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Author: Anon

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Join your host - whose name will remain anonymous - as we get the story behind the Silk Road, the world's most notorious black market and explore the difference between the deep web and the dark web.

Your host is an experienced hand in the Dark Web, with a job that requires him to be engaged on a daily basis, trying to keep some semblance of order in his corner of this largely uncharted territory. On each episode, your host will explore the inner workings of The Dark Web. It’s an evocative term. It brings to mind all of the connections and bridges that the modern world have built and asks, what’s the worst they could do? Stories float around about all of the things that can happen in this mysterious underbelly, tales of hit men, child pornography rings, drug dealers, and worse. But what’s the truth of it all? And maybe more importantly, how can it affect you?
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The Darker, Deeper Web

The Darker, Deeper Web


Explore the difference between the deep web and the dark web, and get the story behind the Silk Road, the world's most notorious black market.
The Dark Web abounds with listings for hitmen willing to kill for crypto. But who are the reliable dealers on the Tor network? Are there any?
Bitcoin is the lynchpin of the darkweb marketplace, making possible all of the transactions that happen there. How can something so fundamental to illegal activity escape being taken down? And honestly, what is a blockchain?
For all the attempts to end the practice, there are more slaves today than at any other time in history. But slavers have to keep up with the times like anyone else, so hop in and find out how they've incorporated social media, weed, and bitcoin into their new business models.
In 2014 Sony was hacked by a group calling themselves the Guardians of Peace, joining a long list of companies that have had their data exposed to the world. Hackers are more than willing to do this work for a very reasonable sum, so why did North Korea do it so sloppily?
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In a matter of months three separate mass shooters all posted their manifestos to the imageboard 8chan before carrying out their attack. What is 8chan, and why did they choose to post there? And what other imageboards are out there?
Sometimes a job is too difficult for a hacker to pull off with one computer. Sometimes they need 400,000. But where to get that kind of power? To take down the BBC, you just have to make your own zombie horde.
Paul Le Roux reigned over the black markets of the Dark Web for nearly a decade. In his time he did not shy from selling drugs, supplying Somali militias with guns, smuggling gold, or even murder. It took a volunteer from within his own organization to take him down. And even then, it wasn't easy.
We've seen plenty of ways to make money on the dark web, but how do you keep it? Casinos, ATMs, and Bitcoin Tumblers are just a few of the ways criminals around the world try to clean up their dirty money.
With all the profit to be made on the Dark Web, the world's largest criminal organizations are hardly likely to ignore it. The gangs and Cartels of Latin America have all begun to stake their claims in the digital world. But you need experts to navigate this world, and so the cartels chose the obvious route: kidnap some. We're on Patreon! Come follow for early access to new episodes:
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