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Author: Alan Pelz-Sharpe

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In this irregular podcast series we try to make sense of what is happening in the world of Information Management. Topics range from the state of Blockchain and of course the impact of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on the work of Information & Process Management Professionals. Deep Analysis provides strategic advisory services, research, and M&A guidance to Information Management
24 Episodes
In this episode, we talk to one of the founders of the Boston Blockchain Association, Peter Brooks. Peter gives is a grounded and valuable perspective on the reality of Enterprise Blockchain in 2020, its challenges and opportunities.Support the show
In this podcast, we have an extended conversation with XPAN Law Group and Seventh Samurai attorney Michael Simon. A wide range and highly informative discussion that looks at some of the legal precedents and challenges of applicable legal standards to Artificial Intelligence.Note: The interview was recorded remotely - unfortunately the sound quality is not what we would like, but the discussion is worth it :-)Support the show
Part two of my conversation with Robin Daniels (ex WeWork, Box, etc) the founder of byFounders the Nordic investment firm. In this podcast we discuss the differences in investment and startup cultures between Silicon Valley and the Nordics. With diversions into Web Content Management, Salesforce, Oracle and Blockchain!Support the show
In this episode, we talk with former WeWork CMO and Silicon Valley legend Robin Daniels (now with Matterport and founder of Nordic investment firm byFounders). Topics discussed include the changes to Silicon Valley over the last twenty years that have occurred after a crisis such as the bust and now faced with another major reset post-COVID. This is part one of a two-parter - the next episode will focus on the Nordic startup community.Learn more about our work at: www.deep-analysis.netIf you have any questions or thoughts feel free to ping us at: info@deep-analysis.netSupport the show
In this podcast, we talk to Dave Giordano the CEO of Technology Services Group. At the time of the interview, his firm was running an 11 billion file ECM benchmark test on AWS. That test has now been completed successfully.  Why a benchmark like this - well you have to listen to find out the details, but the reality is that many enterprises are regularly breaching the 1 billion file mark and have few options available to them.  This is scaling on a massive scale!Support the show
Recently I recorded a conversation with Zachary Scott Jarvinen the Product Marketing Lead for AI at OpenText. Great discussion - exploding some myths, grounding AI in the real world and touching on Ancient Greek and Vegas Magicians!Support the show
We continue our conversation and dive deeper into the future role of AI, consider whether Open Source is still a key differentiator and look at the future of ECM & BPM.Support the show
We had the opportunity to chat extensively with Bernadette about her thoughts on the the role of AI and the Cloud in ECM & BPM.  It's a fun discussion and we covered a lot of ground - hope you enjoy!Support the show
In this episode I have an extended chat with my friend and colleague Kashyap Kompella the CEO of RPA2AI. We discuss the upcoming AI World conference in Boston and look at a number of practical challenges regarding the implementation of AI & RPA in the real world.  Plus a mention of Bears in New England and a Festival that was in progress in Bangalore as we recorded the episode!Support the show
In this episode we discuss the recent Box conference and what it means for the broader ECM sector. We also talk about the challenge of moving on premise legacy systems to the Cloud.Support the show



In this episode we interviewed Maarten Boender the CEO of Dutch startup Sphereon about the future impact of Blockchain on the world of ECM. The Audio isn't great but there is a video version of this available at: the show
In this episode we discuss the downfall of Autonomy the once giant UK tech firm and what we can learn about its disasterous sale to HP in 2011 through to the conviction of its CFO in 2018.Support the show
In this episode i talk again with my friend and colleague Kashyap Kompella (CEO of RPA2AI) on the topic of blockchain for Information Management. I'm an enthusiast - Kash is a skeptic - hopefully plenty of food for thought here! Support the show
An interview with Kashyap 'Kash' Kompella - CEO of RPA2AI. Kash and I ran a workshop at the 2018 AIIM conference on emerging technologies - in this podcast we discuss what we learned about the state of the Information Management sector and its embrace of AI and RPA.Support the show
In this episode we look at what life will look like for Dropbox now it has completed its IPO. What the competitive challenges will be and how it might evolve as a company. We also consider the fundamental differences between Box and Dropbox. Recorded in New York.Support the show
A look at how the legal sector has radically embraced AI. (Apologies some sound issues due to the temporary location - hopefully not too noticeable)Support the show
Live from Half Moon Bay - the topic today is the dotcom and its legacy for ECM and a look at the reality of the Documentum installed base.Support the show
In this episode we discuss Newgen's IPO and what that may tell us about the true market opportunity for ECM in 2018 and beyond.... hint hint there is growth a plenty to be had. Support the show
In this episode we take a look back at the mergers and acquisitions of 2017, a pivotal year for the content management industry. We also take a peek at what to expect in 2018 and why it all matters....Support the show
This episode discusses the resurgence of interest in open source and indeed all things open in the world of ECM and Content Services. Is it true, does it matter and if it is true and does matter, why? Support the show
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