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Is Facebook's new cryptocurrency, Libra, a force for good or evil? Are the companies involved within the Libra association incentivized to be bad or good actors? And is the launch of Calibra, the mobile payments wallet run by Facebook, a thinly veiled excuse for Facebook to simply get mesh together more of the world's financial data? We discuss all of the above and more in this detailed first look at Libra.
After a 6-month hiatus, Matt and Austin are back to keep you updated with all the latest goings-on in the blockchain space... and there's been a LOT going on!
We’ve had price rises and price lows, an influx of ICOs and a wave of projects dying, but now we have the latest trend in crypto starting to surface… layoffs. Some of the largest companies in the space, including ConsenSys, Bitmain, and Coinbase have all been laying off staff. We explore why.   Full show notes:
The giants of tech are making their move on the blockchain space. Amazon launches their Blockchain-as-a-Service offering, Intel files a new patent for an energy-efficient Bitcoin miner, and IBM, well, IBM has their hands in all of the crypto pies! Full show notes:
The SEC is cracking down on “influencer” promoting securities, GDPR might be a big hurdle for the blockchain to get over, is cryptocurrency the answer to Africa’s electrification issues, and we take a look at a group of 24 ICOs that raised a combined $2.8 billion that have now hit a point when they have 0 trading volume… Full show notes:
Bitcoin suffers its largest weekly loss in value since 2013 and most other major cryptocurrencies follow suit. We unpack why this is happening, take a look at why Overstock are more bullish than ever on crypto, and how some companies are using “Blockchain for Good”. Full show notes:
One day after the Bitcoin Cash fork, we take a look back at how this all came about, summarize the major implications from each fork proposal, and discuss the ongoing "hash war" that has broken out bitcoin Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. Full show notes:
We speak with Jerry Cuomo, VP of Blockchain at IBM about how his team is planning to invest in the ecosystem. Jerry discusses IBM’s approach to building partnerships in the industry, why they’re so bullish on blockchain, and how it may shape the future of IBM as a company. Full show notes:
We speak with Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent and founder of Chia, a blockchain project that claims to be a “better bitcoin”. We take a look back at the past decade of bitcoin, highlighting some key milestones, plus we dive into how cryptocurrencies might have played a role in influencing the US midterm elections. Full show notes:
Coinbase has seen an 80% dip in active users since late 2017, Fidelity Investments has made a huge move into the crypto space, the SEC is taking more aggressive steps on projects that run ICOs, and we discuss the fact that 32 individuals own 1 million of the total 17 million bitcoin. All this and more in our series 2 finale. Full show notes:
We speak with Edmund John, founder of SelfKey about how he’s on a mission to give people sovereignty of their identities through the use of open source software and blockchain technology. We also dive into some news from BitTorrent founder, Bram Cohen, as well as a huge security breach of the US hardware supply chain that’s been discovered, with fingers pointing to Chinese spies. Full show notes:
Coinbase has opened the floodgates for all kinds of cryptocurrencies to be listed on their platform, Tim Berners-Lee is here to save us all (again), and we take a look at the current state of ASIC mining. Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, we explain all and start to pose some tough questions for the industry to answer. Full show notes:
A critical bug was discovered in Bitcoin’s code threatening to bring the integrity of the cryptocurrency as a whole. We briefly discuss a slightly unexpected “flippening” between XRP and ETH, and then we take a deeper look at how blockchain could revolutionize the healthcare sector. Full show notes:
We take a look back over the past 3 years of ICOs, digging into the number of projects launching ICOs, how many have died, how many are scams, and how much they’ve raised. Not only this, but we discuss an alarming ICO sell off that’s been taking place in September. Full show notes:
There are tons of different applications for blockchain technology, but one of the biggest industries that it’s looking to disrupt is cloud storage. In this week’s episode, we take a deeper look at the Sia project that looks to take some market share in an industry that’s expected to be worth $88 billion by 2022. Full show notes:
What causes cryptocurrencies to see huge gains (and losses) in value? What’s going on over in Venezuela with their national cryptocurrency, the Petro? And has China really banned ALL cryptocurrency events? We answer all these questions and more in the latest episode of the Decrypting Crypto Podcast. Full show notes:
We speak with David Bleznak, the CEO of Totle, an easy-to-use crypto portfolio management tool and decentralized trading platform. We discuss the current state of decentralization of cryptocurrency (or lack thereof!) and we go deep into explaining what decentralized exchanges are, and why David believe’s they’re the future. Full show notes:
We speak with Alexis Gauba & Aparna Krishnan, co-founders of Mechanism Labs, an open source set of experiments focused on pushing forward research in the blockchain space. We discuss their research into alternative consensus protocols, and they give some advice for other women entering the blockchain space. Full show notes:
We speak with Colin Stewart of Producers Token, a platform with the modest vision of completely revolutionizing the agricultural supply chain. We discuss how blockchain (and its surrounding technology) can be used to empower producers and streamline the food industry’s supply chain. Full show notes:
We speak with David Roon, Co-Founder of OpenLaw, a platform that seeks to democratize the access to legal support for the masses through blockchain technology. We discuss how smart contracts can be used to create legally binding agreements, and how OpenLaw’s open source markup language can help give anyone access to secure legal contracts without having to pay huge legal fees. Full show notes:
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Diyavava Zanga

I've been interested in Crypto for some time, but has no clue where to start. This podcast helped me immensely in terms of figuring out tangible ways I can learn and do more. In the end it's a constant learning process, but for knowledge and a place to start you guys are great.

Mar 18th

Rondi Boyer

This series is so helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Oct 8th

NvT Cheft

Horrid and Null of constructive info

Oct 4th

Felipe Ndc


Aug 28th

Darrel Maxwell

great show, great sound, great info. Almost all I know about cryptocurrency came from here. Super captivated by the content.👍👍👍

Aug 22nd

Shannen Marie Stark

love every minute of it, The King of music... Sing to heart, Dear. To every Grandmother.

Jul 14th

Matilda Guerra

who. is. this

Jul 13th

Jade Navarro


Jul 13th

Jade Navarro


Jul 13th
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