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If you’re an entrepreneur, leader or a globe-changer... DREAM. THINK. DO. is for you.

D.T.D. is a podcast that will get YOU the stories, science and strategies you need to DREAM bigger, THINK better and DO more!

Whether you’re a lifestyle entrepreneur wanting to grow your business or you’re a big thinker who’s wanting to live a more epic life… this podcast will help you to do it! With guests like Brendon Burchard, John Lee Dumas, Michael Port, Carrie Wilkerson, Chandler Bolt, Bob Burg, Lewis Howes and Good Morning America’s Sara Haines, as well as deep dives from D.T.D.’s creator Mitch Matthews, you’ll be inspired and equipped to take your business, your leadership and your life to new levels.

Mitch Matthews has been spreading the DREAM. THINK. DO. message for years from corporations to college campuses. He is now bringing that message directly to you with this weekly podcast. Hear stories and tactical advice from people who are living their dreams. Through his Big Dream Gatherings, his keynotes and his coaching, Mitch has helped thousands of people to not only discover but to go after their dreams.

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My guest is Dan Grec.  He’s a Yukon-based adventurer, snowboarder, and photographer.  A few years ago… Dan wanted a more vibrant life… so he quit his day job as an engineer and drove his 2 door Jeep Wrangler 40,000 miles through 16 countries starting in Alaska and ending up in Argentina. That expedition turned into two of the best years of his life. The journey itself… along with the colorful people he met along the way… permanently changed the way he looked at himself… AND the way he looked at life.  He didn’t realize it at the time but that adventure also changed his trajectory… and he’s continued to explore ever since. In fact, just last year he completed a 54,000 mile... 35 country circumnavigation of the African continent in his 4 doors… Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Most importantly, Dan’s found a sense of joy and happiness that he can maintain in the wildest and toughest circumstances and we’re going to talk about that too!     Listen To The Podcast:     RESOURCES:   BOOK: The Road Chose Me (Click here.) YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM:   MINUTE BY MINUTE: 0:02 What to expect today 1:20 Meet Dan 4:06 When Dan said he was going to drive from Alaska to Argentina 7:30 How Dan pays for his adventures 11:50 Dan’s time in Africa 16:44 How Dan is navigating COVID-19 18:37 Find a way to be happy 21:20 The best things you can do to prepare for adventure 24:44 Take the pressure off yourself 28:08 How to find what makes you happy 29:56 Wisdom of the week 31:05 Mitch’s biggest takeaways What stood out to you?  A story? His outlook on living a happy life?  His pragmatic approach to paying for his dream?  I’d love to hear from YOU! Leave a comment below and let me know!   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
A “Deep Dive” going after WHY and HOW to dream (and pursue your goals) in tough times!  I hate to be “Captain Obvious” but it’s tough to think about our dreams and goals when we’re getting hit with words like “Pandemic” and “Quarantine” on a somewhat normal basis.  At the same time… it’s wildly important to continue to look forward, to believe in something bigger and to continue to take small but significant steps forward on the things that are important to us.  Now… this isn’t some “rainbows, butterflies and little ponies” session on how to bury your head in the sand. Nope. In this episode, we dig into the psychology, the science and the specific strategies that will help you to look at this season in a way that will help you to keep your head, to stay safe AND to continue to march towards your dreams and goals!  I think you’re going to dig it. So let’s dive in.       Listen To The Podcast:   RESOURCES: Other DREAM THINK DO episodes on related topics: TIME MANAGEMENT: OVERCOMING WORRY:  DREAMING WITH YOUR FAMILY: and  FACEBOOK POST I Mention The Book of Life video on Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs.   EPISODE INFO:   QUESTION: Why is it harder to dream when things are tough?   ANSWER:  You’re not broken.  You’re normal. One reason it’s harder to think about our dreams and goals when things are feeling “uncertain” can be explained by a simple triangle divided into 5 parts.     You may have heard about it in a high school or college psychology class… but this triangle of brilliance has become better known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. There’s a fantastic video on this concept by the people over at “The Book of Life.”  The link is above. The quick history on the concept was that in 1943, a thirty-five year old Jewish psychologist… who was born in Russia... but was now living in the United States… was in the midst of an epic journey.  In short… he was searching for the meaning of life.   His name was Abraham Maslow. He had left the close-knit orthodox family of his childhood… and was now navigating life in the U.S.  He had a passion for figuring out how to live a purposeful life in modern-day America. It was something he wanted to understand… but it was also something he could see as a longing for many others too.   With the lense of psychology, he started to identify five different kinds of basic human needs.  Some were more linked to material… and others might be considered more spiritual.   As he dug through the research… as well as thought-through his own experiences… he started to uncover a sequence.  A ranking.   It’s almost like these different needs built on each other.   First… we start with what most would consider the “non-negotiables” and core basic needs.  These would be things like food... water… shelter... and rest.     Next we have what would be considered “safety needs.”  These are a sense of bodily security and protection from attack.    But then we enter into the areas that many would consider more spiritual and/or psychological needs.  So third… we’d have a sense of belonging and a sense of being loved.   Then forth… we move into what some refer to as the “Esteem Needs.”  These needs are met when we feel a level of accomplishment or even prestige.    But the fifth… and that’s the big enchilada… is what Maslow called: “self-actualization.”   This one is a bit more nebulous… and according to some… more elusive.     Because it involves what Maslow described as ‘living according to one’s full potential’ and ‘becoming who we really are.’   Whew… that’s some core Phycology 101 there in 3 minutes or less.   BUT I think it’s relevant when we’re thinking about dreaming BIG when things are potentially tough, scary and/or completely new.
This week we’re doing a deep dive into “The Art of Powerful Introductions.”  Seriously… you’ve worked hard at growing your network of awesome people… but one of the fastest ways to hurt that network is to violate trust and to T-up an unsolicited introduction.  It’s like we talk about in the episode, an unsolicited introduction is like giving someone a gift of a surprise puppy. LOL. That’s right… who doesn’t love a puppy? BUT… if you give it to someone who isn’t expecting it… a cute lil’ puppy can be a problem… right?  If we hand a busy person an unsolicited and/or poorly set up introduction… we can create problems and hurt our relationship with them. So in this episode, we talk through the 4 C’s of Permission-Based Introductions. These “C’s” will help you to set up introductions that lead to more success for everyone involved!  AND… they help to build trust and connection with your network too! So listen in to learn the 4 C’s and stop giving surprise puppies!!!     Listen To The Podcast:     RESOURCES: Check out Episode 255 - How to Meet 50 Interesting People in a Year!   All right. Dream Think Do-ers - this episode is a deep dive.  So we’re talking about the “4 C’s of Permission-Based Introductions.” The 4 C’s are:   CONSENT: Be a blessing not a curse.  As for permission from BOTH parties before you make an introduction.  In other words… don’t give a “surprise puppy” as a gift!   COMPLIMENT: As you make the introduction (with permission) be sure to honor each person with a few heartfelt and authentic compliments that help to showcase the person’s talents.   CONTEXT: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS give some context to why you think the introduction is important and why you think the two people should meet.  Don’t make them guess. This helps to give them a starting place to work from and saves them time.   CUT THEM LOOSE: Free them of any expectations from you.  Let them know you’re rooting for them but you’re bowing out and you’re setting them free to do what they want with the connection!     QUOTE:  “When you surprise someone with an introduction,  it’s a little bit like giving a puppy as an unexpected gift!”   What do you think?   Do you agree or disagree?   What’s something you’re going to try/tweak based on this episode?   Leave a comment and let me know!   MINUTE BY MINUTE: 0:02 What to expect today 3:12 Protecting your network 6:14 Why you don’t want to give a puppy 10:29 Busy people get stuff done 13:03 Be a blessing, not a curse 17:07 The power of honor 22:13 Cut them loose from expectation 25:49 One of Mitch’s most powerful connections   Listen to Mitch Matthews Top Podcast here
David C. Baker is an author, speaker, and advisor, working with independently-owned marketing firms around the world.  In fact… he’s worked with over 800 firms and has helped them with everything from positioning to lead generation... staffing to systems… and client acquisition as well as retention.  He’s been called the “Expert’s Expert” by the New York Times and he’s been featured in the WSJ, Fast Company, USA Today, and Forbes.  His newest book, “The Secret Tradecraft of $1M Advisors” is designed to be a handbook for the top 1% of consultants. We’re going to be talking with David about how to set yourself… and your expertise apart to make more impact, have more influence and bring in more income!       Listen To The Podcast:   RESOURCES: David C. Baker Site: David C. Baker on Twitter:   Before we get to the interview, I have to include a few other fascinating and intriguing elements of David’s history.   He was born in Michigan… but grew up with a tribe of Mayan Indians in a remote village in the highlands of Guatemala… and then came back to the United States when he was 18.   He’s a fan of fine woodworking.   He teaches racing to already expert motorcycle racers.   He flies 25 different types of airplanes and helicopters.    He loves photography.   He speaks 10 languages.   In short… my boy is wicked smart.   Most importantly… he lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his beautiful wife Julie and they have two grown sons who are married… and who have provided David and Julie with some beautiful grandbabies!   Now that we’ve gotten the important stuff covered… let’s get to this!     SHOW Minute-By-Minute:   0.02: What to expect today! 1:36 Meet David 5:47 What it was like growing up in Guatemala 6:07 The importance of global travel 10:36 The biggest pitfalls for those trying to stand out 13:00 Why David’s book forward is unique 17:31 How to identify your expertise 20:28 How to position yourself 23:54 Done is better than perfect 26:21 A deeper dive into positioning yourself 31:46 The questions to ask yourself as you productize your business 38:49 Wisdom of the week 42:37 Mitch’s biggest takeaways   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
My guest is Brendan Synnott. Brendan co-founded the organic food brand Bear Naked Granola. He wound up selling the brand to Kellogg for $80 Million. Although it was a big win… there was a LOT of ups and downs and Brendan is very open about the fact that he battled depression after the sale.  But he got help and started to live life in a new way. In the years since the sale, he’s launched 5 other brands… oh… and he was also on Survivor! Now he’s taking on the $3 trillion apparel industry (the world’s second-largest polluter) as CEO of the organic, fair-trade cotton apparel company called Pact Organic.  During our interview, we talk about what it takes to get clear and go after a goal, what happens when the goal changes things (BIG TIME) and how to create a new mindset and set new goals too! I think you’re going to love this real and raw conversation!     Listen To The Podcast:     RESOURCES:   To find out more about Pact visit: While you’re there… enter promo code:  DREAMTHINKDO Brendan is giving the DTD family 40% off for a limited time!!!   DETAILS: My guest this week is Brendan Synnott… who is a true renaissance man.   He was raised by a single mom and grew up in Connecticut.  Brendan went to college in Nashville and graduated from Vanderbilt. One of his first jobs out of school was as a production assistant on Saturday Night Live!  So his day job was to be a handler of celebrities as they’d come to do the show. While he was home for the summer (since SNL takes the summers off), he ran into a friend who was making organic granola cereal and selling it at farmer's markets.  Since he’d always been entrepreneurial, he asked if he could help. So they launched Bear Naked - organic granola.   They started to get their product on local grocery store shelves and it started to grow from there.  They had to fight through a number of peaks and valleys but they eventually sold to Kelloggs for $80 million.  That’s right… $80 million. During our conversation, you’ll hear that although it was a huge win… Brendan got hit by significant depression after the sale.  He attributes that to a number of factors. The wild ride. The fact that many of his friends worked for the company, so it was tough to let it go.  Plus, a lot of his identity was wrapped up in the brand, so it was tough when it was no longer part of his life. But afterward, he spent time figuring out life.     He went on Survivor.   He also met his wife… and they started their family.   Oh… and he also got clear on the type of companies he liked to start and be involved with.  For example, he realized he LOVES to disrupt industries by bringing products that allow for more transparency, more connection to the customer and products that are better for the environment. For example, he launched PACT ORGANIC which is an organic, fair-trade cotton apparel company where he’s also the CEO. Obviously, this dude has packed a lot in and made life an amazing journey… and we’re going to talk about how he’s pushed through fear to do just that! Here’s are the specifics and time break down of the interview:   MINUTE BY MINUTE: 0:02 What to expect today! 1:02 Meet Brendan 3:47 All of Brendan's business ventures 5:65 When Brendan worked at Saturday Day Night Live 7:51 Why Brendan got into the granola business 10:05 Brendan's advice to anyone facing an opportunity 12:32 How Brendan handled investors 17:49 How Brendan survived his 20's 20:59 What Brendan learned from Survivor 23:31 The only thing worse than fast food 27:38 Mitch's biggest takeaways   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
Let’s talk: TIME BLOCKING.  As you probably know… “time blocking” is a type of scheduling that helps you manage your time more effectively.  The key is scheduling specific blocks of time for certain tasks on a routine basis. These blocks enable you to focus on finishing big and small tasks… one at a time. This helps limit distractions, get things done faster, and leaves you feeling less overwhelmed. This is especially powerful if you’re working on something new or a side hustle, and you need to make/find time to get things done.  In this episode, we do a DEEP DIVE on the 5 keys to effective time blocking. Plus, we throw in a case study with one of my coaching clients who’s been experimenting with TB for a few months. We’re going to talk with him about what he’s learned and what he wishes he’d known earlier!     Listen To The Podcast:     RESOURCES: DOWNLOAD the FREE DTD PDF GUIDE for this episode. To find out more about Mitch’s concept of “Calendar-Driven To-Do Lists,” check out: DREAM THINK DO: episode 237 Find out more about Justin Aldridge at   MORE ABOUT EPISODE:   As we’ve said, “time blocking” is an approach to scheduling that enables you to prioritize your time more efficiently.  The core concept is scheduling specific blocks on your calendar for specific types of tasks on a routine basis.     These rhythms help you to focus and it helps limit distractions.  That way you can get things done faster, and have more clarity as you do!      This is incredibly powerful if you’re wanting to focus on a big project, launching something new or working a side hustle.  It will help you to make/find time to get things done. I’m going to walk you through the 5 Keys to effective time blocking plus, we’re going to hear from one of my coaching clients who’s been killing it with these strategies for the last few months.  We’re going to talk about what’s worked and what he wished he’d known earlier.   Here are the KEYS to EFFECTIVE Time Blocking:   KEY 1: Decide on HOW MANY hours you want/can work on your project/hobby/business MOST weeks.       When we dig into this KEY, we’ll discuss the importance of involving other key players in your life in this decision.  Plus, we talk about why this is so important early on. (And… why that number may be smaller than you’d like… but it’s still CRITICAL!!!)   KEY 2: Decide on WHEN you want to SPEND those hours MOST weeks.       The key here is sustainability and consistency.  It’s sooooo easy to try to force 5 lbs of almonds into a 2 lbs bag… but you’ll get more done in less time… if you block out appointments with yourself to get key work done in advance.     We talk about one strategy to help with those especially wild weeks and how to bring those back into check too.   KEY 3: Then SCHEDULE protected “meetings” with yourself to protect your TIME BLOCKS.        This is imperative and takes some time to get used to, but it will make all the difference.  It’s as simple as going to your calendar and making appointments with yourself for specific tasks.  You’ll need to check things against your day-to-day schedule… and then establish strategies for protecting your time blocks as the “wildness of life” comes.  (Because… as we all know… it will come!)     KEY 4: DECIDE on some “rules” to guide you on when you would cancel a time block and when you’d protect it!         This “key” is included because we’re using TIME BLOCKING in the real world.  As we said, “wildness of life” will come, but now’s your chance to prep for it.  You’ll want to involve other key players and stakeholders… so everyone can be on the same page when you’re making decisions to switch or stick with a time block.  Plus, you’ll want to decide on some “nice” ways to say NO.   KEY 5: DECIDE on what you want to ACCOMPLISH during a specific time block BEFORE it starts.
We’re talking with Chris Patterson.  Chris is the Founder and CEO of Interchanges, a strategic digital marketing agency, that has generated over a Billion dollars of revenue for their clients over the past 19 years.  Interchanges has worked with a wide range of companies ranging from Lamborghini to Palace Resorts to Hard Rock hotels. Chris's true passion is helping people get from where they are in life to where they want to be.  That passion came from making a lot of mistakes as a kid but then he met Zig Ziglar. Their life-changing relationship helped Chris shift his perspective so he could achieve incredible success and help others to do it too!     Listen To The Podcast:     RESOURCES: Chris’s strategic digital marketing agency: Interchanges  Chris’s coaching site: Live Large Coaching.      Chris began life from very humble beginnings in Windsor, Ontario Canada.   He grew up poor and was forced to figure out how to survive at a very young age.  As a result, Chris will be the first to tell you that he made lots of mistakes. He experienced severe depression after getting mixed up with the wrong crowd and being fired from multiple jobs.  Things weren’t looking good.   Patterson's life took an incredible shift in 1995 when he reluctantly attended a success seminar with his dad.  Zig Ziglar was the featured speaker and he blew Chris away with his message of hope, success, and positivity. That interaction with Ziglar started a sequence of events that would change Chris forever.  He started to listen to his “tapes,” yes… tapes. And more importantly… started to apply Zig’s strategies for living a full and successful life.   Fast forward 3 years and Chris was managing a fitness club.  Low and behold, his hero… Zig Ziglar walked in the door. Through some quick thinking, Chris made Zig an offer that he couldn't refuse.  "I will work on your physical health for free 3 hours per week  as your personal trainer if you agree to work  on my mental health for free just one hour per week."   Zig accepted the offer and changed Chris’s life forever.    Fast forward to today, Chris has become a very successful entrepreneur who runs two successful businesses. Chris is grateful to say he’s become a multi-millionaire from the wisdom he learned from Zig and many of the other mentors in his life. Now, he’s passionate about sharing stories and strategies to help others break through set-backs and tough histories… to live a life they love.      In our conversation we talk about: 0:02 What to expect today! 1:30 Get to know Chris Patterson 2:20 Chris’s hidden superpower 5:07 How Zig Ziglar impacted Chris 9:01 How Chris landed Zig as a client 12:30 The biggest nuggets Chris took away from Zig 19:01 The power of authenticity 21:27 The art of knowing when to stop 22:24 How to connect with Chris 23:36 Wisdom of the week 25:08 Mitch’s biggest takeaway’s   What stood out to YOU?  Leave a comment with your favorite tip, story or strategy from the episode.  Can’t wait to hear from YOU!   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
We’re doing a deep dive into a strategy I used to meet 50 interesting people in a year.  It came at a REALLY important time. I had just moved to a new area. I was trying to launch my business but I didn’t know anyone and no one knew me!  I HATED (and still do) typical “networking” style meetings, so I needed to find a different way. I uncovered a strategy along with 5 specific questions that made all the difference.  It helped me to connect with some incredible people and grow some rich relationships. Plus, this “people-meeting” strategy was sustainable for me… even though I’m a PROUD introvert! In this episode, I will walk you through the story, the strategy and the questions that I still use every week!  We all know that if we want to make an impact in the world… we can’t do it alone. This strategy will help you to build your tribe, make some new friends and have a positive impact on the world in the process!     Listen To The Podcast:     RESOURCES: PREVIOUS DTD EPISODES DEALING WITH THE IMPOSTER SYNDROME: “3 Questions to Breakthrough Fear” with Amy E. Smith -    “Getting out of Your Own Way!” with Susan Baroncini-Moe -  “Beating the Fear of Public Speaking” with Felicia Slattery -    THE FIVE QUESTIONS TO GET YOU STARTED:   “Tell me something I should know about you.”  “What’s something you’re working on right now? “What’s something you’re excited about?” “Who are you needing to meet?” “Who else should I meet?”   TRANSCRIPT OF EPISODE:   All right. I'm excited about this. It's been a while since we've done a deep dive where it's just you and me talking, so I'm excited about this.  I'll tell you what, the topic for this particular episode came from one of my coaching clients. He's a newer entrepreneur doing some really cool stuff, really trying to grow his business in different ways. He's got something that he's growing that I believe is going to be global, but he is new to his area, really kind of trying to establish himself. He's trying to establish his brand. He came to me, and one of the things we were talking about was how do you do that? How do you grow your network? How do you grow your connections? It really led to an interesting conversation and a memory, maybe an insight, that I've realized is at the core of my business, but sometimes don't you need to just have conversations that help to draw out some of that stuff out? It's like those core beliefs that are always around you. You're living by them, but maybe you don't always recognize that, right, until you have a conversation or somebody asks you a question. Well, that was definitely the case, and one of the things we started to dig into is this strategy that has really been foundational for me as an entrepreneur, but it's also been really important over the last almost two decades, it's crazy to think about, for growing my business, but also more so, maybe more so, growing rich relationships in my life. Because I believe it's important to have a good, solid network. It's good to know people. It's good to be connected, all of those things. If you're just doing that for networking sake, that's pretty gross. You know what I mean?  I'm an introvert, so there's going to be a lot of biases that I share with you that might just totally be biased towards the introvert, but I can tell you, it's one of those having a bunch of relationships where I kind of know one or a few things about a lot of people, but not have any rich relationships. Doesn't sound all that satisfying to me. Plus, I look back on how my business got started and kind of where it is now, and I've realized, one of the ways that I've grown what I'm wildly blessed to say is a business that I love is really trying to provide value. Meeting people, connecting with people, and providing value where I thought maybe my ski...
My guest is Ryan Hawk.  Even though it sounds like the name of a superhero’s alter ego… Ryan is actually known as an advisor to Fortune 500 companies, a keynote speaker and the host of The Learning Leader Show… which is a top-rated podcast with millions of listeners.  He’s interviewed people like ‘Good to Great’ author, Jim Collins, Mythbusters’ Adam Savage and storytelling master and DREAM THINK DO friend… Kindra Hall.  Ryan is also the author of the new book, ‘Welcome To Management: How To Grow From Top Performer To Excellent Leader.’     Listen To The Podcast:     RESOURCES: Ryan’s new book, Welcome To Management: How To Grow From Top Performer To Excellent Leader. Ryan’s website:   MORE OF THE STORY: Ryan Hawk is a lifelong student of leadership, and he’s been able to experiment with that knowledge as a professional quarterback, and VP of Sales at a multibillion-dollar company. Now he works with teams from Fortune 500 companies… teams and players in the NFL, NBA, and NCAA, as well as he facilitates “Leadership Circles” that offer structured guidance and collaborative feedback to new and experienced leaders around the country. Okay… so on DREAM THINK DO, we talk about concepts that help people to dream bigger, think better and do more of what they were put on the planet to do. That means we have incredible people who are moving and shaking and making a difference.  What that also means is that we’ve got a lot of rock stars who aspire to move up within their organizations, take on leadership roles and have even more impact. BUT…  often when top performers are promoted to management-level positions―they find the tactics and strategies that got them promoted are not the tactics and strategies that will make them effective in their new role.  So in this episode, we talk about the 3 keys to moving from a top performer to an Indispensable Leader.    We’d love to hear from you!  Leave a comment and let us know which strategy, story or concept stood out to you!    Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today! 2:22 Meet Ryan Hawk 4:55 Why Ryan started his podcast 8:00 Why you should pursue curiosity 8:55 Why you need Ryan’s new book 12:33 Why you need to be exceptional 18:29 The role of a manager 22:47 Creating your own personal advisors 26:12 Become a leader you want to follow 27:49 How to connect with Ryan 28:11 Wisdom of the week 30:55 Mitch's biggest takeaways   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
My guest is Erin Rollenhagen.  Erin is the CEO of Entrepreneurial Technologies and author of the new book, “Soul Uprising.” Erin made a name for herself at 14 when she gained national media attention as she led a protest at her middle school.  And she’s been living by a different set of rules ever since! She carried that rebel spirit into her career, founding her company on the premise that tech doesn’t have to be cold and heartless.  Plus, in her new book, Erin encourages her fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders to trust their purpose and embrace impact as the true measure of success. We talk about what it means to be STRONG and AUTHENTIC in a world that is pushing back on both!     Listen To The Podcast:     RESOURCES: ERIN’S BOOK: “Soul Uprising” ERIN’S WEBSITE:   MORE OF THE STORY: Founding and building a successful tech business isn’t easy. It’s especially difficult when you launch in the late 2000s on the cusp of one of the most destructive recessions in U.S. history!  Not to mention, also getting diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease! Plus, you can also throw in not looking like how a tech entrepreneur is ‘supposed’ to look.  But Erin Rollenhagen has always defied the odds and established her own set of rules.  In fact, she went against the grain and at age 14, led a protest against misogynistic behavior at her middle school and drew national media attention (and almost got kicked out of middle school too!)  Erin carried that “fist in the air” stand up for what you believe in spirit into her career as a tech entrepreneur, by founding a company on the belief that technology doesn’t have to be heartless and cold.    Recently, she released her book, “Soul Uprising: It’s Never Just Business,” which encourages business leaders and entrepreneurs to trust their purpose and embrace impact as the true measure of success. We talk about what it means to be STRONG and AUTHENTIC!   Leave a comment and let us know what stood out to you from the interview!   Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today! 1:30 Meet Erin 2:41 Why Erin held a protest in middle school 5:59 When Erin started her business 10:43 Strategies for being strong and authentic 16:47 Avoiding emotional pricing 20:57 Do you have faith in your purpose? 21:30 Purpose vs. plans 22:30 How to find what you love doing 26:10 How to connect with Erin 26:37 Wisdom of the week 27:16 Mitch’s biggest takeaways   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
My guest this week is Tim Campos.  While Tim was Chief Information Officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg called him into his office and challenged him to fix things and make Facebook more productive.  Tim took that challenge and doubled their overall productivity in a year - making it one of the most productive companies in the world. Not surprisingly… the biggest shifts all had to do with how people were using their calendars.  We dig into the specific strategies so you can make 2020 your most focused and productive year yet!   Listen To The Podcast:   RESOURCES: TIM’S COMPANY:    MORE OF THE STORY: Here's a question:  Did you ever have a sense that something was killing your productivity?   Maybe… you get to the end of a long day… you worked hard… you’re exhausted… but you look back and you’re not sure what the heck you got done? Or maybe you’re listening to this particular episode while you’re driving to work… and your brain is already buzzing and you’re tempted to feel overwhelmed… almost like you’ve got a bunch of monkeys jumping around in your head.  (Maybe that’s just me. LOL!) Well… today, we’re going to be talking with the man who helped the employees of Facebook to double their productivity. He did it in a surprising way. Mainly… he went after their calendars.  Wild right? Well… that’s why we’re calling this episode “Why calendars are killing your productivity.”  I think you’re going to dig it.   By the way, Tim is now the CEO of, which is an intelligent calendar for busy professionals. His personal motto is “Take the work out of work.”  He’s used that motto and approach to life to help a lot of people and a lot of organizations. As CEO of Woven, Tim's taking the lessons he’s learned to reimagine how people use their calendar, so they can spend time on what matters most to them. Since it’s early 2020… and we’re wanting to help you make 2020 your best and most productive year yet… I wanted to have Tim on to talk about specific strategies to help you take your own productivity to the next level! Comment below and let us know which strategy stood out to you.  Plus, I would love to hear from you on what’s working best for you.  Share your best PRODUCTIVITY tip and/or your favorite hack for beating the calendar and getting things done!     Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today! 1:21 Meet Tim 2:49 How your calendar is ruining your productivity 4:28 Our most valuable asset 6:50 Making appointments with yourself 9:35 You will become what you spend time on 11:50 How to make your calendar smarter 16:49 No meetings Wednesday 18:47 How long the average meeting is 21:40 How to connect with Tim 22:02 Wisdom of the week 23:25 Mitch's biggest takeaways 34:14 Mitch's final thoughts   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
Be More (Pirate)

Be More (Pirate)


My guest is Sam Conniff.  His new book is called “ Be More Pirate … how to take on the world and win.” In it, Sam’s all about helping you revolutionize the way you think… live… and work.  This entrepreneur for South London dug into history to be inspired by some of the most innovative, inclusive, and successful thinkers the world has ever known.  That’s right! He got his playbook for life from the golden era of pirating. In this conversation, we dig into ways to rebel against the status quo… rewrite the rules... and make 2020 the best year yet.     Listen To The Podcast:   MORE INFO ABOUT SAM CONNIFF   SAM’S WEBSITE: SAM’S BOOK: Be More Pirate    MORE ABOUT THE EPISODE: So Steve Jobs once said… “I’d rather be a pirate than join the navy.” When you think about it… it’s often the rebels who changed society, change the way we do business and make a difference in the world. If you’re a DREAM THINK DOer… that means… you’re willing to dream bigger… think differently and DO the stuff others might not have the guts to do.  That’s who we are! Well… my guest today… Sam Conniff gets that. His new book is called “Be More Pirate… how to take on the world and win.”  In it… Sam’s all about helping you revolutionize the way you think… live… and work. He started his first company when he was 19 and has now become an award-winning social entrepreneur.  Sam has launched and led several companies, mentored thousands of young entrepreneurs… and with organizations like Forbes Magazine saying he’s one of the sharpest thinkers on the planet… he’s now a sought after thought leader and is speaking around the world… and helping organizations like Google and Facebook.  Leave a comment below and let me know what ideas and stories stood out to you!   Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today! 1:58 Welcome Sam to the podcast 5:35 The history of pirates 7:20 The most famous female pirate 12:48 The biggest mistake we can make 13:56 The unexpected thing you can learn from pirates 16:01 How pirates are agents of change 13:59 What risk can do for a team 19:14 How Sam is bringing piracy to big companies 24:32 Formulating a new code 27:10 What three principles can you fight for? 28:26 How you can become more pirate 31:14 Wisdom of the week 34:14 Mitch's final thoughts   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
This week is a deep dive into 3 things I’ve learned from doing 250 episodes of DREAM THINK DO.  These keys might seem counterintuitive. They are: 1.) Embrace Comparison, 2.) Be a Novice and 3.) March Through the Mess.  We’ll dig into what each of them mean… the stories and strategies (and science too) behind them… AND how they can help us make 2020 our best year yet!  Also, I want to say THANK YOU for being with my on this DREAM THINK DO journey. Whether this is your first DTD episode or your 250th… I’m so glad we’re in this together!     Listen To The Podcast:   RESOURCES:   Episodes Mitch Mentions: BRING YOUR AWESOME! with Neil Pasricha. - Episode 247 Beating the Comparison Trap - Episode 183 Overcoming Comparison with Good Morning America’s Sara Haines - Episode 32 The Four Tenents for Yoga and for Life with James Miller - Episode 248  PTG - Post Traumatic Growth - Episode 172    More Info on the episode: In this episode, we talk through 3 key things I’ve learned from doing 250 episodes of DREAM THINK DO.   MAJOR THEMES: Embrace Comparison Become a Novice March through the Mess EMBRACE COMPARISON:   Obviously, a comparison is something we have to be VERY careful with.  Great thinkers have warned us about it since the dawn of time:   [Tweet "“Comparison is the thief of joy.” - Theodore Rosevelt"]   [Tweet "“Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.   Comparison is poison.”   - Jon Acuff"]   [Tweet "“Personality begins where comparison leaves off.   Be unique.  Be memorable.  Be confident. Be proud.”   - Shannon Alder"]   So you might wonder why I would ever say… “Embrace Comparison.” But this idea was sparked when I interviewed Neil Pasricha - for DTD Episode 247 - “Bring Your awesome!”   He had 6 best selling books and two of those books have spent 100 weeks on the NYT bestseller list!  Amazing. Before I hit “record” for our interview, we got to talk for a bit.  As we were chatting I congratulated him about the success of his books and I asked him what it felt like to have an NYT Best Selling book.  Without skipping a beat, he said, “Do you know what happens the minute you get an NYT best selling book?” I said, “What?” He said, “You start to see all the people who have TWO NYT best selling books, and you start to feel pressure to get your second!” We wound up talking about how he shakes that feeling off… and just keeps doing his thing.  BUT he confessed that’s something he really had to watch out for. That was a powerful moment and I really appreciated his transparency.   It’s something I NEVER have to deal with… ha!  Just kidding… of course. In fact, we dove into this subject in depth in episode 183. For me, negative comparison can creep up… as I interview people who have done amazing things!!!  Especially if those achievements involve things I aspire to do too! I can feel it sneaking up and it threatens to steal the job of having a great conversation with an awesome person. So I need to look to evolutionary psychology for a little awareness… so I can keep things healthy.  As you probably know… “evolutionary psychology” is the theoretical approach in the social and natural sciences that examines psychological structure from a modern evolutionary perspective. It seeks to identify which human psychological traits might actually be evolved adaptations - that is, the functional products of natural selection or sexual selection.    In this episode, we’ll talk about “Upward” and “Downward” comparison and how to stay on the helpful side of going “tribal!”  One of the best ways I can do that is by asking questions like: How can I be learning from this person? What are they doing that I want to do? How can I be helping this person?   These simple but powerful questions help to direct my thinking towards healthy comparison and help me to be fully present and enjoy connecting with ...
The Gift Of Listening

The Gift Of Listening


Give the gift of “Intentional Listening.”  That’s right! This week we’re doing a deep dive into the subject of giving one of the best… most sought after… most coveted gifts a person can give.  It’s the gift of being fully present and listening intently. I know… I know… it’s almost too simple. But in our busy world… I think we can all agree that feeling like someone is truly listening is a rare thing.  All the distractions… pings… bings… and alerts… can keep us from being fully engaged. So, at this time of year… when everyone is looking for that PERFECT gift… I thought it would be good to review some simple but powerful strategies to help you listen more effectively!     Listen To The Podcast:   Click here to download the DREAM THINK DO “Listening Cheat Sheet.” MORE INFO: So… I think we can admit that we’re all guilty of not listening at times in our lives. We tune people (even the important ones… sometimes) out when we’re trying to concentrate on something we’re doing, while we’re binging on Netflix, while we’re being bombarded by all the pinging, dinging and ringing distractions… or when we’re exhausted at the end of a long day.  Listening can impact us at home and… of course… at work too. Recently, The Harvard Business Review reported on a story involving the top executives of a large manufacturer based in Chicago.  These execs were asked to reflect on the role listening has played within their work. Then those same leaders participated in a seminar on intentional listening.  After being exposed to some specific listening strategies (like what we’re covering in this episode), the participants shared some epiphanies and “light bulb” moments around listening:  “Frankly, I had never thought of listening as an important subject by itself. But now that I am aware of it, I think that perhaps 80% of my work depends on my listening to someone, or on someone else listening to me.” “I’ve been thinking back about things that have gone wrong over the past couple of years, and I suddenly realized that many of the troubles have resulted from someone not hearing something, or getting it in a distorted way.” “It’s interesting to me that we have considered so many facets of communication in the company, but have inadvertently overlooked listening. I’ve about decided that it’s the most important link in the company’s communications, and it’s obviously also the weakest one.” Can you relate? It’s true.  Listening is critical to our relationships and to our business success. Again… the good news is that listening is a skill just like speaking, writing, typing or learning to play tennis (or pickleball… cuz… yeah… it’s fun to say “pickleball!”).  That means we can learn to be better listeners and we can unlearn some of the bad habits we’ve all developed.   And that’s why we’re digging into this crucial topic today… especially around the holidays. We’re going to talk about HOW you can listen more effectively and intentionally.   So you can give it as a gift to the important people in your life!   Quick Episode Summary: 0:20 What to expect today! 2:50 Mitch's favorite weird gifts 6:00 The best gift to give 7:50 What everyone truly wants 9:44 Mitch's free gift to you 10:30 Who has been a good listener to you? 11:52 What body language does to listening 19:03 Limiting distractions 20:14 How to show someone you're listening 21:28 The big FU questions 25:28 What do you want to work on? 25:45 What's coming up next   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
My guest this week is James Miller. James is the creator of Adamantine Yoga. He’s also one of the most innovative thinkers I’ve ever met. James has been bringing his unique thinking and approach to the world of yoga… and I believe… he’s on the verge of a huge breakthrough. We’ll talk about that more in the episode. Plus, I can tell you he’s already pulled off at least one miracle… and that’s getting ME to practice yoga… and I’ve actually been loving it.     Listen To The Podcast:   RESOURCES: Adamantine Yoga:   MORE INFORMATION: James came to yoga after being a Marine. When he started, he would be the first to tell you that he could do 30 pull-ups and 100 pushups but he couldn’t touch his toes. Now… he’s one of the most flexible people I’ve ever met, and at 48 years old he’s in the best shape of his life. Since I turn 50 next year… and I’ve said that is one of my goals is to be in the best shape of my life in my 50th year and beyond, so James and his approach really grabbed my attention. Apparently… I’m a little late to the game with yoga. A recent study found that over 20 million Americans practice yoga on a regular basis and that continues to grow each year. Plus, I hear from a number of you that you practice it and I know you love it. So we’ll be talking about some of the strengths of yoga and some of the big misperceptions and big questions too. BUT... whether you have ever practiced yoga or not… I think you’ll benefit from hearing about James’ outlook on life and the 4 tenets his school is based upon. Those tenets are: Integrity Non-violence Surrender Gratitude We’ll talk about why they matter to the school, to the practice of yoga and… most importantly… how they build on each other to help us to live a better life. I want to hear from YOU! What stood out to you from this conversation? And… tell me about YOUR experiences with yoga. What are some of the things YOU have learned so far? I can’t wait to hear from YOU! Comment below and let me know.   Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today 1:54 Who is James Miller? 4:18 How and why James started doing yoga 8:08 When James started to understand yoga 11:23 The push back James endured 13:18 How James is reforming the yoga space 16:15 The four tenets of yoga 20:44 What makes James a great teacher 23:47 The spiritual side of yoga 27:47 How James is taking his message to the world 30:26 The best way to learn yoga 31:16 How to learn more about James   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
Bring YOUR Awesome!

Bring YOUR Awesome!


Today my guest is Neil Pasricha. He thinks, writes, and speaks about intentional living. Neil is the New York Times bestselling author of six books, including The Book of Awesome and The Happiness Equation. These two books have spent over 200 weeks on bestseller lists and have sold over 1,000,000 copies. He also hosts the award-winning podcast 3 Books where he’s on a fifteen-year journey to uncover the thousand most formative books in the world.     Listen To The Podcast: RESOURCES: Neil’s Book:  You Are Awesome: How to Navigate Change, Wrestle with Failure, and Live an Intentional Life Neil’s Blog: Neil’s Site: Neil’s Social Media: Connect with him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook @neilpasricha MORE OF THE STORY: Neil has degrees from Queen’s University and Harvard Business School, but he will also be the first to tell you that he “almost” got fired from his first job at Procter and Gamble and his first franchise went down in flames. But he rose up like a phoenix with an amazing story… and now he’s got his best selling books, his fascinating podcast, his blog with millions of hits… and he has one of the most viewed talks on In fact, his TEDx talk, "The 3 A's of Awesome", is ranked as the ninth most inspiring TEDx talk with over 3 million views. In total, he has sold over 1 million books. His books and his TED talks are all based on Pasricha's popular blog called “1000 Awesome Things.” He’s won three Webby Awards and PC Magazine listed it as one of the top blogs in the world. Most importantly… he lives in Toronto with his awesome wife Leslie and their three sons. In our conversation, we’ll talk about strategies to help you with becoming more resilient, becoming failure-proof and being less anxious and more awesome.     Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today! 2:42 Welcome Neil to the show 3:28 What inspired Neil's new book 4:11 The true definition of awesome 5:54 Neil childhood 8:53 Practicing positivity 12:27 Why anxiety rates are climbing 14:09 The one thing Neal wants the world to know 17:49 Intermittent fasting technology 20:43 Neil's own hardest advice to take 24:34 Why you should aim small 27:31 Neil's failed TED Talk 30:09 Mitch's biggest takeaways   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
Today I’m getting you a strategy that will boost your confidence in 2 minutes. That’s right. It’s a simple step you can take to increase your feelings of confidence, well-being and focus! It’s a concept straight out of the growing field of study known as “Micro-Resilience.” These tools enable you to create “positive psychological changes which lead to more energy, engagement and joy in the face of life’s challenges. And who doesn’t want more energy, engagement, and joy in their lives? So let’s get to this!   Listen To The Podcast: RESOURCES: DREAM THINK DO Episode 172: Post Traumatic Growth - BOOK SUGGESTION: Micro-Resilience: Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive and Energy by Bonnie St. John RESEARCH: Cuddy, A. J. C., Schultz, S. J., & Fosse, N. E. (April 01, 2018). P-Curving a More Comprehensive Body of Research on Postural Feedback Reveals Clear Evidential Value for Power-Posing Effects: Reply to Simmons and Simonsohn (2017). Psychological Science, 29, 4, 656-666. MORE ABOUT THE EPISODE: We’re talking about “Micro-Resilience” and “Power Poses” in this episode. Since we’re all about helping you to dream bigger, think better and do more of what you were put on the planet to do… I’m always looking to experiment with ways to increase our resilience. Some strategies lend themselves to what’s called, “Pre-Traumatic Growth” by Bonnie St. John in her book, “Micro-Resilience: Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive, and Energy.” These are positive psychological changes that lead to more energy, engagement, and joy in the face of life’s challenges. And who doesn’t want more energy, engagement, and joy in their lives? Specifically… who doesn’t need a quick boost of energy and confidence when we’re heading into a potentially stressful situation: Maybe it was a situation at work: Getting ready for a presentation Going into a difficult conversation Prepping for a job interview Or maybe it was a DREAM THINK DO Scenario: Walking into a NEW class you’ve always wanted to take and finally signed up Pitching your IDEA to that person who might be able to help you make it happen Finally asking her THAT question In this QUICK DTD episode, we’re going to talk about something that’s been labeled “Power Poses.” It’s a technique in which people stand in a way that a “powerful” or “assertive” might stand or hold themselves. By doing so, some researchers have found these “poses” actually increases a sense of confidence and focus. The idea of “Power Posing” was first named and described in a paper by Dana Carney, Amy Cuddy, and Andy Yap in the journal, Psychological Science. In their initial research, Carney, Cuddy, and Yap asserted that “High-Power Poses” produced an increase in testosterone (which causes an increased sense of confidence and focus) and a decrease in cortisol (which tends to reduce a sense of anxiety). These researchers have continued to produce studies and books on the subject. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that some of their underlying science has been disputed. And some researchers really push back on this concept. BUT… that’s where our “experiment” will come in. I want you to give it a try. I can tell you that since I don’t have an easy way to check my own testosterone or cortisol, I’m not 100% sure my rates change in the slightest. BUT I can tell you that I’ve been utilizing the “Power Poses” for the last year or more… and it’s made a difference. And even though some researchers might poo this and/or consider it a placebo effect… I can tell you that I’ve benefited from it significantly. So, I wanted to share it with you! In this episode, I’ll walk you through some specifics and scenarios… then I want you to try it out. Comment below and let me know what you think! Real deal… hocus pocus… or something in between? I can’t wait to hear from YOU! Comment below and let me know!
This week our guest is Mitch Matthews. I know… I know. You might be saying, “But you’re the host. So how does that work?” Well, one of my coaching clients wants to have her own podcast someday. So I let her interview me as an “experiment,” and she did such an incredible job… I wanted to share the conversation with you. We’ll call this episode “20 [really good] questions with Mitch Matthews.” We dive into questions around breaking through fear, how I got into the speaking/coaching business, when I started dreaming (this one might surprise you) and how I freaked out my parents when I was a kid (which might help you with your kids, too!).   Listen To The Podcast: Okay… so we’re taking a little different approach to this episode and here’s the back story. You guys know that I’m a success coach and I work with people one-on-one to help them get clear on their goals and dreams… and then help them to build a plan to walk it out. As we do that… my client and I work to create experiences and challenges along the way to help them experience versions of their dream. This process often allows them to “take their dream for a test drive,” and see if they actually enjoy it. Recently… one of my coaching clients… an incredible person named Cheri Judd... mentioned that she thought about doing a podcast someday. She’s got a great heart… she’s awesome at asking questions… and she’s naturally curious… so it seemed like a great fit. And since we’re always looking for ways to experiment with dreams… I volunteered to be a guest… and I had her interview me as if she would for her future podcast. So… yeah… we did it as an experiment. What’s really cool was… she was awesome. She asked some great questions and it was really fun. Plus, she got me to think about some things and tell some stories… I’ve never told on DREAM THINK DO… or ANY podcast I’ve ever been on. Originally… the idea was just to do the recording for practice… so we didn’t really concentrate on sound quality or a big fancy intro. We just kept it really simple. BUT it was a great interview. We celebrated and it really confirmed that she was on to something because she really enjoyed the experience too. Well… in the past few weeks… as we’re getting closer and closer to the mile marker of episode 250… a number of you suggested that I turn the mic on myself and have someone interview ME on DREAM THINK DO. And that got me thinking about Cheri’s interview. It was so fun and she did such a great job, I thought that might be perfect! Plus… I think this will be really encouraging for Cheri to have the world hear her facilitate an interview too. I think it will fuel that fire. Plus, you guys can let her know that she really is good at this. Now… again… we didn’t focus on sound quality… so it’s not up to our normal standards on that front… but as long as you can put up with that… I think you’ll really enjoy the conversation. And my hope is… that as you hear a little more of my story… it’ll inspire you to push through some fears… because as you’ll hear… I had a LOT of them… I hope it will help you think about some of your own dreams and goals… AND… to be grateful for the people who have helped you along the way! So let’s get to this…   Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today! 3:40 Mitch's background 6:47 What Mitch learned from his first job 14:07 What Mitch went to college for 15:44 Mitch's love for England 19:02 How Mitch discovered his passions 22:43 When Mitch started chasing his dreams 25:42 The meaning behind the podcast name 26:19 Mitch's life right out of college 30:11 How Mitch followed God's clues 40:49 How Mitch generated leads 43:51 What keeps Mitch motivated 49:44 Mitch's biggest takeaways   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
My guest today is David Osborn. David is a best selling author, successful entrepreneur and real estate investor based in Austin, Texas. He’s going to bring 3 keys to building a millionaire mindset as well as breaking free from a scarcity mindset! Now… Dream Think Doer... I know you’ll appreciate David’s story because although he’s wildly successful NOW, he wasn’t just handed all of this. He had to work at it. In fact, at the age of 26, he was broke, unemployed and he was fresh off a low-budget trip around the world. But he got intentional and things started to change… big time.   Listen To The Podcast: RESOURCES: At 26, David decided to test his entrepreneurial theories… as well as lean on the wisdom and values he’d learned from his parents and from his global travels He started to partner with his mom (who was a real estate agent) and he started to experiment with real estate sales. It wasn’t a good fit initially, but David started to be intentional about who he was spending time with and who he was learning from. Within 10 years, he was running one of the top real estate brokerages in the world. Since then… he’s gone on to help launch over 50 companies. I was introduced to David by my friend and past DREAM THINK DO guest Rock Thomas. You probably remember Rock from episode 219 ( He brought pure gold. So when he suggested having David on the show… I was all in. Although I’ve been impressed with his achievements… the more I dug into his story, I’ve been blown away by how everyone talks about him. They've said that he’s a BEAST at getting things done and being passionate and fully present wherever he goes. So THAT got me curious. I wanted to get in his head to hear about his strategies for dreaming bigger, thinking better and doing more! Plus… I have to say I really respect that with all of his business achievements, David points to his marriage to his talented wife, Traci, and their 3 awesome kiddos as his biggest priority and greatest accomplishment. I am totally on board with that! He’s living the DREAM THINK DO life… and it’s going to be a great interview! Be sure to leave your comments below. I want to hear from YOU!   Quick Episode Summary: 0.02 What to expect today 1.05 The opportunity you don't want to miss 2:55 Meet Davi6:11 What drives David 7:23 When David got into real estate 13:12 How to become Superman in your business 18:14 Being purposeful 19:00 Setting and achieving goals 26:00 Putting yourself in a position to win 28:59 How to connect with David 29:17 Mitch's biggest takeaways   Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
My guest is David Hauser. David’s a serial entrepreneur and the author of “Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life.” He’s perhaps best known for co-founding and managing notable tech startups like Grasshopper and Chargify. (BTW… Grasshopper sold to Citrix for $170M in 2015) David is known as a true optimizer. In the last few years, he’s taken his approach to business (constant and intentional trial and error) and applied it to his health. Listen To The Podcast:   RESOURCES: David’s Today, David has shifted his optimization focus to health & fitness, sharing his journey of personal transformation in “Unstoppable.” In the book, David documents the radical shifts he made in diet and exercise, as well as what he learned from taking nearly every test imaginable (blood tests, stool tests, sleep tests, DNA tests, etc.). David and the book have been featured in the New York Times, FastCompany, Business Insider, Forbes and CNN… just to name a few. He’s now on a mission to bust long-standing myths around fad dieting, trendy workouts, and quick fixes, specifically calling out the health sacrifices that entrepreneurs are likely to make while pursuing lofty business goals. “Unstoppable” is a testament to the power of micro-adjustments in driving huge, lasting changes for a healthier, more successful life. In fact,’s founder, Noah Kagen said: [Tweet ""That he doesn’t know anyone who has spent more time, money or effort on health optimization than David Hauser. Now we’re going to be able to learn from his findings.""]   Today we’re going to talk about some of the most important lessons he’s learned along the way, as well as dig into specific lifestyle changes we can ALL make to achieve optimal health. Quick Episode Summary: 0:02 What to expect today 3:18 Welcome, David to the show! 3:40 Why David became passionate about health 6:36 How to get a better night sleep 9:12 Preparing for a good night sleep 12:34 The best thing to do to lose weight 15:34 Eating whole foods 17:56 How the body is designed to consume things 18:45 The blood test we should take every year 22:53 Wisdom of the week 23:23 Mitch's biggest takeaways Listen to Mitch Mattews Top Podcast here
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