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I’m Darin Olien, the “superfood hunter.”

On this podcast, you’ll hear honest conversations with extraordinary people that inspire me. I hope that through their knowledge and unique perspectives, they’ll inspire you, too. Although our ideas and approaches to life may differ, our ultimate goal is the same. We want to save the planet. So let’s try, one conversation at a time.

Each week I release a second episode where I dive into one of society’s Fatal Conveniences™. I define Fatal Conveniences™ as the things that you’re doing or the products you’re buying to make life easier. But those very things may actually be harming you, or the Earth. But don’t worry, in each episode I give you easy ways to tweak your habits so that you can live a healthier, cleaner life, all while protecting our planet.

So if you want to live a kickass life and leave the world a better place, this is the podcast for you.
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Video games have been a global obsession for decades now. Although gaming may be a fun way to pass the time, some invisible dangers come from the game system itself. You don’t need to quit playing video games, but you need to be more aware, especially when it comes to your Xbox. In this segment, I’ll break down the science and research behind this information, and give you plenty of suggestions to change your habits. Game your heart out. Just do it safely, guys.   || Full show notes & links -
The ocean should be at the center of every conversation involving saving our planet. The sad reality is that most of us aren’t literate in the inner workings of the sea. It doesn’t help that our government spends billions of dollars exploring space, but only a fraction of that time and money focusing on the ocean. It’s time to change. Husband and wife team Phillipe and Ashlan Cousteau are doing just that. Tune in to hear how they’re carrying on the Cousteau legacy and changing the planet by saving our oceans. || LINKS || || Full Show Notes -
Do you ever get so stressed that you want to curl up and sleep it off? Moving your body, even when you don’t want to, has countless benefits. With over 10 years of experience working with clients from young kids to elite athletes, Dan Palacios is dedicated to teaching the power of movement. His goal is to guide and inspire people to redefine the meaning of health by inspiring them to move their bodies. Listen to this episode to learn the power and importance of living kinetically. || LINKS || || Full Show Notes -
The Standard American Diet is collectively making us overweight, unhealthy and complicit. The only way things will ever change is if we speak up and stop supporting companies and brands that go along with the status quo. It’s time to use your voice to spark a food revolution. Ocean Robbins is doing just that. In this episode, he explains the power of your food choices and how you can help be part of the solution. || LINKS || || Full Show Notes -
In our modern society, we’ve become disconnected from nature. What if we could use infrared technology to help restore balance and bring healing? As the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Therasage, Rob Besner, PSc.D, is a health and wellness advocate. When his daughter was diagnosed with Lyme Disease as a teenager, he began a mission to find an alternative, natural approach to her treatment. The infrared technology he discovered changed everything. Now he wants to share it with the world. || LINKS || || Full Show Notes -
We are led to believe that cognitive decline is inevitable. But it’s not! Your brain is the hardest working organ in your body. The habits you create either fuel or sabotage your brain health. For more than two decades, Dr. Dean and Dr. Ayesha Sherzai have been leading the way on preventative brain health. In this episode, they break down the science of cognitive decline and the habits that can prevent it. || LINKS || || Full Show Notes -
Anytime you even mention cutting meat from your diet, you hear the question, “Where do you get your protein?” But the question we should be asking is, “Where do you get your fiber?” When it comes to gut health, the key is and always will be fiber. Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, “The Gut Health MD,” breaks down the science behind the critical role fiber plays in our gut and our overall health. His best-selling book, Fiber Fueled, is a step-by-step guide on how to break free of the lies the diet industry feeds us and focus on the foods your body really needs.   || LINKS || || Full Show Notes -
Every time you open your wallet, you support the company that makes the goods you’re paying for. This action has way more power and influence than most realize. Jeremy Black, the co-founder of SAMBAZON, knows this first hand. He is dedicated to promoting conscious commerce, not only with his açaí berry brand but beyond. His recent documentary Seeding Change is all about learning how to spend your money wisely, to promote the need for companies committed to healing our planet. Listen to his powerful story. || LINKS | | Full Show Notes -
We all know plastics are polluting our planet. And we all know we should be limiting our use of plastics. But words are just words. Sometimes you need to show people the destruction up close to spark real change. Christine Figgener, top marine conservation biologist, did just that. Her unedited YouTube video of her team pulling a straw from a sea turtle’s nose sparked the global anti-straw movement. In this episode, we chat about how to come together to rid the world of single-use plastics. || LINKS | | Full Show Notes -
Instead of stressing out about the stuff you can’t change in your life, focus on what you can do. Mike Lee, former championship boxer, does just that. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that causes extreme inflammation in the lower back, Mike was in constant pain. He knew he didn’t want to pop pills for the rest of his life, so he searched for a better way. Now, as CEO of Soul CBD, he’s learning how to control the controllables in his life. || LINKS | | Full Show Notes -
You can’t wait for anyone to make changes for you. If we’re going to save our planet, we have to change the habits we have that contribute to waste. It doesn’t have to be a massive overhaul of every aspect of your life. Start small, but do something.  In this episode, Sheila Michail Morovati, President and Founder of, shares her passion for changing habits of waste with campaigns like #CutOutCutlery and #8meals. Tune in to learn more.   || LINKS || || Full Show Notes -
Do you turn on your air conditioning the second it gets a bit hot out? No one likes to be hot and sweaty at home. But do we really need to use it as much as we do? AC use is releasing 2 billion tons of Co2 into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. In this segment, I go over the massive toll AC is taking on our energy consumption, as well as the personal effects on our health. And I’ll cover things you can do to minimize your AC dependency. Listen, I don’t expect you to sweat it out in the summer, just be more aware of the price you pay, and we all pay for comfort. || Full show notes & links -
There’s no one-way ticket to health and wellness. The journey looks different for everyone, and not every approach works for every person. Dr. Will Cole specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease. He then customizes a functional medicine approach for thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, and a whole laundry list of chronic medical conditions. Tune into this episode to learn more about how functional medicine is changing the game. || LINKS || || Full Show Notes -
Laptops have become our lifeline over the last year. Working from anywhere in the world has never been more convenient. But should we really be putting these devices on our lap, right above so many sensitive organs? The truth is, using your laptop on your lap is not safe, and I’ll break down the evidence proving why. I’ll give you some helpful tips to keep yourself safe, as well as some inexpensive products you can buy to protect yourself. I get it, you need your laptop. Just be aware of how to use it safely.   || Full show notes & links -
Life is hard. And when your body is constantly in fight or flight mode, it’s even harder. What if resetting your system was as simple as learning an easy technique that you could apply yourself every day? As one of the most respected strength coaches on the planet, JL Holdsworth spreads his knowledge of RPR, Reflexive Performance Reset. This simple technique allows your body to reset itself, realign your neural pathways, and increases your overall wellness.   || LINKS || || Full Show Notes -
The average person spends nearly 3,000 hours in bed sleeping every year. That’s a lot of time spent on your mattress and pillows. In this segment, I go over the history of this innovative invention and why we’re so taken by it. Sure, memory foam may help with back pain, but there are other options that aren’t full of carcinogens. I want you to make it a priority to eventually replace it with one of the safer options I give you. I know this may be frustrating, but I’m trying to open your eyes to dangerous products lurking in your home.  || Full show notes & links -
The last year has spiked our collective levels of anxiety and depression. The pandemic has escalated our disconnection, with each other, with nature, and ourselves. Julie Holland, MD, is an American psychopharmacologist, psychiatrist, and best-selling author. With an impressive academic background, unparalleled experience, and her own stories, Dr. Holland has a perspective worth listening to. Could transformational medicine be how we reconnect? || LINKS || | | Full Show Notes -
Everyone has a favorite pair of blue jeans. Denim jeans are the world’s favorite pants. But did you know that every pair of jeans is full of microplastics? In this segment, I explain the history of denim jeans and why they’re so popular, especially here in America. I also break down some studies on microplastics and what they’re doing to marine life. Look, I know you love your jeans. But there are better options that don’t come with the detriment of our environment. || Full show notes & links -
Our oral and dental health is often placed in a forgotten category. In this episode, Dr. Ron Ehrlich blew my mind with just how vital the mouth actually is. Dental health is not only related to your overall health. It is much more significant than you might realize. I’m not just talking about getting your yearly teeth cleaning. This is much deeper than that. Breathing, sleeping, eating, pain and even outward appearances all lead back to the mouth. So let’s use ours to shush for a bit and listen to Dr. Ron. || LINKS || | | Full Show Notes -
No one likes to feel sweaty. And certainly, no one wants to be smelly. So deodorants may feel like your only option. But the truth is that these products, especially aerosol spray deodorants, are toxic to your health. In this segment, I dive deep into aerosol spray deodorants. Aerosols, in general, are bad news, and I cover why in this segment as well. But deodorant spray, in particular, is basically a chemical bath for your sensitive glands and lymph nodes. There are better options, guys! || Full show notes & links -
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Cameron MacDonald

It's sad to see someone on this show that spits bullshit about the environment while condoning the most extreme forms of animal abuse.

May 17th

Rebecca Hinson Beck

This was a terrific episode. thanks for sharing! as a technology leader it is important to share these health tips with clients who purchase the technology that I support. I am sharing this with everyone so that they can protect their eyes as well!

Feb 11th

Rebecca Hinson Beck

As always, your podcasts are insightful and inspiring. I come from a broken tribe and can relate to the need for a stronger community, even if that means crossing our longstanding indigenous boundaries to gain one big voice! Thanks for sharing Sadhguru’s wisdom with us!

Feb 2nd

Steven Knezevic

Just wanted to say love the show! It's ridiculous how many harmful products are out there and sold like a pot of gold. Would love to get your app but noticed it's only on the apple app store any chance you will support android?

Nov 13th

Rebecca Hinson Beck

The Stephen Brooks episode this week was terrific! His community is “life goals” and I hope that some of the practices that he promotes for sustainability of our planet can be replicated on a day global...scale. Thanks for sharing this great information, Darin Olien!

Aug 13th

April Payne

Kenny is truly a great person! I met him when he was first starting out at The Rodeo Restaurant in Spokane, Wa. I met his band and him. I worked with his ex girlfriend when she used to live in tennessee. he was so grateful that I came to his show. it would be awesome to connect with him again.

Aug 11th

Delicia Ortega

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Aug 9th

Abdullah ÖZDEMİR


Jul 20th
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