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Sebastian Ghiorghiu is a 23-year-old entrepreneur. In the past five years, he has transformed his body, brain, and wallet. He has built his following on YouTube from 0 to over 560,000+ subscribers. In this interview, Sebastian talked about how he mended his relationship with his mother, what happened when he went viral on TikTok, and how he started loving himself. Topics: (0:00) Getting Started  (4:01) Past 3 Years  (7:30) Girlfriend  (10:21) YouTube Channel  (12:45) Life Fulfillment  (17:38) Setting Goals  (21:27) Designing  (24:20) Limiting Beliefs  (27:22) Viral TikTok Video  (35:04) Energy Management  (36:53) Gamechanger Moment  (38:10) Privacy  (44:38) Being A Light  (49:13) Game Respects Game  (53:04) Living The Best Possible Life  (58:15) Education  (1:02:35) Get Rich  (1:06:55) Admiring Attributes  (1:11:00) Sticking To Your Word  (1:17:20) Loving Yourself  (1:27:02) Dark Period  (1:36:10) Parenthood   Sebastian's YouTube –  @Sebastian Ghiorghiu    Sebastian's Twitter –  My Links       🎙 Podcast:      🐣 Twitter:     📸 Instagram:      🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Neville Medhora is a copywriter, course creator, and pioneer of online blogging. In this episode, we spoke about his unusual thoughts on death, how he wrote his little book on copywriting, where the future is going, and his lack of adversity.   (0:00) Early Blogging  (4:25) Twitter Party  (7:03) The Future  (9:43) Happiness  (18:01) Death  (21:31) Hack Your Brain  (30:30) Copywriting Book  (32:32) Copywriting Course  (39:25) Future Of Tech  (42:39) Lex Fridman/Elon Musk  (47:20) Anti-Inflation Kit  (54:00) Dying  (59:06) Adversity   Neville's Links  Twitter – Blog – Course –  My Links      🎙 Podcast:     🐣 Twitter:     📸 Instagram:     🕺 TikTok:     🚨 Newsletter:
Justin Murphy, Ph.D., is a political scientist whose research has been published in peer-reviewed journals. He received his Ph.D. from Temple University in 2014 before teaching political science at the University of Southampton, where he was a permanent Lecturer. In 2019, he left academia to focus on research and teaching. He now works full-time independently on the internet -   (0:00) Creator Economy  (10:22) Negatives of Posting  (13:41) Free Thinker  (17:45) Tech Overlords  (22:56) Urbit  (32:11) Leaving Academia  (33:48) Bitcoin  (38:28) Technological Innovation  (41:40) Apocalypse  (50:23) Seeking Truth   - Justin's Links Justin's Website –  Justin's Twitter – My Links     🎙 Podcast:    🐣 Twitter:    📸 Instagram:    🕺 TikTok:    🚨 Newsletter:
Nick Gray is a professional party creator. Yeah, that exists. After two multi-million dollar exits, Nick started writing articles on his blog, sending out a free monthly friends newsletter, and hosting great small parties. Then, he got so good at it... that he wrote a book on it. In this conversation, we focused on how the best way to make friends as an adult is to host great cocktail parties (that don't have to involve alcohol).    (0:00) Who Is Nick?  (2:14) Why?  (3:55) Nick’s College Startup  (6:33) Hosting Parties  (8:11) Advanced Parties?  (18:08) Icebreakers  (24:23) Social Anxiety  (26:01) Cocktails?  (35:20) Little Known Tricks  (39:40) 500-1K Person Event  (40:35) Creating Deep Connections  (44:20) Starting Business  (48:18) Creating Online  (56:01) Guesting At Parties  (1:02:01) Closing Words  -  Nick's Links   Blog: Twitter: Book: -  My Links   🎙 Podcast:   🐣 Twitter:   📸 Instagram:   🕺 TikTok:   🚨 Newsletter:
Cliff Weitzman is an entrepreneur & value creator.  Good news and bad news... Bad news? We recorded the first 30 minutes of this conversation and realized the audio wasn't recording.  Good news? The next 73 minutes were pretty damn great. Topics: (0:00) Breaking Social Constructs  (11:04) God  (20:27) Unconditional Love  (25:49) Ambition & Peace  (35:03) Backflip  (38:25) iPhone Apps  (43:14) Computer Science  (48:39) My Theory  (51:20) Logan Paul Horse  (54:22) Amazing Friends  (59:31) Relationship Partner  (1:01:29) "Failing" Goals  (1:02:28) Don Katz Email  (1:09:22) Challenges  Resources Mentioned: Pink was originally a guys color? More on Cliff:  • Grew up with dyslexia  • Graduated from Brown University in 2016 with a degree in Renewable Energy Engineering (physics, computer science, & engineering) and Economics  • Founded Speechify - the #1 speech reader in the world, which translates any text on the internet into audio. Speechify has been featured in The NY Times, BBC, and is currently the #2 app on the App Store in the Magazines & Newspapers category (between The NY Times and Wall Street Journal).  • Cliff begins every public speaking engagement by first performing a backflip.  Cliff's Links  Twitter –  Instagram –  TikTok –  Speechify –  - My Links  🎙 Podcast:  🐣 Twitter:  📸 Instagram:  🕺 TikTok:  🚨 Newsletter:  -  Continue the conversation by dropping a comment on YouTube!
Welcome to Episode 250. Since Episode 100 was a Q&A, I figured it made sense for Episode 250 to be one as well.    You can learn if I'm going to move to Austin, whether everyone should podcast, my major regrets, what my podcast consumption is like, and my current biggest struggle.   I really enjoyed doing this, and perhaps I will do another one when we hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube or for Episode 300... whichever comes first.  Thank you for the thoughtful questions! (0:00) Intro (0:33) Austin (1:35) Persistence (2:38) Famous Guests (4:00) $10k Work (5:05) Common Traits of Guests (6:01) Danny Pre-Podcast (9:35) 3-Year Prediction (11:28) Starting Podcast (14:15) Survivorship Bias (17:53) Should Everyone Podcast? (19:24) Most Impactful Episode (20:32) Spirit Animal (21:41) Non-Negotiables (24:28) Content Changes (27:20) Major Regrets (29:37) Morning Routine (31:20) Exciting Topics (33:11) Hardest Episode (34:04) Struggle (36:45) Living With Purpose (38:22) Podcast Consumption (39:28) Who Do I Learn From? (41:20) Life Pre-Podcast (42:05) Final Cut Pro (42:33) Advice For Podcasters Continue the conversation by leaving a comment on YouTube!
Derek Sivers is a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and author. In this conversation, we spoke about how to attract an intelligent audience, how living abroad has changed him, why people follow norms, and why his autobiography will go live the week he passes away.   To me, Derek is the gold standard as a creator. Everything he does is thoughtful and of extreme quality. If you like Derek Sivers, I like you. Timestamps: (0:00) Intro  (0:54) Intelligent Audience  (6:51) Social Media  (16:27) Language  (21:15) Living Abroad  (29:20) Using Technology  (35:51) Friendship  (40:52) Writing  (44:45) Leadership  (50:21) Following Norms  (59:14) Giving Advice  (1:02:38) Mentorship  (1:07:30) Autobiography  (1:12:44) How To Live  -  Resources Mentioned   • Derek Sivers on Tim Ferriss (Part 1) –  • Derek Sivers on Tim Ferriss (Part 2) –  • How to ask your mentors for help –  • OK Milt, I’ll start writing again -  -  Connect with Derek... Derek's Blog: Derek's email:  How To Live by Derek Sivers:  -  Continue the conversation with me by leaving a comment on YouTube. :)
Taylor Bell is a graduate of Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania - where she studied Economics and International Studies. She has previously worked as a model and a consultant. Taylor is currently a YouTube creator where she makes videos on Consulting, NYC, and lifestyle. She started her channel less than 2 years ago and has built an audience of more than 140,000 subscribers and 7 million views.   (0:00) Intro  (1:15) Modeling  (4:10) YouTube  (5:24 Graham Stephan  (9:55) Remaining Humble  (11:08) Comfortable In Skin  (16:45) Business (18:38) Flying planes  (20:17) Travel  (22:10) New York City  (23:44) Fears  (25:31) Private vs. Public  (27:33) Corporate America  (31:31) Surprises from YouTube  (36:30) Weird Habit  (39:28) Meeting YouTubers  (42:30) Fame  (44:03) Ambitions  (46:30) Friends  (50:27) Going Inward  (53:19) Confidence Realization   Taylor's YouTube Channel –  @Taylor Bell     Resources Mentioned  Wendover Productions –  @Wendover Productions     Continue the conversation with me...    🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter:    📸 Instagram:    🕺 TikTok:    🚨 Newsletter:
Casey Adams is the creator of MediaKits and The Casey Adams Show. In the past five years, he's interviewed people like Larry King, Rick Ross, Josh Richards, Robert Greene, Grant Cardone, and Jake Paul. The craziest part?   He's only 22.   In this conversation, we spoke about giving Larry King one of his final interviews, what it feels like when Rick Ross calls you a boss, how to live from gratitude, Casey's journaling practice, his superpower, and much more.   Timestamps: (0:00) Grant Cardone  (3:20) Larry King  (9:32) Good Energy  (12:05) Bad Times  (13:45) Journaling  (15:00) Gratitude  (18:40) Growth  (22:48) The Voice  (29:01) Age  (32:11) Rick Ross  (36:39) Superpower  (39:07) Social Media  (42:22) MediaKits   Casey's Twitter – Casey's Podcast – MediaKits – Continue the conversation with me...   🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter:   📸 Instagram:   🕺 TikTok:   🚨 Newsletter:
Shervin Shaikh is a YouTube creator. He also is an avid lifter, yoga practitioner, early adopter, and sauna/ice bath enthusiast.  In this conversation, we spoke about why Shervin’s so good at spotting talent, where his early adopter mindset comes from, what he learned from spending a year without alcohol, why he used a dumb phone for 24 hours, and what his advice is to his younger self.  (0:00) How We Met  (0:24) October 23, 2016  (1:34) Meeting Yes Theory  (3:01) Following Curiosity  (4:20) Yoga  (7:01) Lifting  (9:13) Wearable Technology  (10:55) Sleep  (13:13) Sauna/Ice Bath  (15:45) Early Adopter  (18:10) Meditation  (20:01) Brain Training  (22:20) Levels  (25:31) Tracking Food  (27:23) Swim School  (29:03) Teaching  (30:45) Content Creation  (39:39) Spotting Talent  (43:30) Dumb Phone  (47:58) Advice To Younger Self (52:14) No Drinking  (55:01) Connecting With Shervin  Resources Mentioned  • Balaji on Tim Ferriss (Part 1) –  • Balaji on Tim Ferriss (Part 2) –  • Johnny Harris on How The U.S. Ruined Bread –  • Leon Hendrix YouTube – @Leon Hendrix • I Put Up A Billboard To Find A Girlfriend –  -  Shervin's YouTube – @Shervin Shares  Shervin's Instagram –  Shervin's Twitter –  -  Continue the conversation with me...  🎙 Podcast:  🐣 Twitter:  📸 Instagram:  🕺 TikTok:  🚨 Newsletter:
Josh co-founded Lux Capital to support scientists and entrepreneurs. He has been described as "The Renaissance Man of Venture Capital" for his ability to spot trends and see where the world is moving.   In this conversation, we spoke about how to meet a partner, why you should connect with strangers, what it's really like to work with Bill Gates, what true wealth is for Josh, how to parent your children, and much more.   (0:00) “I hope you make a billion”  (3:45) Preparation (5:49) Connecting with strangers  (10:43) Wife  (15:35) Learning  (18:14) Chips on shoulders put chips in pockets  (20:43) 100-0-100  (23:30) Bill Gates  (26:01) Does this person respect me?  (28:30) Parenting  (35:21) True wealth  (36:57) Danny Kahneman  (37:40) Hardest bias   Josh on Twitter –  Continue the conversation with me...     🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Zach Pogrob is an entrepreneur who’s building Peak Photo Booths. In the past five years, he’s gone from working the photo booth at weddings to starting his own company.    Since we recorded our first episode, Zach's become a great friend. First, he hired me as a photo booth attendant last summer. Then, we bonded over content, creators, and new media. But what’s interesting about Zach is as much as he loves business, he also loves to study the obsessed. While building his photo booth company, he also started an Instagram page – @behaviorhack – that has almost 200,000 followers. In addition, he’s deeply studied people like Christian Guzman, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Alex Hormozi to figure out how they’ve amassed massive followings. This conversation was a mix of all our interests. Timestamps: (0:00) Intro  (0:55) Social Media = Personal Growth?  (6:17) Peak Photo Booths  (14:34) Design  (19:00) Media  (26:14) Lack of growth  (30:37) Alex Hormozi  (36:00) Crypto rabbit hole  (40:02) Impose friction to reduce it  (44:00) We’re so small  (49:02) Creators  (55:49) Obsession  (59:00) The Voice  (1:05:59) Gift from Zach  (1:07:13) Making decisions  (1:10:11) Deciding where to live  (1:13:55) Painful vacations  (1:16:04) Reflection on birthday  (1:26:12) Speed  (1:35:52) Challenge   Recorded on July 13, 2022 Zach’s Links First episode with Zach –  Continue the conversation with me...    🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Sam Parr is the creator of The Hustle – a media company that has sold for tens of millions by the time he turned 32.    In this conversation, we spoke about why Sam was nervous to talk to Ariel Helwani, how he met his wife, some of his spiciest tweets, what he really thinks about psychedelics, how to get rich before your 32nd birthday, and why getting sober was the key that set him free. (0:00) Hasan Minhaj (3:45) Ted Turner (4:37) Sacrifices worth it? (5:44) Anti MBA (first blog) (8:32) Big cities (9:50) Individual sports (11:10) Ariel Helwani (13:13) Cross-country motorcycle trip (16:16) Seeking out new experiences (17:33) How to manifest (19:53) Quitting (20:24) Energy (21:03) Living in Austin/NYC (23:38) Sober (26:45) Almost hired Airbnb (29:03) Chip on shoulder (31:14) Early days of The Hustle (33:33) Copywork (35:28) Hypnotherapy (38:01) Ross Ulbricht (41:20) Crypto (42:50) $10,000,000 by 30 (46:31) Craigslist office (48:50) Manifestation of $20m by 30 (52:49) Online vs. offline balance (53:50) Getting jacked (58:22) Meeting Shaan Puri (1:00:50) Successful people (1:04:19) Sam’s weird habits (1:08:01) Psychedelics (1:11:10) Getting knocked out (1:12:29) Modern cigarettes (1:15:20) Big Restaurant Energy (1:16:30) How Sam met his wife (1:19:11) Successful people (1:23:45) Sam as a criminal (1:25:20) The right spouse (1:30:05) Asking questions (1:32:09) Less is more (1:38:36) USA (1:42:40) 80-year-old Sam’s advice to present-day Sam (1:45:45) Outro - Resources Mentioned American Kingpin by Nick Bilton – Instagram post – 30 Lessons For Living by Karl Pillemer – - Sam on Twitter – Sam's Podcast – -  Continue the conversation with me...   🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Timm Chiusano is a 44-year-old marketing executive at a Fortune 100 company by day. But at night he's a TikToker with over 486,000 followers.  His videos are often personal, creative, and filled with sound advice. His style reminds many viewers of Casey Neistat – for the way he's able to tell a tremendous story and make the viewer feel like they *really* know him. (0:00) Timm’s Creativity (6:41) Timm’s First Creative Acts (10:20) Pushback On Creativity (16:22) Curiosity (21:00) Childhood (24:21) Crazy Schedule (29:10) “There’s Nothing Special About Me, Just You” (31:57) Mental Health Days (35:01) Overcoming Childhood Trauma (37:45) Attitude Is A Skill (43:48) Kindness = Exciting (46:18) The Truman Show (50:21) Casey Neistat (56:17) Feeling Awkward (1:02:01) Girl Dad (1:05:01) Timm’s Wife (1:13:54) Learning From Everyone (1:18:20) Taking Nothing Personal (1:26:28) Pain & Loss (1:35:19) Lack of Judgment (1:42:01) “I Don’t Know What To Do” (1:46:25) Timm Appreciation - Resources Mentioned   • Sleeper (Amazon Prime Video) –  • Seth Godin's Blog –  • The Royal Tenenbaums (Disney Plus) –  • Rushmore (Disney Plus) –  • Andrew Murnane – - This episode was recorded on July 9, 2022. - Timm on TikTok – Timm on Instagram – Timm's Links – - Continue the conversation with me... 🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Seth Stephens-Davidowitz is the author of Don't Trust Your Gut and Everybody Lies. In this conversation, we spoke about how Bill Gates read Seth's first book, why you should flood the market, and the surprising data behind who's *really* rich in the United States.   (0:00) Coming up…  (0:40) Seth’s college paper  (4:10) “Moneyball for your life”  (8:13) Mappiness Project  (14:00) How to read studies  (18:18) What it takes to be rich  (25:33) James Altucher  (27:20) Flood the market  (33:54) Clever tactic for choosing what to write about  (35:07) Mona Lisa Test  (41:22) Music preference  (43:15) How does data hurt us?  (46:40) Nature  (48:22) Social media  (50:01) What’s Seth’s biggest addiction?  (53:35) Extroverts vs. introverts  (58:30) Seth’s hardest day  (1:00:50) “We’re living through an explosion of data that will transform the world”   Seth's Twitter – Don't Trust Your Gut –  Continue the conversation with me...    🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Elliot Choy is a YouTuber with more than 1 million subscribers. Over the past four years, his videos have been watched 91,000,000 times. He has recently moved into an apartment in NYC with his creator friends called Ur Moms House.    In this interview, we spoke about going viral, his favorite book, meeting Gary Vaynerchuk, and what life is really like as someone who has 1 million subscribers.    (0:00) Intro  (0:52) Elliot’s early career choices  (5:25) Gary V’s influence  (6:47) Feeling cool  (9:03) Colin & Samir video  (11:41) Viral videos  (15:23) First non-viral video  (17:51) “10,000 views would feel terrible”  (20:21) Grabbing attention  (26:00) Meetup  (28:03) Mission   (29:54) Principles by Ray Dalio  (32:05) Emotional maturity  (34:51) ur mom’s house  (44:25) Meeting Gary Vaynerchuk  (47:23) Reading people  (50:12) Mental exercise  (54:10) Thank you, Elliot   YouTube –  @Elliot Choy   Instagram –  Colin & Samir video on Ur Moms House – Continue the conversation with me...   🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🕺 TikTok: 🚨 Newsletter:
Neema Naz is a comedian and content creator. In this interview, he spoke about his climb into comedy, how he's built discipline, why the quarantine turned into a massive success, and how his impressions of Gary Vaynerchuk and David Goggins came to be.  (0:00) Intro  (0:41) VeeCon  (13:23) Neema's climb  (31:36) Building discipline  (38:48) Social media  (46:04) Standup vs. content creation  (49:45) Increased attention  (57:10) Building team  (1:04:33) Nuances of standup comedy  (1:07:21) Comedy special  (1:10:31) 10k YouTube subscribers  (1:14:45) Burnout  (1:26:10) David Goggins & Kobe Bryant  (1:32:52) Fans showing love  (1:36:54) Keep going  Neema's Links  TikTok:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Continue the conversation with me...  🎙 Podcast:  🐣 Twitter:  📸 Instagram:  🕺 TikTok:  🚨 Newsletter:
Tiago Forte is the creator of Building a Second Brain. Originally an online cohort-based course on using digital notetaking to transform your life, it has now turned into a book.    Tiago himself called this "one of the deepest interviews he's done."    In this conversation, we spoke about where Tiago's background in teaching, his inspiration to dream big, why he's sought out danger in his own life, how to interview your family, tips for a Vipassana retreat, why it's important to help today, and much more.   (0:00) Intro  (0:36) The power of meetup  (3:00) Tiago’s first entrance into teaching  (5:31) Helping to your days  (7:02) Ukraine  (9:00) “We’re so comfortable here”  (12:10) Dangerous neighborhoods creating better communities  (18:55) Venkatesh Rao’s endorsement  (21:02) Endorsing other people  (24:08) Education vs. entertainment  (30:40) What inspires Tiago to dream big?  (32:32) Tiago adopting Neurolink?  (33:58) Documentary about Dad (I was 10 times more present)  (37:12) How to interview family?  (39:43) How much does raising a child teach you about yourself?  (41:30) Breaking down with tears on a plane  (46:55) The growth of more in touch with feelings  (51:02) Opening up your vagus nerve  (56:30) Tips for Vipassana retreat  (59:41) Tiago on Twitter vs. Tiago in real life  (1:02:11) “To have profound insights, you need a quiet mind”  (1:04:06) How do we get better at applying what we capture?  (1:05:39) “Don’t trust anyone over 35 who doesn’t have kids giving life advice”  (1:08:42) How does access to large datasets impact decisions?  (1:12:38) What is Lindy?  (1:13:08) Focus on quantity, not quality  (1:19:28) Why do we feel shame around sharing our work?  (1:21:10) We look down upon manufacturing for no reason  (1:27:13) “Email is the elephant in the room of modern productivity”  (1:30:15) “We’re internet people”  (1:33:01) Creators are being too strategic  (1:35:50) Learning patience  (1:38:01) Outro   Building a Second Brain (book): Tiago's Twitter: Tiago's Website:  Continue the conversation with me...        🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter:      📸 Instagram:      🕺 TikTok:      🚨 Newsletter:
Tejas Hullur is a creator. Over the past two years, he's gone from no online presence to smoking with Mike Tyson. In this conversation, we spoke about how Colin & Samir became mentors, and the life of a creator in 2022.   Topics: (0:00) Intro  (1:05) “It’s been the craziest 2 years of my life”  (7:21) Nobody really concentrates on the quality of a follower  (9:14) “You’re an embarrassment to the fraternity”  (10:46) Why was Tejas so passionate about creating?  (13:18) “Being a content creator is living 4 years in 1”  (14:28) Dropping out of college  (17:31) Leverage  (20:50) How to make decisions?  (24:47) Colin & Samir as mentors  (30:41) The highs and lows of creators  (32:58) Impactful practices for creativity  (36:08) Smoking a blunt with Mike Tyson  (45:41) Tejas’ focus on the dark side  (49:11) Hiring an editor  (53:03) Peer vs. mentor  (55:38) Fortune Magazine calling Tejas the modern-day “Tony Robbins”   (58:00) Getting recognized  (1:00:06) Storytelling: “Build up tension and release it”  (1:05:38) 4 elements to be a successful creator  (1:07:30) Idea to creation  (1:10:55) The importance of family  (1:21:22) Record your conversations with friends/family  (1:23:10) Dylan Lemay’s ice cream shop  (1:28:18) Tejas’ self-awareness  (1:29:52) Challenge for creators  (1:31:33) Challenge for anyone   Resources Mentioned  Joe Rogan and Naval (JRE 1309) –  My Ajja. (There Is No Life Without Death) –  Tejas on TikTok: Tejas on Instagram:  Continue the conversation with me...      🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter:     📸 Instagram:     🕺 TikTok:     🚨 Newsletter:
Nate O'Brien started putting out YouTube videos in January 2017. Since then, he has built a following of over 1.25 million people while maintaining internal peace. In this conversation, he spoke about his path toward meditation, how he's set up R&D projects, and how he's had to work around his natural introversion.   (0:00) Intro  (0:41) Nate’s firewood business  (1:55) Mowing lawns with grandpa  (3:16) Early days of growing YouTube channel  (6:41) Work smarter, not harder   (7:47) Living in the wild  (8:37) Meditation  (12:21) YouTube comments  (13:45) Fame  (19:45) R&D projects  (21:29) Impactful books  (22:37) Nate on NFTs  (25:31) Why Nate loves accounting (26:21) “Introverts have to teach themselves how to interact”  (28:31) $500 of Amazon gift cards  (30:33) How to set goals  (31:41) 1.25 million subscribers  (32:56) Lots of messages  (34:01) Who’s doing life the right way?  (35:03) Spending time alone  (37:08) Steve Jobs quote  (41:03) Nate becoming a billionaire?  (43:33) Do people treat Nate differently? (44:32) Commonalities between people who have achieved massive success?  (45:32) Getting into a flow state  (47:12) Nate’s good trades and bad trades  (50:01) Investing podcasts  (51:07) Nate’s content expansion  (52:13) Minimalism  (54:08) Connecting with Nate   Nate's YouTube: Nate's Instagram:  Continue the conversation with me...     🎙 Podcast: 🐣 Twitter:    📸 Instagram:    🕺 TikTok:    🚨 Newsletter:
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