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The Deciding Decade with Pete Buttigieg

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The 2020s will be America’s deciding decade, full of choices that will determine our entire future. While this decade’s first year opened with chaos and anguish, there is still reason to believe we’re on the precipice of a new chapter. Who are the thinkers and doers who are catalyzing action and paving the way for enduring change? What are the big ideas worth wrestling with and placing bets on? Join Pete Buttigieg as he engages leaders who are confronting our greatest challenges and whose work could hold the key to this Deciding Decade.

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Professor Darrick Hamilton is one of the country’s leading economists examining racial disparities. He joins Pete to discuss his impactful work in the emerging field of stratification economics, his ideas on how to close our wealth gap, how to make our economy more equitable, and what his proposal for "baby bonds" can do for our future of society.
Many of the most powerful voices for change aren't candidates for office. In fact, many are not yet even old enough to vote. As we prepare for the decade ahead, it's important to think about what you might call the next, next generation. Helping launch our special series with youth leaders is 15-year-old climate activist and founder of Earth Uprising Alexandria Villaseñor, who joins Pete to discuss the ways young people are getting their messages heard, how to get involved in decision-making conversations with political leaders, and specific steps in taking action and creating change.
Artists bring meaning to our lives that we simply couldn’t find elsewhere. What can we learn from those who are shaping our time through their creativity and courage? Billy Porter is an actor, singer, fashion icon, and activist who has devoted his life to art, as best seen in the groundbreaking hit series Pose. He joins Pete to discuss how fashion can be a form of activism, what it's like to confront and challenge the definition of masculinity, complications within the gay community, and being part of the generation who blazed the trail for queer artists.
In this new limited series, award-winning journalist Katie Couric explores America's voting wars, from the founding of this "more perfect union" to today. What unfolds is a struggle for power — both the fight to keep it and the fight to reclaim it through the ballot. Turnout: It's about so much more than this election.
Restoring the credibility of the United States and repairing our reputation around the world will be an urgent task for the next administration and an ongoing effort in the years to come. It will be daunting but it is exceptionally important, not just for America's future, but the world's. One person who understands this well is Susan Rice, a longtime respected diplomat who served as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and was President Obama's National Security Advisor. She joins Pete to discuss this issue and what the next generation of diplomatic service might look like, reflect on leadership and how to overcome challenges, and talk about how to restore the trust our government once inspired around the world.
For as long as humans have faced challenges, humor has helped us get through. But given what's been happening in 2020, is it even okay to laugh right now? Or is humor more important than ever? Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost speaks to Pete about the role humor can play during these troubling times, when puzzling real-life events go beyond parody, the dark side of the comedy world, and why he's considering leaving SNL.
Congresswoman Barbara Lee is a path-breaking progressive leader who has served in Congress for over the past two decades. As one of the principal voices on racial justice and equity, Lee joins Pete to talk about her upbringing in segregated El Paso, share incredible stories from her time working with Shirley Chisholm, and discuss her Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Commission. Together, they try to find some of the answers we’re all searching for right this moment: How do we face our deepest, harshest truths? How do we heal? And how can we move forward together?
Glennon Doyle is many things: a mother, a wife, an activist, and a bestselling author of three memoirs. Her unbelievable honesty, clarity, and humor about her personal struggles, as well as her courage to speak out and speak up, have made her an inspiration to many. Glennon joins Pete to discuss the poignant messages in her current book Untamed, their shared values of belonging and trust, and what it's like being an LGBTQ person of faith.
What will the future of justice look like in this country? How can we recover from the corruption and abuses of the Trump era? Preet Bharara is the perfect person to answer these questions because of the work he’s done as the former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. He joins Pete to discuss the consequences of political interference at the DOJ, why Trump’s time in the White House won’t mimic Nixon’s, how “deepfakes” may be our next big disaster, and what the future looks like for the Department of Justice.
The first year of the 2020s has left us all asking: How will we move forward from here? Join Pete Buttigieg, former presidential candidate and Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, in conversation with leading activists, politicians, authors, scholars, entertainers and more to confront America’s greatest challenges and discuss the ideas and actions that will shape the times we are about to live through.
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