skincare companies in the world. They're selling millions of dollars of product. It's called MIG. Its tagline is seed to skin, skin to soul. That's what Jaime is all about. It's an amazing story. I heard it and I thought, oh my gosh, I got to have her on. So I'm so excited to do this. Jaime Cross, Welcome to DREAM. THINK. DO. Jaime Cross: Thank you. It's so great to be here. Mitch Matthews: Absolutely. Absolutely. I love, love, love your story. We got to meet at the conference. Pedro Adao, who was also a recent guest on DREAM. THINK. DO, introduced us and we got to meet at his conference in Texas a few months ago now, but I was like, oh my gosh, your story's awesome. Jaime Cross: Thanks, Mitch. Mitch Matthews: I love it. So you're in Colorado Springs. You and your husband have four boys. When this story started, you just had one. Now you've got four boys. Let's go back. We're going to time jump a little bit, and I want to hear about life now, but I think I want to hear about the genesis of this, and I mentioned it obviously in the intro a little bit. Let's talk about that. You had left a career in banking ... Jaime Cross: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Mitch Matthews: ... to be at home. Jaime Cross: Yes. Mitch Matthews: That's never an easy decision. Jaime Cross: No, I mean, I was making great money banking, doing the whole corporate thing. It took Nathan and I five years to get pregnant. When we finally found out that we were going to be parents, I just could not imagine not being home with them. Came home. It was about two years into full-time motherhood that I was starting to feel that pull and that stir. Actually, by then I had my second baby when I was starting to be like, okay, I know that I'm so satisfied as a mother, but something's stirring in me, and I know there's more. I think a lot of mothers feel guilty about wanting more, but I was just like, God, there's something inside of me and we were struggling to pay our bills. I'd given up this huge salary. Nathan was teaching, and teachers don't make very good money- Mitch Matthews: No.  Jaime Cross: ... and so it really helped- Mitch Matthews: They should. They should make tons of money, but they don't. Absolutely. Jaime Cross: Yeah, we were a one-income family, trying to live debt-free. It was a struggle. At that moment when I cried out to God, it wasn't just because we weren't meeting our bills. It was because there was this thing inside of me just raging to come out like, I know, I'm supposed to build something.
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