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Highways are the vital arteries that help transport goods and help workers commute to the office, but their origins are rooted in racism.  See for privacy information.
Alexander Skarsgård discusses his epic Viking movie “The Northman” and how his family roots are tied to Viking lineage. See for privacy information.
“Parents should treat playgrounds, the way people should treat airport carousels…take a step back.” Trevor discusses the difference between American and South African parenting.  See for privacy information.
Not only was a Black jockey the first to win the Kentucky Derby in 1875, but Black riders were some of the best. Roy Wood Jr. discusses a few of the greatest Black horse racers in history, including 17-year-old Cheryl White, the first licensed Black female jockey.  See for privacy information.
While America has made progress in removing confederate statues from public squares, many remain standing. Director of the PBS documentary The Neutral Ground, CJ Hunt, and founder of Project Say Something, Camille Goldston Bennett, join Roy Wood Jr. to discuss why these monuments were erected in the first place, how many are left, what’s being done on the ground to remove them, and where they should end up once they’re removed.  Watch the original segment: Donate to Project Say Something: See for privacy information.
New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns discuss their reporting process for their book “This Will Not Pass,” share new audio of President Donald Trump and Senator Lindsey Graham, and explain why Jared Kushner got involved in Kanye West’s presidential run.  See for privacy information.
Grammy winner and host of the web series 'Vinyl Destination,' DJ Jazzy Jeff shares his early days of a first job frying chicken at Roy Rogers restaurants, his love of music, and his lack of hobbies. Jeff also details the ways the music industry and radio stations have done a disservice to truly original music and how DJs and musicians can breakthrough now. @Rod4Short addresses the ways you can tastefully navigate Will Smith conversations at the job without being sent to HR. He also rains praise upon the unsung heroes of the nightlife – women security guards. Listen to Roy's Job Fair:  See for privacy information.
“I don’t make it awkward on purpose. I’m just a little strange.” Comedian Ziwe discusses how she turns her interviews into iconic moments, her very specific brand of comedy, and the difference between herself and the character “Ziwe.” See for privacy information.
Trevor’s no finance expert, but the details of Elon Musk’s Twitter buy seem a little weird.  See for privacy information.
Social media and photo editing are giving teens unrealistic beauty expectations for themselves, causing them to turn to plastic surgery. Here’s why that needs to change. See for privacy information.
In this episode of The Daily Show: Ears Edition, we pay tribute to Trevor’s gran, Frances Noah, who passed away this week. Rest easy, Gogo. See for privacy information.
McLaren Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo shares a “shoey” with Trevor while chatting about the documentary series “Drive to Survive” and preparing for the new circuit at the Miami Grand Prix.  See for privacy information.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce started as a celebrity scandal, but has evolved into a larger discussion surrounding the harassment many women face when trying to leave a relationship. In this episode, host Roy Wood Jr. sits down with Daily Show writer Christiana Mbakwe-Medina and journalist Rachel Louise Snyder to discuss how The Daily Show has covered this topic, the many types of violence women endure on a daily basis, and the lengths women go to in order to feel safe.    For further resources visit The National Domestic Violence Hotline:    Watch the original segments: See for privacy information.
Voting rights activist and entrepreneur Stacey Abrams discusses her book "Level Up," creating opportunities for people to start small businesses and running again for governor of Georgia.   See for privacy information.
Trevor on where he thinks late night television is heading.  See for privacy information.
“What most people want is to not have a politician in their decision.” Planned Parenthood’s President and CEO Alexis McGill Johnson discusses the chipping away of women’s rights and reproductive health access, and how the Women’s Health Protection Act would codify Roe v. Wade. See for privacy information.
Not only was a Black jockey the first to win the Kentucky Derby in 1875, but Black riders were some of the best. Roy Wood Jr. discusses a few of the greatest Black horse racers in history, including 17-year-old Cheryl White, the first licensed Black female jockey. See for privacy information.
The Supreme Court prepares to overturn Roe v. Wade, Senator Amy Klobuchar talks about the threat to abortion rights and Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson discusses abortion rights. See for privacy information.
NASA plans to send nude images of humans to space, Roy Wood Jr. highlights pioneering Black horse racing jockeys, and co-authors Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin discuss "This Will Not Pass." See for privacy information.
Pundits wonder who leaked the Supreme Court's opinion on Roe v. Wade, Michael Kosta hosts a trivia game show, and Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson discusses abortion rights. See for privacy information.
Comments (335)

Landon Burris

Love Daily Show but feels like Trevor takes off more weeks than they're on...

May 10th

boing päng

haaa! love the trump stuff...

May 6th

Lou Israel

once again Noah is an embarrassment, so sucking up to the billionaire without reminding him that he preferred this works countries from making vaccines to view their Pele while making profits for the Pharma companies. can it get any worse? who's next? Dick Cheney?

May 5th

Lou Israel

another disappointing, borderline disgusting, episode. I'm not sure if Noah is incredibly native or deliberately spouts the DNC propaganda. when his audience hears there was an election in Ohio, they think okay, is Nina Turner. which is an election that actually matters. instead, Noah the hack completely ignored the big event and focuses on a race few if any care about. it's a toss up in terms of who is the worst talk show host politically (Colbert is so far up Obama's ass that he can taste his dinner), but Noah has stuck to a new low. I wish there was a host who spoke the truth but I guess they don't allow us on network TV. thank God I get most of my news from independent media

May 4th

Vivian Silveira

Daniel ❤️

Apr 30th

Nia Clare

this was a VERY enlightening show. my heart is full 🥰

Mar 26th

Enrico Seebach

so many ads

Mar 7th

Pætrïck Lėő Dåvīd

"immaculate Conception" with "shout out!!!" if you know what I mean especially the Scrotum look-a-like part....

Mar 6th

Enrico Seebach

"a good white lady"? Can you imagine describing your job and saying it was owned by "a good black lady who was married to a good black man"? lol. Hypocrisy in 'racism' it's too bad it took me an hour into the show to figure out that this is just a bunch of racist black people.

Feb 18th

Myserty Soundz

I never thought TDS had an ear version

Feb 18th


why every day people are talking about racism how is there a racism and also black president ??? if there was racism how did Obama become president NBA players became NBA players rappers became rappers and.... don't overrate racism which doesn't exist between people specially in us

Feb 13th


Trevor Noah is the typical immigrant talking shit about this country (not that things here are perfect) but he's here. he'd rather be making US dollars than South African rand. heck, I bet for all the shit he talked about Texas, I bet he'd rather live in Dallas than Johannesburg.

Jan 27th
Reply (1)

fahime tavakoli


Jan 15th


Really well said…buckets don’t stop leaks.

Dec 26th

Abol Abol

good one trevor 😂

Dec 7th

Let's go Brandon!

TRUMP 2024!

Nov 21st
Reply (1)

Timothy Drummond

Yesss. I'm so glad I get to hear this! Thank you!

Nov 1st

Timothy Drummond

Wow. I didn't realize Putin has only been in power for 21 years. he's always been there in my thoughts lol. granted I'm 30 so it wasn't till the late 2000s that I started paying attention to the world around me.

Oct 21st

Matt Klym

9h tv

Jul 23rd

Hannah Morgan

Brilliant 😂

Jun 28th
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