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Author: Joe Virgillito

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A daily news podcast that gives you 15 minutes of original reporting on events throughout NYC that speak to greater national and international issues.
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The Final Episode

The Final Episode


Joe (briefly) reflects on Donald Trump's dog pandering and his time hosting the show.Thanks for listening!00:00 - Intro00:46 - End of Daily Beat02:39 - Shouting Out BTR Folks04:28 - Dr. Steve Billet05:56 - Friendly Guests08:52 - Outro09:14 - Pleasure - Allah-Las13:37 - Finish
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the testimony of Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, how the White House has attempt to smear him, and whether congressional pushback could lead to something more.Dr. Steve Billet is the Director of the Legislative Affairs Masters and Chief of Staff of the Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University.00:00 - Intro00:46 - Dr. Steve Billet01:05 - Lt. Col. Vindman's Emergence04:06 - Looking Past Trump Smearing07:27 - Congressional Pushback08:53 - Breaking Down a Floor Vote11:51 - Trump's "Unfair Treatment" Defense15:02 - Outro15:23 - On Our Way - Allah-Las18:58 - Finish
BTRtoday editor-in-chief Adam Bulger joins the show to discuss Dolemite is My Name and the time he met the legendary Rudy Ray Moore.Rudy Ray Moore And Me00:00 - Intro00:46 - Adam Bulger01:41 - Meeting Rudy Ray Moore07:48 - Granular Detail of Dolemite16:23 - Changing Sensibilities of Performance21:44 - Warmth of Movie & Performances31:46 - Splicing in Reality35:46 - Eddie Murphy's Interest in Moore42:41 - Outro43:02 - Life of Sin - Sleep Eaters45:43 - Finish
Joe discusses Trump's World Series appearance and why greeting him with boos (and "lock him up" chants) is totally appropriate, no matter what Joe Scarborough thinks.00:00 - Intro00:46 - Final Week of Daily Beat01:36 - Trump Booed at Nats Game02:56 - Joe Scarborough's Scathingly Bad Take05:35 - Context Not Important, Apparently09:16 - Obsession with Civility Politics11:46 - Outro12:09 - Houston - Allah-Las14:22 - Finish
Sean Sullivan & Joe look at the Mets 2020 lineup, talk more about managerial candidates, and discuss the organizational despair surrounding their unfortunate favorite team.Original Mets Misery Podcast from July00:00 - Intro00:46 - Season Review Preface02:09 - Looking at Next Year's Lineup08:28 - Underlying Nihilism of Mets Fandom11:41 - Just *How Bad* Was the Cano Trade?13:14 - Hope For Edwin Diaz?!15:11 - Going Over Managerial Candidates17:52 - "Bombshell" Candidate Possibilities23:29 - Outro23:52 - On Our Way - Allah-Las27:26 - Finish
Sean Sullivan (@s_sull_) returns to discuss the New York Mets' hot summer, managerial search, terrible bullpen and more.Looking Ahead to 2020 (Part 2)00:00 - Intro00:46 - Mets Season Review with Sean Sullivan02:08 - Callaway/Girardi Hiring (by PHI)/Manager Search08:49 - Mets Bullpen...Still Bad!11:15 - Marcus Stroman Trade...Not Great!14:23 - Outro14:45 - Polar Onion - Allah-Las17:32 - Finish
John Cook joins the show to discuss his recent report entitled America Misled: How fossil fuel industry deliberately misled Americans about climate change.John Cook is an assistant professor at the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University. Click here to read the report.00:00 - Intro00:46 - John Cook01:14 - Report Motviations02:19 - Conveying Digestible Information05:22 - Comparing Big Oil to Big Tobacco07:22 - There's Hope12:12 - Outro12:34 - Light Yearly - Allah-Las16:36 - Finish
Trump's "Lynching" B.S.

Trump's "Lynching" B.S.


Joe discusses Trump's absurd comments, legitimate criticism and finding the balance between real conversations and emboldening bullshit.00:00 - Intro00:46 - Trump's "Lynching" BS04:44 - Significance of Term08:08 - Trump's Base Will Buy This13:30 - Outro13:52 - Electricity - Allah-Las16:50 - Finish
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss the upcoming week in impeachment testimonies, Trump's self-made G7 controversy, and Hillary Clinton's comments about Tulsi Gabbard.Dr. Steve Billet is the Director of the Legislative Affairs Masters and Chief of Staff of the Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University.00:00 - Intro00:46 - Dr. Steve Billet on This Week in Impeachment03:11 - Trump Support Locked In05:24 - Doral/G7 Controversy08:07 - Hillary Clinton's Gabbard Comments11:11 - Outro11:33 - Royal Blues - Allah-Las14:05 - Finish
Joe talks about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's endorsement of Bernie Sanders and why it's so significant, particularly at this point in the primary.00:00 - Intro00:46 - Good Week of Stuff01:33 - AOC, Omar, Tlaib Endorse Sanders04:11 - Most Impactful Dem Endorsements?06:49 - Sanders/Warren Differentiation is Coming11:02 - Outro11:24 - Star - Allah-Las15:33 - Finish
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