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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.
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In this episode, I address the shocking video emerging from this prominent Democrats’ presidential campaign. I also address the latest on the probe into the Spygate scandal and the troubling information uncovered by John Durham. Finally, I address the humiliating face-plant by the media on the Virginia Second Amendment rally. News Picks: AOC is confused, AGAIN!   What’s happening in Virginia is only the beginning.    A “strong paper trail” has emerged which should have the Obama era Spygate plotters sweating.     The Spygate probe is heating up.    The impeachment sham is backfiring spectacularly for the Democrats.    Here is the chart that the Trump campaign should be plastered everywhere.   CNN promotes another ridiculous conspiracy theory.   Justice delayed is justice denied.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
In this episode, I address the Second Amendment rally in Virginia and the media’s attempts to set you up. I also address the bold move by the GOP Senate to checkmate Adam Schiff in the sham-impeachment trial. Finally, I address the devious plot by Jim Comey which is only now coming to light. News Picks: The Democrats, and their media allies, are already trying to set up a narrative about the Virginia Second Amendment rally.  A terrific article about the latest Jim Comey scandal.  The impeachment trial rules still include a motion to dismiss.  How many members of the Biden family have become wealthy while Joe Biden was in power?  Flashback: Seven times the GAO said the Obama administration broke the law. An interesting inside account of the killing of Soleimani.  Mitch McConnell votes to create a “kill switch” in the impeachment farce.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
In this episode, I address the latest, outrageous political attack on President Trump from deep within the government swamp. I also address more troubling connections between the Democrats and the Spygate, Ukraine, Uranium One players. Finally, I discuss the media’s obsession with Lev Parnas and his severe credibility issues.  News Picks:Jim Comey is in deep trouble.    The GAO said Obama broke the law too. Why wasn’t Obama impeached?   Lev Parnas’s credibility continues to get flushed down the toilet.     This February 2019 article documents the Clintons troubling connections to a suspect Russian enterprise.   What was the Skolkovo project really about?   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
In this episode, I address the stunning connections between the Ukraine scandal and the impeachment hoax. All roads lead to Ukraine. I also address the latest anti-Trump hoax which emerged on MSNBC last night. News Picks:LOL: HBO announces a new documentary about fake news, produced by fake news Brian Stelter.    Even the biased FISA Court appointed reviewer says the FBI isn’t doing enough to stop abuses.   The DOJ forcefully denies the latest claims in the Ukraine sham.    The looney Democrats’ impeachment ceremony was “like spackling a turd with gold paint.”    Rand Paul puts shakey Republicans on notice for the pending impeachment trial.   This 2015 article highlights some interesting connections between the Clintons, Iran, and a major Ukrainian donor.   Gun-grabbing liberal Governor in Virginia to declare a “state of emergency” to trample on the Second Amendment.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
A Huge Announcement (Ep 1159)

A Huge Announcement (Ep 1159)


In this episode, I address the dramatic announcement by this victim of the Spygate plot that could be a game-changer. I also address the now-revealed-reason Nancy Pelosi delayed sending the impeachment article over to the Senate. News Picks:Wounded warrior congressman challenges weak-kneed Democrats on Soleimani.   Michael Avenatti was arrested, again.   Be very skeptical of the Burisma “hack” report.   New York’s insane new crime law is imploding.   Lt. General Flynn withdraws his guilt plea.    This April, 2019 article tells the real story about the targeting of Lt. General Mike Flynn.   This August, 2019 article documents the payments made to a government spy involved in the Spygate scandal.   Mark Meadows speaks up about the appointment of a Spygate denier to oversee the FISA abuse investigation.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
In this episode, I address what the Democrats are really hiding in the emerging, explosive connections between the Bidens, Ukraine, election interference, the Spygate scandal, and George Soros. I also address the Trump/economic inequality myth still being promoted by liberals.News Picks:Will Hunter Biden be forced to testify in the Senate impeachment trial?   The phony Democrats are claiming to be shocked by the latest allegation of Russian hacking.   This John Solomon article from March describes the George Soros/Ukraine connections the Democrats are concerned about.   College football fans love the President.   Looney liberals meltdown after this famous Hollywood actor shakes hands with President Trump.   Whiney liberals are complaining that fifty thousand dollars from the government for their student loans isn’t enough.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
In this episode, I address the disgraceful actions on behalf of the deep state to protect their own. Their latest appointment to “investigate” Spygate will shock you. I also address another shameful appearance by Nancy Pelosi where she trots out debunked conspiracy theories in an effort to change the narrative. Finally, I discuss some persistent myths about income inequality and some classic Reagan jokes. News Picks:Don’t miss my explosive weekend interview with Mark Levin.   This may be the worst personnel decision in modern US history. Look who they picked to investigate FISA abuse.   California wants to spend $30,000 per homeless person.    CNN gives a platform to another questionable figure to discuss Iran.    If a Supreme Court vacancy were to open up this year then the Senate should act immediately.   Ronald Reagan has the best jokes about Socialism.    This December article is additional evidence of the ties between deep-state players looking to take down the President.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
Don’t miss this interview with multiple-time, number-one NY Times best selling author, top-rated radio and television host, and former Chief of Staff to the US Attorney General, Mark Levin. We discuss his new book “Unfreedom of the Press,” the impeachment fiasco, the exploding national debt, the Tea Party revolution, Spygate and the 2020 election. You can pick up his new book here.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
In this episode, I address the explosive debate last night on Fox over President Trump’s Iran policy. I also address the Democrats consistently being on the wrong side of America in this critical time. Finally, I address some outrageous comments by CNN in their defamation case and the failures of liberalism multiplying across the country.News Picks:My debate with Geraldo got heated last night.   Chronic TDS patients blame Trump for Iranian crimes.   Why are the Democrats acting as lawyers for the Iranians?    Troubling new allegations emerge in the Spygate scandal.   What exactly was Stefan Halper up to?    Media lawyer explains why CNN settling the lawsuit against them is a big deal.    Study shows that the worst run states are run by Democrats.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
In this episode, I address the stunning connections between the anti-Trump impeachment players and the Spygate hoaxers. I also address the imploding impeachment farce and the failure of Pelosi’s latest gamble. Finally, I address failure of media outlets to understand the significance of Trump’s strike against Soleimani. News Picks:Study says the worst run states are run by Democrats.    The Senate Democrats are now turning on Pelosi.   Pelosi’s impeachment gamble is blowing up in spectacular fashion.   Homelessness surges in liberal California.    Devin Nunes is leading an investigation into ICIG Atkinson. Atkinson’s resume is interesting.   The shady connections of these anti-Trumpers, to the Obama Administration, are frightening.   President Trump’s stock is at an all-time high.    The chances of President Trump being removed from office is sinking like a rock.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
What Happens Now? (Ep 1153)

What Happens Now? (Ep 1153)


In this episode, I address the missile attacks on US bases in Iraq and the decision by President Trump that has boxed the Iranians into a corner. I also discuss the outrageous attack on Mike Flynn by government prosecutors hellbent on making an example of him. Finally, I address the bold move by Mitch McConnell to stomp on the Democrats’ impeachment dreams.  News Picks:Lt. General Mike Flynn is getting shafted, again.   MSNBC chooses to air Iranian propaganda rather than facts.    Iran is now naked, and it isn’t pretty.   Iran threatens to use its proxies to do what it can’t.     Democrats get caught circulating an internet rumor as fact.    Mitch McConnell stomps on the Democrats impeachment dreams.    CNN settles a major lawsuit.   The 2010s were the decade of government debt.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
In this episode, I address the outrageous media response to the killing of one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists. I also address a fascinating interview with Devin Nunes where he drops an explosive piece of information. Finally, I address what John Bolton, and the Democrats, are really up to with the impeachment hoax. News Picks:New, deeply disturbing, allegations emerge regarding Joe Biden’s son Hunter.   Devin Nunes releases some explosive new information about the fake-whistleblower’s allegations, and the subsequent investigation.   The question resurfaces after the IG report's release, “what the heck was Bob Mueller doing the whole time?”   Who is Michael Atkinson?   What is John Bolton up to?   The liberal media mourns the death of Soleimani.    Soleimani funeral postponed after dozens are killed in a stampede.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
In this episode, I address the disgusting, shameful response by the Democrats to the termination of terrorist Soleimani. I also address a new angle on the brewing John Brennan - Jim Comey feud and the reasons behind it. Finally, I address the massive exodus from liberal states and the hilarious comedy monologue from Ricky Gervais addressed to Hollywood elites. News Picks:These two Spygate conspirators have given conflicting testimony regarding their support of the hoax dossier.    What team are the hypocritical Democrats on?   Comedian absolutely shreds Hollywood elitists at the Golden Globe awards.   Even Obama’s former DHS Secretary backs up President Trump’s decision-making.   Cowardly Hollywood lunatic Michael Moore begs the Ayatollah for mercy.    People can’t get out of California fast enough.   Lindsey Graham suggests the Senate should rapidly scrap this sham impeachment.    Inside the plot by the Iranians to attack us.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
This is a can’t-miss interview with former NYC Mayor, and personal lawyer to the President, Rudy Giuliani. We discuss topics ranging from his war on crime as NYC Mayor, to his thoughts on the Spygate scandal, to his explosive revelations about the Biden family and Ukrainian election interference.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
In this episode, I address the annihilation of this international terrorist due to strong decision-making by President Trump. I also address stunning admissions by this key FBI official regarding his role in the Clinton investigation. Finally, I address some of the worst fake news stories of 2019. News Picks:This international terrorist is no more because President Trump acted.   Andrew McCabe is getting a pass for lying to the FBI while General Flynn is being prosecuted? What the heck?    Was John McCain involved in the dissemination of the dossier?   This article by Lee Smith is a troubling indictment of the media’s role in the Spygate scandal.   There’s no comparison between the Iraqi Embassy attack and the Benghazi attack.    We just had the best decade in human history, here’s the evidence.   A comprehensive list of fake news stories pushed by the liberal media.    The gun grabbing Virginia Governor wants a task force to enforce his anti-gun policies.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.  
In this episode, I address the troubling ramifications of this new liberal policy in New York. I also address the media’s efforts to spin the attacks on our Iraqi Embassy. Finally, I address the reasons behind this NY Times story about John Brennan’s Spygate “sources.” News Picks:Big news about our show. The Dan Bongino Show will now be heard on KABC radio in Los Angeles!    New York DMV offices are overwhelmed, weeks after giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses.    This December 5th article shows the troubling ties of this key Mueller informant.    These are the stats on self defensive gun use that liberals don’t want you to see.   Sucker liberals keep falling for this discredited “hate-crimes” study, because it’s designed to blame the President.   Stunning. Barack Obama welcomed the leader of the attack on our embassy in Iraq to the White House.    The Trump administration continues to slash wasteful government red-tape.    Discussions about who will run for the presidency in 2024 have already begun.    Most Democrats who support impeachment believe it will fail.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
In this episode, I address the disturbing story about to be revealed in the Spygate scandal, and it revolves around this key date. I also address the tremendous achievements of the Trump administration in 2019 and how they’ll influence the 2020 election. News Picks:President Trump says Iran will be held fully responsible for the US embassy attack.    A solid list of President Trump’s top ten achievements in 2019.   The liberal media is still protecting the deep state bureaucrats involved in the hoax impeachment charges.   Ex-NYC prison inmates are using taxpayer-funded debit cards to purchase booze and vaping devices.     A satirical article about the complete breakdown in order in San Francisco.   Here’s how the 2020 census is shifting the House of Representatives.    Californian steps on an economic rake, again.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
In this episode, I address the disgusting attacks by radical leftists on President Trump, and the reasons behind them, after two tragedies this weekend. I also address another fake narrative being propagated by this media hack meant to promote another false Spygate narrative. Finally, I address the Second Amendment fight in Virginia, and what it means for the rest of the country. News Picks:AOC humiliated herself, AGAIN.   Texas hero saves lives and stops attacker in a Church just seconds after the attack begins.   The FBI agent who interviewed Lt. General Mike Flynn was also a key player in the Spygate scandal.   The national debt continues to explode, and politicians from both parties are making it worse.   My appearance on Fox & Friends this morning where I call-out failed Mayor, Bill DeBlasio for using a tragedy to attack President Trump.    Here’s the complete list of President Trump’s recommended books.   Income inequality is going down, thanks to free markets.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.    
In this episode, I address the explosive revelation that former spy chief Mike Rogers of the NSA is cooperating in the Spygate probe. Rogers could topple the whole house of cards. I also address the impeachment fiasco and more troubling news out of Virginia. News Picks:IG Report reveals that John MCCain funneled Steele’s information to the FBI.    What is Mike Rogers telling John Durham about the Spygate scandal?   This 2018 article describes some of the surveillance abuse by the FBI alleged in an FISA court document.    The Democrats are waging war on suburban life.   The federal govt spends a ridiculous amount of our money.   Washington Post columnist skewers Roswell Rachel Maddow over her support of the dossier.   Liberal activist, and noted Russian collusion hoaxer, Chuck Todd says Republicans are the ones spreading misinformation.    Late night TV is in the tank for the Democrats.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.    
In this episode, I address the real reason former Obama CIA Director John Brennan may be sweating. I also discuss the troubling threat to firearm owners in Virginia. Finally, I address the likely reasons religious voters continue to back President Trump.  News Picks:This article picks apart the outrageous actions of former Obama intelligence officials Brennan and Clapper.   This 2018 article by Lee Smith addresses a troubling allegation about John Brennan’s CIA, and Spygate unmasking abuses.   The Trump hating media is upset that the President doesn’t throw a party for them.   Democrats in Virginia increase the jail budget in anticipation of jailing firearm owners.   Fake Republican Lisa Murkowski is pretending to have principles again.   President Trump keeps racking up victories on the appointment of judges.   Hypocrite liberal millionaires support more taxes on millionaires, as long as it isn’t them.    Corporations brought back a trillion dollars due to the Trump tax cuts.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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stella buchanan

joe's too silly today. please

Jan 20th
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Mike Lyons

Romney is not a RINO, he's a DIPAR - Democrat Imposter Posing As Republica.

Jan 17th

Don Bangino

was I the only one having issues listening to this episode? it kept breaking in and out.

Jan 17th

Shandu B

Hard headed die hard Democrats are the only reason the party won't become tertiary political party this election. They need to be on their knees thanking their zombie constituents because, no one else will take them seriously after this massive screw up.

Jan 15th


Great show!

Jan 14th
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Me thinketh Dan Bongino yells way to much. Can't listen very long & I agree with many of his conservative views... He's just to hard in the ears!

Jan 13th
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Az Cuda

I loved it when Dan told Geraldo to pull his head out of his butt. Geraldo is a fking slimeball.

Jan 11th
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I am tired of hearing all these dems crying over a terrorist. He killed 608 of our that's AMERICAN Soldiers, and who knows how many other were wounded, and other civilians. He was a legitimate Military target. He was a General in charge of special ops forces in a Combat zone. I didn't Hear anyone shinning over Obama killing Al awalaki, how ever you spell his name. And he was a civilian a preacher. I don't care, both were instructmental to killing AMERICANS. I am a 21 years retired U.S. Army (5 combat tours) veteran and 26 year retired Police Officer. I have lost several friends in combat, on the streets and in the WTC, go ask their families if they are upset if these 2 terrorist are dead. God Bless the U.S.A.

Jan 10th
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ouch! Truth hurts!

Jan 10th

Lucien Night

keep saying stuff loud and people will believe you. as your veins pop out on your neck and facts get lighter you can just gaslight them... all the stuff you talk about the swamp and xxxgate is true because they are all corrupt. Dems and Reps. only way to make either look decent is spin them. but what's your answer? anarchy?

Jan 9th


The President is not in a big hurry to over act and nuke anyone. And the Iranians are not either. They know what can happen to them. The 'top' influential people over there aren't wanting to be in the cross hairs of our bombs and troops. But...... They may be so filled with EGO that they couldn't stop themselves if they wanted to. Unfortunately, they may learn how to behave the hard way, and nothing good will come out of teaching them humility. They are not the type of people to believe that all people were created equal. Their lives gather around their so-called faith where they believe they have been given the exclusive right to break GOD's commandment of "Thou shalt not kill". And they believe they will not be corrected or punished by the Almighty One because they believe they are more holy than everyone else. They may very well be surprised. Their reasoning will fall on deaf ears as they stand in front of HIM on their judgement day, while they complain "But we were doing what You wanted us to do." The only answer they may get, if any, may be that there is no other judge but GOD.

Jan 9th
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Michael P Flynn

So when is Rudy's "heart attack" scheduled for?

Jan 6th
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Mohammad Rabiee

I think you are lost your brain go to psychiatrist

Jan 4th

Az Cuda

Anything involving the Obama cabal is disturbing, disgusting, disgraceful.....etc etc...

Jan 3rd
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Love the show !!! Happy New Year

Jan 1st
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39:38 - "Can't shoot what you're hitting at" Haha love Dan!

Dec 31st

Jeff Emery

please put YouTube link at the bottom of the podcast .

Dec 30th

Jennifer E

Love your show Dan ! I do have a question tho. How many of the players or "actors" still have their security clearance? Brennan, Comey, Page and Stzrok, the Ohrs, etc surely won't be called upon for their expertise anytime soon. Why are they allowed to keep it ?

Dec 28th

David Flink

Are democrats looking to cause an all out up rising by the people? Is that how they are going to justify martial law and force us into a socialist society?

Dec 27th

Rosa Yancey

the second amendment is a bad argument. The Virginia State Constitution guarentees the right to own firearms.

Dec 26th
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