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Author: The Ringer & Majordomo Media

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Dave Chang has a few questions. Besides being the chef of the Momofuku restaurants and the creator and host of Netflix’s 'Ugly Delicious,' Dave is an avid student and fan of sports, music, art, film, and, of course, food. In ranging conversations that cover everything from the creative process to his guest’s guiltiest pleasures, Dave and a rotating cast of smart, thought-provoking guests talk about their inspirations, failures, successes, fame, and identities.

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Dave explains the virtues of Korean barbecue (1:00) and calls up his producer Isaac Lee to talk about how South Korea is successfully containing COVID-19 (5:12). Then, Jimmy Kimmel comes on (14:46) to discuss Dave winning ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,’ how Jimmy came to be extraordinary at answering emails, Jimmy’s remarkable love for food, their shared passion for fly-fishing, and parenting.
Dave talks about the exquisite experience of eating at El Bulli before bringing in his producers to discuss a variety of topics: frozen pizza, leftovers, hobbies, school lunches, mochi ice cream, superstitions, karaoke, dining out alone, popcorn, and more.
#AskDave, Vol. 6

#AskDave, Vol. 6


Dave describes the deliciousness of Peking duck (0:00) before answering questions sent in by you, the listeners (8:00).
Dave talks through the best foods to get delivered (0:00) before discussing the trials and tribulations of spinning off ‘Recipe Club,’ first with Chris Ying and Priya Krishna toward the beginning of production (8:00) and then with just Chris closer to launch (32:30). 'Recipe Club' premieres tomorrow, November 17th. Listen on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.
Dave and his producers talk through the unique fatigue of working during the pandemic (0:00). Then, chef Magnus Nilsson (formerly of the two Michelin-starred Fäviken) joins to discuss his illustrious career, why he called it quits, and parenting in Sweden (31:00).
Dave and his producers recap how they spent election week (0:00) before running through a variety of topics, including slow cookers, pretzels, beer/wine snobs, gim, and stress-eating foods (32:00).
Dave and his producers talk through their emotions about the United States’ 2020 election week and debate how the nation could move forward from this historic moment (0:00). Then, Dave and Chris sit down with comedian-actor Patton Oswalt to review the 1980 space-opera film ‘Battle Beyond The Stars’ (44:00).
Dave and his producers riff on a variety of topics, including mac and cheese, East Asian grocery stores, road trips (and driving in general), makgeolli, the best way to eat a potato, horror movies, Subway sandwiches, and the best thing they ate this week.
Dave and his producers riff on a few culinary topics including milk substitute beverages, the kombucha craze, and beef tongue. Then, they sit down with politics journalist and ‘The Circus’ cohost Alex Wagner to talk about the state of American politics and the imminent presidential election.
Dave and his producers link up once again for the lightning-round segment now officially named My Opinion Is Fact. Topics include: coffee snobbery, adventures in alcohol, best candy bars, feline pets, pumpkin pie, and more.
Dave and Chris are joined by ‘Top Chef’ star Kwame Onwuachi to discuss racial equity in the culinary industry and explore the second rule from Dave’s "Rules for Becoming a Chef," as detailed his new book ‘Eat a Peach’: Don’t go to cooking school.
Dave and Chris once again power up their state-of-the-art “supercomputer” (which sounds conspicuously like their producer Isaac Lee) to answer a variety of questions posed by its intelligent algorithm. Then, they bring in legendary chef Éric Ripert of Le Bernardin to discuss his illustrious career and impact, as well as the process of reopening his restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic.
#AskDave, Vol. 5

#AskDave, Vol. 5


Dave and his producers answer questions sent in by you, the listeners! Topics include: labeling tape, mukbangs, the fallacy of recipes, and more.
Dave and his producers explore a variety of topics algorithmically chosen through a “supercomputer” (0:54) before bringing in chef Asha Gomez to discuss parenting a teenager and educating through food (29:41). If you are an American who has not voted yet, make a plan at
Dave and Chris are joined by Basbaas CEO Hawa Hassan to discuss introducing the larger American audience to East African cuisine (1:17) before debating their five favorite condiments (31:02). You can preorder Hawa’s book ‘In Bibi’s Kitchen’ wherever books are sold.
Dave and Chris are joined by Los Angeles Times columnist Gustavo Arellano to react to President Donald Trump contracting COVID-19 (0:34) and explain the widely misunderstood political history of California (16:45) before discussing all things tortillas (31:00).
Dave and Chris make the mistake of allowing their producer Isaac Lee to select his favorite film of all time—the Canadian romantic comedy ‘The F Word’ (also known as ‘What If’ in the United States), starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Adam Driver, and Mackenzie Davis—for this episode of The Bad Movie Club. The trio discusses the merits of the movie and the place of the romantic comedy genre within culture.
Name This Podcast

Name This Podcast


In yet another new gimmick meant to distract from the goings-on of the world, Dave’s team puts him through a round of rapid-fire questions in the style of ‘Pardon the Interruption.’ Please vote on the name of this podcast on The Dave Chang Show’s social media pages.
In a new recurring feature, the guys explore the rules for becoming a chef as detailed in Dave’s new book, ‘Eat a Peach.’ This week, Benu chef Corey Lee joins to talk about rule 17: don’t edit in your head.
Dave and Chris Ying briefly take stock of current events (0:11) before ranking their respective top five foods to order for delivery and/or takeout (18:27).
Comments (44)

Fan jong

Thank you for making me feel normal for being grown and still scared as sh$t to watch horror films because of being scarred for life as a kid - Poltergeist for sure, plus An American Werewolf in London. But y'all should watch Get Out. It's not scary scary.

Nov 26th

Shawn Ramirez

wow, what happened to this podcast? It was so full of interesting guests and great conversations and ideas. Now it feels like scrolling through pinterest.

Oct 19th

Jgblacknight 10


Jul 30th

Katie Andrew

Mouth watering over the Taiwan restaurant recs ~50 minutes in

May 9th

Tiffany Heil

this makes me so angry. i am hurt for his family and everyone in this industry. his influence and spirit will live through culinary, and food, and all that it evokes.

Mar 30th

M Wang

Thank you for sharing your memories of chef Floyd with us Dave!

Mar 30th

Mae Lee Arant

As a dad, you have to get real about climate change and how meat is not sustainable to this new world. you need to be part of the movement to use meat sparingly, if at all.

Mar 8th

Bee Stone

This was fantastic. Right now, I have no other words. I think I'll listen to it at least once more.

Mar 8th
Reply (1)

William Davis

Sean Balto? Sean Malto.......

Jan 14th
Reply (1)

Pete Ever

this episode was my gateway into listening to pod casts 6 months later i have listened up to the episode with bill simmons after your son hugo was born.

Dec 24th

Pete Ever

superb guest , i now follow his podcasts.

Dec 21st

Myungwoo Yoo

The philosophy, which David Chang has, is very thoughtful. And I'm totally agree with that. I'm dreaming about to be Chang's team member in future. Thanks for your podcast.

Nov 29th


Great interview and a great guest. Smith has great insights on creativity. She's right, the person with great ambition will excel over one with "natural talent." Fantastic questions from Dave. Yes, cooking, as with anything, can be art. That lies with the cook, and the diner to decide. You can find it from a food truck, or a 4 star restaurant.

Sep 29th


thank you for this episode. i love pottery and asian culture in general

Jul 24th
Reply (1)

Thiago M. Pinto

Long as hell, but I think it's funny.

Jul 11th

Mae Lee Arant

I dont know if David Chang ever looks at comments but someone please pass on to him that there is solid research about gut envirodome health and mood disorders. as chefs the alcohol and foods you eat may not be healthy gut bacteria you need. there are 2 specific types that are low in people with depression and anxiety.PLEASE GET TO A DOCTOR AND GET YOURS CHECKED!!

Jul 2nd

Thanh Nguyen

hey david Chang. I know you don't really fuck with soccer all that much but Asians do a have a premier talent in pro sports right now. Son Heung-Min from Tottenham Hotspur. he's a top 10 player in the world right now but doesn't get enough love. imo it's because he's Asian. check him out and throw some love at him because the boy deserves it!

May 3rd

Mae Lee Arant

david. as you have your child please be a leader in reflecting on the cost of climate change associated with meat as well as the cruelty of factory farming.

Mar 24th

Bic Vu

This is a great podcast, not just about food, but about work. The good, the bad, the ugly delicious.

Mar 1st

Colleen Arreola

love this pod! dave you da bomb 😁

Feb 18th
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