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If you’re an American, you’ve probably spent many a 4th of July holiday watching an elaborate fireworks display in the night sky. While fireworks sure are fun to watch, those large bursts of color are composed of several different heavy metals that explode and release tiny dangerous particles into the atmosphere. Aren’t there safer ways to show our patriotism? Learn all about what fireworks are made of, how those metals affect our atmosphere and health, and how to celebrate responsibly instead.   || Full Show Notes - 
Spirituality doesn’t have to be this allusive thing, only meant for certain people. In fact, getting in touch with your spirituality– whatever that means for you– could help fuel a purpose in your life. Dr Reverend Michael Beckwith, founder and CEO of the Agape International Spiritual Center, takes a practical approach to spirituality and helps others do the same– to improve their health, their minds, and their lives.  || LINKS || | | Full Show Notes -
The human race has done massive damage to the environment. Thinking about the climate crisis and all the environmental dangers that exist today can be completely overwhelming. Today’s youth has a collective case of eco-anxiety. How can we calm their nerves and give them hope for the future? Heather White, founder of One Green Thing, explains how we can all use our collective eco-anxiety to spark effective environmental change. || LINKS || | | Full Show Notes - 
The average American citizen produces over 1600 pounds of waste every year, more than any other country in the world. And we only recycle about 35% of this waste, which is less than any other country in the world.   We all agree that recycling is the right thing to do, but we’re not actually doing it. And when we do, we’re not doing it effectively. It’s time to be honest about the delusion of recycling. In this episode, we’ll learn how to eliminate waste and recycle the right way.   || Full Links & Show Notes - 
Drinking water and staying hydrated are immensely important. But what if you could add powerful minerals into your water that could help optimize your health? It’s time we learned more about fulvic acid and its many benefits. Creators of blk., sisters Louise & Jackie Wilkie, tell us the origin story of their amazing product and why we all should be learning more about fulvic compounds. || LINKS || | | Full Show Notes - 
The products we use every day are full of invisible chemicals that mess with our hormones and make us sick.   These endocrine disruptors are in plastic water bottles, food packaging, and hygiene products– they’re everywhere! Dr. Leo Trasande, a renowned leader in international health, explains what endocrine disruptors are, where you can find them, and just exactly what they do to the hormones in our bodies. But don’t worry, he gives us hope for the future and helpful tips to avoid these dangerous chemicals. || LINKS || | | Full Links & Show Notes -
All that glitters is gold, right?   That may be just a line from a song. But the truth is that humans have found ways to decorate the things around us to glitter and shine for thousands of years. It doesn’t matter if it’s an art project, a sparkly outfit or glowing makeup– people LOVE glitter. But what are these tiny bits of plastic doing to our bodies, and to the planet?    Learn all about the damaging effects of microplastics like glitter and how to remove them from you and your kids’ everyday life.   || Full Links & Show Notes -  
When we think of the climate crisis, sometimes the problem is so overwhelmingly complicated and massive that it’s hard to make an effort to make a change. That’s why it’s so important to take simple steps in your everyday life to create solutions.   Jeremy Casebeer is a professional beach volleyball player that has traveled the world for his sport. But his exposure to the planet just made him realize the many problems it faces- and our responsibility for those problems. This episode is all about creating climate solutions that everyone can be involved in. || LINKS | Our Impact Podcast -  | | | | Full Show Notes - 
Aging is a part of life. But in our American society, we hold some pretty strong negative age beliefs. Elderly people are segregated from regular life and seen as past their prime with nothing left to offer. We associate old people with dementia and disease instead of wisdom and admiration. Dr. Becca Levy, award-winning Yale Professor, explains how cultivating positive age beliefs can help us all live longer, happier, healthier lives. || LINKS ||  | | | Full Show Notes - 
The grass is always greener on the other side, right? But wait, does your lawn really have to be that green anyway? Americans are obsessed with watering their lawns. Because lots of water keeps it healthy, right? Actually, overwatering your lawn is not just bad for your lawn, but it’s bad for the environment as well. Learn how much water is too much for your lawn, and what time of day you should be watering– and how you can ditch the grass altogether and create a food forest instead! || LINKS || | Full Show Notes - 
Do you work out? Do you want to work out but don’t know if it’s right for you or how to get started? Here’s a little secret. Working out isn’t punishment. It’s a powerful tool for personal growth. Sal Distefano, host of the Mind Pump podcast, discusses his journey into fitness and how it shaped his life. || LINKS || |
When you hear someone talk about energy, you may think it’s new-age, flowery bs. But I assure you, it’s not. There is energy flowing through every living thing. And the more we understand our own inner energy, the more we can be in charge of our true purpose. Kimberly Snyder, bestselling author, holistic wellness expert, and podcast host has spent decades learning to understand her own inner energy. It was so incredibly life-changing that she wants to help everyone do the same. || LINKS | | | Full Show Notes - 
Every muscle in your body tenses. Your heart rate accelerates as your blood flow increases. Then, your face flushes red. As you begin to breathe heavily, there’s no hiding it any longer. You’re angry, and your body is ready to fight. While anger is an inevitable human emotion, too much of it can be disastrous–for your mind, and your body.    Learn what causes anger and how to control it before it controls you.
Did you know your body has complex cannabinoid systems that can help naturally relieve pain? Science didn’t even know they existed until fairly recently. Dr. Eric Goodman, Doctor of Chiropractic and creator of Foundation Training, sees the amazing relief cannabis brings to his chronic pain patients. If we can understand how these systems work, and why cannabis works so well with them, we could find better solutions for chronic pain in the future and say goodbye to prescription painkillers for good. || LINKS || | | | Full Show Notes - 
What does it mean to surrender? The main concept of surrender is to let go of control. You may think of surrendering as weakness, but it’s actually the exact opposite. Surrender is a superpower – we just need to understand how to do it. Kute Blackson, inspirational speaker, teacher, and author, describes the concept of surrender and how it transformed his life. It’s only when we surrender, that we can tap into our true potential. || LINKS || | | Full Show Notes - 
Aging is a part of life, there’s nothing we can do to stop it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try. People go to great lengths to thwart the physical effects of aging. One of the most popular ways to combat wrinkles these days is Botox– a toxin derived from a bacterium. Hmmm, injecting a biological toxin into your face. What could go wrong? Learn about what Botox is, how it works, and its possible side effects in this episode of Fatal Conveniences. And learn how to embrace aging instead!   || Full Show Notes - 
Over the last couple of years, there has been a newfound focus on mental health. However, stigma and shame are still the number one reason people don’t seek treatment for mental illness. Since mental health is health, it’s crucial that we start prioritizing mental health and the different therapies used to strengthen it. Dr. Gail Saltz, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the NY Presbyterian Hospital Weill-Cornell School of medicine and host of the podcast, How Can I Help, helps us understand this topic better. || LINKS || | | Full Show Notes - 
How does your immune system work? What strengthens your immunity? What weakens it? Don’t feel bad if you don’t know the answers to these questions. Most of us don’t!  In this episode, Dr. Heather Moday, allergist & immunologist, helps us solve the mysteries of the whole immune system. Her work is designed to empower others to reclaim their health– and you can’t do that without getting to know all the components that make up your amazing immune system. || LINKS || | |
Let’s just cut to the chase on this one. Why are we spraying our healthy fruits and vegetables with toxic chemicals? Sure, weedkillers, or herbicides, are meant to kill “weeds”, but does the killing stop there? Dive deep into the danger of weedkillers in this episode with me. And learn how you can support organic farming and avoid pesticides altogether.    || Full Show Notes -
As a society, we’re more divided than ever. We don’t listen to each other long enough to find common ground. To have a meaningful conversation, your listening skills need to be just as good as your talking skills. Celeste Headlee, journalist and author of We Need to Talk, knows how to have a conversation that matters. In the conversation I had with her, she opened my eyes to ways we all can be better communicators. Because at the end of the day, conversation is how we relate to each other as human beings. || LINKS || | | |  Full Show Notes -
Comments (13)

Richard Kudler

this is the most interesting man on the planet! I would really love a follow-up.

Sep 11th

Pamela Roberts

Darin Olien's show is worth a listen.

Aug 7th

Pamela Roberts

I enjoyed this podcast and learned a great deal. It's given me a new perspective about food.

Aug 7th


This is so brilliant thank you. I listened to this just when I needed it, exactly when I needed it as I have a lot of subconscious blockages I’ve realised just in this last week in trying to get a strong disciplined practise regime going for my music. I’ve been battling with that for so long yet everything else around me works and I continue moving forward but NOT to my ultimate true potential and leaves me without confidence, the confidence that I should have, but only through practise/training. I am disciplined in every other aspect of my life apart from practising the piano/my songs and that’s my profession! It’s avoidance because I know how great I can be and for some crazy reason that scares meN? This resonates so strongly thank you SO much for your brilliant inspiring podcasts Darin. I am grateful for you. Jasmine c

Jul 14th

Laura Cambridge

Darin, I can't thank you enough for speaking on this topic for your Fatal Conveniences series. I 100% agree with you on avoiding these body scanners! I knew enough that it was some form of radiation and that it's the cumulative effect of this radiation that's harmful on our bodies. I have and will never, like you, go through one of these machines. I always OPT OUT and get the same eye roll...and then have to wait for a female TSA agent to do my pat down, but totally worth it. We have to be our own advocates and stand up for our own health and safety. Thank you again 🙏

Jul 2nd

Cameron MacDonald

It's sad to see someone on this show that spits bullshit about the environment while condoning the most extreme forms of animal abuse.

May 17th

Rebecca Hinson Beck

This was a terrific episode. thanks for sharing! as a technology leader it is important to share these health tips with clients who purchase the technology that I support. I am sharing this with everyone so that they can protect their eyes as well!

Feb 11th

Rebecca Hinson Beck

As always, your podcasts are insightful and inspiring. I come from a broken tribe and can relate to the need for a stronger community, even if that means crossing our longstanding indigenous boundaries to gain one big voice! Thanks for sharing Sadhguru’s wisdom with us!

Feb 2nd

Steven Knezevic

Just wanted to say love the show! It's ridiculous how many harmful products are out there and sold like a pot of gold. Would love to get your app but noticed it's only on the apple app store any chance you will support android?

Nov 13th

Rebecca Hinson Beck

The Stephen Brooks episode this week was terrific! His community is “life goals” and I hope that some of the practices that he promotes for sustainability of our planet can be replicated on a day global...scale. Thanks for sharing this great information, Darin Olien!

Aug 13th


Kenny is truly a great person! I met him when he was first starting out at The Rodeo Restaurant in Spokane, Wa. I met his band and him. I worked with his ex girlfriend when she used to live in tennessee. he was so grateful that I came to his show. it would be awesome to connect with him again.

Aug 11th

Delicia Ortega

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Aug 9th

Abdullah ÖZDEMİR


Jul 20th
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