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A crazy podcast on a mission to rid the world of BAD video!

Join a crack team of 12 seasoned media professionals and one entertainment attorney as we attempt to equip every content producer, videographer, editor, business owner, marketer, hobbyist, and live streamer with the tools, knowledge and confidence to create better videos.
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Make better videos. It’s our mission! In this episode, video business owner Peter McKinnon talks about 5 ways you can instantly make better videos. None of what Peter recommends requires you to buy extra equipment. By utilizing these steps you will be able to improve the overall quality, look, sound and feel of the videos you make right away.
Starting a production company takes time and lots of trial and error. Let this podcast speed up that process for you by teaching you how to get video clients. In this episode,, video business owner Amanda Horvath, gives you her best tips for how to market your video production business so you can make videos full time. Amanda started her videography business in Los Angeles where the competition was steep. She tested tons of different tactics for getting clients, from cold calling to website tweaks to getting listed on Yelp. She walks through her top tips for Squarespace for videographers so you can optimize your website to convert. Her website advice for videography is super simple yet she promises it will help you get more clients for video work. Marketing videography isn't challenging, but it does take some thinking outside the box so think twice before you discount her ideas. It's time to learn how to get more clients for video work! Enjoy!
If you get in front of a client and your main selling points are price, image quality, and experience? Go on Craigslist right now and list your camera for sale because you're not gonna make it today. Why? This podcast offers the explanation.
We’re doing something different this week, starting with episode 1 of a 5 part series getting into the topic of short form video production. Videos of cats, babies tasting lemons for the first time, food recipes — you name it, we love it. And when it comes to marketing Video content is one of the most influential forms of marketing out there. So, how can you leverage short form video content to grow your business? And what are some trends to look for? This 5 part podcast series gets into the details starting with TikTok.
it's not about your ability to edit video. It's not all about your video equipment. What are your videos really selling?
Are you a videographer doing marketing? Or a marketer doing videography? If you’re a plain ol’ videographer focusing on equipment sitting there wondering why you’re not getting business, let this podcast be a HUGE wake up call.
Let’s face it. Price communicates an expectation of quality. The higher the price, the higher quality we expect. We make assumptions based on price - and people make assumptions about us based on price. The amount you charge communicates the quality your customers should expect. So what’s the right price for your clients? What impression are your rates giving your potential clients? And is it a good one?We take a look at 3 pricing models and what they say about you and which one you should be in.
Are hotel marketing videos the next secret cash cow for videographers? Unconventional ways to quickly start a tsunami of clients - even if your business is new. We answer a question about free and quick ways to clean up bad audio.
We’re talking about the world of underwater video production on this edition with our guest Zach Whalen, an underwater camera operator for Blue world TV - the underwater science adventure series hosted by dynamic naturalist and underwater photographer Jonathan Bird.
Video related questions are delivered to us in various ways, email, voice and when we’re live, just hanging out on social media apps. We compiled some great questions from wedding videographers for this week’s podcast...they have some pressing issues that need attention so we decided to invite two professionals to help with some of the answers.
Making a film or video is an exciting prospect and there’s a great temptation to get started as quickly as possible. However, any video worth making requires a great deal of planning and preparation, and that includes ensuring you comply with all legal issues...basically, covering your butt! On this week’s podcast, we stepped into the Videographer room on Clubhouse where attorneys Laura Cosgrove and Kevin K. Ross-Andino from éclat Law, gave great answers to the top questions that are a thorn in a videographer's side when it comes to legal issues.
You know that space on the left side of an Amazon listing displaying a product video? It’s the first spot buyers go to learn more about what is being sold. It’s not an easy space to get a video there. Amazon knows the power video has over the buyer and this area of a listing is prime real estate that makes people rich. It's exclusive to only those who have the intel to get into that prime spot...until now! On this podcast, we’re breaking the code, exposing the insider secrets, and answering questions on how to get video on top of your Amazon product listing by cutting through all of the jargon that Amazon uses to purposely throttle back your success. We have our social audio app experts chiming in and Yakov Feglien, an experienced Amazon expert, is taking the risk and giving us the secret insider info to share with us. This is big business for video professionals AND sellers if they have this knowledge!
We're getting a lot of questions on product video production after our last podcast...amazing how many questions you have! So on this edition of the DV show Podcast, we are bringing back this theme for the second time. It's my favorite subject anyway: video production for E commerce! Creating product videos... it's an entirely different world. The audience you're selling to is different, the audience you're creating videos for is different. There are specific lengths to adhere to, social media platforms to think about, search engine optimization...and the list goes on! That;s why we have Brett Lindenberg from on the podcast to answer a question and offer a discount for his product. Our social audio app experts are ready to chime in with feedback and advice, and I can’t wait to tell you what is in the download vault this week - some great deals and discount codes to use but you have to get your key - it’s free!
When producing product videos, every e-commerce platform is different, the audience you’re selling the product to, and creating the video for, is different. There are formats, specific lengths to adhere to, social media platforms to think about, search engine optimization and the list goes on... On this themed episode we have two product video production experts from joining us in the studio. We have some listener questions on tap to answer with our social audio audience ready to chime in with feedback and advice, and some cool tools in the download vault this week - some free stuff you can use to get those product videos produced faster and without hassle.
Welcome to this edition of the DV Show Podcast! Yes, we are on a mission to rid this world of bad video. This week, we’re going back to our roots and what we started on 16 years ago…answering listener questions related to digital video production....this is our way of helping you create better video. This time, we have an entire team of professionals from all over the world taking part in the discussions thanks to social audio apps! We know the entire video production process is not for everyone. It can easily become overwhelming, time consuming, intimidating, and technical when all you want to do is create a video that works for you. The options are daunting – and that’s why we’re here. Whether it’s about a video marketing strategy, videos for your business, what is the easiest software and equipment to get it all done quick, creative, technical or business...this podcast, our website and a crack team of seasoned professionals are all available right now to help enable you to create a strategy that gets results. You’re saving hours of time and money with our advice because we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to video production. It helps to have our experience and know-how in your corner. With that all said let’s take our first listener question...
We have a great podcast for you this week hopefully solving the age old issue of a client not coughing up the goods - that client who refuses to pay you after all of the video work you did. Freelancing in the video production world does have its perks but one of the down sides is that risk that your client won’t pay on time and is seemingly unreachable. In the dating world, when someone stops calling and seems to have fallen off the radar completely, it’s referred to as "ghosting" As you can imagine, getting ditched by last night’s dinner date is disappointing, but it's not nearly as traumatic as being ghosted by a client you've spent a lot of time and did lots of work for, but suddenly disappear on you...not cool! Today’s guest is Dee Bowden, she teaches small business owners how to reconcile, resolve & recover OLD and OWED invoices to improve their cash flow. She just came out with a brand new book called "Collect the Cash" a great resource for anyone who needs a strategy to deal with that ghosting client.
Thanks for listening and subscribing to this podcast it is truly an honor to be a part of your day! Thanks to you we’re in our 16 year of producing this show and there is no end in sight! Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and quarantine began, we’ve continued to stress the importance of video. After all, in a remote world, video allows us to meet, to market, to sell, and to service. Truly, video is more important than ever. But even if we agree with the philosophy, what does this look like in practice? How can you produce video content during a quarantine? Most of you can’t answer this question and continue to struggle under the pandemic’s grip, trying to figure out how to make it all happen while your business slowly fades away. Well, today’s guest was not letting go. He refused to sink. PIVOT is the word for 2020 into 2021, and our next guest definitely put it all into action. From creating and distributing a new film on major streaming channels, to streamlining his production house workflow and even building an online resource for video professionals across the country to find work! Justin McAleece from will certainly inspire you.listen in to this entire podcast and soak it all in!
Nate Woodbury, from, is a professional YouTube Producer who currently produces 9 profitable YouTube channels for various clients. He helps them grow their YouTube following, and turn their channels into lead generation machines that generate seven figures. As a master of efficiency, Nate is expert in developing ways to minimize time and expense, and maximize results and today he’s on thedvshow podcast to share his 5 step formula for success.
Now that it's easy for everyone to create video on their own, do we really need the big budget video professional? Video continues to be the most powerful form of content on the web and people know the importance of it in their marketing. We're not blind to the fact that there’s a growing trend among businesses to create their own video content. There are pros and cons to making video content on your own and pros and cons to hiring someone to make video content for you. But what are they? In the end, do you really need a video pro? We sat down with Richard Tiland from New Evolution Video Productions in San Diego, and really got down into the nitty gritty of this debate. We touch upon some topics no one wants to talk about.
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Scrooged Out


This Christmas, you’re going to learn something totally new about the business side of video production from a weird, uninvited guest who entered our studio by surprise and the new year will never be the same.
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