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The Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma

Author: Robin Sharma

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Welcome to the Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma where you’ll receive the mental models, daily routines, and productivity tactics that Robin Sharma has taught to the titans of industry, sports superstars, and elite performers who he has served as a private mentor to for over 24 years. You'll learn how to live a truly world-class life while you accelerate your productivity, grow your leadership, build your business, and scale your impact on the world.
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To Lead Is To Serve

To Lead Is To Serve


The more people you enroll in your mighty mission and the more lives you serve, the more good things will unfold in your future.And the more humans you help the more fortune will help you.
To heal an emotional wound you need to feel the emotional wound. Our society encourages suppression and repression of natural feelings. And so the majority escapes from this unconscious “field of hurt” into distraction, procrastination and addiction.
Learn one of Robin Sharma's SOPs [standard operating procedures] that he encourages you to wire into your daily life through consistent practice, because as you know so well: Consistency is the Mother of Mastery. 
Learn to forgive those who have hurt you. Everyone is doing the best they can, based on where they are at on their human journey. Their criticism is awesome soil within which to grow your faith in yourself. And your ironclad trust in your finest instincts. Bless them rather than cursing them. For they are helping your rise.⁣⁣
Elite performance without deep recovery leads to the depletion of your productive assets. Rest isn’t a luxury—it’s an absolute NECESSITY [for growth and the full expression of your gifts + talents]. There’s a full chapter in The 5AM Club on the model that has been so helpful to the titans of industry, sports superstars and elite performers Robin Sharma has coached. It’s called “The Twin Cycles of Elite Performance” and once you learn/apply it you’ll multiply your productivity considerably yet work less. 
For those who have been doing the early morning work to fortify their 4 Interior Empires of Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset this period of deep volatility will present opportunities to create, grow, strengthen and serve. 
Leadership isn't just for CEOs and presidents. We ALL can lead. Because leadership's mostly a mindset and a way of doing things.
Lean Into Your Fear

Lean Into Your Fear


The thing you most fear carries your greatest growth.We must notice any fear, lean into it and then send it on its way. It’s in the face of fear, doubt and danger that we are given the chance to test out our wisest, bravest and biggest selves. 
What Rich Really Means

What Rich Really Means


 There are two types of income: external [money and title] and internal [pride in doing great work and pursuing mastery]. The ordinary chase the first. The exceptional want the last.
Learn the ultra-valuable framework that has helped Robin Sharma's private clients implement serious optimizations in their life. 
In this episode of The Daily Mastery Podcast, Robin Sharma deconstructs how to leverage the neurobiological phenomenon of Transient Hypofrontality to step into your primal genius.
Too many of us encounter an obstacle and drop into victim-mode, giving away our power to it and throwing in the towel.Instead, use “The WTOH Question” and ask what’s the opportunity here?This ritual has saved my life. It has allowed me to leverage the unexpected into pure possibility. And turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.It’s helped my team produce epic results in the face of Plan A not going to plan.And it’s moved my clients to achieve legendary businesses as well as lives they adore.
Leadership has less to do with authority and more to do with a mindset. Where the victim sees a problem, a leader sees an opportunity.So during this storm, rather than play victim and wish things were the way they used to be (those days are gone), elevate your leadership game and out-invent everyone around you.
Betraying your originality—whether in your craft or within your private life—is a guarantee for the experience of misery.Yes, it takes strength of character, deep courage and a craving for originality to break free of the seductive beliefs and habits of the herd......And yet, working on these qualities are among the finest moves you can make to build your empire [whether an empire of money or fortunes of creativity, productivity, adventure or contribution to society].
The Nightly 3 routine involves simply writing down three great things that happened to you during your day.The brain has a negativity bias we need to relentlessly fight against. This primitive instinct served us 1000+ years ago. Destroys our brilliance today.Noticing items to be grateful for is the antidote to apathy. And the cure for stagnation.
Bravery is not a natural gift, but a developed talent. Practice it just like you train in a sport to get better. And please remember -  the best work you can ever do is working on a braver you. Our world needs you to rise up to your best, as never before.
To arrive at your end without intimacy with your natural heroism is a heartbreaking move. In the quietude of the early morning, you’ll be able to reclaim the strength and wisdom that is who you truly are. Before a cold and noisy world caused you to forget. So at the end, you’ll have been fully human. And genuinely amazing.
In this episode of The Daily Mastery Podcast, you'll learn how to begin your day in what Robin Sharma teaches in his proprietary method, The Tight Bubble of Total Focus Strategy (TBTF). Robin Sharma's highest level clients in IconX as well as those he is mentoring in his online program The Circle of Legends are saying that taking his advice to install their Tight Bubbles of Total Focus [TBTF] so they read the news selectively, avoid toxic people and insulate their positive focus is allowing them to thrive professional and personally as the world falls apart. So do whatever it takes to find time to create, stay productive and remain inspired right now. And find your personal sanctuary so you get great work done. 
Upgrade your life and you upgrade the world’s life. As you strengthen and improve, the way you reply to [and view] the crises will be reshaped. You’ll see what’s happening through the eyes of a warrior sage versus from the perception of a terrified victim.So in this time of enforced quietude, work on you. Your inner core. Because life always reflects you. And during this time that many of us cannot go outside, the smartest among us are going inside. So that when this all ends, they will model mastery, act on possibility and completely lead the field.
In this episode of The Daily Mastery Podcast, Robin Sharma shares and deconstructs one potent tool that he's used in his own life to get through very difficult times.
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Megha Bhattacharya

It was worth hearing this podcast👍

Sep 2nd

Mansoor Syed

Very glad to hear ur motivational stories.. Speech on podcast. It gives breakthrough motivation for worried soul.

Aug 28th

Yogesh Chitraa GireeshRaao Dhobale

Short but Valuable! Many thanks RobinJee. 😊🙏🏻

Aug 23rd

Zani Dalipi

Robin Sharma one of my favorite authors with beautiful and understandable books, books that teaches alot about finding our hidden genius, reacting to certain situations in our life and a lot of great leason. the podcast will be as a preface to the books, imagine having a mentor like Robin itsva dream come true 👍

Jul 21st


Thank you. I wake up n listen to Robin Sharma's podcast n it sets my mindset for the day. Carefully chosen words with an energetic delivery- that's mastery.

Jul 6th

Nadia Brmy

its good but not enough informing

Jul 6th

Abdossamad Deh

very helpful and graet

Jun 30th
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