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How good you are at Spark or Flink ≠ how good you are at data engineering. After years of data engineering experience at Airbnb, Netflix, and Facebook, Zach Wilson is now focused on spreading the knowledge in EcZachly and all over social media. He met Benjamin Wagner to explain why data modeling and storytelling are more important than the actual tech, why data engineering is going to see more job growth than data science, and what brought him to start creating content, reaching over 250K followers on LinkedIn.
Data engineers are not paid to do support. Liran Yogev, Director of Engineering at ZipRecruiter, and Doron Porat, Director of Infrastructure at Yotpo talk about building resilient self-service products that keep customers happy and engineers calm. They walked the bros through their data stacks and explained how ZipRecruiter is completely rebuilding its data layer from scratch.
Barr Moses, CEO of Monte Carlo explains the difference between data quality and data observability, and how to make sure your data is accurate in a world where so many different teams are accessing it.
Weichen Wang, Senior Engineering Manager at Amplitude, came to meet the bros to talk about Amplitude's cutting-edge data stack and how it processes 5 Trillion real-time events while dealing with mutable data and massive scale.
80% of the code that you write doesn’t work on the first try. And that’s fine. But knowing which 80% is not working and which 20% is working is the actual challenge. After 10 years at Facebook, managing and scaling the Seattle site to over 6000 engineers(!) Vijaye Raji founded Statsig to make observability automated and real-time. How is the semantic layer managed? How was the Statsig team able to build an observability product that handles real-time ever-changing metadata? What are Vijaye’s main takeaways from engineering at Facebook? Tune in.
Sudeep Kumar, Principal Engineer at Salesforce is a ClickHouse fan. He considers the shift to Clickhouse as one of his biggest accomplishments during his eBay days and walks Boaz through his experience with the platform. How on one hand it handled 2B events per minute, but also how it required rollups which compromised granularity when extending time windows. Besides a ClickHouse review from a practitioner’s point of view, Sudeep tells us about interesting use-cases he’s working on at Salesforce. 
According to Maxime Beauchemin, CEO & Founder at Preset and Creator of Apache Superset and Apache Airflow, it's not so straight-forward to understand what you're really getting into and the vastness of the skills that are required in order to build a thriving company.Picking the right system and services is key for a successful start, and can help you avoid the chaos of having too many tools spread across multiple teams.Plus, Max walks the bros through the genesis of Airflow, Superset & Presto, and Airflow's old school marketing approach that won the hearts of developers across the world. And just like the terminator, once the machine takes over, you can't stop.
According to Yoav Shmaria, VP R&D Platform at Similarweb, the best way to manage data warehouse costs is to tag every table, database or ETL running to have good granularity over every feature.  Besides handy cost management tips, Yoav walks the bros through the tech stack he implemented to analyze 100s of TBs of web data to serve fast customer-facing analytics.Full disclosure, Similarweb is a Firebolt customer, but the bros kept it objective, and there’s no Firebolt talk in this episode.
Klarna is one of the leading fintech companies in the world, valued at $45B. While many corporations are “stuck” on-prem, Klarna made the move and today is a cloud-only company. Gunnar Tangring, Klarna’s Lead Data Engineer tells Boaz what this new modernized stack looks like.
Archana shares Eventbrite’s data stack modernization process, and how you get engineers to adopt new technologies like dbt which may be outside their comfort zone.  
Growing from a startup to an IPOed and then an acquired company meant that Slack’s sales org was scaling rapidly. Apun Hiran, Slack’s Director of Software Engineering explains how the data stack and architecture evolved to support this growth with more reliable and timely metrics. Speaker: Apun Hiran, Director of Software Engineering (Data), SlackHosts: Eldad and Boaz Farkash, CEO and CPO, Firebolt
Should data engineering AND BI be handled by the same people? According to Jonathan Palmer, VP Data Platform at Scopely – YES. By Analytics Engineers. His team of Analytics Engineers is in the final stages of transitioning 5.5 PBs of data which include 15B evens per day to the modern data stack. Tune in to learn how they did it.
Why would you create ugly data? According to Jens Larsson, don’t even go near raw data. Jens started off at Google, continued to manage data science at Spotify, caught the startup bug at Tink, and recently joined an exciting new company called Ark Kapital, together with Spotify’s former VP Analytics. Jens explains how he and his team killed the notion of raw data at Tink and walks us through the Google, Spotify and Ark Kapital data stacks.
This time on the data engineering show, Eldad abandoned his brother Boaz but it’s ok because Boaz got the full 30 minutes to talk to one of the most interesting people in the data space. Ananth Packkildurai is Principal Software Engineer at Zendesk and runs one of the strongest newsletters in data – Data Engineering Weekly. He talked about data applications at Zendesk and how they’re built, technologies that excite him like data lineage and data catalog, and the best routes for software engineers to get their hands dirty in the data world.INTERVIEWER: Boaz Farkash.ZENDESK GUEST:  Ananth Packkildura - Principal Software Engineer.
Gong manages hundreds of thousands of videoconferences and millions of emails PER DAY, which add up to hundreds of TBs. The Data Bros met Yarin Benado, Gong’s engineering manager to understand what is required to move to a modern data stack to support all this, what this stack looks like, and why it all comes down to data quality at the end of the day. 
Bolt's ride-hailing app serves 2B users in Europe and Africa and handles 500K queries every day. Erik Heintare along with Bolt's engineering team is in the midst of designing a new next-gen data platform and is sharing how it's going to solve their biggest data challenges. Guest: Erik Heintare - Senior Analytics Engineer at BoltHosts: Eldad and Boaz Farkash, AKA The Data Bros
Scaling a data platform to support 1.5T events per day requires complicated technical migrations and alignment between hundreds of engineers. What to see how Agoda did it.Guests: Amir Arad, Director of Machine Learning, AgodaShaun Sit, Senior Dev Manager, AgodaHosts: The Data Bros - Eldad and Boaz Farkash
It’s the mother of all development projects. You use it daily. And so do 65M developers around the world. This time on the Data Engineering Show – A deep dive into GitHub’s data stack. Arfon Smith KimYen (Truong) Ladia shared GitHub’s data engineering challenges and solutions and explained why every developer should know and adopt the ADR protocol.
How does a tech stack that always needs to be at the forefront of technology look like? Roy Miara from Explorium talks about building data products for the audience that can’t be fooled – Data Engineers.
How does the Viemo data team deal with 2 PBs of data and 85B events per month? What made them recently build a data ops team? What data tool does the team love? And why (the hell) did they call their legacy platform Fatal Attraction?Guest: Lior Solomon, VP Data Engineering at Vimeo.
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