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On The Daily Libertarian, your host, Wallace Garneau, takes a facts-based look at economics, politics, the news - all the things that matter most.
7 Episodes
The concept of 'speaking truth to power,' which the left constantly claims to be doing, consists of two words: power, and truth. In this podcast, I break down these words to see who is in power, and who is speaking truth. I then compare speaking truth to power, to it's opposite - using power to suppress truth.
Episode 6 of the Daily Libertarian looks at the world of conspiracy theories: what they are, whether or not people should pay attention to them, how they got a bad name, etc..
This podcast explores the use of the word 'science' on the political left, as a political weapon, quite independently from the Scientific Method.
This episode continues our look at the attempted Communist Takeover going on in America, but in this episode I focus on definitions. What are the definitions of these different forms of economies, and how do they compare and contrast?
After trying several times to cover how communism is making a major reappearance in the United States, all in a half hour, I decided to break it down into pieces. This is part one.
This podcast discusses the differences between our political parties, today, shows how today's Democrats are a mixture of fascists and communists, and then calls for state governments to use a process called 'nullification' to resist the devolution of our country.
The For the People Act, and the Domestic Terrorism Act of 2021. I go on a bit of a rant about the 'War on Words' too, in which Democrats use words with negative connotations against Republicans, completely ignoring the actual definitions of those words.