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Author: Barstool Sports

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Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.
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It was a jam-packed week on Barstool Radio. Dave hires Big Tennessee full-time to do content because of how he's reacted to his teams losing. On cue the Cardinals smoke his Braves in historic fashion. We get Biz to call in as he's in the midst of fighting SJW's online. WhiteSoxDave and Eddie call in as WSD is embarssing the company again, but this time Dallas Braden is the one who scolds him the worst. Dave wants to expand into China, contact has been made with Billy Mitchell, and more on Barstool Radio.
Riggs Vs. Whitney has been in the works for a long time. Then out of nowhere the USGA threatens to revoke Whitney's amateur status if he plays in it, effectively cancelling the event. Who is to blame for this falling apart? Football Mondays, Glenny investigates Mantis, and more on Barstool Radio.
The Chiclets boy are in town and inject some energy into the Barstool Radio Show. The stir things up about Riggs vs. Whitney, the hockey world, and other stuff they are involved in around the office. Biz takes shots at the CHD girls.  Avocado Friday closed out the week as legendary day in Barstool Radio history. Dave was accosted by a man named Ross who thought he was being catfished by the Barstool Instagram, and the show does some detective work to figure out how and why that happened. All that and a ton more on Barstool Radio
The Portnoys came into town and Dave got sick of his Dad pretty quickly. Mr. Portnoy joins the show briefly before Dave kicks him off, and takes his time leaving the radio room. Dave becomes obsessed with Tyler C from the Bachelorette because of how hot he is. The show hits the road and goes live from Whiskey Jack's in Madison ahead of Wisconsin/Michigan, and the show reacts to Antonio Brown getting cut by the Pats and more. 
After spending the weekend in Clemson for the College Football Show, Dave seeks out who is responsible for letting a drunk viceroy on their trailer. A Viceroy Manager confirms the culprit was actually his brother, which ends in another viceroy's letter of resignation. Dave did a pizza review with Gronk, and Gronk took over Barstool HQ. Water tasting contests, Dave on the Patriots  and more on  this week of Barstool Radio.
Dave was caught on a video at a 'hot chicks and coke' party where hot chicks were doing coke, but Dave was NOT partaking in the coke part. His enemies thought they got him, but they did not. Dave gives a second chance to a new hire who was golfing when he was supposed to be working. Dave catches wind of Nate trying to tank the Barstool fantasy league so he can do 12 hours of radio, and lets everyone hear what that would sound like by playing the original Nate at Night. All that and more on Barstool Radio.
Dave finally became a member of the exclusive milly-milly club, with a million followers on both Instagram and Twitter. Office Manager Brett is leaving the company so we reflect on Dave's relationship with his in-house nemesis. A caller catches WhiteSoxDave with inaccurate minor league baseball reporting and Pres demands to speak to him, and calls for a retraction. Dave was right about Andrew Luck, Dave discovers Lizzo, and more on the latest week of Barstool Radio.
Stella Bean, Dave's dog that has been around since Day 1 of Barstool, passed away and Dave was with Renee to see her go. He came back to HQ to a 'get well soon' card that could only be described as the worst card of all time so he roasts everyone who signed it. An emotional Cousin Mike calls in, but only wanted to talk about Tucker Carlson. Spider recaps his weekend with Dave at Bristol, Dave and Kirk Minihane continue to fight, and more.
The Ringer unionized and Dave used it to make Barstool go viral. AOC and Donald Trump Jr. jumped in the mud with us. It was a wild week on Barstool Radio. Big Ev got grilled for getting thrown out of a casino, Buddha Ben retired from Barstool, and more. A week of Barstool Radio to go down in the record books.
After spending all of July in Nantucket watching from afar, Dave returns with a list of grievances. Dana and Spider go through the ringer to see if they will be Dave's guy. Dave faces off against Kirk Minihane on how much to pay Blind Mike, and an inheriting Kirk's enemies. Riggs get his eyes un-crossed and Dave takes it personally. All this and more on Barstool Radio.
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