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Author: Coach Bahman

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In-depth conversations with High Performing Professionals about achieving personal and business success.

Hosted by Coach Bahman, mindset and performance coach.

You can find him on all socials @coachbahman.
46 Episodes
I spoke with limitless Leila about her work as a relationship and dating coach. We discussed her experience and her motivation. Also discussed culture, politics, and why women should not blame men but take responsibility.
I spoke to fellow coach Myrna King about money, coaching, and tech. Visit for more info on her work.
Dovid is back! Friend of the show and highly regarded relationship/marriage therapist. He is back to discuss the phrase 'happy wife, happy life.' Is it true? 
Welcome to Deep Dive. In depth conversation with content creators, writers, movie directors, coaches and artists of all sorts about mental health, religion & self improvement. How do you achieve and maintain a healthy mindset? How do you perform at such a high level without losing your mind? You can catch these episodes LIVE on Twitch and full episodes on YouTube. Contact me on Twitter or Instagram. @coachbahman Want to be a guest on the show? Let's commence the Deep Dive.
I spoke with Coach Noah Revoy about his work as a coach, his history as a minister and his controversial tweets. 
I spoke with Joey from Improvement Geek about his incredible weight loss journey. Need inspiration? Sit down, relax, and listen.
Ukirin is a YouTube, Streamer and marketing extraordinair! We had a funny and insightful conversation about internet, youtubers and streamers. What is the truth about being a content creator?
Jason Su is a professional poker player and writer of the book: Poker with Presence. He talks about why he started writing, what helps him to stay present and how you can stay present while playing a highly stressful game like no limit holdem poker. Buy his book here:
I spoke with huggable hipster about the unique challenges that girls deal with in the videogame industry. We also touched on her psychology of videogames. @coachbahman on all socials
Rising podcast superstar Felix Levine took the time to sit down with me and talk about his young but impressive career, his mindset, interviewing a mafia boss and why he is not dropping out of college. @coachbahman on all socials
Me and Dovid spoke about relationship issues that arise during the lockdown. We discussed what happens when you are stuck with each other in the home for long periods of time, coping mechanisms and communication. @coachbahman on all socials.
I spoke with Adam Aleksandrowicz all the way from Australia! We spoke about mistakes men make in marriage, getting a divorce and using that trauma as a starting point to become a better and stronger man. @coachbahman on all socials.
I spoke with Wylson about finding God in the caribbean and Jamaican culture. How was it like to grow up with christianity in a non western country? How did growing up with religion shape him? @coachbahman on all socials.
I got to speak with one of my heroes Elliot Roe. The world famous mindset coach. His clientele consists of poker players, MMA fighters, actors, artists and everyone who performs on a high level. We had an incredible conversation about poker, Phil Galfond challenge and the mindset of an MMA fighter. @coachbahman on all socials.
This episode I spoke with Nate about his work as a pastor, the impact his dad had on him and changing people's lives with financial education.  @coachbahman on all socials.
I spoke with gun afficionado and Twitch streamer KeepinItCaroline. She speaks about gun bunnies, mental health & finding God.
This episode I spoke to OneHandMostly about making videogames accessible for people with disabilities. He suffers from Cerebral Palsy but that didn't stop him to make an impact and live a full and meaningful life. @coachbahman on all socials.
I spoke with social media consultant and Twitch streamer Ondrayah. She shared her challenges as a female entrepeneur and her come up in the marketing business. @coachbahman on all socials.
I spoke to Junevault & Cloverglitch about their relationship, their jobs and their twitch stream. How do you combine a healthy relationship with a Twitch stream? @coachbahman on all socials.
I spoke with my friend Pink Hedonist about 3rd wave feminism and her fight against inequality. We talked about society and how she became a warrior for justice. @coachbahman on all socials.
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