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Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.
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YP joins Barstool Breakfast to talk about Season 2 of Barstool Outdoors. Chaps tells the ZBT squad about his good news from the doctor. Steve Francis joins Barstool Chicago, and the Yak is live from the office with Rico.
This week on Barstool Radio, Big Cat chats with Danny Boy Cane ahead of his National Championship matchup with Miami. Chaps and Kate invite one of Chaps' Marines onto ZBT to look back at how they were affected by 'don't ask, don't tell." Barstool Chicago reacts to the Long Gone Sumer doc, plus Feits & Nick Mangold hang with the Breakfast crew.
Big Cat opens up to Rone about how it felt losing the National Championship in front of 120,000 people. Smitty and Glenny fire up Willie when they claim to be 'professional athletes' on their new esports team Hooliganz. The Minihane Show spars with Kmarko and takes their rivalry to the next level.
Important conversations were had this week on Barstool Radio with Willie, Wallo & Trill Withers on Barstool Breakfast. Hard Factor was joined by musical artist and close friend Trinidad James. Big Cat Brandon Walker settle their beer pong matchup live on the air.
This week on Barstool Radio, Barstool Breakfast was joined by the very funny Kerryn Feehan. Big Cat and Rone talk to Dana about the Walk the Line drama, and Chaps and Kate return to the radio airwaves for the first time in a long time. Plus more from CCK & Chicago.
The Call Her Daddy drama was the biggest story in the Barstool universe last week, so everybody gave their take on it including Big Cat, KFC, Rone, Large, Willie and the Chicago guys.
This week on Channel 85, Large recaps how the sewage pipes in his new house ruined his Mother's Day. KFC asks Charles Oakley tough questions about his comments on Patrick Ewing. Rone and Big Cat do the Yak from the office, and more from the Chicago guys.
This week on Barstool Radio: The Barstool Chicago guys unite against a common enemy: Kmarko. Kirk Minihane calls into CCK to explain the Minifans getting into war with Mariah Carey's biggest fans. Big Cat and Rone break down the public and graphic marital issues of Jay Cutler and Earl Thomas. Plus $20 Chef tells Barstool Breakfast about the time he won money off Gabriel Iglesias.
This week on channel 5, the Breakfast squad is joined by everybody's favorite father figure, Bob Saget. Big Cat gets introduced to Rone's new friend Garbage the Cat. Plus more from Barstool Chicago and CCK.
Barstool Breakfast hosted Vince McMahon's bodyguard Mark Henry and KFC this week, and got a live reaction to Gronk being traded to the Pats. The Yak breaks down days 1 & 2 of the draft with Steven Cheah. Robert Parish joins Barstool Chicago for a unique view of the MJ doc.
On this week of Barstool Radio on Channel 85, Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini joined Barstool Breakfast to discuss the challenges of running BSS through quarantine. Dave tells Large about how out of control unboxing has become. BWalk, Big Cat and Rone all get together for the Yak. Plus more from the Barstool Chicago guys and CCK.
This past week on Barstool Radio, the Breakfast crew was joined by Sopranos legends Michael Imperioli & Steve Schirripa. Caleb called into the Yak to tell Big Cat about his battle with his brother in quarantine. Dave talks about all the boxes in his apartment and hits the stock market with Large. Plus more from CCK and Barstool Chicago.
On this week's edition of the Barstool Radio Station, Mark Summers joins the Barstool Chicago guys to talk all things game show. Large and Dave run through the stock market and plan Dave's unboxing event. Plus more from Barstool Breakfast, the Yak and CCK.
Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, the Channel 85 lineup was moved around a little bit and there was no 'Barstool Radio." However this week's radio content was still great with Barstool Breakfast's interview with John Taffer, Dave and Large playing the market on Stocks Central, Steven Cheah not getting his pushup contest taken seriously, KFC getting a negative coronavirus test, and Barstool Chicago deciding on their movie dream girl.
Coronavirus emptied out the Barstool office except for Dave and Large. They are still day trading in a coronavirus impacted market, and the market hasn't been kind. On Tuesday Dave called in from his apartment, and yelled at Pete when his audio sounded like garbage.
Dave and Big Cat can only watch as Coronavirus takes out all their favorite sports one by one, until March Madness is forced into cancellation. With no sports on, Dave gets Large to improve his day trading abilities. Dave chats with CITO and Luggage Guy Trent about the Bachelor finale, and also a ton more.
Week 163 was a big week of guests on Barstool Radio. First Daymond John stops by, and confirms Dave is rich. Julian Edelman calls in to chat about his new series Nerf House. Dana calls off his Rough N Rowdy fight after new information about his opponent comes to light. Dave calls out Tom Curran for Tom Brady related fake news, Taylor Lewan helps the people of Nashville, One Month Trial Ethan auditions for his job, and more.
RA calls in to dispell the rumor he was fall over drunk at the pond hockey tournament. The CITO girls talk Bacehelor with Dave. RadioBren's prep sheet enrages Dave and causes a lengthy rant about the Penn stock. We re-live Trent being worried that Cousin Murray fell while on air.
Riggs gets put in a bodybag by his men's hockey league refs on a weekly basis and he can't do anything about it. Rudy joins the show to confirm the refs hate Riggs. Wallo calls in to help us debate who gets more sun, prisoners or Barstool employees. Things get personal between YP and Frankie, and more.
VinDog's debut on Barstool Radio wasn't all sunshine and roses. Dave wants his meme attacks to be quicker and more destructive after an underwhelming first call to action. The zillion beers saga takes another dramatic turn for Dana as he crushes his goal. All this and a ton more on Barstool Radio.
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Christian Justin

dave portnoy is the least entertaining person in his own company that y no one listens to this podcast

Oct 29th

Michael H. Nolan

everyone needs bad guy. theres no news or relevancy without a bad guy. unfortunately the internet has chosen you all to be that guy

Oct 2nd


how to unlock att pattern lock

Feb 11th

Noé Perez

quiero escuchar a ozuna

Feb 1st
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A day may come when the courage of men fails .... But it is not THIS day. #goPresgo

Aug 30th

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how jealous is KFC?😂

Aug 30th

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I'm only subscribing to this to try and steal David's brain because it was valued at 15 trillion internet dollars

Aug 30th
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