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Darkside of the HODL Moon

Author: Kade Almendinger & Josh Igoe

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Immutable Amazing Crypto Wisdom - Insider information from the movers and shakers in the industry - and fun..

Kade Almendinger & Josh Igoe connect from USA to South Korea to discuss the latest news and developments on the crypto world.

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45 Episodes
We have been 51% committed to the blockchain and, after a bit of a hiatus, we are throwing a friend into the deep end of the liquidity pool. This is what happens when a newbie enters the crypto orbit with more questions than answers. We take the chance to go through some basics, like investing using crypto, securing your assets, how to find reliable information regarding projects to invest in as well as services such as exchanges and wallets Finally we do a bit of banter about the political situation in Spain. Is it really on the way of becoming the European Venezuela? Will Crypto be the alternative against invasive taxes and new communist-like policies? Estás orbitando en el lado oscuro de la HODLuna!
On Lunar Mission 43, ₿locKade is asked by Josh about George Floyd and the protests and riots in his hometown of MPLS. We also talk Crypto Art NFTs, an American currency collapse, a Pentagon war game where domestic rebels are paid in Bitcoin, and more Satoshi clues. We also talk about BTC being the best investment of the past 1,200 years, donating Crypto taxes to charity, and hyperinflation craziness in Venezuela. Lastly, we talk Cardano and Charles Hoskinson. Crank the volume to 256 to maintain geosynchronous orbit over the Darkside of the HODL Moon. DSOTHM Socials: ₿locKade Socials: Show notes, links, and a write-up of each episode can be found here: Episode is proudly produced by
On this Lunar Mission, we talk to Thomas Pratter, CEO of AutoWhale GmbH. We hear about his interesting backstory playing extremely competitive chess and table tennis. We get into why he’s not a BTC maximalist, and why he’s a big fan of Monero. We discuss transparency issues w/ Crypto exchanges and what he’s working on to make exchanges more forthcoming. We also discuss why he likes atomic swaps and the business climate in Austria. He tells us why he sees big things in the future for atomic swaps and why he pays so much attention to what’s happening in the US. Hit play to launch your rocket towards the Darkside of the HODL Moon. Thomas is a skilled software engineer, which led him to become the founder of AutoWhale. AutoWhale specializes in market making and as such, they understand liquidity as the lifeblood of the crypto markets, additionally, he runs which is a new take on the way we perceive coin rankings with an important emphasis on liquidity as the key factor in rankings. Find out more about him and his projects here: DSOTHM Socials: ₿locKade Socials: Episode is proudly produced by”
On this lunar mission, we hear about Christof’s backstory: how he hated school, competed in track, and joined the military. We hear how he got into Crypto through a professor and jumped right into Crypto and the Venture Capital world. We talk about his involvement w/ Coinstruction which is trying to solve some pain points in the Crypto space.  We discuss Crypto exchanges ethics, or the lack of,  and he calls out some of the more dishonest ones. If you want to hear about the “Darkside” of Crypto exchanges, this one is a must play. We are in Crypto Lockdown on the Darkside of the HODL Moon. You can find out more about Coinstruction here: You can find Christof here: "    DSOTHM Socials: ₿locKade Socials: Episode is proudly produced by
The Halving, Hong Kong, and Holdex w/ Vadim Zolotokrylin [DSOTHM E039]" On this Lunar Mission, we talk to Vadim. He hear about his roots in the former Soviet Union and why he decided to go to Hong Kong. We discuss Hong Kong business culture and opportunities and the CoronaVirus response there. We get his thoughts on the BTC halving and hear why he’s a big fan of ETH and DeFi. We discuss his Business Development background and what he’s trying to achieve w/ his new venture, Holdex, a burgeoning community-curated Crypto knowledge market. To learn more, visit: DSOTHM Socials: ₿locKade Socials: Episode is proudly produced by
On this Lunar-focused Crypto Currently, BlocKade and Josh discuss: ObamaGate and Govt. Surveillance in the US ETH 2.0 progress updates Youtube Censoring more Crypto Content BTC investing news w/ Paul Tudor Jones II, W. Buffet, and Max Keiser Bitcoin as Gold 2.0 and Plan₿’s new Stock-to-Flow Cross Asset Model New Global BTC Mining Power tracking tool Downloading a Bitcoin Node from Space BCH dominance in the p2pcash ecosystem in Australia Crazy Craig Wright plagiarizing parts of his PhD Thesis...and a whole lot more. DSOTHM Socials: ₿locKade Socials: Episode is proudly produced by” Show Notes and Source Materials:”
On this Lunar Mission, we talk to Forbes Crypto and Blockchain contributor, writer, and precious metals expert Justin O’Connell. We get his take on the CoronaVirus Pandemic and the Govt. responses. We also take a deep dive into precious metals and talk about his foray into Crypto and what he’s hot on now. We talk about the MSM and what it’s like to be a writer in 2020. He had some really interesting insights on this mission and we really appreciated his positive, humanistic vibe. That’s something we all could use these days. You can connect w/ Justin here: DSOTHM Socials: ₿locKade Socials: Episode is proudly produced by
On this special episode we talk to Crypto OG and owner of, Roger Ver. We take a deep dive into his pre-Crypto backstory. Then, we cover his Crypto journey from the early days up to the present. Along the way, we discuss his thoughts on the CoronaVirus Lockdown, Govt. Regulations, Govt. Schools, his passion for free market economics and freethinking, the Bitcoin scaling debate, what’s happening in the Crypto Space now, why he gave up his US citizenship, and a bunch of surprises. If you want to hear about the early days of Crypto or want to learn some new stuff about Bitcoin Jesus (or both), this is a must listen. Hit play to enter Lunar Orbit over the Darkside of the Hodl Moon. Roger can be found here: Links:,output_count(2..),fee_usd(1000..)&s=fee_usd(desc)#,output_count(2..),fee_usd(100..)&s=fee_usd(desc)# DSOTHM Socials: BlocKade Socials: Episode is proudly produced by
On this episode, we talk about the CryptoSpace innovating when it comes to dealing w/ the CoronaVirus. We also spend a good chunk of time covering the latest ETH news: Vitalik calling for Trustless Bridges, the search for ETH scalability, the DeFi hacks, and a big boom in Smart Contract Deployment. We talk about US banks being sued for shutting out small-business access to the stimulus money and what the negative oil prices mean for the petrodollar. We discuss a new Crypto ATM and big news for CryptoAdoption from Bittrex and CoinMarketCap. We hear about Microsoft’s creepy crypto patent and discuss Ross Ulbricht’s wild BTC price prediction.”
On this Shelter-In-Place Episode, we talk to Alex Gluchowski, co-founder of Matter Labs. We talk about his parents fleeing European HyperInflation and how cash (dollars) was king there. We hear about his political introduction to Libertarianism and why it makes sense to him. We discuss his Crypto awakening, and whether or not he hodled. We also talk about Matter Labs and their roadmap for increasing scalability while remaining secure and private with ZKproofs (Zero-Knowledge Proofs) and other tools they’ve developed. We learn about some other projects he’s excited about and get his take on MakerDAO’s Black Thursday/Swan Event. Hit Play to hear all this, off-chain, supported by DSOTHM’s LFCKproof protocol (Lunar-Full-CryptoKnowledge). Alex Gluchowski and Matter Labs can be found here: DSOTHM is produced by, a client-first sound and podcasting service.
On this episode we talk to Ingamar and Ori about their Crypto Journey, the NYC Blockchain scene, and why they’re hyped on DeFi and DAO’s. We hear about their Ethereum Development Outfit that’s run as an LLC DAO, dOrg. We also discuss how they’ve simplified creating a DAO w/ DaoLauncher. We also find out what other projects they’re excited about in the space in 2020. Hit play to launch your DAO to the Darkside of the HODL Moon. Ingamar Ramirez can be found here: Ori Shimony can be found here: DSOTHM is produced by
On this lunar mission, we talk to freediver and CryptoWarrior Anton Mozgovoy. Anton is passionate about Crypto and Blockchain and I think you’re really going to enjoy this conversation. We get his take on some CryptoCurrentEvents, why he’s into ETH and DeFi, and why he wants to bank the unbanked. We also touch on his previous positions at HumanIQ and discuss his current position at Jthereum. Jthereum lets you write smart contracts without knowing Solidity and could be another reason DeFi takes off in 2020. Hit play to get launched into orbit. DSOTHM is produced by
On this month’s episode of CryptoCurrently, we cover: -CoronaVirus pandemic and what it means for Crypto, Precious Metals, and World Markets -US politician wants US Govt. to print 2 $1 Trillion Dollar Coins -US rescue Package passes Senate Unanimously -Winkevoss’s and Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong start Crypto PAC -Bank Runs and Venezuelan broken promises -Uniswap Upgrade -Big Cardano News, and much more Links: DSOTHM is produced by, a client-first sound and podcasting service
031: With Jason Leit

031: With Jason Leit


On this lunar mission to the Darkside, we talk to CryptoEnthusiast, CryptoMiner, CryptoConsultant, and passive-income superfan Jason Leit. We learn how he went from buying a rig to building multiple rigs to helping others build rigs. We discover who forced him to sell his ETH pre-pump and why he’s a fan of MimbleWimble and coins like BEAM. We also learn about his CryptoCoinClub and why he’s thinking about holding a Crypto Class in New England. Hit play to get BEAMed to the DSOTHM.
On this moon mission to the Darkside, we talked to the Exec Producer of Bitcoin and Friends Robert Allen. We talked in depth about his background and his thoughts on Socialism. We also discuss the merits of home-schooling and get his take on Govt. schools. We learn about his financial and political awakening, and how he used to work in precious metals for P. Schiff. We also discuss his humorous, artistic, and informative show BTC&Friends!
On this lunar mission to the Darkside, we talked to the project steward of ZCoin, Reuben Yap. We learn how he first heard about Crypto through his customers after experiencing some financial censorship. We also go in depth about why he’s passionate about online and financial privacy. We ask him to compare ZCoin’s Privacy Tech. with the other big privacy-focused crypto projects, and he’s very knowledgeable in this area. Of course, we talk in depth about Zcoin, and you’ll be surprised to find out who was an early investor in the project. We also learn how it was used in a recent vote in Thailand and what they’re doing to boost Crypto adoption. Don’t sit out this moon mission.
On this month’s episode of CryptoCurrently, we cover: -Shopify joining Facebook’s Libra Association -Tron joining up with Steemit -DOJ calling CoinMixing a crime -Germany Going to War w/ Gold -Erik Vorhees predicting a Financial Meltdown -Tracking the CoronaVirus using DLT -US Politicians varying stances on Crypto and CryptoRegs -Big Moves from the Winklevoss Twins and Big Claims from Charles Hoskinson -CryptoNews from Switzerland -Crypto Partnership turns Feud at CoinMint -Craig “Faketoshi” Wright going absolutely mad -A Crypto OG lamenting the path BTC is on...and much more. Hit Play to start orbiting the DSOTHM!
On this mission w/ a lunar destination, we talk to Victor Rortvedt. Victor has an interesting legal background and is passionate about Crypto. In particular, he’s passionate about DeFi (Decentralized Finance) which was made possible through Crypto, ETH, MakerDAO, and DAI.   We also talk about rDAI, where you can earn interest and either keep it or donate it. We learn about his projects rTrees, where you can plant trees w/ your interest. We also hear about his latest project, HighPriests, where Crypto Luminaries “Evangelize” and promote their favorite rDAI charities. Hit Play to get Decentralized, Autonomous, and Organized on the DSOTHM.
On this misssion to the Darkside, we talk to computer hacker and crypto enthusiast Felipe about hacking in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Brazil...and why he was playing (American) Football there! We also learn about how BTC seemed TheMatrix-like when he first discovered it...and how it got him out of a depression. He relives his pure joy at first using it...and we catch up to what he’s doing now...on the Darkside of the HODL Moon.
On this moon mission, we talk to Cryptopreneur, author, and investor Dennis Lewis.  We learn how he got involved in the Cryptocurrency space and how he started his Crypto ICO business. We talk about the rise and fall in popularity of ICO’s and why he thinks distributed ICOs are the way forward. We also get his insider perspective on how most Crypto start-ups fail, and what can be done to remedy it. We here about what he’s excited about in 2020 and why he loves living in Spain. We finish by touching on his book “Behold the Cryptopreneurs.” Dennis Lewis can be found here: You can also follow DSOTHM here:
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