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Author: Alan Dershowitz | Kast Media

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Listen weekdays to The Dershow with Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz hits the hot political and legal topics of the day with non partisan analysis, guests interviews, viewer questions, case of the week and so much more.

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Now that the House has impeached President Trump for a second time, can the Senate pursue holding a trial in an attempt to disqualify Trump from running in the future?
Rumble wasn't built to be a free speech platform, but in today's climate of big tech censorship it is quickly becoming a hub of free speech and expression. Today, I talk to Rumble founder, Chris Pavlovski about the future of online free speech.
Efforts by the House of Representatives to rush the impeachment and push Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment are unconstitutional.
Impeachment again. Did POTUS break the law and if he didn't can he still be impeached?
A ridiculous petition signed by 5000 law school professors and students is calling for the disbarment of Senators Cruz and Hawley for statements they made on the senate floor.
25TH AMENDMENT 101- In this episode I will discuss the reason for the 25th Amendment and when to invoke it. Does President Trump meet the requirements or is it being used as a political tool?
A bad day for the Capital, a bad day for the rule-of-Law but our Constitution passed the 'stress test' and Democracy prevailed.
Does Mike Pence have a Constitutional Right to send the Electoral Votes back to the States? Joe Biden nominated a surprising choice for the Attorney General. Who is it?  Find out today on The Dershow.
In this episode Alan Dershowitz discusses the controversary surrounding the January 6th Electoral Vote, his opinion of the Senate runoff candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock and proudly announces his debut on the free-speech platform Rumble.
Trump's phone call and the UK rejects Assange's extradition to the US.
In this interview with Rob Montz we discuss his film on campus censorship, Silence U, and his latest film, Kanye West Wing.
Beware: Asserting your innocence you may lead you to prison for a very long time. The justice system is broken.
Someone was taken off Facebook for saying jaws were crazy for going to New Jersey to get Chinese food on Christmas.
Teen's social media indiscretions result in college revocations. This is McCarthyism!
I got kicked off the Jason Goodman podcast "Crowdsource The Truth" because I supported wearing masks and I discuss the new slew of pardons.
Martial Law!

Martial Law!


The New York Times is reporting on rumors that the President may be considering invoking martial law. Could this happen? Would it be constitutional?
False eye-witness testimony and accusations destroy innocent lives.
YouTuber and Lawyer, Viva Frei (David Freiheit) sits down with me to talk personal experiences, law, and the issues of today!
Can you be compelled by your employer to take the vaccine? What are the exceptions? What are the legal issues?
Comments (8)

barbara santarelli

You are a pedophile and Zionist. un American power hungry disgrace.

Jan 15th


pardon himself.... of what!? 🤨😑

Dec 3rd



Dec 1st

Glenn Dewald

Every illegal vote deprives an american citizen of his/her civil rights. Enough illegal votes deprives american citizens of their right to self governance.

Nov 11th

Glenn Dewald

How do you know there wasn't massive fraud? There has never been an election with as much opportunity for fraud. I believe there was massive fraud relative to the amount of fraud necessary to change the outcome of the election. The fraud was targeted to where it had an impact. The question is, will the courts allow Trump to bring forth the evidence. He can't do it unless the court orders election officials to open access to all the voting records. The assertion that this election is clean because everyone is watching is nonsense. This election is dirty because nobody was watching. Watching means keeping people honest. This election was the opposite of everyone watching.

Nov 7th

Dariush Maanavi

Ghislaine Maxwell's father ran honey pot operations too. you know who he worked for. I think you do. you are a bad guy. not a good guy.

Oct 24th


A- for Amy, B for GOP Senate Judiciary, F for Dem Senate ranking members. so C+ overall is about right.

Oct 18th


Don't anticipate that the Dems will win the Presidency and keep/attain majority in the House and Senate.... Rather, all 3 falling into the hands of GOP is much more likely. and pray to God that happens xD #Trump2020

Oct 18th
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