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Alvinnie Kwok, CPCC, ACC, is a leadership coach. She most recently was a part of the global learning, Leadership, and Organizational Development team at Elastic.  She is one of the kindest human beings that I know. I enjoyed our conversation about Mindfulness and why she decided to do this retreat in the first place. I appreciate our friendship, and Alvinnie is always so present. Check this out if you are interested and are curious to do it in your lifetime.   If you want to connect with her below.
Join us on Episode 160 of the Davidson Hang Podcast w/Carrie Rattle, who is a Financial Therapist, MBA, CDFA, AFC Carrie is the founder of Behavioral Cents, LLC, where she helps women and couples build good money behaviors. Her background was on wall street as a banking executive. She has a financial counseling certification, the AFCPE, which is the Association for financial counseling and planning education. Check out this conversation if you struggled with trying to keep up and you see that no matter how much more money you are making, you are spending a lot. Thank you, Carrie, for your meaningful work to help people with their behavioral spending habits.  If you would like to connect with Carrie.
Lionel Church is a dear friend of mine. He is currently the CEO of Gratis Enterprise, which uses an ESG framework for improving business performance.   Lionel is a founding team member of Food Revolution Network with Ocean & John Robbins. I supported their vision from the time it was an idea until it grew to over 500,000 registered members. Lionel became the Chief Operating Officer and helped the organization set up strong foundations to lead it into a prosperous future of positive social and environmental contribution."Next, I founded Gratis to express my life mission: To create a business culture that uses its power to actively solve social & environmental problems.Now, as an entrepreneur and a consultant, I help organizations pursue highly-effective operations while they also advance social responsibility and environmental sustainability." out this episode about friendship, creating your dream life/ dream schedule where you get to live a fulfilled life of purpose. 
Join us on Episode 159 of The Davidson Hang Podcast, where we learn from brilliant people who are always looking to improve themselves. Nick Boscia, CPA, EA is a Partner at Boscia & Boscia. We met through the personal development world. She discussed tax efficiency and why he spends his time getting better by attending conferences and diving deep into the world of Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins. If you would like to connect with Nick check out his profile below and send him a message.
Today, I had the incredible privilege of interviewing Michael Wong, who is the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Digital Turbine. He is responsible for creating the global vision, driving revenue growth, and establishing the go-to-market strategies in 3 regions. These are my top ten takeaways from our conversation1. Active Listening2. Value 3. Having a winning mentality4. Growth Mindset and being receptive to candid feedback5. Understanding the competitive landscape6. Challenger Sales7. Sending Pre-reads8. Being a strategic and tactical leader9. Out-prepping your competition 10. Operational RigorWe discuss interviewing best practices, being super curious, and putting in what's missing. We reflected on the amazing lessons we learned at LinkedIn and how it's stayed with us as we implement those lessons in our careers. Thank you, Mike, for your mentorship. Check out this episode if you are interviewing. This is a great listen for anyone in sales. If you want to ask Mike any questions, feel free to reach out to him on LinkedIn.
Hey everyone,   My coach from Landmark Worldwide. In this podcast episode, I will cover all of the self-development programs I have been a part of. I've been asked numerous times what the benefits, pros, and cons of these transformational programs are.   Check this episode if you want to be a life coach or if you want to continue to grow and explore your potential.   These are the programs I discuss during this episode.  1. Tony Robbins- Unleash the Power from Within, Date with Destiny, Tony Robbin's Master University, Business Mastery, Two Masterminds, Business and Personal2. Accomplishment Coaching in person year-long training  3. Next Level Trainings- Emotional Intelligence training 4. Landmark Forum, Advance Course, Self Expression Leadership Program, Introduction Leaders Program now called the Leaders Program, Team Management Leadership Program, Communication Access to Power, Communication Power to Create, and the Wisdom course.  5. Lewis Howe's Summit of Greatness  6. Jack Canfield's Day of Greatness  Check out this episode if you are curious about diving deeper into unlocking human potential.  #LandmarkWorldwide #TonyRobbins #NextLeveltrainings #AccomplishmentCoaching #SummitofGreatness #LewisHowes
Join us on Episode 155 of The Davidson Hang Podcast where I interview incredible people where we learn from their greatness.  Edwin and I know each other from the Self Expression and Leadership Program with Landmark Worldwide. Since then, we've become close friends, and I admire how Edwin builds and maintains his relationships.  We have a conversation about work-life integration and how to have it all. Edwin has a growth mindset, and we enjoy many adventures together, traveling all over the world. We talk about going on an alcohol fast. He shared the book Naked Mind with me, which helped me be much more conscious of my drinking, especially when I'm bored and have nothing to do at home. You've enjoyed this conversation about friendship, mentorship, giving back to the community, and having a spiritual practice. I guarantee you'll walk away feeling inspired and connected, and related to the power of strong deep relationships.
KD helps Saas Sales Leaders get from 0 to 100 Million in revenue. He's helped build 2 Unicorns and has trained thousands of Sales Reps. Awards and Recognition- Salesforce - Top Sales Influencer to Follow- InsideSales top 10 Sales Leader- Pavillon Lecturer of the Year- Salesforce Top 16 Sales Influencers to Follow- Ambition Top 100 Sales Coaches- SalesLoft Rev Star- TOPO Sales Development Exec of the Year- LinkedIn Top Sales Voices- LinkedIn Sales Star- The Modern Sale Top 100 Global Sales Leaders- Crunchbase Top Sales Leaders You Should KnowIf you want to connect with KD here is his LinkedIn Profile. I've grown as a leader I have a better understanding of what truly drives behavior, motivation, and long term success. If we can make better people, the sales will follow. I love scaling sales teams. I have built teams from 0-150+ reps, revenues from 0-100M+ ARR (and counting). I believe in processes and systems, paired with skill development, as the code to success. I also love to share what I have learned, and what I am learning with others. I consult all sorts of different companies and people as they look to improve their results. I mentor and consult early, mid, and late-stage SaaS companies all across the world. Sharing my playbooks and processes for scaling sales teams successfully.I have spoken at the top conferences across the country, mentor/coach start up's across the country, and love sharing as I go. If there is a book on sales, psychology or influence I have probably read it. I am a voracious learner and am constantly pushing myself and my team to reach new heights of achievement. Because of my own internal desire to learn and grow, that also gets translated out to my team with non-stop growth, coaching and training.
Join us for Episode 153 of The Davidson Hang Podcast- a podcast about sales, Self Improvement, Business, and how we can make more money and become more successful offering tips and advice on how to achieve your goals. I have with me Daisy Chung who is currently a Director of Sales at Orum. Orum is a software tool built for Sales that delivers instant live customer conversations to your target market. They are a series A tech start-up based in the bay area. Daisy made her way through Namely starting off as a Sales Development Representative and then was promoted to a Manager of Sales Development and then became an Account Executive and relocated to LA to start the office. She left Namely to become an Enterprise Account Executive being Employee #7 and became the Sales Rep of the year closing over 3.3 million in Annual Recurring Revenue. These were my top ten takeaways from our conversation1. Always have an empowering context- attitude makes a huge difference in an industry where rejection is something that you deal with pretty often working on deals throughout your career.2. There is a huge upside to being in tech sales if you are willing to put in the work and you have a learning mindset.3. Don't be a follower. Because of the decisions, she's made- she is able to live a life that includes a lot of freedom with a huge financial upside. 4. Don't be afraid to take a risk. Of course, many of her friends took more conventional paths and she decided to choose a career that was different than everyone else and because of that, she's able to have a ton of early success. 5. Be Coachable and be open to setbacks. There were times when she did not receive the promotion and in hindsight, it worked out because she wasn't quite ready. 6. If you are curious about software sales reach out to find a mentor. 7. Breaking down goals into mathematical outputs will help you achieve your desired outcome more consistently. It all starts with a vision and then work your way backward to achieve your goals. 8.  Evaluate the product, the accelerators, and what the upside is vs the base salary when considering a role in sales. 9.  In software sales, you can really work hard and achieve your goals and make 400-500k a year and then take a year off if you really wanted to and that's what is possible if you commit to this craft. 10. The Analogies between sales and life. Attitude determines altitude. Check out her YouTube for more tips on the benefits of Tech Sales. you want to connect with her on LinkedIn, click below.
AJ Alonzo is the Director of Marketing at demandDrive. He's responsible for marketing communication efforts growing their social media presence and is a co-host of The UNSUBSCRIBE Podcast.  It's a podcast designed to help Sales Development Reps better prospect, manage their teams, and prepare them for the world of Sales Development. During this episode, we discussed tenacity, grit, resilience, and how the industry of sales development has developed since we started a while back.These were my top ten takeaways from our conversation. 1. Why they started their own podcast2. The advantages of seeing it through vs always leaving for the next best thing. 3. How the SDR mentality can help you in many aspects of life. 4. Work smarter not harder.5. The evolution of sales and how consumers can research everything before speaking with your company. 6. How successful organizations really understand taking care of their SDRs. 7. How prospecting and building those strong SDR skills can help you excel as a top AE. 8. How personalization has changed because of all of the information we have out there on the internet. 9. How the pandemic has changed prospecting. 10. Authenticity gets you meetings. If you want to connect with AJ, you can connect with him below.
Thai-Anh Hoang is the founder of clean family skincare brand EmBeba and a mom of two. Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, Thai-Anh led an international team for a Fortune 500 company, implementing data analytics software and services for CPG companies. She helped established brands optimize their data for strategic decision-making. She is also the co-founder of Orphans’ Future Alliance, a Southeast Asia non-profit organization dedicated to lifting orphans out of poverty through scholarship and activity-based mentoring.Named "40 Under 40" by Boston Business Journal 2021.www.embeba.comMade from Natural IngredientsWe believe it matters what you put on your skin and so we use limited, high-quality ingredients and produce in small batches.Meet some of the powerful, natural ingredients we love most!
Join us on Episode 150 of The Davidson Hang Podcast.What I appreciate most about Austin is his positivity and the impact he has in the world living it intentionally. We discussed finding Your Passion, Your Why, and the struggles of Being a People Pleaser. Being okay with Conflict.These were the top ten takeaways from this conversation with Austin1. Not being afraid to put yourself first and see what magical things happen from that exploration2. Believing in yourself3. Being a good person always pays off.4. Having a personal development and growth mindset you can always learn more. 5. Being a super-connector.6.  Vector Marketing/Cutco Knives 7. Being able to appreciate our experience and how our decisions make life that much more delicious.8. What we are working on with Mark Hunter9. Recovering people-pleaser tendencies and how to go over that.10. Networking and being able to new ideas. If you want to connect with Austin. Here is his website and LinkedIn.Taken from his profile. "You know that feeling when everything is in alignment in a particular moment and you're overcome with this sense of peace, presence, and purpose? Can you recall the energy that is generated from this state of flow? That feeling of electricity embodies who I choose to be in the world and what I intend to create in it.I believe there is nothing more powerful than a person who has identified who they are, their purpose in life, and is maniacally working to manifest that gift in the world. I am passionate about the continual evolution, transformation, and partnership required on the journey towards the most authentically expressed version of self. When that is achieved, anything becomes possible. I am a life coach. I partner with people to get closer to who they are at their highest self and create what they truly desire in their lives. I welcome and invite opportunities for relationships and creating new possibilities together."
Taking from his website.My story is a lot like many of your stories; I am a child of immigrant parents who moved from China to the United States with dreams of a better future for themselves and their children. My childhood had an emphasis on studying hard, getting into a good university, a good job, and so on. Between choosing between a doctor, accountant, lawyer, or engineer, I ended up studying Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech (Go Yellowjackets!). It wasn’t something I was passionate about but it was supposed to guarantee success. I assumed my parents knew what was best for me and I was following all of the steps they said I needed to become financially secure and happy.I knew the gig was up when I graduated from college. There was no sudden epiphany when I received my diploma. In fact, things got harder. Graduating into the Great Recession, employers weren’t interested in a new graduate with little experience. My then-girlfriend left me, with a hole in my heart and self-esteem damaged. Where was this so-called happiness I was promised?I moved to California from New Jersey to start fresh. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it, to build myself up and the life I wanted. Although things got better (a good job making decent money, a nice place to live, and a loving partner), I still felt like something was missing…The conclusion that I came to was that I was living my life by every other terms except mine. Certainly, I was comfortable but not fulfilled. I wanted to be in the driver’s seat of my life. I kept depending on external factors to make me happy, but realized I can only be happy if I internalize being happy.Seeing friends and others in the community struggle with the same issues, I decided to start Thriving Turtle. As a Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Trainer, I want to be the resource that I wish I had when I was younger. To be clear, I don’t resent the fact that I learned so late, but I can see how much better me and my community can be if we learned sooner rather than later. Thank you for reading my story. I would love to connect with others who want to support others in their personal happiness and emotional intelligence journey and open to collabs / networking / etc. Owner of Thriving Turtle ( emotional intelligence guidance to those who want to go from doing "ok" to doing "awesome"We discussed context around what it means to be Asian American to break through societal expectations. We celebrate our growth and how much joy emotional intelligence work has brought to our lives.
Whether Marie Charlot is working with people in the United States, Canada, or Asia, she finds that we share basic human values and are committed to the same things: love, acceptance, respect, and abundance. Her love and passion for people – of any age and cultural background – will not allow what is comfortable to supersede what is essential for their success. Marie is a catalyst who drives measurable transformation by providing others with new tools to be effective, and thus maximize their potential. She now brings her enthusiasm for brain-based experiential learning to contribute to all of us including families, parents, companies in other words extraordinary people. “We are leaving their fingerprints of LOVE for generations to come, for a better world for all of us”.Marie offers twenty-five years of experience in leading, training, and coaching individuals and groups on topics that profoundly impact all aspects of their lives. Marie has worked with over 50,000 people providing personal and group coaching in areas that allow for personal growth, such as parenthood, family, relationships, communities, conscious leadership, communications, and professional effectiveness. She led seminars for families on Radio Verité to audiences in North America, Europe, and Haiti. A community that started with 20,000 and grew to over 300,000 people. After 9/11, Marie worked with several major companies that lost hundreds of their employees at the World Trade Center, offering coaching and guidance through the healing process of the employees who survived. Marie developed sales training, executive coaching, and leadership programs in the business sector to improve performance at all levels for small, medium to Fortune 500 Companies. She has worked with Youth at Risk organizations, providing coaching to underprivileged youth.Fluent in French and Creole, Marie graduated from CUNY/ Brooklyn College with B.A. in Economics & Psychology followed by graduate courses. In addition to her academic education, she was trained in transformational education at companies such as Lifespring and Landmark Worldwide.If you would like to connect with Marie, here is her website.
Join us on Episode 147 of The Davidson Hang Podcast on owning your own CrossFit Gym.Entrepreneurship Top 10 Tips1.     Write a business plan (Turn your idea into actionable steps)  -         Figure out what it would take to actually open your business  -         Estimate Startup costs, expenses and estimate how much business you need to profit.2.     Start small & build from there  -         You don’t need a massive facility or all the expensive equipment right away.3.     Know your strength and weaknesses  -         If you can’t figure it out yourself, hire someone who specializes in that. Example – accounting4.     Work towards improving every day –  -         Personally – Take care of your own health and well being  -         In business – Complacency is the enemy of success   5.     Be passionate & genuine  -         Customers, Investors, Business Partners will know right away if you really believe in your service or product.  -         Be an expert in your service/product or always be working on becoming an expert.6.     Fake it till you make it – ALL new business owners are learning and figuring it out as they go. Mistakes will happen, all that matters is how you adapt and correct your mistakes.7.     Never be too good to take out the trash  -         Always be willing to do any jobs at your business8.     Be a leader – Take responsibility for all things in your business. Leaders don’t blame staff, customers, other external factors.9.     Your service/product – Charge what your worth. Undercutting the competition is a race to the bottom.10. Becoming an entrepreneur is incredible.  -         If it was easy, everyone would do it.  Plenty of people told me it was a bad idea.  If you can make your passion into a business it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. - Going into work and putting in hours isn’t a chore when your investing in yourself and building a brand you believe in.   NCFit Iron Strong Athletics located 832 Ridgewood Ave, Bldg 3B North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Wow-what an incredible Episode!Ian Koniak is the #1 LinkedIn Sales by Sales Success Media and was the former #1 Enterprise Account Executive at Salesforce.  He is the founder of Ian Koniak Sales Coaching. Ian and I met at the Sales Success Summit in Austin, TX last year. Shout out to @Scott Ingram for connecting us together!What I appreciate about Ian is his vulnerability and how all of us can see ourselves in his sharing. These are some of his impressive accomplishments.These were my top ten takeaways from Ian Koniak 1. Schedule into your calendar Self Care 2. The 3 biggest drivers of Happiness is Connection, having a close network of friends and family, being a contribution to the world, and growth.  3. Being in alignment with your values and beliefs and what actions you are taking to reach those goals 4. Working on closing the Integrity Gap 5. How to get into fFow state consistently every day 6. Caring about your client by conducting solid discovery and making it about them not you 7. Work-life Integration not balance 8. Bringing your full self to work being the same person on the weekdays as the weekdays 9. Being Relatedable 10. Overcoming addiction  Taken from his profile.  As a Strategic Account Director ○ 2021 - I managed several of Salesforce's largest Enterprise accounts, setting strategy and quarterbacking sales efforts for a 20M ARR territory across our entire portfolio. Retired from tech sales in September 2021 to run my coaching business full time. 2020 - 110% of ACV Quota, 2.1M ACV. I was the only AE selected to lead training for Salesforce National Enterprise Kickoff ("Starting the Year Strong"), Salesforce West Enterprise Kickoff ("Stories that Sell"), and National Webinar ("Impactful Executive Conversations"). Keynote speaker at D2D Con and Abundant Sales Conferences. Appeared on 12 leading Sales & Business podcasts in 2020. Achievers Club Winner.2019 - 181% of multi-year quota, 102% of ACV quota, 1.9M ACV. Guest speaker at Salesforce Enterprise Kickoff, Salesforce West Kickoff, and ran training for 2 Salesforce national webinars. Appeared on 6 leading sales and business podcasts. Achievers Club winner2018 - 410% of multi-year quota, 231% of ACV quota, 4.2M ACV. Top 5 national performer for Enterprise-Select division, Peak Performers Club winner 2017 - 479% of multi-year quota, 367% of ACV quota, 5.7M in total ACV. Chairman's Club winner and "AE of the Year" for Enterprise Select. Finished #1 globally for Enterprise-Select division. 2016 - 108% of multi-year quota, 166% of Marketing Cloud quota, 95% of ACV quota, 1.3M ACV2014 - 106% of multi-year quota while growing "new logo" territory AOV by 300%, 1.3M ACV2013 - 249% of multi-year quota, 107% of ACV quota including 1.1 million in new logos. Rookie of the Year.Subscribe to his YouTube Channel you would like to connect with him on LinkedIn
Scott is a keynote speaker, author, executive coach, and teacher. "Have you ever wondered "How can I be a good person and also do well at work?" I specialize in combining the practicalities of leading in the modern business world with the wisdom of ancient traditions to help individuals and companies be leaders in conscious business. This results in businesses thriving financially while providing their customer's long-term value and leaving employees feeling inspired and whole. When done consciously, work can be a part of the collective healing that needs to take place in the world.After twenty-five years of customer-oriented leadership and executive roles, and three years leading Mindfulness and Compassion programs at LinkedIn, I'm now helping other leaders and companies transform, becoming more compassionate and effective. I work with leaders who want to both do good in the world, while helping their organizations and employees thrive. It’s a role in which I get to utilize my entire skill set, experience, and passions.I’ve been studying and practicing mindfulness and related wisdom teachings since I was thirteen years old, and teaching since I was in college. In this work we get to explore the possibility of human potential, helping employees become the very best version of themselves. With mindfulness, we’re building employees’ capabilities around resilience, self-awareness and growth mindset. With Compassion, we’re working to expand employees’ capability and capacity for service. Ultimately, the intention is to build these practices and consciousness into the very fabric of a company – how we develop products, how we sell, how we service – in a way that serves our employees as well as our customers. My operations lens helps me focus on scaling the work we do."Podcast link you would like to connect with Scott, you can connect with him on LinkedIn info at
Dr. Anna Di, DC, CES has over 473 reviews on Zocdoc and is one of the highest-rated doctors on the platform. you would like to connect with her on Instagram, here is the url. Anna Di is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. She is certified as a personal trainer and as a corrective exercise specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She maintains a very active lifestyle which is reflected with gold medals as a bodybuilding competitor with the National Physique Committee, the most recognized amateur bodybuilding organization in America. She has spent thousands of hours assisting physical therapists in rehabilitation therapies/exercise before she became a full-time chiropractor. She is skilled in expert-tailoring the building, maintaining, and repairing of the human body, as she has done to hundreds of satisfied personal training, physical therapy, and chiropractic patients.Check out this episode if you are ever want to start your own business or even if you are a practicing chiropractor. She's one of the kindest human beings I know. Thank you so much for your contributions to so many non-profits and especially for supporting the Orphans Futures Alliance, if you are interested in contributing please do so below.
Join us on another episode about healing, love, restoring integrity, and leadership.Michael Pirson is the Area Chair and is a Professor at Gabelli School of Business at Fordham and he is the president of the International Humanistic Management Association. If you want to connect with him on LinkedIn, here is his profile. were my top ten lessons from my conversation with Michael Pirson. 1. Achievement and being authentic vs intentionally choosing powerfully what we want to focus on.2. What we have gotten out of Landmark's Team Leadership and Management Program so far. 3. Accountability, Transformation, and being our word4. Cleaning things up and taking 100% responsibility and the power that brings.5. Empowering your children and parenthood6. Common Humanity7. What we got out of Landmark's Communication Power to Create and Access To Power8. Vulnerability Is Power9. Relationships and Love/Affinity10. GratitudeCheck out this episode if you are having family/relationship breakdowns. What a wholesome episode just in time for the new year, check this out if you are looking to make any new year resolution with some inspiration from such a powerful leader!
Join us on a very deep conversation about relationship breakdowns, love, acknowledgment, and Landmark's Team, Management, and Leadership Program. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to us or sign up below. was my coach last quarter when I was accountable for Team New York's Communication Power to Create. We fulfilled and exceed our promises to transform many lives. We started off giving stuff up from the already/always paradigm for communication and then put in place from the new paradigm for communication and created a possibility. Check out this episode if you are having any relationship breakdowns and you are a high achiever. These are the top ten takeaways from my conversation with Leya. 1. Being a clearing and causing leadership2. Listening to people from nothing instead of judgments, interpretations, and assessments.3. Giving stuff up when we are triggered so that we can be fully present4. Being conscious of our winning formula and not letting it take over our lives 5. The battle between being independent and finding our authentic needs. 6. Leaving a lasting Legacy7. When we are injured by words and the meaning we choose to make out of it. 8.  She helped me see how the Communication Power to Create helped me receive unconditional love from my mom, sisters, and my wife. 9. Being 100% responsible for who we are being with any breakdowns10. The good of having grown up with many of the Asian contexts and how that's allowed us to live such powerful lives. Leya is one of my favorite human beings in the world because she's truly the definition of generosity and is the consummate Landmark coach. Here is some more information about Team.To fulfill large accomplishments, you need prowess in the distinctions of management, leadership, and teams, as well as systems and tools for creating and executing plans of action. The Team, Management, and Leadership Program is a year-long advanced online training program that includes mastering the distinctions of Landmark’s communication courses, as well as the distinctions of management and leadership in accomplishing projects and producing remarkable results through teams. In the Team, Management, and Leadership Program you are being a leader, causing teams to fulfill on any sized project – with velocity.Some of what people report as benefits include:You stop functioning as separate or alone and you start living in communication with a team that’s committed to your commitments. A team that listens you powerfully and holds you to account and stands for your success.You spend a year of your life making a noteworthy contribution to causing the transformation of communication on the planet.Participating with program participants from all over the world who are out to accomplish things similar to you, you will come to know yourself in expanded ways and dramatically expand your making a difference.
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