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Author: eRochefoucauld

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The Dialogues podcast features anyone who has a powerful story to tell, a great idea to share, or simply a wide range of knowledge and experience. I’ve featured guests from many industries, many faiths, many political perspectives, and many parts of the world.

I hope to revive the art of thoughtful conversation and the ancient philosophical dialogue. I hope you find these conversations meaningful, insightful, and thought-provoking.
12 Episodes
Topics: SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google and the Black Box. Plato vs Aristotle. World of Warcraft, Warhammer, and how MMO's can teach valuable skills. Self development and disagreeableness. Life in Thailand. Yoga.
Topics: Vulnerability is strength. What does vulnerability say about our ability to grow, learn, and develop? What is suffering, and is it necessary or can it be avoided? How do different philosophies and religions view these topics? Why does our society seek to blame, rather than to heal or understand? The importance of gratitude.
Topics: Growing up middle class in America. East vs West philosophy. Instagram (and social media) comment sections. Capitalism and Neo-liberalism. "Cynical distance." Yoga. Global poverty. The primacy of negativity on social media. The complexity of instant, global, and text-based communication. "De-platforming" and hate speech. Free speech rights vs protecting feelings. The Conservatism of Progressivism.
This is the second half of my dialogue with Dr. David Congdon. If you want to check out the first part, please click here.This half of our dialogue focuses on religion. In it, you'll hear about David's path, as he describes, from Evangelical to Existential; as well as the story behind his latest book, which led to his controversial firing. And finally, we enter a topic which will hopefully form a future dialogue between us: What is the idea of God in the modern world?
What is Conservatism, Liberalism, and Progressivism? When we talk about left and right, and republicans and democrats, what do we mean? What about the US context versus the global context, versus the East coast, West coast, Midwest, metropolitan, rural, and on and on, context...?
Main Topics: Purpose in business. Neuroscience basis for generosity. Dopamine vs Oxytocin marketing. Capitalism's impact on global poverty. A hilarious cameo from the "Siri" app. Getting global poverty and relational injustice below 5%. Living a life-long vision.
Main Topics: Finding your "why" in business and finance. Project creep and six sigma. Philosophy in Business and Economics. Expanding your horizon and living a multi-dimensional life. Creating and finding meaning in your life in the 21st century. Patriotism. US strategic interests. The Military Industrial Complex. Ethics, Empire, and Economic Utilitarianism. Presidential vs Congressional authority. Advice to millennials from a boomer.
Main Topics:Jungian Psychology,Warrior Archetype,Inclusive Theology,Christianity & Buddhism,Boundaries of Identity and Transpersonal space,Modern poets?Conflict phenomenology,PTSD,Importance of Ritual,Masculinity, Feminism, and Postmodernism,
Main Topics: - Internet and Social media philosophy - Net neutrality - Internet development and history - Communications theory - Decline of towns and local communities - Challenge of policy making - Free speech - What if everything absolutely comes crashing down
Topics include: - Civility & effective dialogue - Trump - Immigration & family separation - Facts vs Truth - Need for humility in media - How to do more than simply point out problems In 2018 almost half the country has expressed very low confidence in Congress, the Newspapers, The White House, and TV news.
Comments (2)

Aedreus Shaene

It was a great pleasure to engage in these dialogues with you, even when you decided on a more spar-type approach when I wasn't expecting it! Something of a casual debate is a great way to find new ways to put a way of thinking into language. Approaching social media itself is a great task, but throwing in postmodernism (as though it was not present) as a topic is something I've not seen elsewhere.

Sep 25th

Evan Thomsen

Aedreus Shaene It was an excellent series of Dialogues Aedrian! Very enjoyable and educating for me and I'm sure many. You're welcome on the show to spar anytime!

Sep 25th
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