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We play a round of Would You Rather, You Can't Make This Up, Dave's Dirt, & More!
Drake gives helpful tips for anyone wanting to come out & any parents who deal with their kids coming out for One More Break with Drake, a Brand New War of the Roses, & More!
We talk about if Uber / Lyft drivers should be making more money, You Can't Make This Up, Dave's Dirt, & More!
Jenny fills in for Falen to talk about dumb criminals on Falenies, Dave's Dirt, & More!
Adam is married to Kelsey who used to be a bit of a player. They were at the cabin over the weekend hanging out with this other couple and she started wearing a bikini, when she used to wear only a one piece. We switch things up a bit for this War of the Roses!
We play our favorite game called 'Drunk or a kid' to kick off the show, Dave's Dirt, Think Fast hosted by Jenny, Can't Make This Up, & More!
7 AM Hour - She Knew?!

7 AM Hour - She Knew?!


We get an update from the caller who was unsure whether to tell a widow her husband was cheating, Dave's Dirt, Winning Song Wednesday, What are you feeling guilty about?, & More!
Drake reads an email about people running in Cemeteries, Dylan calls the show again for another Touchy Subject about deer in Minnesota, Dave's Dirt, & More!
Drake give's some life hacks to use during your day-to-day on One More Break with Drake, Jenny does Falenies, Dave's Dirt, & More!
We talk about our weekends and our favorite pics we took, Dave's Dirt, Drake talks hidden gems on streaming platforms for One More Break with Drake, & More!
We talk to a caller who's struggling whether they tell someone their dead spouse was cheating before they died, Dave's Dirt, We read an email for Group Therapy about a guy who's creepin on their neighbors, Drake does his Hot Takes for the week, & More!
We continue with people Radars this week, Dave reveals what was on Susans face this weekend, Dave's Dirt, & More!
War of the Roses Classic, Jenny talks about dumb criminals on Falenies today, Dave's Dirt, & More!
We read an email from someone asking advice on a neighbor who is acting like a complete creep.
We pick out the winner of our Zaddy Bracket, We talk to a caller who's trying to get his girlfriend back, Dave's Dirt, No Phone Screener Friday, & More!
We play with some studio equipment to kick off the show, Can't Make This Up, Dave's Dirt, & More!
We do a part 2 on stupid injuries you've gotten, We talk to a caller who's upset their ex girlfriend pawned his stuff, Dave's Dirt, & More!
Falen's Deep Dive - Havana - Camila Cabello, Dave's Dirt, We talk about Falen's Trip, & More!
We talk about our days yesterday, Dave's Dirt, You Can't Make This Up, & More!
We get an update on the Zaddy Bracket today, We play a few round of Smart Ass to see if we can decipher the question, We get our first #TAYDWB winner of the day, Dave's Dirt, War of the Roses about a women who can't mind her own business, & More!
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5:14 I would have said Matthew or Mark

May 11th


Hearing this from Oregon, this was hilarious. I’m doing this prank but it will be letter from the IRS.

Jan 13th

Apple Official

love this show, funniest bits and jokes on the history of podcasts, plus if you want to hear about Minnesota, here's your chance! five stars all the way!!!

May 28th
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