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This show is for those out there who are looking to achieve their highest potential on a massive scale. It is for people who are ready to take their life to the next level and learn success, business & life strategies to get you there!

With each episode, Dean will share his weekly breakthroughs, his top secrets strategies and ideas that can help you skyrocket your fulfillment and achievement on a daily basis!

This is his success...boiled down into a recipe for your ears.

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This might be one of the most motivational podcast I have ever done... I am tired of everyone thinking there is a magic pill for success... there is no ONE thing that will make you rich. Today I am going to share one of the biggest secrets to success that you MUST implement in your life TODAY. Text me at 480-400-9019 and share with me what you think.
Everyone goes through tough times in their lives.. but how do you get through those tough times...? In this podcast I am going to share with you how I got through the darkest time in my life. And no its not what you think... Give it a listen and text me at 480-400-9019 to let me know what you think :)
A lot of people ask me.. "how do you become partners with such influential people". Becoming a master networker is the best way to increase your income while becoming close friends with people you admire. So in this video I pulled back the curtain on how I have become partners with people I admire. And while you are here... don't forget to subscribe to never miss out on new weekly content :)
Are you ANXIOUS? I was reminded recently how crippling anxiety can be due to a personal situation… And man, it’s a downer! That’s why I’m sharing 3 ways to set yourself free from anxiety today. Listen NOW to let go of fear and anxiety and embrace the goodness of life.
My Success Tips for LIFE

My Success Tips for LIFE


Who wants to be better than before? To enjoy life more? To succeed at a higher level in every area of your life? This podcast is for you. I’m talking through my general tips for leveling up… From dealing with people to dabbling in business to changing your life, you need to hear this. Listen NOW to learn what’s really moved the needle for me… and can for you too.
If you have a problem in business or life… what is your course for finding a solution? Do you ask the right people? Focus on the things that matter or obsess over the details that won’t move the needle? I’m sharing what new or struggling business owners do WRONG and what you can do to make it RIGHT today. Listen NOW to find out how to scale and grow.
Join Dean and his good friend Brendon Burchard as they do several hot seat coaching sessions and learn how to… - Scale for success - Measure your opportunities and capabilities - Build system and processes - Functioning psychologically in high stakes business situations This is a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes with Dean and Brendon and get massive insights and action steps.
One of the most important things you need to improve your life this year is CONFIDENCE. And that’s why I’m going deep into the mindset shift you need to make today to maximize your confidence and live out your best life in 2021. Listen NOW to learn how to play offense and protect your confidence more than ever.
As we start a new year, I know you’re thinking about your GOALS. But don’t be a sucker! There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about goals and goal setting out there. People often approach goals with the absolute wrong mindset and a perspective that sets them up to fail. That’s why I’m sharing exactly how to set goals and go after them with a success mindset today. Listen NOW to crush your goals in 2021!
Do This To Start 2021

Do This To Start 2021


They say a picture is worth a thousand words… and this New Year’s hack proves it. Today, I’m sharing something that my dearest friend Tony Robbins taught me. He does it every year… and now I do too. It’s a way to take what was meaningful from the year before into the new year and leave the rest behind… So that you can be your absolute best self and take massive action. Listen NOW to learn how to launch 2021!
If you had the opportunity to give back and making a living at the same time, how would you feel? Imagine you could profit from your purpose… isn’t that the best possible scenario? Tune in with KBB alumni John David Snyder & Niki Shadrow Snyder, founders of Project Pop Drop Foundation and creators of The Givefluencer Network. Listen NOW to hear how they are growing a community of “givefluencers” aka business owners who are making a NEW kind of impact… by giving.
This philosophy is hard to hear for a lot of people, but I think that’s why it’s one of the most important things I believe in. Are you willing to own up when you’re wrong? Or are you the first to judge and the last to apologize? Listen NOW to find out why I admit when I’m wrong… and WHY.
Have you ever had the people you love tell you that you “can’t”? Maybe they thought they were trying to protect you… Maybe they truly believed you’d already done really well for yourself and were afraid you would lose everything… It happens. It happened to me… But the thing is… “Good enough” is subjective. Listen NOW in this special interview with Michael Altshuler to find out how I handled this pivotal confrontation… and you can too.
I’ve learned a lot from being a dad and these are the top ten lessons my kids have taught me... But hear me out, it doesn’t matter if you are a parent or if you never intend to have kids, these lessons apply to all relationships. This is just plain good stuff to know about people in general. So listen NOW to find out how to improve your communication and connection with others.
I know a lot of people think that success is about doing things right… About finding the right opportunity… about saying yes to the right thing… about being in the right place at the right time… What if I told you that I believe that’s really a small part of success? The #1 factor is actually kind of the opposite?? Listen NOW to find out exactly what I mean! (The truth may shock you.)
Looking back at my career I sometimes think "how the hell did I accomplish all this"... The craziest part is... looking back there were just a few things that completely shifted my life. And today I am sharing one of my biggest secrets to building a multimillion dollar company and giving me the freedom to live the life I have always dreamed! Listen now to find out why success in all areas of your life really is easier than you might think :)
Everyone sells something everyday. I’m serious! Maybe they’re not selling a product… but what they want to do for dinner or what movie they want to watch that night. They just call it something different… They call it PERSUASION. And today I’m sharing three secrets to ethically getting what you want in life. Listen NOW to learn how!
Do you always know exactly what you want and where you’re going?? People always assume people like me have ALWAYS had it together. But my big secret? I haven’t ;) Sometimes… it’s about knowing where you DON’T want to end up. I’m talking with my friend and fellow entrepreneur David Meltzer on THE PLAYBOOK podcast about just that in this interview… Listen NOW to find out how to move past imposter syndrome, overcome fear and remove your limitations.
Are you dabbling instead of taking the time to master your craft? Seriously, if you’ve been in business (or a hobby or a job) for less than 10 years… I’ve got news for you… You’re still learning. Listen NOW to learn what you need to do (and let go of) to become a true master.
People tend to think us entrepreneurs started out with these big, change the world goals. But honestly, it’s a lot simpler than that. We were disturbed by something that we wanted to get away from… And we wanted out. Here’s the REAL story of how I got into business. Listen NOW to hear the truth.
Comments (34)

OnNae Barlow

this was the exactly what I needed right now! Thank you Dean!

Oct 15th

Ruth Ann

yes it was so good to hear I literally burned my fears up last night and woke up today thanking God for blessing me and to be honest I was scared when I was burning that fear list cause it's been my daily routine that I was scared if I get rid of my fears that I wouldn't be the same and honestly I need to change my mindset so again thank you for this I'm getting that book "the shack" I can't wait to listen to it many blessings to you and your family!

Oct 14th

Noe Gonzalez


Apr 8th

Bhavesh Doshi

why doesn't the host allow the guest to talk?

Feb 26th

Larisa Sarenac

Thank you, Dean, for this one--this brought tears to my eyes. You are so inspiring. I just want to say: THANK YOU. I am taking this to heart.

Feb 7th

Arleen Castillo

🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love how you were able to breakdown the ideal client map so anyone can receive the message!!! Thanks for all you do

Jan 21st

Cesar Navarro

When is the Underdog Advantage going to come out as a entire audible book?

Jan 7th

Arleen Castillo

so true dean 🙏 I love listening to you in the morning. I even have my 8 yr old listen sometimes. the one abt failure (I think it was yesterday or day before) was so powerful. I was able to reference back to it last night when he felt a certain way abt his day in school and it helped him bounce back super fast. again thanks for everything you share

Nov 8th

Joy Robles

awesome podcast! thank you Dean!

Sep 16th

Derek Ivester

Useful. I will be checking out some more!

Sep 10th



Sep 3rd

janicette marquez

wow! with all respect, i have your book and sometimes listen to you, but today your voice sounded uncomfortable, listening to you was extremely unpleasant. First time ever happened to me with you. You are the one that taught me to LISTEN(Silent). You kept speaking over your guest.

Sep 3rd
Reply (1)


really timely Dean!! my wife and I had our boy Lincoln and he was 3 months premature,and he's now 3 going on 4 and still drinks from his bottle too!! lol so I'm glad to hear he might hand us his bottle one day too!!

Aug 23rd


the not having supportive parents and family hits home!!!

Aug 22nd

Siddharth Sharma

Dean thanks for being real with us. It's amazing how I can relate and find myself similare to how you feel and think.

Jul 13th

Arleen Castillo

you gave me an amazing mind shift 🔥

Jul 9th

Brandon Steele

loved this!!!

Jul 6th

Javier Vega

thank you so much

Jun 21st

Antonio Hernández

amazing Podcast!

Jun 12th

Simplee Alma

Become the observer of your thoughts. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

May 21st
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